Sophie’s Sweatpants

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“C’mon, Kevin, your rent will be cut in half!”

“I’m not struggling.”

“Yeah, but you’re also the guy who embarrassed his entire family at a coffee shop trying to get free hazelnut syrup just to save thirty five cents.”

Kevin laughed. That had happened over five years ago, but his sister never failed to bring it up. She had a point however, he really was the type to save costs to the point of parody.

“Okay, okay, fine. But is she going to trash the place? Don’t you remember how Mom and Dad banned her from our house that one year?”

“Ohmygod that was ages ago. I was the same way, Kev! The only reason Mom and Dad didn’t ban ME from the house is because I’m their kid.”

“And even still, I think they came close sometimes.” Kevin grinned.

“I’ve grown up and so has Sophie. The university is right there and her school loans will more than cover the rent. Just give her a couple of months. Please, Kev? I’ll be your bitch for a year if she turns out to be a dud.”

“That bet doesn’t work so well when we don’t live together, Lily.”

“You know what I mean,” Lily said. Her playful tone was starting to get a bit more exasperated and Kevin knew that was his cue to own up to the fact that he was just being difficult for the sake of it. Plus, the whole conversation had started because he had off-handedly mentioned that he had been thinking about getting a roommate. But in his mind he had pictured somebody closer to his age. Maybe some quiet tech guy who he could share an occasional beer with. Kevin hadn’t seen Sophie since she was in high school – nearly seven years earlier – and he realized it was old associations that were holding him back. He knew enough to trust Lily on stuff like this.

“Can I at least interview her?”

“Yes! Of course! Yes! I’ll give her your number!”

They chatted for a while longer and hung up. The instant he was off the phone Kevin was struck with the silence of his apartment in a way that made him both savour and resent it. He had always had space to himself one way or another. He and Lily had been lucky enough to always have their own rooms at home growing up and he had always had his own dorm in college. Even his cubicle at work was pretty isolated from the rest of the staff. On top of that, Kevin had only ever been in one serious relationship and it hadn’t even lasted a year. It wasn’t that Kevin wasn’t interested in sex and companionship, it was just that his job and space to himself had always been higher on his priority list.

It was because of this that Kevin had incredible trepidation going into his interview with Sophie. He had a thousand red flag triggers just waiting to convince himself that it would be a bad idea to take her as a roommate. Therefore he was all the more impressed when she seemed like a perfect fit. Easy-going, but focused and mature. She was self-aware and independent and they appeared to have good friend chemistry. Still, he had her agree to a three month trial period first in which he could kick her out with two weeks notice, no questions asked. She agreed without hesitation.

When it came to move in day, Kevin found that he was excited. He was waiting downstairs with coffee and offered to help when Sophie drove up in her rental truck. She had invited plenty of friends to help, but she accepted Kevin’s offer anyway and she was moved in in no time. Kevin’s awkwardness at being around people in their early twenties quickly dissolved. They were all very friendly and seemed impressed that he had been able to afford the apartment all to himself for so long. Once the pizza was all gone and a few hours had passed, Sophie’s friends had left, but she and Kevin still sat around drinking and talking.

“Wow, Sophie, you’re like a completely different person!” Kevin said, taking another swig. He knew he was drunk, but he just felt so comfortable and happy to have some companionship.

“Well, I’m still a troublemaker,” she grinned into her glass, “I just do it responsibly now.”

Kevin gave out a goofy low chuckle despite not exactly knowing what she meant.

“Well as long as there’s nothing like the tomato sauce incident, I think we’ll be just fine.”

“I am *never* going to live that down, am I?” Sophie asked. Her face flushed a little and her body language turned a little inward.

“Sorry, it had been so long, I thought we could joke about it now.”

“Oh! Oh yeah, sorry, it’s not that,” Sophie said, looking up at Kevin, her deep brown eyes looking suddenly very earnest. “It’s, well… You’re cool if I like, bring guys over, right?”

“We’re all adults here, of course,” Kevin said, more struck by Sophie’s energy than her question. Maybe it was because he had seen her as his kid sister’s friend for so long, but he hadn’t really realized how beautiful she was until that moment. Long straight brown hair, cherub cheeks and eyes, and a sharp small nose. Her intelligence and cheeky quips played with her doll-like features that made her impossible to ignore. It was remarkable how she looked and sounded so much like herself pendik escort in high school yet possessed such a different air of maturity. She had been curvy in high school as well, but carried more adult weight now and a stronger sense of style.

“But, like, even if it’s a lot?”

“Like all at once?”

Sophie burst out laughing.

“I don’t think I’m quite there yet, don’t worry,” she grinned.

“No, seriously. If you respect the common spaces and respect the condo’s noise regulations, you’re not going to have a problem with me,” Kevin said. He looked at his new roommate seriously, letting her know he was sincere.

“Thank you,” Sophie said quietly. “Sorry, I’m used to receiving a lot of shame about stuff like that, so.”

“It’s fine. Please. Here, we both had a long day. I’ll leave you to settle in on your own. I’ll stay in my room so you can have some time to get to know the kitchen and living room.”

“You’re amazing, thank you. I really appreciate you letting me move in here.”

“Good night, Sophie,” Kevin said, grinning. He went to bed easily that night, feeling warm at having made a new friend.

The next morning was Sunday and Kevin woke up to the smell of breakfast. He put on a robe and walked out to the kitchen. Sophie was in sweatpants and a black tank top. Her hair was up on a ponytail and she had a whole spread going.

“Hungry?” He asked, taking a seat at the small table in the room.

“It’s for both of us!” She said before realizing he was joking. “Oh whatever, maybe I WILL eat it all!”

Kevin helped her plate it and set it all up before sitting down to eat.

“This is all vegan?”

“Don’t tell me you’re one of those,” she said before taking a big bite of her meal.

“No, I’m just impressed!”

The day couldn’t have gone more smoothly after that. They were both able to have a lazy comfortable day without getting in each other’s way but also having the occasional chat or laugh.

So life continued on for Kevin, but it felt brighter now. The three months probation period flew by without a single mention of it and Kevin started to feel as though Sophie had always lived there. Patterns quickly started to emerge. Sophie had classes on Tuesday through Friday and she was either out of the building or in her room during that time. She was out every single Friday night and Kevin would usually be hanging around the apartment when she returned midday Saturday. He learned to know better than to try to make conversation with her in the states she returned in. Sunday was their lazy day together and it became an unspoken roommate law to spend it that way. One always let the other know if they weren’t going to be there for an outside obligation, but otherwise they took turns making breakfast and tended to play board games or watch movies in their comfy clothes.

As for the parade of men Sophie had hinted at during their first night as roommates, Kevin rarely saw a single one. He would see shoes sometimes or had various other hints that there was or had been a guest and he knew that Monday seemed to be a common day for her to have a guy over while he was a work, but it was practically as if they were never there. Not that he was listening, but he never heard a peep either.

It happened on a Friday night some eight months after Sophie had moved in. Kevin wasn’t prone to staying late at the office, but this Friday had been a rare and extreme exception. Save for a few times when she had been sick, Sophie still hadn’t broken her streak of going out on Friday nights and Kevin assumed it would be the same thing. Even when he lived alone, Kevin was very quiet when he entered his apartment and so Sophie and her lover didn’t hear him when he finally got home at 9pm. Sophie had left her door open however, and so Kevin could clearly hear the two of them.

“And you’re sure your roommate isn’t home?” Came the voice of a man that Kevin didn’t recognize.

“You saw me bang on his door and shout his name. He’s not the type to ignore that. The guy is loaded, I’m sure he’s out partying somewhere. Get your stick out of your butt, I’ve been wanting to suck your dick since you bought me that first drink.”

Kevin’s stomach twisted up. He couldn’t tell what he was feeling. He didn’t consider himself protective of Sophie and he couldn’t imagine that he was feeling jealousy. But while he knew Sophie was an adult and had guests over regularly, this was the first time he had directly witnessed this side of her, even aurally.

“You drive a hard bargain,” the guy said. His smarmy expression was thick in his voice.

“Do you want my top on or off?” Sophie asked.

“Off. Obviously,” the guy said, sounding annoyed.

“You’d be surprised! Bra too?”

“Yeah, and hurry up. I’ve been staring at those huge tits all night.”

“You and the whole bar,” Sophie giggled. Kevin couldn’t help but visualize her taking her top off as she spoke when he realized that her voice was muffled due to fabric covering her mouth.

“Mmm, is that better? O-oh! No touching! maltepe escort I told you I get to suck your dick before anything else.”

“What? At least let me feel.”

“After. What’s wrong with this belt?”

“Yeah, it’s weird. But please? I’m not fully, y’know..”

“Oh I don’t care. It’s hot feeling it grow in my mouth anyway.”

“Fuck, you’re something else.”

Kevin was still right inside the door to the apartment as he listened to all this. He hadn’t moved a muscle and suddenly realized that there was no way for him to get to his room without passing Sophie’s open door. Even the bathroom was on the other side. He could leave again, but would he be just as quiet? Plus, whether he could admit it to himself or not, he wanted to stay and listen. He took his shoes off carefully and took them with his jacket and briefcase into the kitchen. He sat down on the floor and begin to listen again. At first he heard nothing, but as he calmed down and focused he was able to discern the sounds: The man’s deep appreciative groaning, the wet bobbing of Sophie’s lips on the shaft of a penis. Kevin grew hard listening to the blowjob. He had never had much of a sex drive but he had also never had an experience like this and he realized in that moment that it had been almost two years since somebody went down on him. It had never bothered him before, but listening to Sophie servicing this strange man in his apartment made him swell with desire.

“Ohhhhh, yeaahhh, just like that. You look even better with a cock in your mouth,” he grunted.

“Pig,” Sophie said, but she clearly returned to blowing him after she said it.

“Yeah, and what does that make you, huh? So desperate to suck my dick you brought me to your place because it was closer, huh? Godddd, you’re good at that.”

Kevin couldn’t stand this guy. He grit his teeth. It made it worse that as this guy spoke, Sophie just seemed to double her efforts, getting louder, letting out moans of her own.

“Look at those huge tits swing as you bob your head. Born to suck dick, weren’t you?”

“Mmmphh, mmmm, mmmMm,” Sophie moaned in response.

“I’m going to cum soon and I’m not going to stop myself,” the man warned. Apparently Sophie didn’t care because soon the guy was letting out the ugliest groan that Kevin thought he had ever heard. As if that jerk deserved to get that kind of attention from a girl like Sophie. A few moments passed of the man breathing heavily.

“Still wanna feel me up?” She asked. Kevin recognized the playful irony in her voice, but it was lost on her guest.

“Huh? Oh, if you want to bring them here, then whatever, but I think I’m just going to go home.”

“Works for me,” Sophie responded.

“You’re a bit of a bitch, huh?”

“If you say so. I got what I wanted and it seems like you did too.”

“You should work on your attitude if you ever want to get a man for real.”

“Thanks for the advice. Safe travels, huh?”

Kevin couldn’t believe the exchange he was hearing, especially Sophie’s sunny reaction to it. Was it sarcastic? Was she just accustomed to it? Did she actually not care about his behaviour? Kevin felt ready to show himself and tackle this man, but he kept himself hidden in the kitchen until the guy left. When the door closed he suddenly realized how likely it was that Sophie would come into the kitchen, but to his relief she made for the bathroom instead. Kevin swiftly put his shoes and jacket by the door and snuck into his own room.

Kevin woke up having forgotten largely about the incident the night before. It had been so exhausting for him to participate in that unexpected voyeurism that his psyche had dealt with the memory by temporarily discarding it. Kevin woke up just before 8am – his version of sleeping in – and went about his typical morning routine. He always stayed in and relaxed on Saturdays, but because he often spent it alone he retained his old habits of maintaining a disciplined routine. Somewhere in his mind Kevin obviously knew that Sophie was home but because his brain had compartmentalized the events of the previous night he still raised his eyebrows when he saw her emerge from her room as he poured his coffee.

“What are you doing here on a Saturday morning?” He asked. No sooner had the words come out of his mouth than did the memory flood back to him. It was if it was still last night and he was secretly in the kitchen. Sophie’s moans and playful lustful flirting were loud in his mind and Kevin suddenly and irrationally felt as though he was doing something wrong by being in the kitchen. Sophie managed a tired grin.

“Oh don’t ask. I’d prefer to be hungover,” she said.

“Want some coffee anyway?”

“God yes.”

Kevin smiled although his heart pumped. Sophie was wearing what she normally would on their Sundays together, her comfy sweatpants and a braless tank top. Despite recognizing her as very attractive and even acknowledging her as the type of woman he was normally attracted to, Kevin had had no problem just seeing her as kartal escort a roommate in the past. But the events of last night still swirled in his head and for the first time since she had moved in, he found himself glancing at her body when she wasn’t looking. He knew he was doing it and he chastised himself for it every time, but he didn’t stop. Did she always look so beautiful first thing in the morning with no makeup? Had her large breasts always been so perky without a bra?

“Here you go, I’ll be right back,” he said suddenly rushing off to the washroom.

“Um, okay, don’t be long! I haven’t got in there yet!” She called after him.

Kevin did his best to not slam the door. He immediately pulled down his pants. He was rock hard. Everything had been perfect before, why did this have to happen? He put his hand on his shaft, pointing the head at the sink and began to stroke himself. He pictured himself standing in Sophie’s room, his roommate on her knees for him instead of that asshole. But was he any different than that guy really? These thoughts he was having. A wave of dark desire washed over him. He could picture anything he wanted. It was just him in the bathroom here. Why not say those things to Sophie in his mind? It wasn’t the same as actually doing it. He was surprised at the rush that the realization gave him.

That’s it slut, suck my cock, he thought. He stroked harder as he recalled his roommate’s lustful moaning last night when that stranger had been calling her names. He pictured her reaching down and pulling her breasts out of her top as she greedily slurped up and down his pole.

That’s all it took. He begin spraying all over the sink, shaking with the hardest orgasm he could remember having in years. As he shook out his final spurts he felt an equal rush of relief and shame and felt eager to move on. He flushed the toilet for the sake of the lie of the purpose of his bathroom visit and quickly cleaned up the mess and put his pants back on. When he walked back to the living room on the way to the kitchen he saw Sophie on the sofa, watching cartoons.

“I forgot we had regular TV! I can’t believe they still show these on Saturday mornings!” She said with a wide grin, pointing at the screen. Kevin felt relieved to notice that at the very least his masturbation had eased the tension. Sophie was just Sophie again to him.

“Bathroom’s free,” Kevin said, smiling back before ducking into the kitchen for his coffee.

“Yeah. Obviously.” Her sarcastic response was expected and it wasn’t long before the two were spending their Saturday together like it was a Sunday.

But it was the first time they had done that and when Saturday night rolled around, Kevin realized it was still the weekend and began to feel panic in the middle of the action movie they were watching.

“Um, so, is tomorrow still on?” He asked.


“Like, whose turn is it to make breakfast, or are you sick of hanging out with me?”

Sophie paused the movie and turned to Kevin with an incredulous expression.

“What, is two days in a row too much for you?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t want to assume or seem weird.”

“Well you’re doing a terrible job at not seeming weird. When do we ever not do our Sundays?”

“Well when do we ever do a Saturday like this? You’re always nursing a hangover.”

“Is there a problem with that?”

“No,” said Kevin, completely unsure of how to handle this situation or how it had become so tense so quickly, “I just didn’t know if you’d want to go out tonight instead or I don’t know! I was just asking!”

Sophie looked like she was about to explode but as her eyes scanned Kevin’s face her expression softened. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I guess I have a lot on my mind and I was worried that you wouldn’t want to hang out tomorrow. It’s been really nice.”

“It’s fine, Sophie. So we’re on?”

“Yeah,” she said with a sheepish grin and she unpaused the movie. Then she leaned her head on Kevin’s shoulder and snuggled into him before immediately stiffening up. Despite their closeness they had never cuddled before. It had been an involuntary act and Sophie had realized what she had done at the same moment Kevin did. He felt her stiffen and knew she was uncomfortable. He didn’t want to say anything after the last conversation had gone so poorly so without thinking he put his arm around her. She relaxed.

Kevin couldn’t concentrate on the movie. Why had he done that? What was he telling her by putting his arm around her? They could just be friends cuddling, couldn’t they? Maybe if this had happened a week ago then Kevin wouldn’t have been panicked about it, but there were too many things swirling in his head now. Sophie let out a happy sigh and Kevin felt himself rub her arm in response. He needed to put a stop to this. She was his little sister’s friend. She was his roommate. He had secretly listened in on her giving some guy a blowjob last night and then had masturbated to it this morning. He looked down at how cozy she looked. He loved the way she looked in those sweatpants, the form alluded to the incredible shape of her ass, but didn’t brag about it. His fingers curled up to the tips and he traced them along Sophie’s soft arm. She let out a little moan and put a hand on his chest.

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