Spying on the Neighbor

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I cracked open my eyes, staring at the clock next to my bed. Ten am, ah summer time, perhaps my last truly free time off before I started my senior year of college and life began. A summer of fun 21 and my life before me.

I rolled out of bed, went to relieve my bladder, afterward I was thinking about what to do with my day. I know mom and dad were at work, so just me and my sister Mandy were at home. Ah Mandy home after her freshman year at college. At 19 she was everything you wanted gorgeous and fun. As I walked down the hallway to head to the kitchen, to grab some food, I thought about putting on some sweats but decided to just stay in my boxers, after all not like I had to impress anyone.

I walked past Mandy’s room I glance in, and I stop dead. There is my sister on her bed, on her hands and knees looking out her window, into the neighbor’s backyard. Now the thing that really stopped me was, she was wearing one of those oversize shirt and a pair of little lacy barley there panties. And damn her ass looked fucking great. I always loved looking at her ass. As i looked I could see up her shirt that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I stared for a minute of two before clearing my throat. “So whats up?” I asked maybe kinda loud. She whipped her head around and started to shush me while waving me over to look.

I climbed on her bed next to her and looked at the window. “Looks like Mrs. Jenkins is getting a special delivery” She giggled. I looked out the window, my eyes went wide. There was Mrs. Jenkins the neighborhood hot cougar, sitting by her güvenilir bahis pool with her top off. And the mailman was kissing her and fondling those beautiful tits I have dreamt of playing with.

I asked Mandy “So how long has this been going on?”

“Oh all summer, at least every Monday. I love watching, its so damn hot” She giggled again.

We watched in silence for 5 minutes or so as they made their way from kissing and grouping, to him sliding his pants down. I heard Mandy moan a little as the mailman’s large cock was unveiled, just before Mrs. Jenkins practically inhaled it like she was a starving woman.

I looked over at Mandy, I saw she had slid one of her hands down and was rubbing herself. I thought to myself, well damn she must think it’s hot, hmm how to see if I can get this to go further?

I moved closer to her, almost touching. I could hear her breathing a little more raggedly as she watched and played. I whispered into her ear “damn just look at her suck that cock, that’s hot as hell”. Her only response was to murmur her agreement. She seemed almost oblivious as to my presence.

I took a chance and placed my hand in the middle of her back and started to rub her slightly. She moaned a little bit as I did this, but didn’t stop me, or stop what she was doing. So I continued.

I looked outside again and saw that the mailman was now lying in the chair his head buried between Mrs. Jenkins legs. From the way her head was tossing back and forth I’m guessing he was doing a great job.

I whispered again into her türkçe bahis ear “god look at him eat her out, she how much she is loving it?” As I said loving I moved my hand down her side and cupped her breast, squeezing lightly. All she did was moan, and nod her head in agreement.

I looked away from the window and focused on my sister. I started to lightly massage her breast. I saw her hand really rubbing herself faster now. After a moment or so, I saw she was still focused on the backyard so I made another move. I slid my hand off her breast, and ran it slowly down her back and ran it over her amazing ass. Then I pulled her shirt up so I could see her ass. She was still watching the neighbor, not even paying attention to me.

By this time my cock was so hard I swear I could hammer nails with it, I slipped my boxers off with my free hand, while I kept rubbing her ass with the other. I got up behind her, and laid my cock on her ass and slowly humped against her.

I looked out and saw that Mrs. Jenkins must be cumming because it looked like she was trying to suffocate the mailman. As her back arched and her hips bucked. I whispered again “god look at her she is going crazy. I bet he’s going to fuck her. Don’t you think so Mandy? He just going to slide right up and fuck her” All Mandy did was moan even loader and nod her head. I slowly pushed her panties down to her knees. I stared in lust at her gorgeous ass. Then I slide back and started to rub my cock up and down her ass and between her cheeks. It made her moan more and grind back against me.

As güvenilir bahis siteleri we watched the mailman did just that he slide up the lounge, putting her legs on his shoulders. “Look Mandy its going in” I said quietly . I went low and started to push my cock into my sister. She really started to moan then, I saw her head sink down to the bed as I pushed all of my cock into her.

After a moment I was fully inside her. God how often had I jerked off thinking of this? As I slowly pulled back, Mandy turned and looked at me with a glazed expression, then put her head back on the mattress. I took that as a yes and pushed back into her.

The neighbor forgotten as I gripped my sisters hips and started fucking her. God this was everything I hoped it would be, soon she started to moan louder and start to drive her ass back at me making me fuck her harder.

Then suddenly she pulled away from me, pulled her panties off tossing them to the floor and flipped onto her back pulling her legs to her chest. We smiled at each other I moved forward and drove my cock into her, as I lean forward and kissed her. She kissed me back like she was trying to swallow my tongue. Then I felt her legs wrap around my waist. She then whispered into my ear “yes fuck me Mark, fuck my little pussy”.

God, words you think your sister will never say to you. But when she does HOLY FUCK it would drive a dead man crazy.

We spent the rest of the morning fucking and sucking every way we could think of, until we were both exhausted

When we both couldn’t move anymore. I looked at her and said “So every Monday morning is like that?”

She laughed and replied “Well now that I think about it, I think its every morning, and twice on Sunday.”

Yes this was going to be my best summer ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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