Sister Tempts Brother

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She’s my sister but yet she still wanted my opinion. Entering our summer before college, she needed to make sure her beach body was up to par for her 19th birthday. She was making me rather jealous since her birthday was next week and my 19th not until next year. I stood there and looked at her in the bikini she was wearing. She told me, with a wink, it’s the easiest way for me to see all of her curves without being naked. I told her to turn around so I could see her from behind. I sat down on her bed and didn’t know what I was doing. I mean, she wanted me to tell her where she needed to work on her body, but from what I saw she looked perfect. No love handles, toned abs, long toned legs, a nice little thigh gap, a shapely ass, and breasts that were probably the perfect size and had no droop what so ever.

Lindsay turned back around, facing me and saw my expression. It was one of pure awe and slight confusion. She asked me what I thought and told me to be brotherly honest so I told her exactly what I was thinking. She was skeptical at first though, asking if her czech gangbang porno boobs were big enough. I just looked at her and nodded my head.

That’s when I thought she was crazier than I. She asked me to get a feel of her boobs to make sure that they’re a perfect handful. I stood up and hesitated, keeping my hands at my side. Lindsay stepped up to me and winked, saying it was okay. She took my hands and brought them up to her chest. I closed my eyes and felt my sister’s breasts for the first time. I gently squeezed and caressed them, wanting to hold them for hours. I couldn’t dream of a more perfect pair of breasts. I wanted to fall asleep using them as pillows then wake up the next morning to them and spend the day with her breasts.

Then I heard a giggle and I woke from my reverie. Opening my eyes, I couldn’t help but smile at my gorgeous sister. Her hands on my shoulders and face smiling bigger than I’ve ever seen. She glanced down quickly, helping me realize I was still holding a grip on her mammaries and sporting quite the czech harem porno tent in my pants. I immediately blushed and tried to run away.

Lindsay was having none of it. She called my name before I could get out the door so I stopped, afraid to turn around. She called my name again, prompting me to turn around, engorged penis and all. She giggled again because my eyes were closed but she told me to open them. I thought about not listening to her and just running off anyway, but something told me to listen.

There she stood, bikini on the floor, arms open, in all her glory. I stood idly by her door wondering what to do and feeling a bit light headed. Luckily, Lindsay took the lead, walking over to me. She took my shirt off, me helping only by raising my arms up to the air. I stared blankly into the distance as I felt kisses on my neck, a hand groping my ass, and another unbuttoning my pants.

My pants crashed to the floor as she kissed her way down my chest and stomach, my ass still being groped. I could feel her breathe on my cock czech sharking porno and I have never been harder. Even with thoughts of regrets that this was my sister doing this to me, I wanted her to continue. I wanted her. She wanted me.

I finally looked down as her lips ever-so gently wrapped around the tip of my dick. She looked up at me and tried to smile. It put a smile on my face and I brought my hands to my sister’s hair, forming it into a ponytail. Once I finished, she slid down farther on my shaft. Slowly but surely, she pleasured me while taking me further and further into her warm mouth.

She knew she was doing a great job. She moaned when I moaned, she was massaging my balls, and she was using plenty of saliva. I was becoming closer and closer to cumming and she knew it. She was sucking faster and faster, tighter and tighter, and I was moaning louder and louder. My knees became weak and Lindsay’s eyes became wide for a second. She helped me so I didn’t fall over while I came in my sister’s mouth.

She slowly finished before rising up to stand and taking my hand. She whispered to close the door and I did before she pulled me into bed with her. We spooned and she placed my dick between her thighs. I held her tight as she pulled the covers over the two of us. I fell asleep, dreaming of the things Lindsay had in store for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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