Stand and Deliver

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I have never been much of an outdoors-sex person, even though I would probably describe myself as quite adventurous. I prefer being comfy on a bed, sofa or a really thick carpet. Ben had never been a regular, he had many dishes on the side, I suspected, but with his credentials I was not surprised. I am rather on the petit side and he has biceps like my thighs and a cock like my forearm. He is black with lots of angry tattoos all over his body. He was an odd fish, bisexual and into all sort of bizarreness. Mum would not approve! Doing it outdoors was one of his tamer requests — one I was willing to entertain.

The day was not the best; quite a chilly, mid-April. We set off in the morning — but I ensured he had previously satisfied me both orally and by penetrating me with his well-above-average cock. We drove for over half an hour and then trekked for another half hour or so. Not my idea of fun but I must admit when we found a spot he deemed appropriate I started getting a bit aroused. He just stood in the middle of the dank forest and wrapped his tree-trunk arms around me. He kissed me passionately and his thick long tongue phuqed its way into my mouth.

His arousal was evident and it pocked into my stomach hard. That by itself got me quite warm. The chill air making a start contrast that just aroused me more. After squeezing my bum with his huge hands for a bit, he hitched up my dress and started pulling down my panties. Once my panties were in my hands and his head vanished completely under my dress and he started licking away at my pussy as best as he could. I opened my legs wide to help him but could not really get into the mood, just standing in the middle of the forest.

I looked around for somewhere that offered a bit of purchase but everything was cold and damp. I was getting really frustrated. He then stood up and undid his trousers so I decided to get more involved. I crouched and pulled his trousers and pants down to his ankles and started sucking him off. He just arched his back and enjoyed himself for a bit. That would never do though, so he pulled away from his cock and spun me around.

I got the picture so helped him by bending over as far as I could. He hitched up my loose dress and guided the dip of his dick to my pussy. It was a lovely, new sensation and soon güvenilir bahis his prodding inside me made all my reservations vanished. The warmth of his penis was such a delirious reward on a cold, damp day. He gradually got more and more forceful and soon all I could do was sob as I braced myself with both hands on the forest floor as he fucked me angrily.

The blood was rushing to my head and I was very grateful when he let go of my hips, grabbed me by my elbows and lifted my body slightly. I was getting dizzy and almost fell to the floor when the first orgasm tore through me with fury. The feeling was very original and very strange. I adored it. Starkly aware of our remoteness and my gasps and groans got louder and eventually I screamed with all my strength. The shock to my system was amazing. The shock to Ben just made him freeze on the spot surprised, and concerned. He spun me round and enquired if I was ok. I must have looked a mess… hair all over the place, eyes bright red, tears streaming from them but I managed to croaky “yes…” which made him smile and wrap his arms around me to give me a very sexy, passionate kiss.

He lifted me slightly as he did so and I wrapped my arms around his thick neck. He straightened his back and I felt myself being lifted effortlessly. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He supported me easily with one hand and the other fumbled to hitch my dress up. Eventually the front part of it was scrunched under my chin and my bare pussy was spread open and pressing against his dick.

A few more seconds of fumbling and he was in me. He was not half-in me either. I sank all the way to the bottom and his dick vanished inside me completely pressing against my stomach. If it was a bit overwhelming, having such a big thing inside me, what happened next has no word to describe it. He braced both hands under my buttocks and slammed me against him with fury.

I felt my eyes rock back into my head and he repeated. My legs dangled in the air, wrapped loosely around his waist. He slammed me against him and my pussy squelched noisily. I intertwined my fingers behind his back and stretched my arms, rocked my head back and felt like I was on a magical swing. He slammed me again and I could not even moan. It was amazing. His force was crazy and türkçe bahis he held me like a rag doll. My skirt swing in the cool air, drafting my nether regions, cooling them down, while his piston made my pussy cum again and soon a sloppy froth oozed out of it as he fucked me deep and hard.

I never felt my one sandal go flying as he slammed me against him but I felt a few drops of water on my face as it was turned upwards. I opened my eyes and saw the tree tops swinging as he continued to fuck me hard and deep. Another couple of drops hit my face. They felt so cool and refreshing against my burning body. I opened my mouth wide to catch a few and he exploded inside me. It was amazing. He groaned out loud and his knees buckled a bit under the strain. He pulled me on to me with furry and held me there as a massive load shot out inside me. Followed by another. He grinded me up against his throbbing penis that twisted my insides to its hard and angry shape and splurted again a massive bolt. I’m not sure if I came again but I swallowed the few droplets of rain that landed in my mouth and then I opened my mouth again and screamed. I just screamed as hard and as long as my lungs and throat would let me. It was incredible.

When we composed ourselves he went to put me down but my one foot was bare. The few drops never developed into rain thank goodness but the ground was cold and wet so I put my one foot, that still has a shoe on it, down gingerly. He was still inside me! God he was big. That’s the great thing about big cocks. You can get into all sorts of bizarre, crazy and wonderful positions that only allow shallow penetration. And Ben had a big dick that didn’t really soften much so while my one foot was on the forest floor, he lifted my other foot higher and rested it on his shoulder.

I was practically doing the splits along the length of him, with his dick half buried inside me. I looked at him and giggled until he straightened his back again. That stretched me a little too much and I looked at him wide eyed in wonder. He held my one leg against his shoulder and stretched. The foot that was on the floor lifted effortlessly and dangled between his legs. I lost my second sandal as he proceeded drag me against him.

I’m quite flexible — I have to be with Ben around and this is the reason güvenilir bahis siteleri why. He proceeded to rock gently and I just hung there like a lump of limp meat. In stark contrast to his own meat, which was rather stiff and rigid still. It jolted and jerked inside me giving me an amazing feeling of helplessness. He was totally in control and despite filling me with meat and spunk he was still rather angry. I was beginning to warm up to this outdoors lark. I was not looking forward to having to roll around in the cold and damp especially if there was a chance we could get interrupted.

But we did everything standing up in positions that were not really my favourite but Ben took control and showed me how much fun this could be. My hamstrings were aching now from how they were extended and I twisted and turned to make it more comfortable. I held onto Ben as best I could and my abs were beginning to ache too. He lent back and vanished inside me once more pushing my insides up me some more. It was delirious and confusing. His one hand grabbed my tits and squeezed hard and I yelped again. He pinched my nipples each in turn quite painfully but it was perfectly timed and combined with how his ferocious penis was torturing my insides it just pushed me over the top.

Again, once I recovered from the thundering shock I screamed. It was awesome. I filled my lungs with as much air as they could fit and then just let out long, high pitched screams. My mouth was so close to Ben’s ear I saw him wince — and then he sped up and groaned. It was pure music to my ears. My high pitched howls mingled with this low, throaty groans as he exploded inside me once more. My pussy was squelching and oozing a pungent cocktail that trickled down my leg. It was amazing. He blew his load inside me again kept on humping long after I was out of all energy and went silent. He kept groaning and slowed up and eventually stopped.

We were both too weak to help what happened next. We collapsed onto the cold forest floor. As I expected it was horribly wet and cold but still it took us several minutes to compose ourselves. We were a mess. But happily so. Ben rushed me home and ran me a hot bath. I was only allowed to enjoy it though after I allowed him to abuse my sore pussy once more. It was well worth it though as he cooked while I enjoyed a long soak and after a lovely evening meal, “normal” sex in a warm comfy bed was a welcome change. I don’t see Ben often so I have to make the most of it — it usually takes me several days to recover, anyway!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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