Something Spontaneous Ch. 2

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(Author’s Note: I received feedback from a Literotica reader on my story “Something Spontaneous.” She said she loved my story but thought it needed a bit more. I suggested she finish it for me. Here is how she ended the story – with a little help from me…)

* * * * *

“I have more music,” Caron told him before kissing him softly. “Anything in particular you’d like while I attend to you? You seem so needful.” Her fingers held his cock and stroked him with the same practiced hand she had used on her clit.

“B.B. King?” he smiled.

She chuckled and kissed him again. “That could make things last all night.”

“Good,” was all he said.

Caron crossed the room slowly to her CD case. She knelt there seeming to consider several options. When she apparently found what she was looking for, she put the CD on and sauntered back to the couch. Caron’s careful walk while B.B.’s “Blues On the Bayou” began to play made Rick’s erection even more painful. She edged the tank top up overhead and tossed it on the floor. Her full breasts swayed as she walked, her hard nipples leading the way. As she slithered toward him, her hands came up to her head and with a quick twist and a tug, the knot came undone pendik escort and her hair came tumbling down and around her face. Without even thinking, Rick had his hand around his hard cock and was stoking absently.

“Now,” Caron purred, “That’s mine!”

King’s band had moved into “Bad Case of Blues when Caron surprised him. In one fluid motion, she was on her knees facing him, her hand eagerly seeking out his manhood. Her eyes glistened as she admired the pre-cum dripping from his head. In very precise moves, all the while keeping intense eye contact, she touched the dew and rubbed it over his head. When her wet fingers smeared the shiny pre-cum to the underside of his head, his cock jerked reflexively; definitely the little bugger had a mind of it’s own! Caron wanted more wetness on his cock so she could stroke him easier.

She took a mouthful of cold beer and in one swift move, inserted his cock in her mouth. The sensation of cold, bubbly beer on his hot, hard cock was incredible! When she used up that mouthful, she swiped her left hand over her pussy, easily gathering a wet handful of her own lust. Now focusing on his beautiful, hard cock, she wet his cock with the ample supply of pre-cum maltepe escort and pussy juices.

Rick moaned as the sensation of warm wetness combined with firm stroking milked even more pre-cum from his cock.

“Oh, stroke it, Baby,” he gasped as she did just that.

As she got more and more into pleasing him, her body began to wreathe and dance. Her long, flowing hair took a life of it’s own as she rocked her head from side to side. Her breasts swayed and rolled. He loved the way she was getting into it! Her eyes were closed and he noticed one hand had strayed to her own clit as she stroked and sucked.

“Oh, Stud, you taste so good. You are so hard and hot,” she murmured.

Now she took her pussy soaked right hand and began to massage his balls. Rick knew he was about to lose it. Somehow, he gained control and let himself enjoy it even more. She was really sucking now, licking his head when her mouth came up, stroking his balls as the juices from her mouth coated them.

“Oooohhhhh,” he groaned. He had just about all he could take, when her right hand suddenly reached behind him and she pressed a finger against his hole. Her finger was against his hole one moment, thrust kartal escort in with a wet motion the next. As her finger pressed against him inside, her mouth clamped tight on his cock as she increased her tempo.

With a sudden tightening of his balls, Rick started to cum.

“Oh, I’m CUMMING…” he murmured in warning.

Caron groaned in pleasure and took him all in. He seemed to cum and cum, the pressure up his ass and the expert sucking gave him the most intense orgasm of his life.

Just as he finished pumping his huge, hot load down her throat, Caron screamed out herself. “Oh, OH, arghhhhh!”

He looked down and saw cum dripping out of her pussy as her head rolled back and wave after wave of ecstasy consumed her.

“Wow!” he said. “That was intense!”

Caron laughed and gathered her senses as she stood up. Her pussy was soaked, juices dripping down her legs. She leaned over and milked Rick dry. When she was done, she motioned for Rick to clean her up. He did with long, lapping swipes with his tongue. He noticed her cum was tangy and sweet all at the same time. When his tongue came in contact with her swollen clit, she squirmed and moaned. He knew she could go all night.

But finally she was cleaned up and she gently pushed his head away. She turned and slowly dressed. Rick took that as a signal and dressed himself.

“Well,” Caron stated as he walked to the door, “I think I could acquire a taste for pizza after all…”

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