Sister Sandy’s Laptop Ch. 02

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“Damn laptop won’t play dvds. Help!” the text on my phone from my sister Sandy said.

“None at all?” I replied.

“Nope. None. Nothing happens doesn’t even make whirring noises anymore”

“Want me to come take a look?”

“Sure. Wanted to talk to you anyway”

“OK. Can come tomorrow after work?”

“Perfect. 6:30?”

“OK CU then”

I put down my phone. It had been nearly a month since my 50 year old sister Sandy and I had got carried away when I’d discovered she had been viewing porn on her laptop. I had been struggling to get the vision of her leaning over me and masturbating my cock all over her face and huge tits and my fingers in her pussy out of my head and we had only exchanged the briefest of phone calls since. I could sense Sandy was just as bothered by the experience as I was. So maybe this would be a chance to talk properly and clear the air I thought. But part of me was also wondering and hoping that this meeting would lead to something similar.

I arrived at Sandy’s flat promptly at 6:30 the next evening. As before she opened the door to her flat just as I entered the hallway.

“Hey Tim!” she said looking maybe a little self conscious I thought as she peered at me from under that long wave of blonde hair that always swept over the left side of her face. I could only see one side of her face and she was smiling coyly.

“Hi!” I said feeling a bit awkward.

She stood aside to let me in and as I walked past her I could smell her scent. She looked incredible. Her hair was immaculate and looked as if it had been freshly styled. She was wearing a tight almost transparent white blouse that showed her bra and calf length black pants that accentuated her full figure. She was barefoot and I noticed her toenails were painted deep ruby red as were her fingernails. I was sorely tempted to say how gorgeous she looked but thought better of it.

“So!” I said sitting down on her large sofa and looking around her minimalist decorated room. The laptop was sitting on the coffee table in front of me.

“Still not reading discs?” I asked as I reached out and powered it up. Sandy sat beside me with her hands on her lap.

“No.” she said simply. I looked at her and couldn’t see her face for her hair. God I loved how her hair covered that side of her face it was immensely sexy. I stared at her for a few seconds but she didn’t say anymore or look at me.

I tried loading a couple of discs but nothing I tried worked. “Hmm.” I said eventually. “Well to be honest sis this is maybe a dead drive. I could replace it but this is still going to be under warranty so I’d take it back to the store if I were you. Don’t let them bullshit you though it’s an easy fix”

“Aw damn it!” she said quietly. “Shit! Oh well thanks anyway Tim. Want a drink I forgot to ask?”

“Sure!” I said closing the laptop while remembering all the porn we had viewed together on it the last time.

Sandy got up and poured a couple of glasses of red wine and then sat down beside me again.

“Tim. Look …um…..I think we maybe need to talk. You know about last time you were here!” she said sounding a little apprehensive.

I nodded and took a gulp of wine. “Yeah I suppose we do!”

“Have you thought about what happened much?” she asked looking at me and pulling her hair from her face to look at me properly. I was a little unsure of how to answer but decided just to be honest.

“Nearly all the time!” I said and smiled at her with a shrug of the shoulders. She smiled and looked down at her wine.

“Tim I said we would never do that again and I meant it. What we did was way wrong.” She said putting her wine down onto the coffee table.

“I know Sandy. I know” I said. “But hey there’s no point in either of us getting upset or for this to cause a problem between us. It happened. Let’s just mark it down as an experience huh?”

Sandy looked me in the eyes. Her eyes pierced me as if looking for something more from me.

“To be honest I’ve thought about little else either little big ass porno brother” she said playing with her hair again to keep it off her face. “Can’t believe what I did!” she said and shook her head slightly but still held me in her gaze.

I put my wine down and sat back on the sofa to try to relax a bit. I sensed Sandy wanted to talk things over at length. I put my arms out along the back of the sofa and let out a long sigh.

“Sandy I really don’t think there’s any real point in trying…rationalise what happened. You know…we…er…we got a bit out of hand. I think we just need to play it down and pretend it didn’t happen. Not easy mind cos you were fucking hot as!” I said with a wide grin.

“Shutup!” Sandy gasped and slapped my thigh playfully and then she laughed a little. “Oh my god Tim what are we going to do?”

I put my right hand on Sandy’s shoulder firmly. “We don’t need to do anything sis. Just let it go it’ll be fine you’ll see. The best thing we could do is just try to laugh about it”

“Really?” Sandy said turning more towards me and leaning forward a little so her face was suddenly quite close to mine. She looked at me in the eyes and her hair fell down over the left side of her face. I raised my hand and gently pulled it back feeling a slight shiver inside me as I felt the softness of it as I held it back so I could see her face in full.

“Yeah really!” I said and held her stare. Our eyes darted back and forth across each others and I suddenly felt my heart racing at where this situation was going all of a sudden. Without any further warning Sandy lunged forward and kissed me full on the lips hard. I felt her hands grasp either side of my head and she pushed me back onto the sofa. I wrapped my arms around her as I felt her lips open wide and her tongue suddenly probe my lips open to find my own. I responded willingly. Exploring her open mouth with my tongue passionately all the time fighting for space with her tongue as our mouths wrestled with wet abandon. Eventually she pulled away and gasped.

“Jesus Christ Sandy!” I blurted out and wiped my lipstick smeared mouth with the back of my hand. “I thought you said this wasn’t going to happen again?”

Sandy looked at me lustfully and suddenly grasped my crotch firmly. She looked at me and I noticed a slight quiver in her lips.

“Oh fuck Tim I want to fuck you so bad!” she said and then once again attacked my mouth with hers. I broke off from her kiss and bit gently into her neck under her right ear which made her gasp with pleasure.

“Then let’s do it sis!” I whispered. “I want to fuck you too. You want my cock in your cunt sis?”

“Mmmm…yes please…oh fuck….come on quick..” she said then got off me and stood up. She pulled at me as I stood up and grabbed my arm to guide me towards her bedroom.

“OK Sandy I’m coming” I laughed.

“You’d better not be yet!” she said giggling as we stumbled into her bedroom holding onto each other. I sat on her bed and started taking off my clothes. Sandy began taking hers off too and I paused to watch as she took of her blouse to reveal her mature but beautiful body. Her bra was heavy duty and lifted her tits into a stunning cleavage but she quickly undid the straps of her bra without hesitation and revealed her spectacular breasts. They looked no less amazing then they had done before. Large with a sprinkling of freckles and long pointed nipples. She bent forwards to pull down her pants and panties together revealing her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her thighs were large but not overly so and showed the wear and tear of her 50 years as did the rest of her slightly overweight body. But she looked hot as hell standing there with her blonde hair curling resting on her collar bone looking at me with a devilish grin. She cupped her tits and squeezed them up and together.

“You like these don’t you?” she asked huskily.

“Fuck yeah!” was all I could say. I quickly stood up and removed my remaining clothes and stood there naked in front of her. She stood right big tits porno next to me and grasped my hands and lifted them up to her breasts and squeezed them against her. I responded by clasping my hands around those immense tits and started massaging them. “Oh my god Sandy!” I sighed.

“Suck them Tim. Suck my tits!” she whispered and I obeyed. I held her right breast firmly and took it into my mouth. My tongue flicked over her hard nipple and I sucked.

“Harder..” she hissed. I sucked harder. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me hard against her. “Harder!!” she said louder this time. I sucked harder and started biting into her soft breast gently.

Sandy made a guttural noise in her throat and then yanked me away and pushed me down onto the bed. Suddenly her hand was across my mouth with some force and she leant over me. Her eyes burning with desire from her face shaded by her hair hanging down as she practically growled at me..”Don’t fucking move! Not a muscle”

I nodded and she lifted her hand and then moved down and lifted my legs up onto the bed so I was lying on it properly. She knelt on the bed beside me and took my raging cock in her right hand and then slowly pulled back my foreskin revealing my glistening helmet. She leant over and gently kissed it with open lips. She turned her head slightly to look at me and smile before opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue and then engulfing my cock. I groaned loudly as she started sucking me and bobbing her head up and down. I could feel her soft hair caressing my groin area as she sucked and slurped with a passion.

“mmm…mmmm..mmmm” she moaned in time with her pumping head.

“Whoa fuck sis easy I could blow!!” I warned her as I felt my state of excitement shift up a couple of gears. She lifted her head from my cock and with an almost snarling look on her face she threw herself onto me and pinned my shoulders down with her hands and straddled me. I could feel her wet pussy on my belly and she squeezed my body between her thighs all the time leaning over me with a look of shear lust on her face that was almost frightening. She leant down and kissed me hard. Shoving her tongue into my mouth again deeply and wildly. It felt as if I was drowning in her saliva drenched mouth as it out fought mine. I could only relent to her passionate attack. She suddenly sat up and with her right hand grabbed my cock and positioned herself over it. We said nothing as she expertly guided my cock to her waiting cunt and then forced herself down onto me while I forced my cock up. Feeling it slide all the way into her in a single exquisite movement.

She sat there on me a moment panting slightly. I reached up and grabbed her tits and squeezed them firmly but she pulled my hands away and leaning forward again she pinned me down. Her tits hung down and gently brushed my chest and she started fucking me hard. Humping her large 50 year old body up and down on me with a force and pace that surprised me.

We said nothing as we fucked like this for a few moments with the bed making all kind of sounds of protest. Her pace never relented and her ferocity only increased. She lifted her head up a little and her mouth hung open.

“uuh..uh..uh..uh…” she grunted. “Ah ….ah ..ah.ah.ah” her pace quickened which I wouldn’t have thought possible. She started making slight squealing noises from her throat and then saliva started dribbling from her mouth copiously. It landed in a long gooey strand on my face and I opened my mouth to welcome it. She noticed this and grinned.

“You ..dirty.. little… brother? ” she asked still humping away.

“Fuck yeah!” I answered panting as I met her thrusts with my own. Banging our groins together so hard that we were making wet smacking noises. “I’ll do whatever you want sis. Whatever you say” I gasped.

Suddenly Sandy stopped and I felt her full weight rest on me. She sat there on me panting and sweating. “Tim… eat my.. cunt!” she said regaining her breath. And then flopped down beside me on the bed and spread blacked porno her legs. “NOW!” she cried out.

I quickly sat up and then got into position between her legs. Her pussy was swollen and wet. I leant forward and kissed her cunt with my open mouth and sank my tongue into her. The smell and taste of her intensified my arousal and I started eating into her furiously. Munching at her hard and then finding and attacking her swollen clit with my tongue.

“Oh fuck Tim yes..yes…” she sighed and then said something that surprised me a little. “Stick your finger up my bum Tim! Go on!”

I did what I was asked and while still eating her pussy I wetted my right index finger in her cunt juices and probed for her anus. I found it quickly and gently pushed into her. I felt her sphincter give way and my finger slide into her hot hole. My mouth and tongue were tiring now so I sat up but kept my finger in her ass.

“69!” Sandy cried and pulled at me to get over her. While still keeping my finger in her ass I positioned myself over my big sister’s face and lowered my dripping cock all the way into her open mouth. My balls resting on her nose. I then lowered my face back into her cunt and began slurping, sucking and munching at it once more while thrusting my finger in and out of her asshole.

Sandy was sucking my cock and I could feel her fingers wrap around it and start wanking me as she did. Things were getting to the point of no return when I suddenly felt a finger probe my own asshole. With a wiggle she pushed her finger into my hole with force that although slightly painful was enough to send me to a new level of ecstasy I had never felt. Here I was on top of my gorgeous older sister with my mouth in her cunt, my cock in her mouth and we both had our fingers up each other’s ass holes.

It was too much. I felt my orgasm coming and suddenly my whole body went into a convulsion. I cried out and started smacking my face hard against her cunt while at the same time thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth hard and fast without a care as to whether she could take it. But take it she did. She just rammed her finger harder into my hole and went with my thrusts keeping her mouth puckered. I could feel her own body suddenly convulse too and she tried to scream out but my cock muffled her cry. I then finally felt my moment and froze as I exploded into her mouth and I cried out into her cunt. I felt spurt after spurt empty into my sister’s mouth still fingering her asshole as she kept fingering mine which only served to prolong my orgasm into probably the longest and most intense orgasm of my life.

Eventually I was spent and then fell over to one side letting my finger slide out of her hole and feeling her finger slide from my own and my cock from her mouth. She was breathing heavily through her nose and sat up quickly. I looked up at her and she leant over me and then spat out everything I’d just given her all over her tits. Before I could react she leant in closer and dropped her tits onto my face and brushed them back and forth smearing the mess. I kissed and licked at her tits as she did so and Sandy giggled.

“Well you are a dirty little brother aren’t you?” she remarked playfully.

“Yeah.” I answered. “You know we shoulda done this years ago!” I said smiling with my cum now smeared all over my face.

“Well we can make up for lost time can’t we?” she answered and kissed me long and deeply. She broke off, laid beside me and put her arm across my chest and her right leg over me so her thigh rest on my limp cock. “I love you Tim you’re my little brother. But damn it I’ve never felt so dirty and turned on in my life I don’t give a fuck how wrong this is anymore!”

“Same here sis. Same here” I replied and caressed her hair.

“You want to make this a regular thing Tim?” she asked. ” I know it’s incest and everything and we are pretty sick doing what we’ve done but fuck it. It’s so fucking dirty it’s too much fun!”

“Yeah! It is.” I answered. “I’m up for whatever you want sis. Whatever you want.”

“Really?” she said with a naughty look on her face. “What if I wanted to try some pretty kinky stuff like what you watch on those porn sites?

“Like I said Sandy. Whatever you want.” I replied with a grin and kissed her full on the lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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