Spring Fever Ch. 02

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[This is continuation to my story “Spring Fever”. Reading that prior to this chapter is suggested, though not necessary]


I stirred in the morning and found Swati naked besides me. Her nightie crumpled with tell-tale dried emissions from last night. She was always serene in her sleep. Her light brown nipples no longer firm. I slid off my side and pulled up my pajamas and tied the knot. I looked at the watch and it was 10:00 am. No hurry, it was a Saturday.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” I said walking into the bathroom. “morning” she said. Turning over as she peered through half open eyes.

“What time did you say we go over to the Mittal’s?”

“Uma wanted us to be there early evening, so 5:00 pm would be fine.” Replied Swati as she moved off the bed.

Uma and Keshav Mittal had invited us for a weekend stay over. Swati my wife of 16 years and Uma had been school friends in Baroda. When we moved to Ahmedabad about 2 years back, the revival of the old friendship was instantaneous. Keshav, who worked as associate professor at the local university, and I became buddies. I enjoyed his laid back personality and being ready to explore and adventure.

Swati packed some change of clothes and we drove over across the city. They were a good hour drive away. Just before we started out Swati and Uma had been talking on the phone. I could sense excitement in Swati’s voice.

Uma opened the door for us and as always my eyes always were happy to see her. Uma was in late thirties. I would have guessed about 5′ 4″ and sensuously built. A good 36d, her breasts leaned against the kurta that she was wearing. Her ample hips matched her breasts and definitely more robust then Swati’s. She carried long dark hair below her shoulders, brown eyes and broad lips.

She smiled and welcomed us in. There was a twinkle in her eyes. I would always try to read into that smile. Did it carry anything special for me. I could never find out that so far.

Keshav was not far behind. Happy as always he escorted us in.


I turned over and realized that I was naked.

My recollection of last night brought a smile on my face as Arun wished me good morning. It has been a while since Arun and I had made love.

I got up leisurely and waited for Arun to finish his things in the bathroom. I was looking forward to being with Uma and Keshav, especially after the long conversation with Uma yesterday during lunch.

Uma worked as a HR executive in a company that had office in the same building as mine. We would often meet at lunch and share notes. Very often the talk veered towards what Arun and I did in bed. She would tease me into details.

She was not exempt from my intrusion. I often asked her, kaçak bahis siteleri how Keshav was in bed. Even speculated about his size. Uma would wink and nod as if confirming that he was ample sized.

“Guess what.” She said as we were finishing our meal.

I raised my eyebrow “your are not planning another at this age?”. She already had two teens.

“No way. You would not believe this one. Keshav has brought an adult movie from his last trip. You know what kind I am talking about.” She drooled with a wink.

I crossed my legs inside my saree. “tell me more. Have you seen the movie”

“Not as yet. I was hoping that you would also like to watch.” We always shared good things in life.

“You and me. What if we get carried away.” I teased.

“You think Arun would be interested.” She knew he would be.

“Maybe we should all watch together.”

“No way. Men may not be able handle the excitement.” I said as I tightened my crossed legs.

“We will stick close to our own man. Keep them in check.” She laughed.

“You wouldn’t want me getting close to Keshav?” I teased.

“Come of this one Swati. You think Arun would be safe.”

We bantered for a while, until she told me that her kids were going to Baroda for the weekend. “Why don’t you come over for the weekend. We would have fun.” Uma invited.

“Let me see, I have no work this weekend and Arun would also be home.”

“Come over and stay with us this Saturday. We might even see the movie.” Said Uma.

“I’m not so sure we should. But we would love to come. Let me check with Arun.” I said as we got ready to head back to our respective offices.

I knew that I was rearing to watch the movie. And thought of Keshav in the same room made me go weak in the legs. I knew I was smiling.

Dazed, those thoughts remained with me the whole day. There was no way that I would leave Arun alone that night.

That night, I pushed the ante and we had one of the most exotic sex. I had taken his penis in my mouth as I do often, but also make him cum in my mouth, when had never happened before. All this while he sucked my cunt and drove me to heaven. I had squeezed him between my legs in my unbound lust. He even tried to kiss me with cum in my mouth.

“You ready?” asked Arun. Brought me back from thoughts. We drove over to Mittals. Uma smilingly opened the door. She winked at me as she welcomes us in.

Keshav was behind her. Dressed in Lucknow kurta-pajama, he looked the scholarly best. Still no tummy though a few stray grey hair were evident. I would put him at around 5’8″ and a little bigger then Arun. He folded his hands and said “Namaste” (hello). Broad smile on his face.


Swati and Uma were in their canlı bahis siteleri bubbly best. All evening they were chattering away with occasional giggles. Keshav and I were helping them get the meals together, lay the table. Uma was wearing yellow colored salwar suit that was a little loose at the bottom, but a close fit around her breasts. They accentuated her ample breasts that seem well supported by a bra. Her salwar was a loose fit and gave not clue what lie below. I’d give anything to find out.

Keshav like a good friend had organized some good whiskey and bottles of red wine. Uma and Swati would at best have some red. Even though alcohol was prohibited in Ahmedabad getting bottles of good stuff was never a challenge.

I opted for some whiskey with ice and soda as did Keshav. The girls settled for local Merlot. Keeping the glasses with them as they moved between the kitchen, dining and living room.


“Did you tell him about the movie?” Uma inquired the moment we were alone.

“No way. That’s our little secret. Have you told Keshav that we may want to watch it together?”

“Nah, are you okay, if we do?” Giggles.

“You think men can take it?” I asked

“Suppose as much as we can. Of course they may have a trouble hiding their growing problem.”

“What if Keshav gets too excited to wait until later.” I knew we were getting into uncharted waters. I was excited.

“I am sure you would love to see him in that state.” Uma answered nastily. The fact was that I was dying to see the sedate Keshav get excited. The red wine was also doing its job.

“Would you mind, if I do?” I ventured.

“You know me better. Its Arun you should worry about.” Uma and I had shared since we were in school. We knew a lot about one another’s spouses.

“Arun always has a soft corner for you.” He may want to see the affect the movie has on you.” I shivered as I said that.

Uma eyed me with passion in her eyes. We were both breathing heavily. We stood there for a while, unsure what to say. But a tacit agreement seemed to be in place.

“I will ask Keshav to put the movie after dinner.”


I was on my second glass of Merlot. My conversation with Swati had left me excited. I could also feel the weakness in my legs and little wet between my legs. I would give anything to see the impact the movie would have on Arun.

Just before we were about to start the dinner, I asked Keshav to meet me in the bedroom for a minute.

“Keshav can we play the movie you brought back this time.” I said nonchalantly.

“You mean that sex movie.” He was visibly astonished.

“You think we should not?”

“Have you talked to Swati about this?” he seemed to blush. I brushed yasal bahis siteleri my body against him and he was growing hard.

Lust growing, he pulled me closer and kissed me passionately. “Yes.” I said into his mouth.

He put his right hand on my breast over my salwar and gave me a squeeze. “I will tell Arun.” Apparently giving his tacit approval.

He pulled my hand and placed it on his hard penis. “Not now. Anyone may come this way.” He pulled me closer and bit my lower lip. He sure was excited.


Uma had quietly told me about his talk with Keshav. “We are all set.” Arun had also come to me and pressed my hand. He had been told as well.

I could sense the penetrating eyes of Keshav as if trying to see me through my Saree. I looked back at him wantonly, and perhaps a unspoken signal was exchanged. I took another sip of my Merlot. The mellow haze of the red wine and excitement awaiting was causing a heady mix.

“Have you ever watched and adult movie?” asked Arun. The question was directed to me and Uma.

“Nah. But we know what they are all about.” replied Uma.

“Some of them can be nasty. You could get more then you would have expect.” Keshav counseled.

“you still take us to be impressionable. I bet that movie will affect both of you more then Uma and me.” I observed. Everyone laughed.

“No way.” Countered Keshav. “We can take this, and nothing will happen to us.”

“You sure?”

“Of course.” My husband also supported Keshav.

“I’d like to find that out.” Said Uma to Arun. Throwing a challenge.

“Anytime. You can sit with me, if you like.” Said Arun.

“That would mean I would have to sit with Keshav.” I said. Essentially confirming the seating arrange. I was sure Keshav would have had no problems with this.

I felt something touch my leg. Instinctively I pulled my leg back. Judging from the direction of the move, it was almost certain that it must have been Keshav. I put my foot back at the same place reclaiming my lost foot space. Keshav foot was still there sending fireworks through my body. I let my foot remain. Touching. I did not look at him, but could feel the gentle foot caress. I little push from my leg gave him encouragement. His foot pushed up my saree and and started to caress my shaved leg seeking higher.

Opened my legs a little allowing him more access. Others around the table were unaware what was happening a touch away. I was praying that my wet juices do not smell out giving me away. My saree was getting in the way, especially with the petticoat. Though Keshav was not an easy one to give up, until he reached high inside my thighs. Barely inches from my wetness.

“Should we get the dessert.” asked Uma pushing back her chair to get up. Bringing us to sanity. Keshav quickly pulled away.

My eyes met with Keshav a shy smile fixated with a touch of lust that only I could see. I had a strong feeling that watching the movie together would have affect on us both. Not just on him.

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