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Em was so excited. She was leaving for Wisconsin today. She was going to meet Scott. They had talked for months now and were going to meet. Em packed the car and pulled out of the driveway. She got onto the main highway and got up to the speed limit. After an hour of driving she grew tired of the radio and put in a tape. She was singing away and never realized the speed she was going.

She noticed lights in her mirror. Great more points to her license, she thought. She pulled over. The policeman walked up to her car. She rolled down her window. Feeling nervous.

“License and Registration please ma’am. Do you realize I clocked you at 120 km on a 100 km stretch of highway?”

He told Em to step outside. This cop was very handsome. Then she got her license out of her purse, it spilled open. And a gun fell out. Em’s brother had bought it for her to use as protection. He told her to get out of the car and spread ’em up against the car. Her hands against the car, the officer started frisking her. With only a mini skirt and shirt on, the officer was able to feel every curve in her güvenilir bahis body. His hands moving up her legs under her skirt. And over her ass. Then Em realized she had been in such a hurry getting dressed she didn’t put any panties on.

“Do you always go around with no panties on in the middle of December?”

She joked and said she did it in case she met a cute cop. Anyways, the officer asked her for her registration. She leaned into the car. On her hands and knees, reaching for the glove box. As she did this, her skirt rose. Exposing her ass. She had perfect cheeks.

And Officer Halloway noticed right away. He couldn’t hold out any longer. He reached his hands out and placed them on her ass. Oh he shouldn’t have, but Em didn’t mind. It kind of felt good.

She remained on her hands and knees as his hands moved over her cheeks. They began to slide down over the crack of her ass. She spread her legs a bit to allow him in. His fingers going further. She took a deep breath. Ahhhhhh.

He had entered her pussy. She was already moist. His fingers finding her hole. türkçe bahis Her hips wiggling about. Moving into his fingers. Her hand coming up to her mouth. She bit softly on her hand. Closing her eyes. Lowering her head. Oh man. If his fingers can do this magic. What would his cock do? She thought.

He pulls his fingers out, covered with her sticky cum. He tells her to get out of the car. She stands there not knowing what to do. The officer pushes her against the car. His hands on her neck. Slowly going down her body. To her breasts. He caresses them. So softly, like a feather. He kneels down on the snow. Lifting her skirt. He loves the look of her pussy.

Positioning himself, he brings his mouth to her beautiful mound. His tongue licking her crease. With his fingers, he spreads the lips apart. He finds her clit. Flicking it with his tongue. Gently sucking on it. Sending Em into her first big orgasm. He wouldn’t stop. She felt her body moving, but it was so intense. She didn’t want him to stop.

His tongue moves down. Ohhhhhhh she smells so heavenly. He licks her harder güvenilir bahis siteleri now. Her pussy tiring from this. She needs more. He stops.

Stands up and tells her to get his cock out of his pants. Her pussy pulsating. She does as she is told. Pulls his cock out of his pants. Using the car for balance, she places her hands on the window and lifts her legs up. Wrapping them around his waist. He again pushes her body against the car. He takes his cock, and runs it over her pussy. Getting her cum over the head. Then he finds her hole. Inch by inch guiding it in. Then with one big thrust, making it go deep inside her. She moans out.

He pushes it in and out, harder and harder, getting faster and faster with each stroke. She loosens her legs and it gives him more room to work it. His cock throbbing in her pussy. She can feel him about to cum. He starts groaning.

His rhythm faster then ever now. He pushes into her, and then his cum fills her pussy. Ohhhhh, they are both exhausted. He leans against her body. His head on her shoulder. Then lifts her body and pulls out of her. He does up his pants. As she is pulling her skirt down, he says there wouldn’t be a ticket today. And he walks to his car and gets in.

Her idea of getting stopped by a cop has changed…oh well…..it was worth not getting a ticket.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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