Stairwell Fantasy

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It’s late in the evening. As a rule of thumb, our job demands a lot of overtime. Overtime, we’ve discovered certain perks about working late at night with another attractive person of the opposite sex. Tonight during our break, we decide to escape into the exit stairwell and walk up to the top of the stairs at the highest landing before the doors to the rooftop. I walk behind you purposely so I can get a good view of your gorgeous stocking legs and maybe glimpses of your thigh high lace and thong panties underneath your skirt which you chose to wear for me tonight. We reach the top of the landing and all the preceding visual stimulation has gotten me rock hard. I press your body against the edge of the guardrail with your ass pushed against it. My body presses against yours as i grab your hips and hold you firmly while planting a deep wet french kiss on your lips. My hands hungrily grope your entire body; your breasts, your ass, your waist and reaching down under your skirt to dig under your panties for your pussy. I start fingering your clit as we continue to kiss. Your body begins to respond and your hands reach for the firm bulge under my pants. You massage my cock through my pants before unzipping my fly and pull my large member out with your hands. I grab a hold of one of your thighs and lift your leg up and off to one side until your high heel catches against a rail for support. This opens apart your legs for me as I hike up your skirt. I immediately drop ataşehir escort to my knees and bury my face between your legs, rubbing my nose into your moist panties and savoring your pungent odor. I part your thong panties aside and begin licking you. My tongue probes for your clit with its wet tip. You lean back against the stairwell hanging on to the edge. You try to relax and absorb the sensations my tongue lavishing onto your wet cunt and clit. Just the thought that we might be heard is turning us on. The soft sounds of your moans begin to echo in the stairwell. I push my tongue deep into your cunt as you get hotter and wetter. I only give you just enough stimulation and than stop to keep you on the edge of your arousal.

Without warning I quickly turn you around so your front hip is pressed against the top of the guardrail. You feel pressure against your back as I quickly bend you over the rail in an arkward position where your high heels barely touch the ground and your upper body is bent over the side. In this position you can see straight down the many flights of stairs and all you are able to do is hang on to the bottom of the rail from the other side to keep yourself from falling over. You begin to protect this uncomfortable precarious position but before I let you do so…i immediately pull your panties down to your ankles and remove them. With one hand I press against your back and hold you in this bent over position.With the other hand kadıköy escort I slide and grope your gorgeous legs and stockings. My face buries itself against your pussy from behind and I begin to tongue fuck you in this bent over postion. Unable to get up from your awkward position, you have no choice but to accept my tongue savagely thrusting inside your cunt from behind. I taste you. I lick and moan for you to cum on my face. While tongue fucking you with my tongue, my thumb rubs against your clit. I feel the soft bud getting harder as I stimulate it and lick your pussy good and deep.

I continue lapping at your cunt while you are bent over. You feel my hot breath against your pussy lips. I lick you good and deep while you remain helplessly bent over the rail. To your shock, I even drag my tongue up further to lick your asshole. I soak it wet with my saliva, breathing heavily against it as my tongue twirls on your butthole. I’d lick your ass, pussy and clit all over as long as it takes and as hard as it takes. I’d do this to you in this bent over position until you cum over and over again. I want you to feel your legs shaking and weak from standing during all the orgasms. I would force you to endure it while in this helpless position. I want to force you to orgasm as many times as possible. I’d get so turned on by being able to control the amount,the degree and the intensity of your orgasms.

I’d step back and enjoy the sight of your body collapsed bostancı escort bayan and draped over the guardrail. Your cum would be oozing down your legs and stockings. You would be panting and moaning soflty trying to recover from all that ecstasy. You remain distracted in your nirvana of pleasure and barely notice me stand up behind you and unzip my pants. My thick hard shaft pushes out immediately and slides up the side of your wet thighs, snaking slowly up towards your hot mount. You feel the thick head press heavily at the opening of your cunt. I grab your hips, holding you bent over the rail and plunge my cock deep inside your hot wet cunt in one solid hard stroke. I moan, feeling your pussy engulf the entirety of my shaft in your wet sheath. My hands glide up and down your stocking legs spread wide apart to receive my hard deep thrusts. We both start grunting hard in unison to my thrusts. I pound your cunt relentlessly, shaking the guardrail you are draped over as you hold on to it tight. I pound your pussy hard from behind, trying to push all of me deep inside you.

Our moans escalate, echoing through the stairwell. My thrusts accelerate, pounding my cock into your pussy like an industrial piston. I arch my back and let out a throaty roar as I explode hard inside you. My upper body collapses down. Reaching forward with my remaining strength, I pull your bent body up into a standing position. My cock stays deep inside of you while you grind back against me. My arm wraps and massage your breasts firmly. Your back rests against mine and I turn your head back towards me. Our mouths interlock and we french kiss wildly in between our moans and pants into each others mouth as we savor this moment of ecstacy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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