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Snowy days dot my memory. Seminal events in my life seemed to play out with a white background. I looked out at the rounded mounds in the back yard while thinking about my mother. Even her name sounded round to me; Robin…Robin Owen. Everything about her form spoke of roundness… places for the eye to rest… places for the hand to glide over and caress. I wasn’t supposed to notice of course because she was my mother. No… not much.

I laughed to myself as my mind flew into a poetic flight of fanciful amusement. I imagined that her breasts were moons of snow, capped by strawberries and that anyplace my mouth touched would taste like vanilla ice cream. Most of the time my thoughts about her couldn’t be deemed poetry.

That she looked good was pointed out to me many times when I attended the middle school where she taught. The kids knew her as Miss Owen, and most didn’t think we were related because my name’s Tom Owen Blanco. She had gone back to her maiden name when she started teaching. More than once I had to say, “Shut up that’s my mother” to guys who wanted to rhapsodize about her looks with me.

It never seemed to bother my brother Paul who was a year older than I was. We had different friends and we probably fought less than most brothers but we really weren’t close. I guess I was jealous of him and he was indifferent to me. I loved it when he wasn’t home and it was just mom and me because then I would be the one who took care of her after school.

By that time she seemed always tired and down. I remember that she was a good cook, but for five years we hadn’t had a meal that didn’t come from a can, a box, or the microwave. She took some kind of pill or other all the time and her answer to almost everything was,”Okay… take a jacket.” If I said I wasn’t coming home at night because I was staying at a friend’s or I said I was going to drown myself in the river, I could expect, “Okay… take a jacket.”

She came home physically and emotionally exhausted and what she wanted most was a massage on her legs or her arms or her back. Many times she fell asleep while she was being rubbed. I became intimately familiar with her skin… the creamy smoothness… the supple curves of her calves and thighs… the smell of… her. Sometimes I would bring my face close to inhale her; it was a musky lemony fragrance I’d never encountered.

She was then only thirty-one, and thirty-five when I graduated high school. She had a young face and could have passed for a woman in her twenties. When we all went out together, to the casual observer, she could have been our sister.

Her young marriage had lasted three years. Early on she dated occasionally but she never had a boyfriend that I knew of for more than a few months. As we got older, she was open and honest with us and never minced words. When I asked her how come she didn’t date more she said, “I don’t seem to find the kind of men I want spend time with… it’s all small talk and games… there aren’t any white-knights out there… forget it, I’d rather stay home… and sex isn’t that big a deal for me.”

That’s a sentence that doesn’t compute for an adolescent male. Sex isn’t a big deal? At that time, in my testosterony fog, it was the only deal. Women’s bodies… faces… legs… they crowded out just about every thought. My mother’s was no exception. Especially when I found out.

The snow was coming down in chunks the day I saw her naked breasts. They weren’t where I wanted them to be. I had come home early when band practice was cancelled and went behind the house to see what I thought of as the ‘Winter Wonderland.’ That’s when each branch has a thick coat of white on it and everything is still. I passed by a window and Paul and my mother were kissing. They weren’t only kissing… mom’s dress was down to her waist and her tit was in Paul’s hand.

I watched in frozen fascination as he felt the tits I had fantasized over. The nipples looked big from where I stood and the youthful form of her breasts awed me. My brother brought my mother’s nipple to his lips and started sucking on it. She just sat there almost immobile, staring off as he fondled her. He took her hand and tried to put it on his crotch but she took it off obviously saying “No.” I was frozen and if they weren’t so occupied I’m sure they would have seen me.

I walked for an hour in the cold, shaking. I was upset and by the time I got home, I knew why. It wasn’t complicated; I wanted it to be me… kissing her… touching her.

That evening was surreal… because everything was so normal. They were both exactly the way they always were. So how long had that stuff been going on between them… how far had they gone… how could I have not known? Those were three of a thousand questions. It seemed like I came all night thinking about what I saw.

When I got up the nerve to tell Paul what I saw he sort of smiled and said, “Old Robin has a great rack doesn’t she?” She did, but I didn’t like the way he said it. I also didn’t like that he always called her czech amateurs porno Robin.

I pressed him to tell me how it started and he said, “I don’t know… one day I was rubbing her legs while she was laying on the couch you know… and I just kept going over her ass you know? And she said, ‘why did you do that?’ and I said, ‘I wanted to’… and she didn’t say anything else so I kept doing it…you know?” Paul didn’t think any sentence was complete without saying two or three times, ‘you know?’

He told me that he started kissing her and touching her whenever he felt like it and she let him. I couldn’t understand the ‘why’ of any of it and was almost afraid to ask what was really on my mind… but I did. “Did you…?” I almost said ‘you know’.

He knew, and he said before I finished the sentence, “Naw… she won’t let me screw her… but I’m working on it… you know?” I could have smacked him for that last one but that wasn’t our way.

It took me days to digest it all and the best I could come up with was, maybe the pills… maybe she was lonely… maybe he was just taking advantage of my mother. That’s how I started thinking about her; mine not his… I decided that Paul didn’t really care about her.

My dreams or fantasies or nightmares, I wasn’t sure which, had the three of us in combinations that woke me up red faced… and sometimes sticky. My complicity in using her was disturbing to me even in a dream. Her mouth on him… on me… her legs spread… cocks finding their way into all her holes… pearly white by the corners of her lips… white on her breasts… white inside her.

When Christmas vacation rolled around, Paul stayed at college and for the first two days I debated calling him… or a doctor. My mother slept most of time in her clothes. She hardly ate or talked. I wondered how she had been functioning at school. I tried to get her to go to a movie or take a walk but she just wanted to stay in. Finally I told her that I was worried about her and I begged her to cut back on the pills. Finally she agreed, “Okay baby… for you… ” It took a couple of days but she did come back to some semblance of alertness.

One morning after forcing her to have breakfast with me I said, “Mom, I know what you do with Paul… I don’t know why.”

She didn’t blanch or get flustered; she just stared into the milk that was left in the cereal bowl and said slowly, “Oh… that’s nothing Tommy… Paul just likes to kiss… and it’s no big deal.”

“Mom, I know it’s not a big deal to him because it’s just a kick for him… but it should be a big deal… you should love somebody… it would be a big deal to me… a very big deal.”

“Oh sweetie” she said, “Is that what this is about?” She saw the answer in my face and she laughed and said, “You can kiss me too baby… it’s okay.”

I was torn. I wanted to go over to her but a part of me asked if she even knew what she was doing. I guess it’s not surprising which part of me responded. She sat on the stool at the breakfast bar and I walked up to her and kissed her with the kiss I had I been waiting to give her for… forever. My mother offered no resistance and kissed me back putting her arms around my neck and her soft tongue in my mouth.

We might have kissed until doomsday if the overwhelming urge to touch her didn’t move my hand. I reached into the robe and slid the bra strap off her shoulder taking the cup down in one motion. I lifted my mother’s heavy breast and pressed the nipple between my nervous fingers as I continued the kiss. I fondled and massaged the big tit, running my hand along the surprising up-tilt curve considering how full it was. I ran my fingertips down the top until my nails stimulated the nipple. Her response elongated the rubbery tip. She put her hand over my hardening bulge and held me in a warm caress.

I was afraid to take my lips off hers because I thought the world might end or worse, she’d never let me kiss or touch her again. I wanted to tell her I loved her but I didn’t want to stop kissing her. If nothing better would ever happen to me I thought I could live off that moment. Whatever happened later, shame… anger… recriminations… I still would know that I kissed her and she kissed me back.

I was afraid to take the initiative but my mother stood and took off her robe. She pulled the remaining shoulder strap down and her second perfect breast was exposed. I was tongue-tied and mom said nothing. With a half smile she stripped me and pulled down her bridal-white panties. She turned and held the breakfast bar and I was mesmerized by the full round globes of her ass.

I wasn’t sure if she was showing me or inviting me. I knew she had stopped Paul so why would she let me? I was nervous enough to shatter the silence with my stupid question, “Can I be in you, mom?”

The only word my mother would utter came out then. “Yes.” She said.

As I clumsily tried to enter her, my mother reached through her legs to direct my stiff czech bitch porno pole into her pussy. I slid in past the wet lips and pushed up in short strokes as more of my cock disappeared into the opening of my wild imaginings. I said, “Mom… mom… mom… ” as I felt myself move deeper between my mother’s legs. I heard her grunt as the last few inches of my cock filled her and my balls rested on her ass.

She made “Mmmmm… ” sounds as she ground and pushed and shook her ass into me. She reached under and both of us moaned louder when she took my balls in her hand and massaged them. As I almost involuntarily began stroking into her pussy she put her hand back on the bar for balance.

I told her, “I wanted to do this for so long mama… to touch you and kiss you… and be in your pussy.” She didn’t respond verbally but did increase her pushing back to meet my thrusts into her. I was inside my mother’s pussy and each stoke notched me up higher. Her soft flesh gloved my hard flesh and when I stayed in her so deep and still, I couldn’t tell which was which.

I wanted to hear her tell me how good it felt to have my cock in her; I took consolation in her soft moans. After stroking my full length into her from a few different angles, I heard her taking quick short breaths and then a high pitched closed mouthed sound came out announcing what I thought must be her orgasm.

It was just fortunate timing because there was nothing I could have done to stop from coming at that moment anyway. I gave her a few long hard thrusts and then I released a burst of cum into my mother’s pussy and held on to her hips for dear life. It was the first time I came inside a woman and the woman was my mother and my legs shook as stream followed stream into my mama’s belly.

As I finished I wrapped her in my arms and stayed inside her pussy as long as I could. I kissed her back and neck and told her I loved her. When she didn’t respond I began to wonder what she was going to do. High on my list was kill me… scream… accuse me of … God no… I would never hurt her… I didn’t force her… did I? I panicked and she must have heard in my voices as I began squeezing her shoulders and arms saying, Mom… mom… mom…?”

She turned and I came out of her and she said, “It’s okay honey… it’s okay.” She kissed me and put her hand on my wet dick burying her face in my neck. I was relieved. She took her robe and hurriedly went into the bathroom. I heard the tub filling and I stood at the door for about ten minutes listening to sounds of her preparing and entering the bath.

I was still nervous and worried and about a thousand other words when I knocked on the door. She told me to come in and I didn’t know if I should look or not look, as she lay naked in the bath. “Mom I… ” was all I could manage and she told me to come sit by her. I sat on the rug and she smiled as she ran her hand over my hair.

“Sweetheart… were you a virgin before we… made love?” I nodded ‘yes’. “Oh God… ” she breathed out. “I hope I didn’t spoil something that should be special for a young man.”

“Mom, ” I said disbelieving. “I was inside you… inside my mother who I love and want… what could be more special than that?” She reached with a wet hand and touched my face as she stretched to kiss me. “Thank you honey” she said.

“I’m glad it was you mom.” I said.

“I’m glad too baby… you make me feel proud that I was your first woman.”

I kneeled; she sat back and I kissed her slippery wet lips. I licked the moisture on them and around them. I kissed her hard and soft and then hard again. The tips of our tongues touched and then mated.

I reached into the warm water and took her buoyant breast into my hand. It was heavy and slick at the same time. As the kiss continued I slid down her shiny belly to the pussy that had been the genesis of my life and my sex life. I massaged and searched for the mysterious point of pleasure. My mother took my finger and pressed it to her clit. She responded strongly as my finger exposed the nub from under the hood.

Her pussy… those are only words… but I had her wet folds between my fingers… I had her sensitive clit at the end of my fingertip… I could feel the walls that my cock had slid against as I explored inside her.

Mom broke the kiss and said, “I don’t know if we should be making this a habit… I don’t think people would approve of what we did.”

“Do you approve mom?” I asked.

“Yes sweetheart … I do… but I just don’t know if this is the best thing right now for you… or for me.”

“Mom,” I asked, “How come you let me… and you didn’t let Paul?”

“I don’t know baby… you made me feel something that I haven’t felt for a long time… you made me feel loved and you made me feel cared for… I still have to sort this all out… ” She gently took my hand from her pussy and kissed it saying “… and until I do… out you go.”

I went to kiss her again and she laughed and said, “Now czech casting porno you be good… you let momma finish her bath and I’ll see you later.” I left with the possibility of having sex with her forever, or possibly never again – and a definite hard-on.

That night mom and I were watching Ken Russell’s Lair of the White Worm. I leaned over and kissed her. She was alert and said, “Oh Tommy I don’t know… ”

I whispered to her, “Just one kiss for the boy who loves you.” She smiled with pursed lips and held up one finger. Our feelings took concrete form in the shape of a kiss. I made the kiss last five minutes and put my hand in her top. Mom helped me along by gently rubbing over my cock. I listened to the up and down sounds of her hand on fabric co-mingle with her soft moans in my mouth. When the kiss ended I said, “Come to my room mom… please… I need to make love to you.”

” Oh Jesus” was all she said as I took her hand and led her from the couch to my bedroom. We left the movie on.

I loved my mother’s tongue. It slid and prodded and played with mine, which is why I kissed her so much. It was restful in her arms and I was more experienced in making out than in making love but I was hoping mom would help equalize the balance. I took her top down and unhooked her bra. I took both tits in my hands and playfully sucked each nipple with a loud popping sound. Mom tapped me on the head with a giggle. She got serious and said in my ear, “Take off your pants and let me suck you.”

I’d been in two girls mouths but never came. The prospect of my cock in my mother’s mouth was exhilarating. I stood before her as she sat on the bed naked from the waist up. She brought me close with her hands behind my ass. Her mouth opened wide as she accepted me. I’d fantasized it before… I once saw a video of a mother taking her son’s cock into her mouth and sucking him until his chalky release was all over her lips and chin; it sent me to the sky. But this was my mother… this was me… and her lips were on my cock… her tongue was on my cock… my mother was sucking me. I had to control myself because I would have come that instant if I had one more thought like that.

I felt as hard as a tire iron in my mother’s mouth as she worked her way up and down the shaft. After a couple of minutes of sucking, she pulled back a bit to look up at me and a silver thread of saliva still connected the tip of her tongue to the tip of my cock. I was so stiff I couldn’t see straight. I though maybe even my soft contacts had gone hard.

When she was satisfied that I was aroused to the point of insanity she licked my cock from the base to the tip and then mercifully returned it to the warm confines of her mouth. The excruciating pleasure continued as she held me and sucked me… every so often her hand weighing, caressing, and fondling my balls.

I knew I was looking at a sight that not many guys had witnessed. Their mother sitting in bed with her breasts exposed and her son’s hard cock moving in and out of her mouth… licking… sucking… tonguing… massaging him with her hands. I was as swollen as I could remember and I was filling my mother’s mouth with my meat.

How long could I go without exploding when it was my mom doing all those things to me? That was when I started to worry… what should I do when I actually come? Should I pull out… maybe that would get cum all over her face and hair? Should I turn away… should I jerk it… should I…?”

My mother must have realized how close I was and she made it easy when she said, “Come in my mouth baby… come in momma’s mouth.” That was all I had to hear. I did what she told me.

I started to come… I started to moan… I started to yell… I stopped myself before it got out of hand but not before the noise got out of my mouth and not before the cum got into my mother’s mouth… the streams of cum… God… the streams of cum… one after the other… in her mouth… in my mother’s mouth… again… oh again… still sucking… she was still sucking… oh… oh… oh… oh… God… nothing could feel that good… nothing…nothing… nothing…

When I caught my breath, I looked at her sweet smiling face and wanted nothing more than to make her come. I wanted my mother to feel in her pussy what she had made me feel. I practically threw her back on the bed and pulled her panties off. I went down on her.

She spread her legs and I sucked in the soft lips and then licked up and down the opening. I put my tongue into her and sampled the moisture that had formed into fine droplets. I liked the taste of the first woman I had taken into my mouth; it made me hungry for all of her.

As I ate my mother’s pussy she was stroking my hair and making soft sounds but after a while she said, “Honey it’s not a big deal if I don’t come… I don’t always and it’s not that important.” I told her it was important to me. She directed my inexperienced tongue to tease and stimulate her clit until I was doing things to her that had her gyrating and climbing.

I was sucking the swollen nub and licking it when she pulled my hair and arched her back; I knew she was about to come. She made a few quick small noises and her back stayed in a high arch as her pussy pushed against my lips and mouth. She exhaled and smiled at me saying, “That was nice baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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