She Called We Came!

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We had just finished round one of our Afternoon Delight sessions as Teri liked to call it. I left her laying on the bed luxuriating in her last orgasm as I went to the bathroom, relieved the pressure, washed up and began to recharge again. At 58 I can still get a good hard one 3-4 times a session. And on good days its 6 if you go all day. Teri wasn’t my girlfriend, she was what you guys call a friend with benefits or a booty call. After all I was 25 years older than her and she had a family to raise and a job but when she wanted sex during the day she would call me. I had known Teri since she was a senior in high school and I had never dreamed I would be fucking her on a regular basis. Of course back then she had this bean pole of a figure and braces that could receive radio signals from Mars and I was married and a Dad.

But now 15 years later she was divorced with 2 kids, the pregnancies gave her some tits and flared her hips out to a more womanly shape, and me I was a retired widower who was able to come when she had time. Teri worked as a restaurant manager and had her days off on the slowest business days which were usually in the middle of the week. So here it was Wednesday afternoon and I got the call and hopped right over. No I mean literally hopped. Teri’s house backed up to mine and all I had to do was to vault the fence.

It was a good arrangement for both of us. Neither one of us wanted our families to know we were having sex with anybody. Her, because her asshole of an ex-husband was always looking for a reason to drag her to court for being an unfit mother and me, because with my wife being gone a little over a year I am not sure how my kids would react if they knew I was seeing somebody. Especially somebody as young as Terri.

As I walked back into the bedroom I felt the air pressure in the room change as if someone opened and closed an outside door to the house. Teri felt it too and we both looked over at the clock to make sure we hadn’t missed the time and kids were home from school. Nope we were good there.

From the foyer I head a familiar female voice call out “Anybody home?”

I am sure Teri and I both had the same panicked look on our faces as she started throwing my clothes at me. I didn’t even bother to get dressed, I was heading for the patio / pool access door in Teri’s bedroom. As I grabbed the knob she grabbed my arm and spun and shove amatör porno me toward the closet. Opening the door before throwing me in, my clothes, and then my shoes after. Teri hopped back on the bed as she heard the voice coming down the hall.

“Hey Hun, you here, I let myself in with the spare key.”

As she finished the word key Teri’s best friend from high school and still current best friend walked into the bedroom to find Teri spread out naked on the bed with one leg bent up at the knee and her long brown hair fanned out over the pillow.

Teri’s friend gasped “Damn girl what have you been doing, it smells like wild sex up in here.”

Teri stretched her arms above her head in an almost feline manner before answering “What do you think?”

Her friend asked “By yourself?” as she looked around the room.

I could see this because Teri’s closet door was louvered and I could see down through the slats. I could see Teri on the bed but could only make out the back of her friend from the neck down. She was wearing a yellow tank top and blue denim shorts that hugged a round firm ass.

Teri chuckled and said “No, you just missed him.”

Her friend said “Ain’t no car out front, and I didn’t pass anybody on the way in, who is it?”

Terri batted her eyes looking up at her friend as she replied “Never you mind who it is Angie, at least for now.” Sighing she added “I guess I was laying here daydreaming longer than I thought.” continuing she went on “He worked me up real good and I think I still need some relief, you want to help out?”

That perked my interest quite a bit.

Angie laughed and said “I just came by to see if you wanted to go to Kohl’s, and here you are trying to get me to suck some strange man’s cum out of your pussy.”

Teri stuck out her lower lip in a mock pout before saying “But I need it really bad,” then sticking out her tongue and making a devilish smile she finished with “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

I had to stifle my gasp with my hand as my mind raced thinking about these two friends from high school and how many times had they played together.

Angie laughed saying “Bitch.” As she moved toward the bed dropping her halter top on the floor before crawling up the bed between Teri’s thighs. I could see as her head dropped toward the shaved pussy I had just fucked 10 minutes before.

As anal porno she lowered her head Angie said “I really need to go shopping for some more work clothes, so we are going to make this quick, but you are going to owe me, bitch.” Slapping Teri lightly on he the inside of the thigh to accent the bitch. Then the talking stopped and the slurping began.

Teri dropped her hands down on Angie’s head gathering up her red flowing hair from around her face allowing me to watch that tongue swipe up and down Teri’s slit and slither up inside her. I knew she wanted me to watch because she kept looking at the closet door and making little kissey faces whenever Angie’s head was down.

Angie had kept her shorts on but from the sides of the closet door I could see the outline of her tits and if she jiggled just right a nipple would pop out but I was more interested in watching that face framed with that long red hair with the red full mouth and snake like tongue digging my cream out of Teri’s slit and making her ass bounce up off the bed.

I don’t know if it was the fact it was Angie eating her pussy, or me watching, or the combination of both but Teri was soon bashing her cunt into Angie’s face and howling like she does after a long hard fuck. As her climax hit her Teri bowed up off the bed, pushing with her feet and shoulders lifting her body up in arc off the bed, taking Angie’s face with it.

When Teri’s orgasm faded she dropped back to the bed gasping like an astronaut out of oxygen.

Angie laughed crawling off the bed and turning toward the closest letting me see her full C cup breast with the now tight peach colored nipples swaying. As she bent down to get her halter I could see her face and see it was smeared with Teri’s cum and my semen. Standing up she turned back toward the bed as she tied her Halter and looked at a now more recovered Teri.

Angie laughed again she said “I know you got off but I don’t know what was more surprising, the amount of spunk you had up your cunt or the way you shot off like a moon rocket, usually you have a few little ones before we get to the big one.”

Oh, Angie did know Teri was well as I did as far as her orgasms go, anyway.

Teri still laid on the bed fanning her face as her DD cup tits rolled about her chest while she gasped for breath. Finally she recouped enough to roll off the bed and onto anal breakers porno her feet. As she walked unsteadily toward the bathroom she gasped out, “Damn girl that damned near killed me.” before asking “I am going to take a quick shower, you want to join me to wash that off your face?”

Angie answered “No, if I join you we will never get out of here, I am just going to wash off in the sink and fix my face.”

As Teri showered and Angie washed and fixed her make up the girls chatted about what was on sale, about the kids, and about how much of an asshole each of their exes were.

Teri walked out wrapped in a towel and Angie followed her making a bee line for the closet door. As her hand grasped the door and began to turn the knob my heartbeat so fast and so loud she had to hear it.

Angie turned toward Teri asking “What do you want to wear?”

As the door began to swing open I moved back into the closet away from what I knew was coming.

But Teri walked up and shoved it shut and added almost too fast. “Oh I am just wearing jeans and T Shirt today, from the drawer.”

Angie shrugged and said “Whatever.”

Teri finished getting dressed and soon they were out the door. I waited another few minutes to make sure they were long gone before I got out of the closet.

I started to get dressed but I realized during the whole escapade I was still hard with a long line of precum drooling toward with floor. I let the events play over in my mind, reliving as I watched Angie lick Teri’s pussy and Teri egging me on while she was doing it. I began to stroke myself and in a flash I was about ready to come another load.

I walked over to Teri’s panties that she had been wearing before I came over, a black lace thong, picking them up off the floor I shot my load into the front. I shot 4 times into them filling them to overflowing with my come. I then folder them over and placed them under her pillow. She would know I did it, and she would know I did it after Angie ate her pussy.

After catching my breath I finished dressing and walked back to my house. As I entered the house I could hear the beep of the answering machine alerting me I had a message. I walked to the kitchen and filled a glass with cold water from the refrigerator and drank it down before I walked over to the kitchen phone and hit the play button.

There was one message “Hey Dad, it’s me Angie, I stopped by to say Hi but you weren’t home” pausing for a second she added “Teri and I are off shopping, so if you need anything call, Love you Daddy.”

As she hung up I could hear Teri giggling and saying “Yeah love you “Daaaddy.”

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