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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


My Debbie is a talented baker. She specializes in cupcakes because she has so much fun creating them but she can really bake the crap out of anything. Her other hobby, which happens to be roller derby, even reflects her love of baking cupcakes because her derby name is Molotov Cupcake. That all being said, when I walked into her kitchen and saw that she was splattered with cupcake batter, I knew it was a set-up; she’s too experienced to have accidentally sprayed it all over herself. The other giveaway that it was a set-up was that, aside from her apron, she wasn’t wearing anything. She was looking at me with an “oopsie” expression as I took in the splatters of batter on her face, her neck and all over her substantial cleavage. I could feel the blood flowing immediately to my cock.

“My poor baby,” I said as I approached her, “You’re a mess.”

I started kissing each bit of batter on her face, licking when I needed to, then worked my way down to her neck. Even after I’d cleaned up her neck, I continued to kiss it, knowing the effect it had on her. When I finally pulled my lips away, I looked down at her chest, which was barely concealed by her apron. Since I knew I’d be doing more than just cleaning the batter off, I pulled the top of the apron together between her tits, fully exposing both of them. I was momentarily distracted by her large areolas and hard nipples but managed to recover as I knew that my lips and tongue would be on them shortly. I started licking and kissing the batter from the soft, smooth, freckled flesh of her tits, working my way down from her upper chest until I was just above her areolas. Since this part of her tits had been protected by her apron, it was clean, but I still traced circles around her areolas with web tasarım my tongue before sucking her hard nipples between my lips.

My hands went from her waist around to her bare ass, peeking from the back of her apron. I ran my hands over the soft, smooth flesh and was thinking about bringing one hand around to her pussy when I decided there was something else I’d rather do. Straightening up and reluctantly abandoning her tits, I kissed her quickly but passionately then boosted her up onto the counter. I sat before her on one of the stools and slid the bottom of her apron up until her trim, brown bush was exposed. She spread her legs for me and I kissed my way up her inner thighs before running my tongue up her juicy slit and causing her to moan. She lay back and grabbed my head as I lapped at her pussy, slurping up the copious juices that she was producing. There was no cupcake batter anywhere near her pussy but that didn’t stop me from sufficiently devouring it while getting her even more worked up. Knowing how much juicier she was becoming, I slipped a finger into her and refocused my licking on her clit.

This got her hips rocking and made her moans even louder so I just stuck with it, feeling her pussy getting wetter as I pumped my finger in and out. I suspected that, since she’d been essentially naked waiting for me to arrive, her state of arousal was not entirely due to my oral skills. I was also pretty certain that, with the head start she’d given herself, it wasn’t going to take long before she was cumming. The only thing to decide then was, once she’d cum, did I want to keep eating her and make her cum even more or did I want to slip my cock into her hot wet pussy? I loved eating her pussy, probably even more than I loved eating her cupcakes, so I would have been fine with remaining faceplanted between her thighs for several more orgasms. I figured I’d just see whether she made a move once she’d cum.

I glanced up and, with her hands still on my head, her arms were squeezing her succulent tits together and making me think about slipping my cock between them, which was an indulgence that she never seemed to mind. Beyond her tits, her face was showing an expression of lust and ecstasy, which made me smile because I was happy to be able to make her feel so good. Her pussy continued to feel wetter and more engorged the longer I ate her, which was always a good sign that she was building toward one of her web tasarım ankara long, intense orgasms. Her body was also starting to tense up in anticipation of a momentous cum but I was okay with the fact that her grip on my head was tightening. When everything suddenly went limp, her body then trembled as her pussy was flooded with additional nectar. I slipped my finger free and lapped up the fresh flow as she was cumming. I was still slurping her juices when she finished cumming, released my head and propped herself up on her elbows.

“Get your cock out,” she said, “I want it inside me.”

I didn’t hesitate and quickly had my jeans and underwear down so that my rigid cock was exposed. She scooted over to the edge of the counter and had me lift her down as she reached for my cock and guided it toward her pussy. We both moaned as her hot pussy slid down my cock until she was sitting on my lap with the lower part of her apron bunched between us. We started making out as my hands went to her bare ass and she started moving up and down on my tool. Balanced on top of the stool was a little precarious as she rode my cock, particularly as she picked up her pace and was riding me harder. Her pussy felt amazing, though, and I was perfectly okay with the way things were going until we almost tipped over.

“Maybe we should consider something a little more stable,” she said and started to climb off of me. She turned around as I stood up and I reached around to fondle her dangling tits before taking my cock in hand and guiding it back into her hot, slippery pussy from behind. Holding her by the hips, I started to slowly slide in and out of her, relishing how pleasurable her pussy felt. Once I got a nice rhythm going, I reached up to cup her swinging tits again and realized that she’d slipped a hand down between her legs, presumably to stroke her clit as I fucked her. I tried to maintain my slow pace with long, full strokes, but Debbie was starting to push back against me, doggedly pursuing another orgasm. I could feel her pussy becoming even hotter and wetter, which didn’t surprise me. Her pussy always became hotter and wetter leading up to an orgasm and each subsequent orgasm after the first one was a little bit easier to achieve and, according to her, a little more intense.

My orgasm was definitely building but it seemed like she was going to be cumming before I was even close, which was just fine with me. Since she had been horny enough to initiate this little scenario, it just seemed right that she should get in the first couple of orgasms. I also had a feeling that, once she’d cum, she’d be more than willing to indulge me in a bit of titfucking. I released her tits and took her by the hips so that I could fuck her harder if she was going to be pushing against me. Her ass jiggled each time my hips smacked loudly against it and her moans were becoming louder and longer. When she gave one last shove backwards then started to tremble, I just held onto her, my cock buried all the way into her pussy. She rode out what was definitely an intense orgasm based on the noises she was making and the way her pussy felt. I couldn’t do much more than wait her out but, when she’d apparently finished cumming, she moved forward so that my cock slipped out of her hot, slippery pussy.

She turned and kissed me hard as she steered me back to sitting on one of the stools. Dropping down before me, she wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked it briefly before bringing her tits together around it. The soft, smooth flesh sliding up and down my tool felt fantastic so I couldn’t help but moan. She smiled up at me, pleased with the reaction she was able to evoke, while continuing to slowly slide her tits up and down. My orgasm had been building up as a result of fucking her hot pussy and the pleasure of fucking her tits definitely kept it coming on. I wouldn’t have minded blowing a load all over her freckled globes since I’d done it so many times before, but she had something else planned. I’m not sure if she knew when I was right on the verge of cumming or if her timing was just impeccable but, as I was getting ready to watch myself spewing onto her tits, she released them and took me back in her mouth.

I moaned again as her lips slid down the length of my shaft while she pumped the base. The feeling was intensely pleasurable and the visual was incredibly stimulating, so I continued to watch as my cock grew even thicker. She bobbed her head up and down and, when I started to spew into her mouth, she never even hesitated; she just swallowed my load down and continued to suck my cock. Only once I was completely spent did she let my softening cock fall from her mouth.

“I actually do need to get these cupcakes into the oven,” she stated as she stood and hid her tits once again behind her apron, “but that should give you some time to recover, then you can fuck me again while they’re cooling.”

And trust me, watching her titties jiggling and her ass peeking out of the back of her apron, I was more than ready to go when the time came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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