She’ll Never Tame A Rebel

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It was a sunny Saturday when it happened. I had woken up at 8 am due to the sound of a ball being repeatedly thrown at the house wall. I threw the covers off me and looked out of the window. My older brother Ryan was playing basketball at 8 am. Only he would do that. No doubt it was for a number of reasons. 1 being it probably annoyed the hell out of our parents and 2 he was just that sort of guy.

To be fair Ryan always was, and will be, the black sheep of the family. He was four years older than me, and at twenty-two seemed more than happy just to laze around the house irritating everyone. I was the complete opposite. At eighteen I was just about to start college and I knew I had a bright future ahead of me. Both our parents were bookish, our mother’s a librarian and our father’s an antique seller. Their quiet and shy manner was passed down to me. It’s not that I hated parties; I would just rather spend a quiet night in with my friends or maybe even a boyfriend. Ryan however loved parties, he would be out all night then come crashing in at 6 am, waking everyone up, smelling of smoke and alcohol. He would always have a flock of girls wanting to date him and guys wanting to be his friend. He had that sort of obsessive personality.

Ryan and I also looked completely different. Whereas I was curvy had long curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes, Ryan was skinny with a mess of dark curls and light brown eyes. We were complete opposites. But as they say opposites attract.

So I woke up and I have the inability to fall back asleep if I’m woken before I’m ready. I shrugged on my pale blue robe and slouched downstairs for a coffee. Whilst I was in the kitchen I watched Ryan in the garden. He didn’t know that I was looking. If I’m honest I’ve always been in awe of my older brother. He always did what he wanted to do and fuck anyone else. He had smoked since he was eleven and drank from when he was at least fourteen. He’d been arrested four times and had even been on probation for possession of pot. Our parents couldn’t stand him, they basically ignored him and just let him get on with it, and they knew he couldn’t be controlled. I didn’t mind, it meant I had him all to myself.

Even though Ryan was so wild we would always talk. We weren’t so close that we were in each other’s faces, but we talked and he would tell me about the things he got up to, usually in graphic detail about the girls he’s been with. Especially since I’d turned eighteen. He’d always say to me, ‘you aint no baby anymore Lisa, You’re eighteen; you gotta start getting out there. Start fucking guys’

He liked to shock people, it was what he was good at, but if he knew how I felt about him, he’d be the one who was shocked.

If I’m honest I’ve always had a crush on my brother. He was always so wild, so open, like no one bagros porno could hurt him. But I knew he was sensitive underneath the front he put up. He showed that side when I got the flu at seventeen when our parents were away skiing. He cared for me like a boyfriend, giving me cuddles even when I was coughing and sneezing all over him. It simply made me want him more.

Like I said, I was watching him. Suddenly the ball comes flying at the window and scares me half to death. I drop the mug of coffee and it shatters all over the floor, the hot liquid scolding my toes. I shriek in pain and scoot away from the mess. Ryan came bounding up through the back door and grinned at me.

‘That’s what you get for spying’

‘I wasn’t spying you idiot, you made me burn my fucking toes!’

‘Watch you langue!’ He laughed, ‘you’re a lady now remember?’

With that he strutted out of the kitchen. I heard him leave through the front door with a bang. Leaving me to clear up the mess.

By 10 am both my parents had gone to work for the day. I had dressed in a pair of denim hot pants and white vest that pulled tight across my ample breasts. I was so bored that I painted my finger and toe nails deep blood red and pulled my wayward curls into a ponytail. I heard the front door open and slam shut. Ryan was home.

‘So have they gone?’ He asked, waltzing into the living room. I looked up from my seat, ‘Yes Ryan they have’. He sat on the floor opposite me; in fact it made me feel slightly strange as if he shouldn’t be sitting like that even though it was perfectly normal. He lit up a cigarette, before offering me one.

‘No, you know I don’t smoke Ryan’ I snapped at him as he watched me with a glint in his eyes. He looked at me for what seemed like minutes on end. I could feel so much tension in the air, like I knew something was going to happen.

‘Is there something you wanted?’ I asked shakily.

‘How’s your toe?’ He grinned at me, I bit back a smile. I knew he was teasing me, so for once in my life I decided to play along.

‘Hurts like hell’ I pouted, crossing my arms.

‘Let me see’ He stubbed out his cigarette on the carpet. I watched as a small hole appeared. I wondered if I should take it to the next level.

I thrust out my slim foot. There was a very faint red mark along my toes. My face showed indifference but inside I was bubbling. He grabbed it and inspected it closely. I could feel he cool breath on my warm skin and it sent shivers down my spine. My nipples began almost achingly hard and I also began to get wet. This was sexual tension all right, I could feel it.

‘Hmm seems fine to me’ He said finally, holding my eyes with his.

‘Look closer then’ I was still playing the role of sulky teenager. He peered at my toes more clearly.

‘Ah bangbus porno ha!’ He exclaimed, almost triumphantly. ‘Here we go, want me to kiss it better?’ A shock sent through me, I thought that this was just harmless teasing. I suddenly knew that if he kissed my foot things would go further. I couldn’t speak and my throat went dry. Goosebumps popped up all over me. He didn’t wait for my reply. He lifted my leg higher, bent his head and gently kissed my toes, one by one. I thought he would lower my foot but instead he kept on kissing until I could feel the soft flick of his tongue. This was too much for me. I was shivering with excitement and nerves. It was too much for me. I tore myself away from him and shot upstairs. If I had looked back I would have seen Ryan grinning, a large bulge in his jeans.

In my room I lay on my bed and sighed. Anticipation coursed through my body. He knew I wanted him and I was pretty sure he wanted me. But he was my brother, it was wrong and illegal. Then it clicked. This was right up Ryan’s street. Anything to shock and stun people. I sighed again. My heart stopped and I froze. I heard the creek of the stairs and gentle footsteps. They stopped and a quiet knocking came on my door.

‘Lisa, can I come in?’

He walked in and saw me lying there, almost spread-eagled on the bed. I sat up as he perched on the side next to me.

‘Did me kissing your foot freak you out?’ He asked, I couldn’t read the look in his eyes. I decided right there that it had to happen. I had to end this torment inside of me. I needed release.

‘Um…Kind of why?’ I shrugged, pulling my knees to my chest. He didn’t reply, only cocked his head to the side and smiled, but not a grin just a sexy smile that lit up his face. We stared at each other, each knowing what was going to happen. I swallowed, little darts of pleasure shot through to my very core. He lent forwards, I didn’t stop him. Soon his face was merely centimetres from my own. I closed my eyes and felt his warm hand curl around my neck. The next thing I know his lips touched mine. He kissed me so softly and gently that it didn’t seem like the same man. I had expected his kiss to be so aggressive but I was wrong.

For a while I didn’t respond, just let him kiss me. I loved the way his lips felt against mine. My heart was beating so fast that I swear he could feel it. He leaned further into me and we fell back into the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my hands through his dark curls. His hands were roaming up and down the sides of my body, sending shivers through me. I was trembling with desire and maybe a little fear. I began to kiss him back and out kisses started to get more passionate. Our tongues lashed around each other, sucking and licking. It was unlike no other kiss beurette tour porno I had ever experienced.

He broke off and braced himself above me, looking down at me. I looked up at him with my huge eyes and smiled. He grinned back at me. There was no need for words. I felt his weight shift onto me and he started to kiss his way down my neck and onto my collarbone. His hands rested on top of my breasts. My nipples were so erect they ached. He rubbed me for a moment before slowly pulling my top off. He dotted my entire chest area and stomach in little kisses. It drove me wild. I was starting to moan. I couldn’t catch my breath. His kisses became more centred on my breasts. He began to lick and suck my nipples; I could feel the edges of his teeth. I started to shudder. I was so wet that I felt I was drowning in juices. Before I knew it he was kissing his way down to my shorts. He dipped in tongue in my navel before unzipping my shorts.

He slowly pulled down my shorts and pressed his face against my moist thong. He tentatively licked me through the sheer material. The sensation was unbelievable. I had started to groan louder, muttering under my breath. He drew the thong down my shapely legs and away. I went limp and tense at the same time. He pulled my legs open, displaying my shiny pink pussy. He kissed his way up my inner thighs to the dent between my thigh and pussy. He stayed there, just breathing on my warm skin, sometimes kissing me. He then moved across and licked me in one long stroke. I jumped in delight. He carried on licking my slit in steady strokes then changed tempo and began to nipples my pussy lips. I was wrenching myself, pulling the bed sheets. I screamed when he began to suck on my clit. I jerked 2 a powerful climax.

Ryan looked at me again in amazement as I got my breath back. I reached out and touched his face; he got hold of my hand and kissed it.

‘Fuck me’ I whispered.

‘Are you sure?’ Ryan asked kissing me again.

‘God…. Yes just do it hard and fast’

He quickly shed his clothes. His cock was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was huge. At least 8 inches. He opened my legs again and held my knees in my hands. His cock head touched my gaping hole. Suddenly he was shoving in fast and deep. It filled me to the very centre.

‘Yes…faster, do me harder’ I cried as he thrust ferociously at me. I was holding onto his shoulders as my head banged into the headboard. I had never been pounded that hard in my life. After about five minutes of raw fucking I began to come again.

‘Yes!’ I cried, ‘I cumming’

Soon I felt him start to shudder as his creamy white spunk filled my juicy cunt.

We lay like that, locked together for what seemed like forever. We gathered our clothes and carried on kissing and hugging until our parents came home.

We never got the chance to have sex again. Two weeks later Ryan was charged with GBH and was put inside for a few years. I was devastated, but by the time he came out I was married with a child of my own. But I will never forget my once in a life time lover.

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