Special Delivery

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(from the journal of Johnny Ecks)

Johnny Ecks is a financially-struggling sometime college student in the Northeastern U.S. To make ends meet, he has been forced to take a variety of minimum-wage jobs which have, bizarrely enough, brought him into contact with a number of beautiful women! In this excerpt from his journal, Johnny describes his experiences as a package delivery person…

Wednesday, May 5

My first day at Global Package Service. Met some of my new co-workers. They all seem nice enough, although I should note that a couple of them score pretty high on the babeage scale – Sharon is a cute little blonde number with a great set of legs, and Joan is a brunette with a great rack. It’s too early to tell what my chances might be with either of them though.

I spent most of the morning dropping off packages to various businesses downtown. Not too much too report there – except that I have to commend the personnel department at the new hockey arena – all the girls there are Playboy material. (Or at least Penthouse.)

After lunch I went back to the central depot and picked up more packages, this time destined for the eastern suburbs. My third delivery brought me to the door of a little two-bedroom house in Springton.

I was pleasantly surprised when the door was answered by a rather stunning redhead. (Think Joely Fisher from Ellen, and add 10-15 pounds in all the right places.)

She was dressed in a robe and not much else. I managed to get her to sign for her package while keeping the blood from draining from my head, with only moderate success. She noticed that I seemed to be in a bit of distress and asked if I needed to sit down or anything. A half-dozen or so possible responses popped into my head, and I chose the “honest bastard” approach: placing what I hoped was the right half-smile on my face, I said ” I’m fine, it’s just that it’s been a while since I was this close to such a beautiful babe in such flattering clothes – or lack thereof.”(Not exactly a lie, but close enough to the truth for my purposes.)

“Oh really?” she replied, with a similar half-smile appearing on her face.

“Really. And although I’d like to do a hell of a lot more than “sit down” with you, I still have a ton of packages to deliver, and today’s my first day on the job, so I have to make a good impression. Still, I do finish work at 5:00, so if you’re interested, I could come back…”

“You get right to the point, don’t you?”

“I try.”

“Well, come back at 5:00, and we’ll see what happens then, Johnny.”

“Hey, how’d…”My voice trailed off as I looked at the front of my uniform, where a nametag plainly read Johnny. “Okay, you’ve got my name, but I didn’t catch yours.”

“Sure you did. Right on that little clipboard.”

Feeling güvenilir bahis like an idiot, I looked at where I had gotten her signature not five minutes earlier. Her first name was Vicki.

“Now shouldn’t you get going?” Vicki said. “I thought you had ‘a ton of packages to deliver’.” Her expression during this whole exchange suggested that she’d be more than willing to get busy right then and there, but if she had to wait, she’d wait. “Or have you changed your mind about making a good impression?”

“Nope.” As I headed out the door, I said “To quote MacArthur ‘I shall return’.”

Somehow, despite the fact that I now had enough hormones in my system to turn Richard Simmonds into Charles Bronson, I managed to finish my deliveries without major incident. As soon as I signed out for the day, I headed for Vicki’s house. However, no one answered when I rang the bell. Great, I thought, she’s probably doing her boyfriend or something, leaving me standing here like an idiot. (As it turned out, I was close, but not quite right…). I walked around to the back of the house, thinking I might find another door. As I noticed the high wooden fence surrounding the rear half of the property, my attention was drawn by odd noises: specifically, the sound of feminine squeals and giggles.

When I got to the backyard, I found the source of the sounds: a fairly large above-ground pool. In the pool, leaning against the side with her arms grasping the edge, was Vicki, her head thrown back with pleasure. It was obvious that someone was in the pool with her, under the surface, pleasuring her curvaceous body. As I watched, her breathing shortened and intensified, reaching a climax (in both senses) as she tensed up, indicating a pretty strong orgasm. Just as I turned to leave, feeling like a complete ass, Vicki’s unseen partner surfaced, and I was surprised for the second time today: beneath a short blond haircut, Vicki’s friend was definitely female. I watched as they kissed deeply for a minute or three, then climbed out of the pool. Both of them were dressed only in thong bikini bottoms, giving me the opportunity to check out their figures quite well. Vicki looked even hotter (nearly) naked as she had clothed, while her poolmate was shorter but had even more curves than Vicki, topped off with an incredibly cute face. (Rather like actress Julie Smith, from the last couple of Andy Sidaris flicks.)

Figuring that this was the right time to make my presence known, I stepped into clear view of both ladies. Predictably, Vicki’s friend yelped and tried to cover herself, but Vicki herself recognized me immediately. “Relax, Sam” she said, “this is the guy I told you about.”

“Sam” dropped her facade of modesty immediately, allowing me a full view of her shapely türkçe bahis body. “So you’re the one who’s got Vicki all hot and bothered.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Well, I hadn’t realized I had such a effect on her”, I replied.

“You certainly did. In fact, she’s been talking about you all afternoon. When her face wasn’t buried between my tits and thighs, of course.” She said the last part with a smirk.

“Oh, really?” I said, my mind filled with the picture Sam painted.

“Really. And you’ve probably guessed that Vicki and I are close friends. Very close.”

“The thought had crossed my mind.”

“In fact, we’re so close that I let her give approval over the guys I date. And I do the same for her.”

“Sounds normal enough.” I had known several women who had similar set-ups. I steered clear of serious involvement with them, since the prize usually wasn’t worth the hassle of the “approval” process. “So before I can do anything with Vicki, I have to get your O.K.?”

“That’s right. So take off your clothes.”

“Huh?” was my brilliant response. I was sure I was suffering auditory hallucinations – or my imagination was getting the better of me.

“It’s simple. If you want to screw Vicki, you have to get me off first. And I warn you, I don’t come easily.”

My eyes were probably wide enough to be seen from orbit. I looked over the busty blonde standing in front of me, and glanced at the sultry redhead standing nearby. Let’s see. In order to do one major babe, I have to do her hot friend first. Okay, I think I can swing that.

“Hey, what the hell? All right, let’s go in and get started!”

“Who said anything about going inside? We’re gonna do this right here and now.” With that, she gave me a shove backwards, and I fell onto a lawn chair behind me.

“Hey! Be ca…” I began, as Sam pounced on me.

“Just shut up and do what I say!” she hissed. Straddling me and grabbing the back of my head, she mashed it into her ample chest. “I want you to suck on my right tit, and stroke the other one with your hand. And do it hard! Got that?”

I nodded, which was about all I could do at that point, and got to work. Her breast tasted great, not that I had much opportunity to enjoy it, what with Sam barking in my ear “Harder, you asshole! I said suck on it!”. After a couple of minutes, I must have gotten it right, since she broke off the yelling and merely breathed hard, punctuated by things like “Mmmm, yes, like that, just like that.” After a couple of minutes of that, her nipples were reddened and stiff with excitement. She finally pulled my head away from her chest and said “All right, you did a fair job there. Now’s the hard part.”

With that, Sam got off of me and stood. She shucked her bikini güvenilir bahis siteleri bottoms, leaving herself nude. “Get off that chair!” she ordered. I scrambled off the chair, and snuck a look at Vicki. She was reclining in another chair, watching us and fingering her own nipples into hardness. I guess she was imagining herself in Sam’s place.

Sam plopped down into the lawn chair. Spreading her shapely legs wide, she said “Okay, now I want you to lick my wet pussy. And don’t stop until I come, understand?!” I understood completely. Dropping to my knees, I found myself face-to-face (?) with her slit, which was indeed quite moist with the evidence of her arousal. I grasped her firm thighs and dived in. I wagged my tongue over her clit and felt a slight shiver run through her body. Then I began my tonguery in earnest. Her juice tasted even better than her tit did. Unfortunately, she had been right about her not being easy to get off. She squirmed and squealed beneath me, but after several minutes of determined licking, she didn’t seem any closer to a climax. Then she began to moan rather loudly. Taking this as a good sign, I redoubled my efforts and was rewarded shortly when her body tensed up. Her moaning reached a pitch. “Mmm…Mmmh…MMMMH …YES! YES!” Sam cried. Then something warm and wet hit my face. Well, I’ll be damned! flashed into my head. I had heard about this trick and seen it in adult films (Sarah-Jane Hamilton is supposed to be the mistress of this ability), but I’d never experienced it firsthand – Sam was a squirter!

As Sam’s body relaxed and her heavy breathing began to subside, I heard another feminine voice panting. Turning, I saw Vicki on her chair. She too was nude, and her legs were widely spread. Her hand was a blur as she furiously fingered herself. As I watched, her back arched and her hips rose into the air as an intense orgasm rippled through her body. “Oh…OHH!” escaped her lovely lips (the upper pair, that is). She then slumped down, exhausted.

“Well”, I wanted to know, “did I pass your test?”

“With…flying colors,” Sam replied, still a little out of breath. “Whew, it’s been a while since I came that hard…at least when I was with a man. How about you, Vicki?”

“It was great! But I’m exhausted. I need a little time to recover before we get it on, handsome.” she said to me. “Can you come back, say, this time tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?!” Understand now, after all this, I still hadn’t come. I was rock hard and ready to go now.

“You do want me to be at my best, don’t you? Vicki said.

“Yeah…sure I do. But..” I began.

“Come on, it’s not that long to wait, is it?” Sam asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“I guess not.” But even as I said it, I knew that it was going to be a very long twenty-four hours to wait…

To be continued…

(The above was my first attempt at writing this kind of story, several years ago. I tried submitting it to Penthouse, but no luck. Should I consider writing more? Let me know what you think…)

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