So Close

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Big Tits

Not much dialogue goes on in this story. The ending won’t be so great of a finish. This was a dream I once had. I couldn’t stop replaying it over and over in my head, so I decided to submit it. Written to please no one but the fantasies that ring on in my head.


A group of friends and I were staying in a large mansion, with many rooms. In my room, there were three other girls living with me – it’s who lived next door that made our stay interesting.

His name was James, about 6 ft. tall, nice toned build, short dark hair, gorgeous smile with a 5 o’clock shadow on his tan skin. He was a good-looking guy, and very nice, with a slight rebellious attitude. There’s no wonder as to why I was so attracted to him. But for some reason, he seemed to be attracted to me too. As for me? I’m only 5 ft. tall, long dark hair, a goody two-shoes and I wear glasses. I do have great legs and a nice smile, though, but those were things I thought only I’d noticed.

One night, all of us in the house decided to show each other our rooms. I remember visiting James’ room for the first time. This was a night I would never forget.I wasn’t myself that night. I was so out of it and so tired, as if I was drunk yet I had nothing to drink. I seemed to be very attached to James, leaning on him and grabbing onto his arm. He noticed I wasn’t feeling well, so he told the rest of the gang that he would take me up to my room. Little did they know, he decided he would czech first video porno take care of me and bring me up to his room.

At that point, I passed out. All I could remember was waking up, facedown on his bed, and felt a bit of a breeze. I noticed my legs were spread, when all of a sudden, I felt his thick cock slide into my wet pussy. Why am I so wet? What happened? This is my very first cock and I’m barely conscious, I thought to myself. As he continued to push his cock through, I decided to stop it. I pushed James away and I told him that this wasn’t right, not like this. So I left his room, went into mine and fell right back to sleep.



James’ room was a master bedroom; however, the master bathroom was sometimes shared with the other residents on our floor. My favourite part about the bathroom was the nice big tub. It had ledges along the side to sit down. I decided to take warm bath, but I couldn’t stop thinking about last night. James had the audacity to throw me on his bed and fuck me while the rest of our family and friends were right downstairs… the thought of it turned me on. I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock and how easily it slid into my slit. I needed it. I needed him.

The rule was that men had to wear their swimming trunks and women had to wear their bikinis while showering, to avoid walking in on each other naked – but at this czech gangbang porno point, I was hoping that James would walk in on me. I wanted to see him again. I turned the water on, made sure it was hot, and began touching myself. I noticed that I was already so wet from just the thought of James and slowly began taking off my bikini bottom. I dipped my fingers into my wet and sticky slit. The perfect lubricant, I thought.

All of a sudden I heard the bedroom door open and James’ voice. Perfect, I thought. I heard another voice with him and played out scenes in my head of what he would do when he found out I was in the tub playing with myself. They heard the water running so James walked into the bathroom.

“Hello? Is anyone in here?”

My heart was racing. Please turn around, I thought to myself. He did turn around and to his surprise, he found me – my fingers covered in my juices, waiting for him.

“Get over here!”, I begged him. He laughed and called his friend over.

“Hey, Kai! Look who’s here waiting for me!”, he laughed.

I pulled my bikini back up and quickly grabbed the shower curtain to cover my face, but Kai seemed to know it was me. I assumed that James had told him the story of last night.

“Congrats, James! You’ve outdone yourself! Hahaha. Alright, I’ll see you later, man!”

I heard him walk away laughing as he shut the bedroom door. James walked back into the bathroom brazzers porno with an eager smile on his face and his eyes lit up when he saw my bikini back on. I decided I wasn’t going to give it to him easy; I wanted him to work for it. I wasn’t going to beg anymore, it was his turn. He sat on the ledge of the tub as I crawled towards him. I sat on his lap, facing him and rubbed my dripping pussy against his thigh. I loved that I could still feel his hard cock throbbing against his pants. I rubbed up against it, my head spinning from finally getting what I was waiting for. His warm wet lips met mine as we kissed, biting each other’s lips, my hands around his head, intertwining my fingers in his hair. I was going crazy.

As I took his shirt off, revealing his sculpted chest and body, we heard the bedroom door open. A whole family came into the room, thinking it was their’s, unpacking all their things. James and I looked at each other and I put my finger to his mouth. I don’t care, I thought. I like this risk of getting caught. I continued to rub against his bulge and James smiled back at me. He liked the risk, too. His hands were all over my body and our lips smacked against each other until we heard someone open the bathroom door – we were discovered. The family called the rest of our friends to come see the ‘scandal’. I reached out for the shower curtain and covered my face. I didn’t let go, I couldn’t be seen like this.

My aunt came into the bathroom and was so shocked at finding James like that with some ‘skank’ in a bikini. With my face still covered, James decided to get up and distract the rest of the family so I could escape without being seen.

The scandal was all on James. He didn’t tell anyone it was me in there with him, and no one else knew it was me either. No one could know.

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