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As I sit and watch you, pacing by the fence over looking the beach. Waves echo as they crash onto the sand. I think of how I would love to crash into you the same!! Seeing you standing there, scantily dressed, are you hoping that I see you? No worries as I do! You walk towards the gate and out onto the sand. I follow closely behind watching your every step. Watching your ass sway as you walk. Thinking of how it would feel in my hands, grabbing, squeezing your cheeks as I hold you…

Following you as you walk on the beach, you pull off your wrap and hold it up, blowing in the wind, arms raised in the air, showing off your beautiful perky tits. I feel a tingling sensation as my cock hardens, throbbing, wanting!

You standing there looking out over the waves, I walk closer behind you. Your eyes not seeing, I step behind you and grab your waist. You gently turn your head, smile across your luscious lips as you look back at me. I wrap my arms around you, right hand on your breast. So soft and supple, wanting to be touched! Feeling your nipple harden under my fingers, you gasp in the sunlight. Your lips part, eyes closed, whispering, “Touch me” as you enjoy.

My shaft hardens even more, pressing against your firm ass cheeks. You push against me, canlı bahis şirketaleri grinding my shaft. I caress your breasts, rubbing your nipples through your bikini top. Moaning softly, enjoying my touch. Pulling you back against my chest, you reach behind your head, wrapping your arms around my neck. Breasts poking into the breeze, nipples hard. I lower my right hand, gently touching your tummy…

Sliding further I find your bikini bottoms, pressed against your hip. I rub and tease at the waistline, rubbing, gliding, sliding my hand under. I gently sweep my hand across your mid section, feeling your soft skin. Sliding down further more, the softness turns damp as I begin to feel the moist, warmness of your oh so wet pussy. I slide my fingers across the wet folds, gently sliding, gently pressing. As I slide my fingers up and down across your slit, my fingers little by little probing into your wetness…

You reach your hand down and behind you. Feeling for my hardness, brushes then grasped. You feel the thickness, hardness that presses. You gently squeeze, lightly you stroke… my shaft throbbing wanting to be, to be where my fingers are, wanting to be wet… as I play with your craving slit, rubbing so softly you moan, gasp… canlı kaçak iddaa I begin to probe deeper and plunge my fingers in and out. Your body trembles as I play with your clit. You undo my shorts and reach inside. You touch the tip, almost as wet as you! You wrap your hand around my cock and gently stroke, I gasp at the feeling of your hand wrapping around me, feels so great! You stroke as I plunge, for a few minutes more then you turn towards me. You kiss me in a tight firm embrace, then you pull away slightly, lips apart, you look into my eyes and “Make love to me, here and now” you ask…

Looking around not a soul to be seen, I push my thumbs under you bottoms and begin to slide them down. They drop to your ankles as you pull my shorts too. You standing there, bare cheeks facing the sun, me standing, cock straight out. We look down at the marvel of each other, you reach out, grab my cock. I reach out and slide fingers back in. We kiss and fall to our knees, I lay you back onto the sand. Kneeling looking at you before me. I kneel closer and kiss your wetness, sliding my tongue in to taste your juices. Your back arches, touching your own breasts. I move to your mouth to kiss. My shaft gently touching you, feeling your wetness I gently push. canlı kaçak bahis Feeling him slide ever so slightly. You take a quick breath. You ask me to be careful as your cock is so thick. Slowly I go not wanting to hurt. Making you wet, me sliding easily in. I push a little at a time, pulling out a bit teasing you. Your breathing picks up now a pant. Plunging my cock into you, you call my name… Harder Kerry, take it deeper! I push on letting him all the way in. Your hips bucking against me harder still, “Fuck me hard Kerry” you pant!!

Picking up speed you body arches, muscles tighten. Pussy clenching onto my hard cock feeling intense! Your body trembles and bucks. You scream out “I’m cumming Kerry” and as I pound against your smooth skin, bodies slapping, titties bouncing. My climax builds and can’t hold it much more, I say “I’m going to cum Stacia” you pant back to me that you are ready too. I pound your pussy once, twice and then you begin to cum. Body spasms head cocked back, screaming my name as I begin to cum and call out yours! Both bodies in total delight. Your nipples hard, sun shining on them.

We lay there for a moment, my cock softening inside you. I kiss your lips, look into your eyes. We smile at one another then we part. Sitting on the sand bare assed as can be. I ask if you enjoyed? You lean over, kiss me, then say “Oh yeah” and we stand to go back to the hotel. You wrap your wrap around you, I pull on my shorts. Walking hand in hand, I carry your bottoms as you walk bare beneath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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