Sorority Life

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May 5th

I haven’t had sex in over a month. I’m getting desperate. I’ve even considered calling some of my old boyfriends. Luckily Erin was here to prevent that disaster. How pathetic can I get? I can’t believe I’m finishing up my four years of college and I haven’t found Mr. Right yet. When I was in high school I thought I’d be planning my wedding by now, not calling a thick eight inch piece of vibrating rubber “My hot date” on a Friday night.

At least I haven’t reduced myself to calling Jason, although sometimes his claim that it was just one mistake sounds plausible. What am I saying? “One time,” what a load of shit, I knew his rep before I started seeing him, Mr. “One Night Wonder.” Hell almost half of my sisters had slept with him. How foolish could I be? Never believe a guy when he says he’s going to change.

But I need some dick soooo bad right now. Tomorrow night I’m hooking up for sure. I already told Erin, its been long enough.

May 7th

Last night was crazy. I went out with Erin and Marie. Erin looked gorgeous as always. I know some of the girls in the sorority talk about her behind her back, but that’s just because they’re jealous. Who cares if she had a boob job? I know some of the other girls who have also had plastic surgery and nobody says anything about them.

It is a little intimidating going out with Erin especially now that her perfect hourglass figure attracts so much attention. But I still tease her that as the blonde I manage to turn more heads then she does. Anyways my tits may not be as large as Erin’s, but they certainly aren’t small. Out on the town we’re every male’s fantasy, two hot sorority sisters. Every once in a while when we get bored (and drunk) at a party we’ll kiss, guys love it, they’re so simple.

Marie is a real sweetheart. She’s a cutie who could be just as hot as Erin and me (okay maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement), but she always dresses conservatively. I bet that if she wasn’t with Tim these past three years she would have really exposed her wild side as well. Then again I guess it works out for me since she’s always willing to play the mom.

We left about ten thirty to go to McGundy’s, its always the best place to start on a Friday night. It was packed by the time we got there, luckily Lou was there to let us in without standing in line, since the other bouncers are all pissed off that neither of us will go out with them. Lou knows the deal; just because we flirt doesn’t mean we’re actually interested, I thought all bouncers knew that.

I’ve heard people, girls and guys, talk shit behind my back because they think I’m stuck up and look down upon everyone else. Just because I don’t talk to every drunken idiot that comes up to drool all over me, doesn’t mean I’m stuck up. And any guy who claims that he just wants to be friends is either gay or trying to work the friendship angle to weasel his way into my pants, either way he’s not suckering me. I know some of my sisters are such sluts that they’ll fuck anybody who buys them a drink, but I’m not one of them.

A couple of Sigma guys bought us our first couple of shots and drinks, which is all it took to get me buzzed since we pre-partied before we left. Mike and Oliver fit the frat boy mold. At least Oliver knows he has no chance with us. Not to be mean but he’s the token fat guy who gets sloppy drunk and everyone laughs at, but he’s a real sweetheart. And at least he’s entertaining which is more than I can say for most guys.

After about an hour we left to go to The Stage, a hip bar/club where there’s usually some real hotties. Erin and I quickly scanned the crowd, positioning ourselves near the ones that most stood out. Two of them came up to us and without any cheesy lines offered to buy us a couple of drinks. Erin started talking to the better looking, but obviously overly confident one, Rich (exactly her type), while his cute friend, Alex, talked to Marie and me.

He was tall with short black hair, neatly kept in place in that teased style intended to look wild, but actually quite manicured. He had high cheekbones, and a generally sculpted face, he had probably been a star high school baseball or football player. I could easily see him as the affable quarterback, his arm around a homecoming queen like me.

It was also evident that Alex, despite his good looks, was a typical nice guy, but a nice guy wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I kept giving him strong signals, grasping his arm to draw us together, placing my hand on his chest as if I had to brace myself to keep from falling from laughter at one of his witty remarks, and always maintaining eye contact with his deep brown eyes. Its so irritating having to make all the first moves. Why do nice guys have to be such pussies?

Then again I thought maybe he wasn’t interested. Despite my efforts to make it a one on one conversation he persistently asked Marie questions to keep her involved. As the conversation dragged on I got tired of offering myself up, beşiktaş escort and began scanning the crowd again. I think Alex noticed my detachment and I sensed a depression in his spirits as I eased out of the conversation and allowed Marie to be entertained by him. Another night maybe, but this night I had a plan in mind, and it involved a little more than exchanging phone numbers.

When I saw Victor I had two thoughts go through my mind, “What a jerk,” and, “What a cock.” The latter gem gave me a rush. Just imaging that monster hidden in those slacks made me wet. I was glad I didn’t wear any panties, it would have been a pain for him to take off before he fucked me in the bathroom.

Victor is legendary for three things: his aforementioned cock, his skill in using it, and the complete asshole he is outside the bed. Erin had a fling with him six months ago. He was hell bent on getting both of us in the same bed together. He even suggested it the first night they hooked up. The first couple of times it was funny, but after two weeks it went beyond simply being annoying, especially for me since I wasn’t getting any of the benefits just the persistent pestering. He even walked out in the living room naked once, claiming it was accidental, but swinging his fleshy dick around so I could catch all its finer points.

Too bad I couldn’t have transferred his penis to someone who deserved it. Then again I’ve discovered that large dicks simply make a guy cocky. They seem to have this belief that they’re depriving the world if they don’t share it with as many women as possible. I’ll take a sweet six over a straying nine any day.

But I wasn’t looking for a keeper tonight. Victor was talking to a couple of buddies when he caught me out of the corner of his eyes strutting over to him. He instantly went into his seducer demeanor, acting cool and relaxed as I walked up to him. He sleazily eyed my body up and down before resting on my eyes and giving me his cheesy smile. But jesus he looked so sexy at that moment, the slick backed hair, the broad chest, and bulging biceps. My mind was set, my pussy already emitting heat. “Just don’t say anything stupid,” was the idea that floated in the back of my head.

This is roughly what he said after I gave him a hello hug in which he squeezed me close, “Hey Katie, right (he actually said this as if he didn’t know my name, but damn did it not make me want him more), how are you doing?”

“I’m good, what about you?”

“Better now that I’ve seen you.”

“Oh really,” I coquettishly replied.

“You look so amazing in that outfit,” he then leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I bet your not wearing anything under that dress,” he moved back and added, “Am I right?”

I gave him a flirty naughty boy look, but didn’t answer his question, “Is that how you always start off a conversation?”

“You can ask me the same I don’t mind.”

“You’re so nasty,” I playfully slapped his arm.

“How ’bout you check?” he said with a smile as he drew me closer to him with a hand on my waist and using the bar to create some privacy he grasped my wrist and led my willing hand to his lap. I could feel his huge cock awaken with my touch. Not even hard it was probably bigger than some guys.

“But how can I tell through your pants,” I seductively asked before unzipping his fly and slipping my hand into his pants immediately grasping his enlarging phallus as he gasped with my initial touch. I could just get my hand around it and it wasn’t even fully erect. I felt a tingle between my legs just holding it. “I guess your not.”

“I think somebody else here is the nasty one.”

“Wait till you get me in bed,” I offered before leaning over and kissing him. He had full delicious lips, but I pulled away when he jammed his tongue into my mouth, “Not so fast, buy me a drink first.” I was going to be easy, but not that easy.

“Order them and I’ll be right back to pay,” he said before heading over to his friends, no doubt to brag about his pick up. I could have cared less as I still had his better qualities on my mind while I ordered an apple martini and whisky sour.

Just as the bartender was serving the drinks he pressed in behind me rubbing his package against my backside telling the bartender to add it to his tab. He deftly moved the hair from the right side of my face and neck as he used his lips to taste my neck trailing his tongue expertly up to my ear before sucking on my earlobe, all of which felt electrifying as I shut my eyes in response.

Realizing he had full control of me he whispered into my ear, “You never answered my question maybe I should see for myself,” he pressed me close to the high bar and slipped a hand down my stomach and under the top of my skirt. I let out a soft gasp as he lightly tickled my outer lips with his middle finger, before palming my naked pussy with his whole hand. He pressed another finger slightly in as he drew beşyol escort his hand back up and out of my skirt and brought it to his mouth moaning slightly in approval as he tasted it, “I think its ready.” I turned around so I could kiss him hungrily darting my tongue in as deeply as his.

“Back to my place?” he confidently asked.

“Sure, let me just tell my friends,” I said giving him another short kiss as I moved to leave.

“How ’bout you ask your friend Erin to come along,” I froze, just what I was fearing.

“Maybe not,” I blankly said hoping he would drop it.

“C’mon the two of you together would be hot. I know you’re up for it. I got enough for both of you,” he added almost causing me to shiver. Even this all revved up I couldn’t accept that.

“Are you serious?” I angrily asked giving him one last chance.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anybody,” he continued.

“You’re such a pig,” I was irritated by him being asshole and by how close I’d come to fucking him.

“Don’t act all proper, you were about to blow me right here a second ago,” he replied to my disbelief.

“Fuck you,” I told him off as I walked away.

“Fuck you! You dirty tramp,” he gentlemanly bid adieu.

Pissed off I found Marie who was talking to one of her girlfriends she must have bumped into. She told me Erin was still dancing with the first guy we met, Rich. I told her I was fed up and leaving. She asked what was wrong, but I just said I was tired, and despite her attempts to get me to stay I walked away towards the entrance.

I walked past Alex who was chatting with some cute little brunette, “probably more his type,” I thought. When I got outside I heard someone call out my name. I turned back to see Alex rushing to catch up to me.

“Hey Katie wait!”

“Yes, can I help you?” I greeted him sourly.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he recoiled at my words, “I just wanted to maybe get your number, if that’s possible.”

“So you can add it to that other girl’s,” I snapped back.

“She’s just…” he started, “You’re right, sorry to bother you,” he dejectedly replied starting to turn around.

“Wait! I’m sorry, I’m just in a bad mood,” I responded feeling bad about the bitchy way I treated him.

“No need to apologize, you probably have a hundred guys ask you for your number.”

“Its not that, I just got out of a relationship and I’m not looking for another one.”

“I understand no need to explain,” he said turning around once again.

“Hey, can you wait with me until I get a cab?” I asked suddenly very interested in him again. He was so cute; in fact he was way better looking than that arrogant prick inside.

“Sure, no problem,” he eagerly replied heading back towards me.

“Night didn’t go as planned?” he asked.

“I met a cute guy, but he never made a move,” I smiled into his face to make sure he got the message.

“He must be a real idiot if he let you slip away,” he joked indicating he had caught the hint. “You look cold, do you want my jacket?”

I wasn’t cold, my blood still flowing from my temper flaring, but I recognized the nice guy line and encouraged him some more, “How about you keep me warm,” I offered stepping close to him allowing him to wrap his arms around me and rub my arms. Maybe I wouldn’t be going home alone after all.

“Your hands feel so good,” I purred.

“Your skin’s so soft and you smell so good. What’s that amazing perfume?” he said nuzzling his face into my neck.

“Nothing special,” I lied about my seventy-five dollar perfume.

“Then it must be you,” he sweetly said as he gave me a gentle kiss right at the base of my neck. Again I purred and leaned into him. “How about I give you a ride home in my car?” he asked finally taking some imitative.

I turned around to face him bringing my hands up to his neck, “Can I trust you?” I playfully answered.

“I’ll take good care of you,” he responded kissing my fully on the lips. I melted into the kiss with him, so much more tender than Victor, so much more pleasant. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Lead the way,” I responded allowing him to take my hand and lead me to his car parked about two blocks down.

It was a big Lincoln Navigator with completely tinted rear windows. “This is a really nice car.”

“Thanks,” he replied as he opened the door for me.

I opened one of the rear doors instead, “How about you give me the tour,” I mischievously asked drawing him inside his backseat.

Inside he shut the door and quickly moved upon me. I aggressively answered back locking my lips against his. I broke the kiss and then stuck out my tongue to lick his lips. He responded perfectly allowing me to complete the move before responding with his own kiss, smoothly sliding his tongue into my mouth. He caught the rhythm of my kiss almost instantaneously as our tongues intertwined. He wasn’t sloppy at all as he broke from my lips and drew it down my neck beykent escort slowly until he reached my collarbone, which he gave a sucking kiss. It felt amazing, he ignited my entire body from head to toe, but I still had one goal in mind. I gave him a strong hint by stroking my hand against the outline of his engorged penis. With just a few light strokes I could feel it straining against its clothing. Both of us needed it to be released so I unbuckled his belt and opened up his pants.

He stopped me before I could finish the job lifting me powerfully with his strong hands onto his lap. I was afraid he was trying to delay, but he made it clear that he was just eager to taste my sensitive nipples as he roughly tugged the top of my top down exposing my full breast. He immediately sucked in one aching nipple, tweaking the other one with his right hand. Just this initial contact was getting me off, I started grinding into his lap in response to his tongue working magic on my chest. He switched breasts palming the other one firmly. Every inch of my skin felt a sexual charge and the rougher he squeezed my tits or cupped my rear the better it felt.

I kept grinding against him feeling him buck slightly up in harmony with my movements. My throbbing pussy had to get closer, so I lifted my skirt up over my hips allowing my naked pussy lips to make full contact with his clothed bulging cock.

“It feels so good,” I moaned out as I grinded harder into him. I grabbed his head between my hands and tilted his face up so I could kiss him once again. I was frantic in my drive, giving up my rushing hands’ attempts to unbutton his shirt to rip it open like a wild animal. Buttons flying I buried my head in his toned chest, scratching his side with my fingernails. He gave a moan mixed with pain as I bit his nipple. Not worried about his reaction I bit the other one as well. He seemed to love it from the eager way in which he rubbed his groin into me.

Our dry humping was throwing me over the top. I could feel wetness on his lap already from the juices seeping out of my swollen pussy. Both his hands were palming my cheeks gripping hard as we gyrated against one another. I needed penetration, so I grasped one of his hands and urgently directed in-between my legs. I gasped from the pressure of both our hands against my wet lips. I continued to press his hand firmly into me until he slid a finger up inside, which alone caused me to buck my hips and give a deep moan, “I need it so bad.”

I withdrew my hand as he probed my wet velvet with two fingers curling them up to the roof of my pussy, pressing the spot that pushed me over. I braced myself by grasping his shoulders digging my nails into him as he began working his fingers in and out, “Keep going, keep going,” I urged him on as he worked me to the threshold. I fell completely against him as he withdrew his fingers kissing my neck as he did so.

“I’m almost there, don’t stop, don’t stop,” I begged. But he had other plans lifting me up again with his strong hands and placing me next to him before lifting up his hips to lower his pants. His throbbing cock sprung up and I instantly placed my hand upon it, stroking its length, admiring it with my hand and feasting it with my eyes. It had a good thickness to it, but wasn’t anymore than average, but at that moment he could have pulled out a four-inch dick and it would have looked like the most beautiful thing on earth.

I jumped up onto his lap. He took control of my hips as I hovered above him using my left hand to hold his cock in place as I impaled myself on it. I almost came right after his head entered me. I closed my eyes in bliss as allowed the shaft to slide all the way into me. Sensing I was on the brink he dispatched with any thought of gradually building a rhythm as he forcefully pushed inside of me repeatedly, rapidly making me cum as my whole body erupted. I hope no one was walking by because I let out a scream filled with a whole month’s worth of pent up sexual frustration. Everything stopped for a second as the orgasm ripped through my body.

He began to slow down, but I wanted more, I needed more, “don’t stop, don’t stop,” begged once again. He responded by bucking his hips even harder, as I rode him at a galloping pace forcing him to keep up with my grinding hips. He buried his face in my breasts as he began moaning himself. I could tell it was too much for him to last much longer, but I didn’t care I was craving the feel of his seed shooting inside of me. Just the idea made me ride him harder until I felt him clench up trying to hold off.

“Don’t wait, let me have it,” and with that he released his hold shooting his warm cum into my awaiting pussy. He let out a gasp as he came, both of us sweating from the uninhibited action. I ran my fingers through his moist hair as we relaxed, his cock still tickling me inside as it slackened.

“You’re amazing,” he moaned.

“I needed that so bad,” I confessed kissing his lips tenderly we slumped against the seat. “I can’t wait to get you home,” I audibly mouthed as we broke our kiss.

“You’re going to wear me out,” he responded smiling.

“You’d better believe it,” I smiled back at him.

“Unless I tire you out first.”

“That’s not likely.”

“I’m sure going have fun trying,” he finished kissing me enthusiastically.

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