Stag 2 Cuck The Path is Laid Out

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Continuation of the story Stag 2 Cuck or both, Stag 2 Cuck the next step, and Stag 2 Cuck another step

After our visit from Matt and his friend, it took a few days but I was able to be hard again and spent the next few days fucking my wife every night. Of course I also knew she was going to make me limp again soon so I got in all I could before then.

It was finally Friday, the day we go to the party for the weekend. My wife woke me up with a really good blow job. Of course she did not make me cum, during the middle of it I felt a slight prick which was the drug she has been using on me. I was hard and so close to cumming and then it all went down and I was limp again. She seems to enjoy doing that to me and I have to say it is an amazing feeling all over. Mostly knowing that I am unable to do anything and she will be enjoying somebody else for a while.

We drove to the party and when we arrived we were greeted by the hosts and Matt again. We went to the living room or lobby area where we get to hear the rules. I remember them from last time and it is not like I can break the rules and fuck anybody with the drugs in me.

“The rules for this party are simple. Husbands or cucks and our one stag are not allowed to fuck anybody. They can only watch if invited otherwise they do not leave the lobby area except for going to bed. Also for this party the lobby area is open for sex.” Matt told the group.

“As always, No means no and wives will be in charge. This is a no clothing for anybody weekend.” Matt added.

With that we all peeled off our clothing so everybody could see what each had to offer. Or in the case of us husbands what we can’t offer.

My wife was approached by one of the guys and they began to make out right in front of me. This went on for a few minutes when my wife said “I like this one. He wants to fuck me in private tho. You stay here and I’ll be back later.”

I was left in the lobby area with the other cucks. “My wife gives me weekly injections. I haven’t been hard in 2 years. What about you?” one of the guys asks me.

“I only get a shot when Matt is coming over or when we come here. Which is going to be a regular thing.” I replied.

Seems like I am the only guy there that does not get the shot regularly. I am the only one allowed to get hard just not all the time.

“Sounds like you guys are going to become full members then.” another cuck said.

“As a full member your wife can have any of the men here anytime and you may end up getting regular shots.” he added.

I listened as some of the cucks told me how they got into this. All of them went directly to the shot and being limp always letting the wife fuck all the others she wants. As dinner rolled around I noticed that my wife came out of the room with her guy. She was talking to other wives while I got my food. After she had a plate of food she came to eat with me.

“Are we going to become full members here?” I asked her.

“If that is ok with you. Yes please.” she replied.

“All the husbands here are permanently limp from weekly injections of that drug.” I said.

“Don’t worry love. I will make you limp only when we have to. Otherwise I want you able to fuck me too. I love what you do to me and would never stop that.” she reassured me.

That took all the worry out for me. Long as I am not limp forever and only part time I am fine. I finished my plate of food as did my wife. “Do you mind if I spend the weekend enjoying the different men alone and you just stay out here?” She asked.

“What about at night?” I asked.

“I will bring a guy or 2 with me to the room each night and you can sleep on the husband bed and watch.” she replied.

She then spread her legs a little so I kaçak iddaa could see her used pussy. “Eat me please.” she said.

I went down on her immediately and ate her to a few orgasms. I drew an audience after her 2nd orgasm. Everybody was amazed at how well I ate pussy. I ate her for about 20 minutes and lost count of her cumming. She did have to stop me. A round of applause was released by cucks, bulls, and 2 wives that saw this. Which is when another one of the guys came over to my wife and asked to take her to a room.

“I’ll be back for more eating when he is done fucking me.” My wife said.

“I’ll be here waiting.” I replied.

I spent the next couple hours eagerly waiting for my wife to finish being fucked. I learned from the cucks that the guys at this club love to have the wives alone outside the club at the homes frequently. Seems like I can expect calls from them once we are on the member list. Some of the couples have the wife fucked daily by other members while others are only 1 or 2 a week. Either way I think I am liking that.

“Does that mean a shot everytime one of the guys comes over?” I asked.

“You are the only one here that is not on the shot 24/7. Most of the bulls prefer the cuck not be able to have his wife but you are a little different. I am sure you will have the shot more often and be limp for more days than not.” one of the guys responded.

That made me think a little. I can always say no to the wife but she is loving this and I am enjoying it too. “I guess I will see what happens.” I replied.

My wife finally came out of the room looking well fucked and leaking cum down her leg. She came right to me and sat with her legs spread. I already knew what she wanted and I went right to eating that pussy. After a while she had all she could take and pushed me back.

A guy walked up, “Hi, my name is Chris. I greet all the new members and help them get together. You guys are about to become full members. Let me tell you what we need to do.”

My wife was eager to hear what he had to say, so was I, “Ok, lets get this going.” I replied

“First of all we have a $300 annual membership fee per couple. And yes we do take credit cards.” Chris said.

I went to my pants and grabbed my wallet, handed him the card and he charged our membership fee. “We have some rules for the new membership. First of all I must fuck your wife. After I am done with her I will open her up and anybody here able to get hard can take a turn. We want to make sure you guys are serious so after me we want to see her take at least 5 other guys.” Chris said.

“OK,” we both replied.

“I’d like to spend the night with your wife with you watching then tomorrow she can have the other men. Is that ok with you both?” Chris asked.

“Right now?” My wife asked.

“Soon as you are ready.” Chris replied.

“Is there anything else we need to do as newbies?” I asked.

“Expect guys that are members to call you and ask to fuck your wife. You do not have to say yes to any of them but you will miss a lot of fun by turning them down.” Chris responded.

“Your wife is completely in charge of your erections. She is allowed to use the shot any time she wants as often as she wants and keep you limp for as long as she likes.” Chris added.

“I trust my wife in that, so not a problem.” I replied.

“You are in charge of setting up all the arrangements for other members to fuck your wife. They will only contact you and it is your job to deal with all the arrangements.” Chris told me.

“I like that, I love the excitement of setting up other men to fuck my wife. Whether I get hard or not.” I replied.

“Bottom line is your wife controls your erections and you control who she fucks. kaçak bahis It makes a good even power distribution. Each of you gets a bargaining chip that way however I think she has the more powerful one.” Chris said.

“I agree, The power to control my erections is far more than controlling who she fucks. Especially since I love getting her laid.” I replied.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to take your wife to your room private for a little while. You can come in any time and watch us. Just give me at least an hour alone with her though.” Chris asked.

“You got it.” I replied.

With that he led my wife to our room and closed the door. I sat out with the cucks being congratulated on the new membership. Most of the husbands told me about some of the guys. Seems like they are all pretty good to the women and I was excited that my wife was fucking and going to get a lot more of it. I looked at the clock and noticed that 90 minutes had passed. So I went to our room and walked in. I saw Chris fucking my wife. I have to say he looked good in her. Tall, black and 6 foot 200lb muscle. He was well endowed and my wife was on her back taking a good fucking.

In a few minutes Chris started cumming in my wife, for the 2nd time so far. He sat in her pulsating as more of his cum was pumped into my wife. He finally slipped out. “Come over here and clean up your wife.”he said as I saw so much cum leaking out of her.

I went right down and started eating her to several more orgasms. Chris liked that I was able to do that too her. “I have never had a stag around before, but here you are a cuck like any other. You are expected to eat your wife’s filled pussy every time.” He said.

That made me very hot, again feeling that arousal through my body that normally would make me hard. Of course no hard for me. I continued to eat my wife until she could take no more. I went over to my bed and left the 2 of them in their bed together.

They were beat and fell asleep fast. I sat awake all excited but unable to do anything about it. I did finally fall asleep. I was awoken by my wife and Chris talking in the morning.

“Chris gave me this.” My wife showed me a card. “It has the dosages for the limp shot. I can use this and have you limp for only as long as I want.” My wife said.

“One rule is that your erection is totally under your wife’s control.” Chris said.

“I trust her so not a problem.” I said.

“Let’s go grab some breakfast. Then after that your wife will be open to everybody. That includes letting another cuck eat her.” Chris said.

He led us to the kitchen area and we sat eating breakfast. I had 5 or 6 guys come up during breakfast asking me if they can be one to fuck my wife.

“One of our rules is that every bull has to ask the husband to fuck his wife. It keeps the cuck involved and horny.” Chris said.

“I can see that. I am so horny right now. I just wish I could get hard.” I replied.

When my wife finished she sat for a little and digested before Chris led her to a bed that was put into the lobby area. This was used for special occasions like a new member. This is where my wife was going to enjoy all the men. I already gave several of them the ok to fuck her. A line formed as men were waiting a turn to fuck her. While the first guy was fucking my wife, one of the cucks approached me.

“Can I clean your wife after this guys?” One of the Cucks asked.

I realized then that it could be everybody on her so I said. “Enjoy yourself.”

As the first guy finished in her he pulled out. Me and the cuck approached my wife at the same time. He went down and began licking her clean while I made out with her. She was in heaven loving it and only said “More please.”

We enjoyed our time illegal bahis and moved off so the next bull could enjoy my wife. When the cucks saw I would allow them to eat my wife they all asked permission to do so. I gave them all permission to clean her pussy and they also had a line waiting to eat her used pussy. I was able to watch as a steady line of men fucked and cleaned my wife. She was lost in ecstasy.

Over the next 4 hours my wife was fucked by 11 different men, each one filling her pussy with cum. This was followed by the cucks. Each of the 4 of them took turns cleaning her pussy.

“Wow, your wife’s pussy is sweet. She tastes amazing, thank you for sharing that with us.” One of the cucks said to me after cleaning her cum filled pussy.

“I am glad you all enjoy her.” I replied.

I ate my wife’s pussy after her last guy came in her. Her pussy was very well fucked and leaking.

“Please be gentle. I am worn out from that fucking. How long? How many men?” My wife asked.

“I counted 11 men came in you, couple of them more than once. It has been about 4 hours. You were also eaten by all the cucks in here.” I replied. “Now my turn.”

“I am worn out and a little sore so please be gentle.” She repeated.

I ate her for only one more orgasm and she had to push me away.

“I can’t fuck any more. I am sore and tired.” My wife said.

“Go lay down and close the door in the room. Take a nap.” I told her.

She did just that. She spent the rest of the day asleep recovering in the bed. I sat with the guys both cucks and bulls for the day and just talked to them while she recovered.

I checked in on my wife every couple hours making sure she was ok, she was just sleeping and recovering from all the fucking. About midnight Matt approached me.

“Me and Chris want to spend the night with your wife is that ok with you?” Matt asked.

“Please do.” I replied.

Matt signaled Chris and he came over. We then went to the room where I got in my bed and watched as Matt and Chris slipped into the bed with my wife. She woke up a little and snuggled up to them on each side of her. We all went to sleep for a while.

During the night I was awoken by Matt as he said. “Your wife needs you to clean her pussy.” he led me over to her, she was overflowing, seems they both came in her.

I went to eating her pussy and we all passed out in the bed together with my face at her pussy. Next time I woke up was to see my wife on her side with Chris’s large black cock in my wife just inches from my face so I did what anybody would and began to eat her as they fucked.

After Chris came I continued to eat her pussy for a few minutes until Matt took his place and fucked her too. We missed breakfast but by lunch we were done fucking.

It was time to eat and then go home. We had lunch and grabbed our membership packet. My wife was given a large supply of that drug to use as she wanted.

We gave our goodbyes and left for home. On the way we talked a little about everything.

“Are you ok with all of this? We can stop if you are not ok.” My wife asked.

“It is different. Not easy being limp while you fuck but I like it.” I replied.

“Are you sure? I promise you will get to fuck me too. I can adjust the dosage to keep you down for just a day too.” She said.

“Thank you.” I said

“I love that you were ok eating me after so many men came in me. You have no idea how much that turns me on.” My wife told me.

“I can tell, I can feel how hot you get from it. How much you cum.” I replied.

“Are you sure you are ok doing that?” She asked.

“Completely, I will let you know if anything is too much.” I said.

She smiled at me and spent the rest of the ride thanking me and affectionately touching me.

From here on I will be coordinating my wife’s men and getting her fucked. I really can’t wait for the drug to wear off so I can finally fuck my wife again.

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