Sharon Ch. 2

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When you last read about Sharon, my girl friend and me, we enjoyed sex with my mother and sister in the next room that was a family room. They were interested in the groaning that Sharon was doing and my sister Sally asked to be included in any future fun.

Well, last Labor Day my Mother went to visit her brother in New York and Sally and I were home alone. As usual, Sharon, my girl friend, came over and we were about the usual fun contact in my bed room. Saturday night after dinner Sally volunteered to do the dishes and that let me and Sharon retire to my room to “watch tv”. Well needless to say Sharon and I were nude in about 15 minutes and watching a porn video. The sparks were flying and Sharon was enjoying my hard on by licking it and I was loving it. Every few movie frames we both would looked up at the movie, that was hot action. Sharon had me shooting a load high in the air and she was just watching it fly after a joyous blow job. Just as the second shot pumped out into the air I heard a knock on the door and in walked Sally. Now here I was in the throws of a second, third, and fourth, etc. pump to an cum laying nude on my back amatör porno with Sharon nude laying off to my side watching the splashdown and Sally is standing there watching. Sally just watched until my cum stopped spurting and said very quietly. Can I join your two for some fun.

I was speechless, but Sharon, in her uninhibited and sharing way, answered, sure come on in and take your clothes off and hope on the bed with us. Well, it was a speed strip that Sally did. She was nude in about 2 seconds and sitting on the bed watching Sharon play with the goo on my leg and stomach. Sally asked us to show her how to enjoy sex. Sally told us she did quite a lot of petting with boys but never really went all the way. Sharon asked her if she was a virgin and Sally said yes with hymen in tact and all. Sally said she was interested in becoming a women and finding out about sex.

Sharon said with a supprised voice, All Right We Have A Virgin Here, and touched Sally’s tits and started to touch her all over. Before I knew it Sharon and Sally were entwined in a 69 and both of them were enjoying it because they were groaning anal porno and having climaxes with each other licking the hot spots on the other. Sharon looked up from Sally’s crouch and looked right at me and said “she sure is a virgin she is still caring her cherry”. Sally answered “I told you”. Sharon told Sally it might hurt some if her cherry would break and that she might bleed a very little but every women had to go through a cherry popping. I was very supprised to hear my sister of 18 years so eager for sex.

Sharon asked me how we planed on breaking Sally’s cherry. Sally answered the question very quickly by looking at me and saying ” I want my brother to do my cherry like he did you Sharon”. I was shocked but by know Sally saw that my second hard on was ready for action. Sharon said to Sally if you are serious go get the vasoline and she would help Sally keep the cherry busting fun. Sally jumped off the bed and came back in a flash with the vasoline. Sharon smeared it all over my hard on and she put some on Sally’s pussy and said now let me show you how to lower yourself on your brother to get the job done.

Before anal breakers porno I knew what was happening Sally was stooping over my skyward pointing hard and Sharon was holding my dick to position it just right to make it as painless as possible for Sally to become a woman. In a flash Sally slid down on my shaft and the cherry was pooped. She laid on top of me for a while and did not move. She said it did not hurt very much at all. She also did not bleed very much either.

Needless to say that weekend was a sex feast. Both girls were very relaxed for getting sex very often and I was pumping them together or seperately whenever they need scratched. We had sex in the shower, in the cellar, in the living room, in my room, and on our moms bed, and in the powder room. Sally became a woman that weekend with Sharon’s and my help.

Yesterday, when I got home from work Sally called me into her bedroom and she was nude and laying on the bed. She asked me to screw her and we just went at it. Mom was still at work but I think Mom knows what went on Labor day Weekend as Sally tells her everything.

Sally said she has a girl friend that wants to enjoy becoming a woman and if I would let her come to enjoy Sharon, Her, and me soon. I said I would enjoy that very much. Sally told me her girlfriend knows about how Sally had her cherry popped and was looking forward to getting her popped to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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