Sir Knight

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Roseanne stood on her toes to better see the king and his colorful retinue as they approached the small village of Ashton. Flags flew in the breeze, dust formed a cloud covering much of the country road. A trumpet was playing to herald their arrival.

“They’ll be staying here for a full week,” Roseanne’s friend Sarah said. “All those knights here for a full week! And if you can win the attention of one, he might make you his bride. Imagine that!”

Roseanne smiled. “I will win the attention of one, provided he is good looking. If not, why should I bother? I would rather have a kind heart and a handsome face than a chest full of riches.”

The king was old and looked too heavy even for his sturdy horse. The noblemen around him were much the same, with flushed cheeks and dirty mustaches. Roseanne frowned at them in disgust. It was as she suspected; the stories about knights were greatly exaggerated.

“If one of these knights is chosen as my father’s guest, he’ll eat all of our food stores,” she said. “And rather than trying to win his attention, I would stay as far away as possible.”

“What’s a little food compared to the glory of spending a moment in a knight’s company?” Sarah sighed and waved at the passing knights. “Imagine their bravery, their honor.”

Roseanne frowned. “I would wish to meet a knight like that, but these do not look like the knights I had imagined. In either case, I have to return home. Mother needs me to help prepare for our noble guest.”

Sarah nodded absentmindedly, her focus still on the passing knights. She left her standing there and walked back to her family’s farm, located a while away from the village on the brink of a forest lake.

As her parent’s only child, Roseanne had many more tasks than Sarah. She was busy for the whole afternoon, all thoughts of the knights gone from her mind. Only when the clatter of hooves sounded against the country road did she remember that they were about to have a guest. She stood on the farm’s courtyard together with her mother, prepared to greet her father and the knight who would stay with them for the week.

Her eyes fell first on her father, and she knew something was wrong. Then they wandered to the knight, she was startled. He was neither fat nor old, but young, slender and more handsome than any man in the village. His hair was the color of wheat in late summer, and his blue eyes were polite and kind.

“Roseanne, Lilly, this is Sir Thomas Artigan. He will be staying with us for the duration of the king’s visit.”

Roseanne wanted to ask her father what the problem was, but she bowed politely and held her tongue.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sir Knight,” her mother said.

“Please, call me Thomas.” The knight dismounted his horse, a slight blush spreading on his cheeks. His armor clamored as he made a quick bow. “I am an ordinary man who was blessed with a title, nothing more.”

Roseanne’s heart beat violently inside her chest, and her breath came in short gasps. Handsome and kind? Where in the world would she be able to find such a man again if this one slipped from her grasp?

“Thomas,” she said, “can I offer you some refreshment? And please, do let me help you out of that armor.”

Thomas nodded and followed her to the room prepared for him inside the small farmhouse. She undid the leather straps and dismantled the armor, making sure to let her fingers linger on his body while doing so. When she removed his leg plates, she gave him a polite and yet inviting smile.

He returned her smile, and though it was polite it was also a clear dismissal. Roseanne sighed, knowing she would have to change her strategy.

They ate the meal under polite conversation about the weather and the state of the country. Once they were finished, her father stood up and cleared his throat.

“I have been told the summer market in Ridgeville has been moved forward,” he said. “It will take place on the day after tomorrow.”

Roseanne gasped. “But father, you have to go to that market, or else we will have no wool for the winter.”

“I know,” her father said. “And Lilly must accompany me to help me with the chickens I intend to sell. As you can see, this gives me cause for concern. Roseanne, would it be too much to ask that you canlı bahis see to our guest alone?”

“Of course not, father,” Roseanne said. She forced herself to remain calm and composed, but on the inside she felt giddy with excitement. Alone, with Thomas? She couldn’t have prayed for a better opportunity to win his attention.

“I apologize, Sir Thomas,” her father said. “My wife and I were blessed with only one child, and she happens to be a woman. I hope you will trust me when I say that she is most competent, however. When it became clear to me that I would have no sons, I took it upon me to raise her as one. She has all the talents of a man in the body of a woman.”

“I am most confident she will provide for me,” Thomas said with a smile. “And let me apologize for the inconvenience. You are most kind to let me stay here despite your difficult situation.”

Roseanne’s father smiled, and the conversation moved on to other topics. It was soon time for bed, and Roseanne spent all night thinking about the knight, his strong, muscled body and kind smile.

Her parents left at dawn the next day, and Thomas rode to join the king in his hunting games only a short while after. Roseanne tended to the animals all day and cleaned the house to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible. Then she waited for Thomas to return home.

He did so while the sun was still a while over the horizon. His shirt was stained with sweat and his face muddy. Roseanne hurried up to him and grabbed his horse’s reins.

“Sir Thomas,” she said. “Let me heat up a bath for you.”

“I’m quite alright, thank you,” Thomas said. “But will you tend to my horse, please? He’s tired after today’s hunt and could use a good wash.”

Roseanne swallowed her disappointment and led the horse to the stable. When she had cleaned and fed the beautiful animal, she returned to find Thomas already washed in the lake. He gave her a polite smile and sat at the table she had prepared for him.

“I’m very curious to hear of the life of a knight,” she said and sat down next to him. She kept her chest high to show her full breasts from the best angle.

“There’s not much to say,” Thomas said with a shrug. “We ride with the king and offer him company and support. Occasionally he will ask us to help him out with disputes in the country, and if there would be a war I would be expected to join him. But there hasn’t been a war in these lands for many years.”

“And do you like being a knight?” She leaned closer and let her leg brush against his.

Thomas shrugged. His eyes were fixed on the table before him, and he didn’t give her breasts so much as a glance.

She continued trying to make conversation, but Thomas kept dismissing her invitations. Soon the sun set outside and he went for bed. Roseanne remained by the table, considering joining him in his bed. In the end she decided not to, worried that it might offend him in some way. She would have to think of other ways to seduce him.

The next day, Thomas left early to fulfill his duties with the king. Roseanne tended to the farm until late evening, when there was still no sight of him. With a sigh, she went for a walk and picked some freshly smelling flowers to put on the table. Before returning to the farm, she realized her whole body was covered in a layer of sweat and dust from the day’s work. Instead of returning home, she undressed by the side of the lake and went naked into its cool water.

The evening was warm, and the lake a mirror reflecting the surrounding forest. She sighed as her legs submerged, and then gasped in pleasure as the water touched her between her legs. The sensation brought Thomas to her mind, and she bit her lip as her body filled with desire.

He was the most attractive man she had seen without a doubt. He was calm and kind, as well as polite in every way. He was the man she had dreamed of all her life, and all she wanted was to feel his body against hers.

Still, he had rejected her time and time again. Her body ached in frustration. If only he could curve her breasts with those strong, callused hand of his, then ran his hand along her sides.

She mimicked the motions she wished he would make. Her hands cupped her breasts, and she squeezed her nipples gently with thumb bahis siteleri and forefinger. Bending her neck backwards, she let a sigh of pleasure escape her lips. Slowly, she ran her hand down her stomach, to the triangle of hair between her legs. The water was soft and cool against her burning vagina. When her fingers brushed gently against her aching clit, she couldn’t help but let a gasp escape her lips.

She submerged herself in the water with one hand on her sex and the other still cupping her breast. Then she stood up again, letting the water drip from her nipples and her skin cool in a gentle breeze. She pressed her fingers gently inside her vagina and shivered in pleasure.

A sound from the edge of the lake made her spin around. There, among the bushes and shrubs, stood a stark naked Thomas.

Roseanne could see that his penis stood erect, although the knight did his best to hide it.

“Sir Thomas,” she said with a smile. She wasn’t sure whether she should be disappointed to be disturbed or thrilled that Thomas was finally showing some interest in her.

“I’m so sorry,” Thomas said. “I returned late and went to look for you, worried for your safety. When I couldn’t find you, I decided to have a bath. I swear, I didn’t know you were here.”

Roseanne shrugged. One of her breasts was still cupped in her hand, the other exposed. It pleased her to see that he did throw her a glance this time.

“I should leave,” Thomas said. “This is inappropriate. I’m so sorry to disturb you.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” she said. “And I do not find it inappropriate. However, you may leave if you find the sight of me so offensive.”

She turned sideways and cupped a handful of water, which she brought to her breasts. Continuing the show of washing herself, she rubbed her hands over her body slowly. The excitement of feeling her own hands on her skin was doubled by the knowledge that he was looking at her from the lake shore.

“You’re very beautiful,” Thomas said. His words were slow and measured, as if he was very tired or slightly drunk. “It is not the sight of you that I find offensive, but the reaction of my body to your beauty.”

She threw him an amused smile. “Sir Thomas, do you not know that your reaction is the most natural thing in the world?”

“I have been told it was a very bad thing,” he said.

“Does it feel so bad?” She pressed her fingers against her clit and sighed in pleasure. “Does it look so bad?”

Thomas swallowed, and his hands fell from his erect penis. “No, it doesn’t.”

“Then what is bad about it?” She walked towards him, her body dripping with water and her nipples stiff and aching in her hands.

Thomas didn’t move. His eyes burned with desire when they fell over her breasts, and his cock throbbed. Smiling, she lowered herself before him and took him in her mouth. He moaned softly and touched her hair.

She pleasured him with one hand cupped around his balls and the other on her vagina. He sighed as her tongue caressed the length of his penis, moaned when her lips touched him. Then he sank down to sit in the water, his hands trembling on her cheeks. She kneeled above him and took his hands in hers. Slowly, she showed him how to touch her breasts, her sides, her butt.

Thomas sighed and leaned forward, placing a hot kiss on her mouth. Roseanne ran her tongue along his lips, then lowered herself slowly down on his cock. When he entered her, pleasure shot through her body like a raging wildfire as all the frustration and desire of the last days were released.

Thomas groaned. He took her hips in his hands and her breasts in his mouth. She moved back and forth on top of him, concerned only with her own pleasure for the moment. The water around her legs was soft and soothing, and the cool breeze made her body shiver pleasantly.

They took pleasure in each other while the sun sank to the horizon and the air became still and silent around them. Then Roseanne lifted herself and waded out into the water. With a smile and an outstretched hand, she invited Thomas to follow her.

He did, and they embraced again when the water was around their waists. Roseanne touched his strong torso, felt the muscles ripple just beneath the skin. Thomas ran a hand over her neck, bahis şirketleri down her back, while the other cupped her curved breasts softly.

Roseanne lowered herself into the water and wrapped her legs around Thomas’ waist. He held her tight and entered her with a soft grunt. They moved together in a slow rhythm, sending ripples across the lake surface. The night was still, and the light last of the light was beginning to disappear.

She moaned in pleasure and kissed his lips fervently. His body was warm and firm, and she wondered if she could ever get enough of it. When his hands touched her back and her hips, excitement flashed through her body and increased the sensation. His smile was soft and kind, and his tongue warm as it met hers. She bent her back and cried out her pleasure as an orgasm shook her body.

Thomas groaned, and his body shivered as he came inside her. His eyes were alit with desire and pleasure, and his kiss was loving against her lips.

“I never knew…” he said and embraced her.

She smiled and shivered, feeling how cold the water was now that the fire of excitement had stopped burning within her. “We should go back.”

Thomas nodded and followed her out of the water. They carried their clothes in their hands, content to dry off in the soft evening air. He could barely take his eyes off her, she noted with a pleased smile. To be fair, she had trouble keeping her eyes off him as well.

When they returned to the farm house, it was completely dark. Roseanne lit a few candles around the kitchen and pointed at a plate of cold stew.

“I can heat it up for you if you like.”

Thomas stood just inside the door, looking lost and confused with his clothes bundled up in his hands. His eyes went from the plate to her naked body, lit now by flickering candlelight.

Roseanne felt herself become wet again at the sight of his desire. She sat on the table and spread her legs before him. Slowly, she began stimulating herself with one hand. The other squeezed her nipple.

Thomas took a deep, shivering breath. “I don’t know how to resist you,” he said.

“You don’t have to.” She rubbed her clit faster, letting her face show how much she was enjoying herself. “All you have to do is come here and join me.”

Thomas’ clothes fell to the floor, and he stepped over them towards her. His penis throbbed, ready to enter her already. She guided him in between her legs and groaned loudly when he thrust deep inside her.

Thomas grunted in pleasure and clutched her hips in his hands. His movements were more confident now, which made the experience so much more pleasurable. She relished after the fact that she had taken a frightened young boy and turned him into the man he was supposed to be.

He thrust inside her harder and harder, and his hands were rough against her soft skin. She grunted and leaned back against the table surface, letting him watch her body and touch her the way he pleased. His hands went from her hips, to her breasts, then down to the triangle of hair between her legs. She moaned as he found her clit and began stimulating it like he had seen her do only moments before.

The pleasure was so intense it only took a moment before an orgasm tore through her body. She screamed and held on to the table for support. Thomas moved faster, his hands still caressing her clit and his eyes burning wildly with desire. The table creaked and threatened to give way. Then, with a cry of pleasure, he gave in to his orgasm.

Roseanne smiled and sat up, kissing his lips and running her hands along his back. He returned her caresses gently.

“Will it always be like this?” he said.

“Sometimes even better.”

“I don’t understand why people don’t do it all the time.”

Roseanne laughed and held him close. “Because they do need to eat and sleep every once in a while.”

Thomas nodded and pulled out of her. She shivered and reached for her clothes; the night air had become cold and damp.

She heated the stew, and they ate it together while talking about everything and nothing. Then it was time to sleep, since Thomas had to leave early in the morning to join the king and his noblemen.

He hesitated outside his door, then smiled at her. “Is this what they call love?”

Roseanne smiled and walked over to give him a hug. “It could very well be,” she said and kissed his lips. “Perhaps it is indeed love.”

“I thought so.” Thomas wrapped his arms around her and led her into his bedroom.

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