Show , Tell Ch. 08

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Always a light sleeper, I was especially on guard during that night, not wanting my wife to awake and find her sister and I spooned together, my hand inside her babydoll, resting on her breast.

We all slept until after 7:00, rushing to get ready, packing and checking out, our bags left in storage until it was time to leave. Not wanting to have to deal with traffic all the way up I-95 on our way home, I made sure we’d be on the road by 2:00.

My meeting ended successfully, seems I was on a roll, just before noon, the merger of our local tour company with the larger, “regionally,” known brand that I’d helped arrange earning me a nice, “Finder’s Fee.”

I was in the hotel lobby at 2:00, waiting for the girls. They showed up fifteen minutes late, more bags of, “bargains,” By the time we hit the road, it was almost 2:30, which got us through Connecticut without much of a holdup, but tied us up for a short time in Providence, RI. That in itself wasn’t a problem, as I knew Providence well, a college roommate and good friend owning a successful business there, our families close with many meals shared in that city’s multitude of great restaurants.

His business was a, “Gentleman’s Club,” and I’d often have lunch there, sometimes with my wife. She was no prude and on a number of occasions had served as a judge for him on, “Amateur Night.”

“Desire,” was a fun place, but not tonight.

I suggested we stop and have dinner, rather than continue and have a late meal at home. They agreed, but my wife was worried that we wouldn’t get home in time for me to tell Lexi her bedtime story. I called the house and told her father our plan, his assurance that his daughter would be waiting for us, “…, with lots of hugs and kisses,” allaying Grammy’s fears.

While I’d listened to the girl’s, “War Stories,” about their shopping trip all the way home, as we ate dinner, they got into some of the people they’d met and how different the residents of, “The City,” had been, as opposed to their reputation. “We never saw anyone get angry, yell at anyone, curse anyone, steal a cab ride…, nothing! “Suzy said, “if anything, the people were great. Even the clerks in the stores we visited would refer us to other shops where we might find fashions that they didn’t carry. Like those women we met in the bar. The shops they told us about were perfect for what we wanted.”

Suzy then asked, an innocent smile included, “When can we go again?”

That turned out to be a little over two and a half years later, and it wasn’t to New York City.

Eventually, Suzy went back home, her soon to be ex-husband having already found a replacement, one whom everyone in his family loved. Rather than live, “at home,” with her mother and father, she took a job as a waitress at a local restaurant, rented a small duplex apartment and started taking, “Business Management,” classes at the local community college. She’d come to visit on holidays and whenever she’d get a weekend off, lots of dates but no one special in her life yet.

On one of the weekends when she was visiting, about a year and a half after our trip to NYC, my buddy Leo, the Strip Club owner, invited us out to dinner, including Suzy when he found out she was visiting. Leo and his wife Lauren had met her at various functions and knew that she was single. On a hunch, and feeling sorry for the guy, he invited his attorney, a guy our age, newly divorced himself, having, he told us, “…, caught his wife cheating,” as an escort for Suzy. I’d met Don a few times, always at golf outings and he seemed like a good guy.

He was immediately smitten, a call to my office on the following Monday asking if he could call and ask her for a date? “I know I’m quite a bit older,” he confessed, “but she seems so mature and I think we, kind of, hit it off the other night.”

Given my, “blessing,” he called and she accepted. Four months later Suzy started to, “…, come to “our” house for a, “visit,” every other weekend, Don’s children with their mother on those days.

Five months after that, with the whole family at our house on Christmas, Don asked and Suzy accepted his proposal to marry him. She moved in with him about a month later, his children now aware of his plans.

With plans for a wedding in November, Don’s case load increased after his ex-wife decided that, “If he can afford to get married, he can afford an increase in child support payments!” In spite of the facts of the divorce, she somehow got a judge to agree, his payments almost doubling! With that, and the impending wedding, he was working lots of hours, Suzy feeling left out, but understanding.

When my wife and I made plans for a late May vacation in St. Maarten, I suddenly found Suzy in the mix, my wife feeling that she, “…, needs to get away from this craziness for a while.” Obviously, the two of them had been talking.

Great resort, great weather, although a bit on the warm side, and hardly any people. While the resort had a nice beach, it was better for sunbathing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri than swimming, the waves making hard for the girls to get into and out of the water. Exploring, we found a great beach on the French side of the Island, protected by a barrier reef and peninsula, where they could walk into the water without fear being knocked about. With a few shops and a restaurant where the parking lot was located, a Nudist Resort on the right side and a totally undeveloped stretch of beach on the left, it was perfect.

On the left, the native vegetation had grown right up to the beach, creating natural areas of shade for me and all the sun the girls could want on the beach itself. Every morning after breakfast, I would stop on our way there and buy assorted fresh fruit, cheese, a stick of freshly baked bread and a couple of bottles of water, along with a bottle of wine.

A perfect late lunch!

Once on the beach, I’d find a shady spot for myself, always in an area away from others, not that were many others on that side of the beach, and the girls would plop themselves on towels in the sun. My wife, because of stretch marks from her pregnancies, always wore a one piece bathing suit. That didn’t mean it couldn’t be sexy, the front, sides and rear of the, “Monokini,” cut to reveal more than enough to titillate your average voyeur. But it was Suzy who seemed to be going out of her way to expose as much of herself as possible, without actually getting naked.

As long as I’d know her, she gravitated toward clothing styles that would best be described as “…, daring.” This is how my wife would describe it, whenever the subject came up. But, catching part of a conversation the sisters had been having, I overheard Suzy saying, “…, he’s great, but I think it’s because he’s a little insecure, worried about the age difference and jealous when he thinks other men are looking at me.” As it turned out, that conversation concerned the way she dressed, Don trying to persuade her to dress more conservatively.

If that was the case, he’d have shit his pants if he saw what she was wearing that morning!

Her black String Bikini, which my wife had bought her earlier in the week, had a “triangle” top that covered about an inch of her breasts! The triangles were so small that, even with her small boobs, her areolas were clearly visible. Even better, for me and any other man who saw her, the bikini bottom looked even smaller! The g-string front had a matching triangle, necessitating a completely shaved pubic area, the triangle seeming to disappear whenever she was walking, the whole ensemble making a, “might as well wear nothing,” statement.

And, because the far end of the beach was a nudist resort, occasionally, an individual or couple would come strolling down the beach…, completely naked. Thankfully, for me, they tended to be older, at least older than us, and not very appealing to the eye. But, ever hopeful, the girls developed a system to keep an eye open for something good to check out.

As I looked at them, my wife was on my right, lying on her stomach, her head turned to her left. Suzy was on my left, on her stomach also, her head turned to her right. If someone came into sight and that person was a man…, age, “18 to 80,” whichever of them saw him first, would clear her throat or nudge an elbow and the other would casually turn her head in that direction. It had been working well, neither of them missing out on a naked man, mostly disappointed, but able to get a laugh at the expense of one gentleman, his dick was completely invisible under his pubic hair.

“Turtle Head,” was what they took to calling him, as in, “Here comes Turtle Head,” when he’d walk past them.

Then, after about an hour of playing that game, Suzy suddenly broke the code, her breathless, “HOLY SHIT,” causing my wife to whip her head to her right, her, “HOLY SHIT,” causing me to kneel up from my place under a Seagrape tree and look to my left. Maybe thirty yards up the beach, the guy had, according to Suzy, “…, appeared out of nowhere.”

Ebony black, he looked like he was at least 6’5″, but weighing, at most, 180 pounds… all arms and legs, naked and without a visible hair on his entire body. If that wasn’t enough, he looked like he had a, “third leg,” his cock so long it was nearly knocking against each of his knees as he walked towards them.

Two strides before he got to them, he stopped. Big smile, “Dam jou bon, ou gade bel maten sa a.” his lilt a beautiful French Creole. When they didn’t reply, impossible at the moment, both of their mouths hanging open, their eyes staring at the appendage hanging between his legs.

“I said, “Good morning ladies, you look lovely this morning.”

“Oh…, good morning,” both replied at the same time, my wife adding, “You look lovely too.”

My guffaw at that remark made him aware of my presence, as well as caused both of them to turn and look at me with dagger eyes!

“Bon jour,” I said, drawing a smile güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri from him, letting him know I was in on the joke.

He then bent forward and looked down at them, causing them to look at his face, the first time either one of them had looked at anything above his bellybutton and said, “Ou gen yon bel ak mwen ap tounen.” Looking at me, he smiled a big smile, saying, “Ou se yon noum chans.” I smiled back, with a nod to the, “uncut thing,” between his legs, “Vous aussi.”

With that, he continued with his stroll.

What had he said to the girls? “You have a nice day,” and that, “…, I’ll be back.”

He’d told me, “You are a lucky man,” to which I’d answered, referring to his cock, “As are you.”

They were under the tree with me twenty seconds later, my wife wanting a glass of wine, Suzy cutting in and saying, “Sis, I think we need something stronger than that!”

They settled for wine, the topic of discussion wavered between, “How long do you think his thing is?” both looking at me. And then, “…, how much blood do you think he’d need to get that thing hard?” Neither thought he had enough in his skinny body to get it hard, but both also agreed that they’d give it their best effort to prove each other wrong.

They didn’t appear to be kidding!

He came back an hour later, nothing having changed except he was covered with sand and they’d been laying on their backs.

Standing in front of them, both of them now up, resting on their elbows looking up at him, he said, “Ou se toujou isit la ak kap bel. M’ale men mwen espere we ou anko.”

He could have been asking if they wanted an oil change with the fucking he was going to give them…, and their response would have been the same…

They just smile and looked at his…, shit, just hanging there it had to be, minimum, 12″ more likely 14″ long!

And I hadn’t had any wine!

When they didn’t respond again, he did his, bend and look them in the eyes thing again…, which they did, telling them, “I told you I was happy to see you again, looking beautiful and that…,” then reaching down with his right hand, he pulled on his cock twice…, hard enough to stretch it out another inch…, “I hope I see you again.”

Looking at me, he gave me a head nod and a grin, “Fre, mwen espere ko w ap resevwa kek soti nan tou de nan yo. Yon pitye si ou pa.”

I figured he’d said, “Bro, you best be grabbing a lot of this…, cause if you ain’t…, it would be a pity.”

Luckily, he didn’t pull on his unit again, the girls liable to jump up and fight each other over the chance to fuck him right there if he had!

They had another glass of wine once he was gone, the topic this time, “Would it be possible, no matter how much blood he had in him, to get it completely hard?” And if he could, my wife asked, “Who…, what woman on this island…, could take all of that?”

With a big smile, Suzy raised her hand.

Shaking my head, I walked into the water to pee. Walking out further, I slipped off my swim trunks and began to swim parallel to the beach. Ten seconds later, I heard my wife yelling, “Honey…, put your suit back on…, you’re blinding us!”

Because I have a very fair complexion, my wife would say that every time I took off my shirt. Now, fifty feet offshore, I turned toward the beach and “mooned,” them, now hearing, “If you don’t put that bathing suit back on…, I’m going to send my sister out there to embarrass you!”

Wary of the sun…, and not of Suzy coming out to see me naked, caused me to go back to the beach, bathing suit back on.

By 2:00, with the girls having retreated from the sun under the tree with me and the threat of, “Trois jambe,” (3 legs) gone, I was ready to leave. Having to pee again, I got up to walk into the ocean, just as a young black couple walked past, the guy naked and the girl topless. While nowhere near as well hung as out tall friend, the guy did have a rather thick unit, the girl slim but with a nice rack and a great ass.

Both nodding at me and then I watched as they walked no more then twenty feet past us and sat down. “Strange,” I thought, “there has to be a mile of empty beach on either side of us.”

Neither of the girls and noticed them.

I waited a minute and then walked towards the water, movement to my left catching my attention. Glancing over, I saw the guy leaning back on his elbows, legs spread, with the girl kneeling between them, sucking on his cock like it was a lollipop! He looked at me, holding my eyes and then smiled.

“Exhibitionists,” and not a surprise had I given it a thought.

I took care of, “nature’s call,” and walked back to the girls, the guy looking into my eyes again, waiting for some sort of reaction I figured.

Back under the tree, the girls packing the beach bag, I got their attention and got them to stand and peek through the bushes at the show going on next door.

Their dropped jaw reaction to the scene was priceless!

When Suzy whispered, güvenilir bahis şirketleri “What are they doing?”

I almost lost it!

Realizing what she’d said, she had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud, now my wife realizing why both of us were covering our mouths and she fell against me, now all three of us trying to stifle our laughter. Once we’d recovered our composure, on about the third try, we looked again, the girl now naked too, their roles reversed. Our boy was into it…, in more ways than one!

We were now transfixed, each watching and each of us getting something different out of the performance.

I found that out later.

Once he figured they’d both had enough foreplay, he mounted her and fucked her, ending up with her ankles around his neck, as she was bent in half. Her cries and his moans were clearly audible, even with the small waves breaking on the beach. Both of the girls had grabbed one of my hands, neither aware of the other, their nails now digging into my palms, as the guy’s speed built up, his grunts getting louder, until both of them cried out…!

He held himself above her, with her eyes burning into his, a smile before he collapsed on top her and then falling sideways off her.

I wanted to applaud… but with the girls still holding my hands….

The couple gathered their stuff, her bikini bottom, his bathing suit and walked into the water to wash off. Coming out of the water, they looked at us, a sideways nod from him to me, which I took as, “See pal…, that’s how you do it,” and they walked away.

The ride back had us stopping at a cantina, margaritas to toast the local scenery, and then on to the resort, where we cleaned up to go out to dinner.

I showered first, in and out, shave and comb my hair. Suzy insisted on taking the next turn, my wife and I laying out of clothes for the night, me wanting to touch up iron my shirt. I was in the kitchen, bath towel still wrapped around my waist…, have I mentioned that we had a one bedroom suite…, with one king bed?

Anyway, I was ironing my shirt and Suzy walks in, wrapped in her towel also and stands on the other side of the peninsula that separated the kitchen from the living room. That was where she was sleeping, the couch a pullout bed. Hearing the shower start, she leans on the counter with her elbows, her face resting on her open palms, and says, “That was quite an interesting day.”

Not looking up from my shirt, I agreed that, “Yes it was.”

“Only one disappointment,” she then offered, one that I had to bite for, “…, and that was?”

“Not getting to go into the water to see you naked.”

Again, I didn’t look up.

Now finished with the shirt, I held it up with one hand, unplugged the iron with the other and after laying the shirt on the counter, I walked around the peninsula until I was standing in front of Suzy.

Cocking my head to the side, I looked at her and asked, “You want to see me naked?”

Her face got serious, very serious, and she looked at me for a, very long moment. Then, still looking at me…, my face, she reached out with her right hand and tugged on the towel.

It fell to the floor.

I could still hear the water running in the shower.

Her eyes dropped, her voice issued a soft, “Oh,” and her right hand now touched, and then held, my growing…, and still growing, penis.

“It is pink,” she whispered, “just like she said it was,” her hand open, as she stared at me, my penis, as if seeing something magical.

I reached out to pull off her towel…, when the water turned off in the shower.

Suzy backed away, a wicked grin on her face.

I heard the shower curtain pulled back, “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes,” called out to…, either of us.

Since both of them used the bedroom to get made up and dressed, “I’d better get ready too,” Suzy said, walking past me.

Then she surprised me! Stopping…, her hand shot out and she pulled on my, still hard cock, her eyes finally coming up and, “It really is pink,” followed by a giggle. Waking to the bedroom door, she stopped again, turned and facing me…, pulled her towel off.

In my mind, I whispered, “God…, she’s perfect!”

What I said was, “Hey…, you’re pink too!”

My wife called out, “Do you say something?”

Dinner was great, both girls looked fantastic and I made it through the night unscathed.

The next day, our last full day of the vacation, I took the girls to Pinel Island, a small uninhabited retreat off the French side coast. For divers and snorkelers, Pinel had the best of both worlds. With a beautiful beach on the leeward side and a natural barrier reef on the windward side, beginners and experts could search for tropical fish and shells. Since neither of the sisters were strong swimmers, I hung around with them, feeling their excitement when seeing a tiny fish or discovering a tropical shell.

Since we didn’t know the clothing etiquette for the island, they decided to err on the side of caution and both wore less revealing bathing suits, my wife one that she could have worn at home, my sister-in-law one that I hoped she would wear at my house! Hers was another tiny bikini, this one covering 20% more than the one she’d worn the day before, a thong rather than g-string bottom.

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