Sister/Brother Always/Forever Ch. 03

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This chapter contains elements of incest, high fantasy, and non-consent. All characters engaging in sexual activity are at least 18 years of age. While you can just enjoy the “good stuff”, to get the most pleasure I highly suggest you first read Chapters 1 and 2 to understand the story. If you enjoy reading this and/or want to read the next chapter, please feel free to give the story a 5 rating and leave comments! Enjoy!!


Alex stared at the ceiling of his bedroom. Laura had been the only thing on his mind since he had dropped her off at her apartment a few hours earlier. Talking with her at the café had been unexpectedly a whole lot of fun, and he knew firsthand that she could take care of herself physically if she was in a bad situation. Then while driving her home, the way in which she responded to his touch had turned Alex on more than he had been in a long time. The way her breathing got faster, her legs opening to his touch, even the way Laura arched her back as he was rubbing her most sensitive area had all been sexier than hell.

Alex looked outside his condominium window while trying to ignore yet another erection. It seemed too far-fetched that there was a connection with Laura and the princess in his dreams, but he could not answer why both women reminded him of the other. There should not be a connection, and yet impossibly it seemed like there was. Alex sighed while turning around in bed, trying to ignore his raging hard-on while willing himself to sleep.


When rumors of strange men appearing near the southern shore of the Kingdom reached the palace, both Daemon and Serenity had volunteered to investigate. Deciding to favor the speed of a small group over the strength of a larger force, Daemon brought only his four Generals while Serenity was accompanied by her four Guardians. Some of the villagers reported seeing a small group of armed strangers in the surrounding forest, but no one knew where they were from or what the group wanted. After several hours of searching with no success, Daemon gave the order for everyone to return to the castle.

It was only as his group left the forest and entered a grassland area that they were attacked by a group of fifteen men. Though initially caught by surprise, Daemon and Serenity’s group fought back until most of the enemy soldiers were either dead or running away. Three of Daemon’s generals were riding after a few enemies that had retreated into the forest. Sheathing his longsword behind his back and grabbing one of his knives, Daemon knelt down to examine one of the dead attackers. None of them had worn any heavy armor; instead, the enemies were clad simply in dark cloaks and sturdy boots to go with regular clothing. Additionally, there were no heavy weapons such as great swords or axes. Instead, these unknown men were equipped with daggers of various sizes as well as bows and arrows. This was not a group of enemy soldiers prepared for open combat; instead, this group was meant to cover large amounts of ground at great speed with stealth. An assassination squad would be one logical possibility. However, there was no one in the village of large importance. Perhaps they were looking to steal something of value, or even to kidnap someone.

Daemon stood up and turned towards the remaining attacker. The man was backed up against a large tree and bleeding from several wounds. His left arm dangled by his side, clearly having being broken sometime during the battle. Serenity had drawn her katana and pressed the sharpened edge against the man’s neck. Daemon handed the reigns of his war horse Tornado to a nearby General and walked towards his sister. He noted that her guardians were standing alertly several feet away, presumably by Serenity’s command.

“I will not ask you again. Tell me who you are and why you are here.” Serenity commanded harshly. After a few moments of silence, her blade moved just enough to make a trace of new blood appear on the man’s neck. The man grunted but do not speak a word. “Very well,” she said. “Just remember that I gave you the opportunity to make things easier on yourself.”

Taking the katana away from his neck and holding it down by her side, she turned around and walked a few steps towards Daemon, an odd smile on her face. Daemon became aware of the stranger suddenly bringing his good right arm up to grab the handle of a dagger stored behind his back. As Daemon on instinct flipped his knife around in his hand to hold the blade, realization hit him. That minx! She knew that man would try to attack her from behind and was daring Daemon to take care of the situation first while standing directly in the way. Uttering a curse under his breath, Daemon threw his knife with practiced precision. Time slowed down to a crawl as the knife turned over and over slowly through the air. Serenity stood absolutely still as the razor sharp blade spun slowly towards her. Serenity’s purple eyes never left his nor showed a moment of doubt as the knife narrowly missed her left cheek female agent porno by five millimeters before incredibly beginning to arc inwards as it passed her head. Time regained its normal speed as Daemon moved towards the tree, brushing past Serenity as he heard her trying to hold in a giggle.

The man was trying not to scream as Daemon’s knife was embedded into his right palm, pinning the hand to the tree. Daemon looked the whimpering man in the eye. “Once you are in the dungeon, if you tell us everything you know then I will allow you a painless death. If you do not talk, then for trying to attack my sister I will promise you that my knife will not be the only piece of steel I will make enter your body.” The man groaned loudly as Daemon pulled his knife out from the man’s hand. Daemon and Serenity walked a few feet away and watched while Serenity’s guardians chained the prisoner. Daemon glanced at Serenity. “Was that really necessary? You took a completely unnecessary risk.”

Serenity smiled as she started walking towards her horse. “I would easily have been able to stop any of his attacks if you had not reacted in time, so stop complaining. Besides, I wanted to make sure that my big brother could still rise to the challenge.”

“That woman will be the death of me,” Daemon thought while sighing.


“Laura? Laura??”

Startled, Laura looked around. Claire was looking at her, her face clearly showing worry for Laura. That daydream of the battle had come out of nowhere, and Laura was still breathing a little faster than normal. Even though he was just the literal man of her dreams, she could not help but feel affected by the emotions Serenity had for Daemon. Serenity had an unquestioning faith that Daemon was going to protect her at all costs. This thought made Laura’s heart skip a beat. The way Daemon naturally commanded the loyalty and respect of his soldiers, even the way Daemon walked, all those things made Laura flush to think about. Oddly, Daemon seemed very similar to Alex in many different ways. From the way they tilted their heads slightly to the right when they heard something that interested them to the way they laughed, the similarities were uncanny. They even shared the same unusual eye color!

“Earth to Laura, are you okay? You are spacing out on me here, girl.”

“I am okay,” Laura replied. “I am just a little tired from a little stress at work.” Claire raised an eyebrow, and Laura sighed. “Okay, fine. I don’t know what I was thinking by letting things go as far as they did last night with Alex.”

Claire looked at Laura. “In the past when a guy did something you did not want, you have always said ‘no’ even when you were drunk. Personally, I think you really like Alex and don’t want to admit it to yourself.”

Laura stayed quiet, not knowing how to respond. Her breakup with Lance had been so devastating that Laura thought it would be a long time before she would have feelings for anyone else. She had only recently met Alex, so there was no way that she should have such strong feelings for him this quickly. Yet, there was something undeniably there.

A smile tugged at the edges of Claire’s mouth. “Do you want to talk with him? I think that would help you figure your feelings out.”

Laura gave it a quick thought as her heart skipped a beat. The thought of seeing him again caused butterflies in her stomach, but Claire’s advice had always worked out in the past. “Yeah, maybe if you can get his telephone number for me, I will give him a call in the next day or two.”

Claire grinned as she pulled Laura to her feet. “If you are going to be so insistent about dancing around your feelings, then I have a better idea.”


Though it had not been fun to deal with Serenity’s pouting, Daemon had Serenity take the prisoner back to the castle along with the rest of their group. Earlier in the day, a villager had mentioned that strange sounds had been heard coming from a mill that had been abandoned years ago, and Daemon wanted to check out this lead before returning home. Once arriving around thirty yards from the old mill, Daemon gave Tornado an apple and let him rest at a pond of water near a tree. As quietly as possible, he moved to a building next to the mill. Two guards were walking side by side in front of the mill entrance. “A mill that was abandoned years ago has guards? Something suspicious is definitely something going on here.” Daemon thought. After watching for a few minutes, Daemon waited for the sentries to face away before hurrying to the back of the mill. Daemon saw a window in the middle of the back wall and walked quietly to it.

The sound of a crack immediately reached Daemon’s ears, which was soon followed by a female whimper. Daemon peeked inside. On the far side of the room stood what appeared to be a peasant girl, naked and being unchained from two long, wooden boards crossed in the shape on an X. Her mouth was gagged and her entire backside was already a dark shade of female fake taxi porno red. A group of soldiers stood around her laughing, with a cloaked man standing by himself off to the side. Though his identity was hidden by the large brown cloak, Daemon could tell the man was tall and carried himself with authority. Looking around the rest of the room, Daemon could make out seven additional guards near the door to the room, each guard fully armored and holding various weapons. When the cloaked man snapped his fingers, one the men undid his trousers while laying down on a small table while the others forced the woman on top of the table and lowered her onto the man. As she gasped to the unwelcome invasion of her body, another man walked up behind her and forced himself into her unprepared ass while yet another man forced himself into her mouth. The pain was evident on the woman’s face, tears streaming down her face as two other men held each of her hands and made her pump their cocks wildly. Daemon swore at how inhuman and vile the woman was being treated. After a minute one of the soldiers and the cloaked man moved closer to the window, enabling Daemon to hear most of their conversation.

“I cannot believe they killed the entire squad. Are you sure that they have not discovered the group’s true purpose?”

The guard nodded. “The scouts have yet to find one of the men, but he was just a brute that did not know much. The rest of the group is confirmed to be dead.”

“A pity,” the cloaked man replied. “If they would have been successful, that would have saved us quite a bit of effort. However, the best thing about dead soldiers is that they do not have to be paid. I will get what I want eventually, one way or another.”

The woman’s crying filled the air as all five men near-simultaneously orgasmed either inside her body or on her body.

“No witnesses,” the cloaked man spoke.

The soldier next to him moved to the table and dragged the woman away by her hair. The woman pleaded as the man dragged her to a part of the room Daemon was unable to see, and after a sudden shriek the woman went silent. The soldier walked back into view, cleaning blood off his sword with a patch of cloth. Daemon quickly assessed the room. The room had only one door which was heavily guarded. Breaking through the window was another option, but even twisting sideways it was not a sure thing that Daemon would fit through the narrow opening. Not to mention that additional guards could be positioned in the areas of the room that Daemon could not currently see. The odds were close to zero that Daemon would survive an assault on this group, and it appeared that the woman was no longer alive to save.

The cloaked man addressed all the soldiers in the room. “We are leaving within the hour. Soon, you will all get what I promised you. I know I am certainly looking forward to getting a certain treasure.”

Something in the cloaked man’s voice made Daemon very uneasy. “I am sorry I could not save you,” Daemon thought to the spirit of the dead girl while he quickly raced back to Tornado. Right now the most important things to do were to let his father know of the danger as well as protecting Serenity.


Chris began manipulating the soundboard in the engineering room as Alex settled into wooden stool behind him. Alex always felt at home in the recording studio, as this was a safe zone where he could bring all the musical ideas in his head into reality and share them with his fans. It also helped that Chris personally worked as both the producer and the engineer on all of Alex’s albums.

Chris leaned towards the nearby microphone. “I think that pass was really good, but let’s do an extra one for good luck.”

Alex nodded as Chris’s voice came clearly through the headphones. “No problem. Give me just a moment to drink some water.”

At that moment the door to the engineering room opened. Alex held his emotions in check as an older man in a dark suit entered the room with Chris. When Chris decided that he was going to start his own music company, Alex had offered to loan him some of the necessary start-up money. Chris had refused, stating that he did not want to take the chance of their friendship being ruined if things did not work out financially. Alex understood and respected that decision, but it did not help that Chris ended up securing a loan from a person with a reputation of being financially ruthless. It was that very man that now shook hands with Chris.

“Hello Lance,” Chris greeted the man politely. “What are you doing here? I am pretty sure that our meeting was set for tomorrow afternoon.”

Alex kept a look of surprise from showing. Apparently Chris had forgotten to turn the engineering microphone off, so Alex was able to hear what was being said in the other room. Alex turned away from the window, feigning disinterest.

“I was on my way to my office, and since I was in the area I wanted to see how our golden boy is doing. The fuck in traffic album is coming along well, I hope.”

Chris looked him in the eye. “It is coming along very well, actually. I forwarded you the updated timeline and forecasts a few days ago. Alex’s last album is on pace to go double platinum and is still the number one album in several countries. This new album will be even better.”

“I sincerely hope so,” the man replied neutrally. “Do not forget that it is my money that helped make all of this possible. If you do not make the final payment in full by the designated time, then this studio will belong to me.”

Alex’s blood cooled. He instantly had a bad feeling about this agreement when Chris first told him about it. The fact that Lance seemed to be trying to intimidate Chris was crossing a line. Alex was about to turn around when a woman’s voice came into his headset.

“There you are! I have been looking all over for you!”

Alex glanced into the other room out of the corner of his eye. Thankfully, Claire had entered the room and was giving Chris a big hug.

“Lance, this is my girlfriend Claire. Claire, this is my business partner I was telling you about yesterday.”

“Oh, I remember hearing about you,” Claire replied neutrally as she shook Lance’s hand.

The man looked back at Chris. “Well, I have meetings I need to attend. I look forward to seeing the results.” With that the man left the room.

Claire leaned forward to speak into the microphone. “Alex, I have a message for you from Laura.”


Daemon strode into his bedroom. His father and mother were refusing any visitors to their private chamber while they prepared for the masquerade ball. “Very well,” Daemon thought. “If they are not seeing anyone until the masquerade, then I will just have to meet them there. Father must know about what is happening as soon as possible.” Noticing a package on his bed, Daemon grabbed the note on top of it.

“No need to stress about your costume, I already got it for you! Oh, and you better wear it or else!” Serenity’s handwriting was unmistakable.

Daemon briefly considered just going to the ball dressed in his current armor, but his father would probably not listen to a word he said until he had gone back to his room to change. Not to mention that the last time Daemon had not worn something Serenity got him, she refused to talk to him for two weeks until he finally wore that silly hat for a whole day. Daemon looked at the white button up shirt, the black pants, as well as the black jacket with an attached black cape with red inner lining. If he recalled correctly, Serenity had once called this outfit a tuxedo. Daemon shrugged and began changing clothes.


Laura took a minute to check out her reflection in the mirror. After changing her mind a hundred times over which dress to wear, she ended up going with the recommendation Claire had made earlier. Her make up seemed really good as she touched up her lipstick just a bit. The last time Laura remembered being this nervous to meet a man was back in high school.

“This is ridiculous. I am just going to have a fun night and see where things go.” Laura smiled and then went to put on her favorite pair of strappy heels.


Daemon stopped just outside one of the lower doors into the palace’s grand ballroom. No doubt his mother will be disappointed that his entrance was not officially announced to the party guests, but more important issues mattered right now. So as to not be completely scolded by his mother, Daemon grabbed a small white mask from a nearby table, fixed it into place in front of his eyes, and went into the ballroom. The dance floor was nearly overflowing with dancers as the royal 15-piece string orchestra played. The masked party guests wore costumes that ranged from the simple to the outrageously complex. The lights from the candles on the chandeliers and candelabras filled the room with light in contrast to the dark night outside, while the smell of well-cooked food and drinks floated in from the nearby kitchen. Strolling through the crowd, Daemon eventually located his mother and father laughing as they left the dancefloor.

“Father, I must speak to you at once.”

“My dear son, why did they not publicly announce you yet? This is the grand masquerade ball, and the Prince must be announced when he enters!”

Daemon shook his head. “Please forgive me mother, I meant no disrespect. This is a matter of great importance.”

The King snorted. “Tell me, have we run out of meat or ale?”

“No, Father,” Daemon muttered.

“Good, then relax! I promise that first thing in the morning we will talk about whatever you wish to talk about. Right now, the father of your arranged future bride is talking with other nobles and should not be kept waiting from meeting you.”

At the moment the orchestra stopped playing and the hundreds of guests in attendance fell silent.

“My King and Queen, my Prince, Lords and Ladies, I present to you the Princess Serenity!” The royal announcer bowed as the princess walked on the balcony until she came to the top of the royal stairs. An awed murmur went through the crowd, and for the first time in his life Daemon was incapable of a single, coherent thought.

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