Showing His Mother Off Pt. 03

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Showing his Mother Off…and taking Control (part 3)


Annie, the 39 year old wife and mother, lay panting in her bed as her fingers played softly in and around her bare vagina. It was early on Saturday morning and the thoughts that had fizzed round her mind for the last hour or so had her so confused, so excited and so ashamed that she was totally lost for sensible comprehension!

She felt her wetness, she felt her hard clit and knew that now she wouldn’t be able to stop what she was doing, however much her mind was telling her not to. She was alone, but her three children were asleep in the other bedrooms. Her husband was away truck driving and wouldn’t be back for another week or more, and Annie had got herself into a situation which was both shameful and exhilarating.

On two separate occasions, after nights of lust, teasing, photography and shameful behaviour, she had given in and been beautifully fucked by her own 19 year old son, Junior, in her own lounge. She felt shameful, she felt embarrassed and guilty, but it was taking her into a world that was taboo, secret, yet physically gratifying, and buzzing with things she had never ever contemplated in her whole life.

As the tempo had risen on those nights, she had tried hard to behave like a sensible mother, but Junior touched just the right spots, said just the right things, and the physical enjoyment and electric buzz that had engulfed Annie took over her whole being until she just gave herself, her whole, mature, sexy body, to her handsome son who gave her wonderful thrill after thrill.

As she lay there now, her fingers increasing their tempo between her shapely legs, the cool air of the early morning making her nipples as hard as rocks, she thought of the photographs…my God, the photographs! Her pussy wept some more as she remembered the way Junior had teased and gently blackmailed her into agreeing to let him show his college friends one or two pictures… God, it was worse than that!! At the height of passion, and with a little mental pressure from her son, Annie had agreed that Junior could show just a few of the pictures of her in the sexy, red bikini to his buddies on the baseball team…and…oh my God… even one of her topless!

Annie bent her knees up as her fingers scraped across her hard clit, her other hand rubbing and cupping her wonderful 36DD breasts. She was thinking of Jake, one of the other players on the team, and Junior’s other mates…Christ, what had she agreed to, what would they say or think…but the thoughts only made her hotter, only brought on more lurid thoughts of the guys ogling her stunning body.

Only 5′ tall but with one hell of a sexy body and tight ass, the blonde mother imagined the team players looking at her pictures…her fingers went faster, her ass bucking up from the bed. Her eyes closed, her feet moved to point at the ceiling, her fingers inside her soaking cunt, her orgasm so close…ohhhhhh, my Goddddd!

What had she been thinking of, giving in to Junior and saying it was OK to let his team mates see a few pictures of her? It wasn’t permission, really, she had just blurted out OK, OK as Junior’s hard body and wonderful cock had been pushing her into ecstasy, and it was the easiest thing to agree…yet she had definitely said the words…what had she been thinking of? She had been thinking of their young, fit bodies, their muscular thighs and tight asses as they ran round the diamond…Christ, she was almost there…the way their shorts were packed with wonderful thickness, and…ummmmmm!!

Then she remembered the final piece of irresistible blackmail from her son. She had agreed to drive him to the game on Sunday and, worst of all, she had agreed to look hot in an outfit that Junior would choose…Christ, why had she given in and agreed again… what outfit would he choose? Was Junior slowly taking control of his Mom? This final thought took Annie over the top!

Whoooooooooooooosh, and Annie’s orgasm rushed around her naked body on the bed as she thought of the guys, especially Jake, seeing her in real time, dressed in some hot outfit for them to ogle her. This had definitely pushed Annie over the top and she panted, bucked her ass once more, her breasts heaving, the tingling stretching to her toes and fingertips.

As she slowly calmed down, her breasts still heaving and her legs still open, Annie just didn’t know which way she should go with this situation now. The last seduction had been on Thursday night, it had been fantastic, and Junior had really made love to her firmly and beautifully. But what of the cost? Oh my God, Annie asked herself, what the hell was this doing to her role as a sensible, responsible wife and mother, trying to live a normal life in the suburbs of Atlanta? She tried to close her eyes and drift off to sleep again for another hour or so, before it was time to get up. It was impossible!

Junior, in the next room to his Mom, was sleeping soundly. He fake cop porno was a contented young man. The photographs that he had stored on his computer were sensational…he had nearly a hundred of his Mom, looking stunning, and he had been up late the previous evening just looking at each one. Not only that, he had already sent a mail to his buddy, Jake, and then they had spent about 2 hours talking to each other via IM. They were both jacking their cocks furiously and getting excited as they sent the Instant Messages…why?

Well, attached to the Email to his buddy, Junior had attached 4 photos…photos of his gorgeous, blonde Mom.

Junior was 19 now and at college. He was over 6′, strong and powerful, with rugged good looks and scruffy, blonde hair, and he was popular amongst his college mates, and brilliant at all the sports he did. He had yearned for and admired his Mom’s hot body for a few years, now, and suddenly it was all happening for him. He had now enjoyed her tempting body on two separate occasions, and sending pictures to Jake would not only turn Jake on, but it made Junior as horny as hell, too. The thought of his team mates seeing his gorgeous Mom gave him a proud thrill as well as a sensational sexual kick…what would be the outcome and where would it all go?

The first picture was of Annie in her bikini and high heels. Straightforward enough, but she still looked as hot as hell, with her breasts bursting to spill from the top, and her thighs and legs looking magnificent in the high cut bikini pants that were worn so low across her flat, tanned stomach. This picture in itself would set pulses racing… and cocks twitching!

There were two more pictures in the bikini, one of them with Annie turned around, bending over in her high heels, showing her tight, firm ass and shapely legs, one that would make any full blooded male, let alone a team baseball player, slobber with lust and lurid thoughts.

But it was the last picture that would remain in everyone’s minds…particularly Jakes. This was Annie without the bikini top. She stood, hands behind her head, looking straight into the camera, eyes smiling, her feet apart, but her wonderful, hard breasts were stretched and pointing, the nipples like hat pegs…a mature mother proud of her sexual attraction and stunning body! It was a wonderful picture…and now Jake had a copy of it. This was dynamite!

It had been during the photo session that ended with Junior fucking his Mom so firmly and so satisfyingly, that Junior had told her that Jake and the other guys on the team thought she was sexy, hot and a real horny woman. He had also told her that Jake wanted to see her pictures, wanted to lick her and wanted to…yes, he wanted to fuck her.

However much Annie pretended to be shocked, ashamed and revolted by the idea, her inner feelings made her excited, inflamed by her imagination of these hunky young men and how it would feel…oh God, she felt awful, but the ideas just wouldn’t leave her mind!

Now, she had to contend with the idea that she would have to dress in whatever Junior chose for her, and then take him to the game on Sunday, where Jake and all the other guys would be. It frightened Annie, but the twinges of excitement were also making butterflies buzz round her tummy at the thought of what might be! God, nothing is going to happen, she told herself…she would make sure that nothing happened…she was a mature wife with children…far too proper to get carried away in this fantasy…wasn’t she???

As morning came to life, Junior joined his Mom and sisters at the breakfast table and everything seemed perfectly normal. They laughed and joked, the sun was warm outside, and then the sisters said they were going to Saturday morning cinema. Junior thought about going to see his mates down the coffee bar, but then Annie said,

‘I’m going into town, Junior, to do some shopping. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Is there anything you want?’ She could see her son throw her a grin and could see his eyes wandering up her legs. ‘Now, now, Junior, you can forget about any of that now…I have to go to the shops for some food and things,’ and Annie looked a little nervous again.

‘Well, Mom,’ and he grinned and moved closer to her. ‘Either I come downtown with you and pick out an outfit for you to wear to the game tomorrow, or I stay here and choose something from your wardrobe. It’s up to you, Mom. The guys are really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!’ A flushed, embarrassed look covered Annie’s face.

‘Are you sure you want to go through with this, Junior…I mean…,’

‘No buts, Mom. You agreed, didn’t you? You’d take me to the game on Sunday, and you’d wear something really hot, so the guys can see what a sexy, shapely Mom you are. They know what a hot Mom you are, and now I’ve promised them that you’ll come to the game dressed up. It’s up to you, Mom!’ and his hand rested on her hip as he looked fake hospital porno into her searching eyes.

‘Junior…Junior, we don’t have to carry on with this, do we…I mean, I’m your Mom, and what is happening is gathering pace and I don’t really know if I can handle how fast things are happ…’, but her son interrupted her again. His hand moved up her body to just under her armpit and his thumb began to rub gently at the underside of a wonderful breast.

‘Ohhhh, come on, Mom. You know the thought of the guys really gets you going, doesn’t it? Those hunky players on the team, especially Jake, eh Mom, looking at your awesome body, these wonderful breasts you have,’ and here Junior just rubbed a little harder and moved his thumb up to feel the hard nipple through Annie’s clothes.

‘No, no, Junior, you mustn’t…not here…oh God, Junior! Christ…you haven’t?? Have you let Jake see…,’ and her body shuddered, a warm feeling easing down between her legs, her panties feeling damp immediately. Junior knew what she meant.

‘Yes, Mom. You said I could, Mom, didn’t you? Jake’s seen you in the photos…he says you’re the hottest MILF he’s ever seen…he says you have the most awesome body, Mom,’ and his thumb was still gently rubbing Annie’s left breast and nipple…and she was getting wetter in her panties.

‘You showed him one of me topless, just in the bikini pants?’ she asked, a mixture of fear and excitement in her voice. Junior just nodded, a smile all over his face. ‘Oh my God, Junior…I can’t…I can’t…I just can’t go to the game knowing Jake has seen my breasts and the other pictures,’ and she pulled away from Junior, trying to blot all the thoughts from her mind. But she couldn’t!

‘And who else will have seen them? Oh, God, Junior…what if you father finds out?’

‘Don’t worry, Mom, don’t worry! It’s OK. The guys won’t show anybody else, I promise…but they do want to see you there at the diamond tomorrow, so…what’s it to be Mom, me go to your wardrobe, or am I coming downtown with you now?’

There was silence for a few moments while Annie gathered her thoughts. She knew that at the height of her passion with Junior, she had agreed (in fact, the idea turned her on no end at the time) to let Junior show a few of her pictures to Jake, and she had also agreed to let him choose an outfit in which to go to the game.

She was full of regret now, but she was also a little proud that a woman her age, with 3 teenage children, could get these young men feeling frisky and excited at the thought of her shapely and firm body. To be able to attract young men on the team like this was still a fillip to her womanhood! Her panties were still getting damper and her heart was still thumping…at 39, Annie knew she still had what it takes!!

She could flatly refuse to go to the game, and shut all further thoughts away, but did she want to? Didn’t the idea excite her just a little? There would be no danger at the game on Sunday afternoon, and Annie might get a wonderful kick knowing that the guys on the team were watching her, enjoying seeing her mature body move around, and she might get more thrills from thinking about all the lurid thoughts they would be having about her. She might enjoy all the attention…and it was a public place, so nothing to worry about…was there?

‘I’m not having you going through all my things in my wardrobe, you cheeky young devil, so you come downtown with me, and maybe we can find something that we both like,’ she grinned, emphasising the word both! Junior was going to make sure they would choose an outfit that he and the guys would like!!

In two hours they were back at home, Annie having done all her food shopping, and then being taken into boutiques and department stores by Junior. He had looked at all sorts of clothes that he was sure would look great on his Mom, but in the end she was trying desperately to back out, and he had to be firm and tell her which items to buy. Annie really had a nervous look on her face when they were back indoors.

‘Junior, those clothes are not the sort a mother should be wearing out in public…I mean, I’m nearly forty and…’ Again, Junior stopped her in her tracks.

‘They are, Mom, because they show off your wonderful figure. You should be proud of how you look, you have the body of a woman half your age. Now go and try them on, ‘cos I want to see how good you look. Go on!’

‘Oh, I don’t know, Junior. What if…’

‘What if nothing, Mom! Do you want me to send some more pics to Jake? He was almost pleading to see some more of you…he says the other guys were almost paying him good dollars to see your pictures…they love your ass, Mom,’ and he reached behind his Mom and squeezed one of those hard, round cheeks as Annie stood there shaking and raging, but also again imagining the guys seeing her pictures.

‘Jeeeeeezus, Junior…how many other guys have seen my pictures?’ fake taxi porno But she didn’t move and Junior just kept playing with her wonderful ass. Then he nuzzled her neck and nibbled her ear, and Annie had those feelings welling up in her stomach once more. Junior’s cock was starting to grow in his slacks. He began to whisper in her ear.

‘They have seen you, Mom. They’ve seen that hot ass and those wonderful breasts…and they want to see the real thing, Mom! I’ve told you before what Jake would like to do to you, Mom…shall I show you now, Mom,’ and he pulled her body close to his, so that his growing cock pushed against her waist and between her legs. He was rampant and really wanted his Mom again…now! Annie was becoming tempted but knew now was not the moment.

‘Christ Junior…oh my God…not now, not now…your sisters might be home any time and I’d die if they even saw us like this. I’ll go and try the clothes on and I’ll tell you if I’m going to wear them to the game,’ and she pulled away from her son and started to leave the room.

‘No, Mom…I’ll tell you what you’ll be wearing to the game! Put on the shorts, Mom, and the bra and shirt we bought…oh, and find your highest heels, Mom. Don’t be long.’ Junior was applying the pressure now, and he was confident that he could make his Mom wear the outfit that they had bought. He waited excitedly and after 10 minutes or so, could hear his Mom coming back along the hallway.

Junior’s heart fluttered as he watched his Mom come into the kitchen. Wow!! All he had to do, now, was make her wear this outfit to the diamond tomorrow, and his friends would have kittens…and Junior’s cock twitched again, thinking about the reaction he would create!

‘Jeezzzzzz, Mom, you look incredible, hot and fabulous. The guys will love the way you look…and so do I Mom!’ Junior moved to her and put his strong arms round her neck, pulling her to him again.

The shorts were blue denim, cut raggedly at the hem, leaving little bits of material hanging loosely down, as is the fashion. They were skin tight to Annie’s body, the zip disappearing between her legs, high on her thighs, and the cut going right across the cheeks of her ass, leaving some of her firm buttocks wonderfully exposed. She wore these with black high heels. The shiny, brown, satin shirt buttoned from top to bottom and was tight against Annie’s skin, and Junior could see she had put on the little bra they had brought.

It was a lacy half-cup thing, and lifted those glorious tits high and pushed them together. Not only that, but the half-cup allowed Annie’s nipples to creep over the top and, already, Junior could see those stunning nips pushing against the tight shirt.

‘Hold on there, Junior…I’m not sure I can wear this outfit to any…’ Junior stopped her again.

‘Sorry, Mom,’ and his hand crept down her back and felt the skin of her ass below the hem of the shorts. She felt, and looked, fantastic. ‘I’m afraid you have no choice now…we’re going to the game tomorrow, and you’re going to look fabulous wearing this outfit,’ and he squeezed her ass and pulled her into his big cock again. ‘Jake and the guys will love you in this…it fits you like a glove!’

Annie’s thong was damp again at the words Junior was telling her…and the feel of his cock. She would feel totally embarrassed in these shorts and the revealing bra, but that little feeling inside her was getting her quite excited at being on show for the guys at the diamond. But still her nerves were telling her no!

‘I don’t think I really should, Junior…I’d feel like a tramp in front of all the other mothers…and their fathers…no, no, it’s too embarrassing!’

Junior pulled her even tighter as he played with the flesh of her ass cheeks, pulling her right onto his cock again, and then whispering in her ear.

‘OK, Mom. I’ll just go to my room and IM Jake. I’m sure he wants to see the rest of the pictures, especially the ones that…!!

‘No, no…you can’t do that…Oh my God…OK, OK, you little shit, Junior…I’ll wear the outfit to the game, I promise…but don’t say anything to anybody before we get there, and I’ll just try…try to act normally…though how the hell I’ll be able to do that in this outfit, God knows!’

Still Junior’s cock was raging as his hands caressed his Mom’s body, and he was even more excited at her agreeing to wear the clothes, and he tried once more to slide his hand between her legs and then kiss her, but Annie was adamant.

‘Not now, not now, Junior. Down boy, down. Your sisters will be back at any time. I’ve said I will wear the outfit tomorrow, so I’m going to put my sweats on and then I need to get lunch ready for all of us!’ and she grinned at her son as she pulled away and made for her room.

Junior was in heaven. He had made her buy some really sexy clothes and she looked as hot as hell, and he would make sure she was wearing them when they went to the game on Sunday afternoon. He felt light headed for the rest of the day, helping Mom as much as he could, even being nice to his sisters, and he buzzed off a Mail to Jake in the evening… ‘Just you wait ’til you see Mom at the diamond tomorrow.’ Junior slept well that night…Annie, not quite so easily!

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