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Big Tits

Before reading: Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.


Marie stood in her kitchen starring out the window. Her eyes were on her neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Thorp. They were playing their usual games groping and fondling each other in their garage. It would start with Rachel giving her husband his morning coffee. He would kiss her thanks and one thing always led to another.

This morning wasn’t any different. The couple disappeared into their house to take care or built up urges. Marie wished several times after watching them she was Rachel. Truth was she hadn’t had a man in several years. Most people would think her E-cup tits would be enough. She could squeeze into a D-cup but not as easily. If not that her long sexy legs would surely reel them in, but nothing did.

She knew men wanted her. He always turns heads when she walks down the street. Often received cat calls when at the store. She was a knock out and lonely. Two things that shouldn’t go together. Marie had two children one from her last marriage and another can’t be explained by science. Her daughter Alice would be sleeping until ten o’clock after her night of partying. As for her son Adam he had school at eight.

The coffee machine bell rang bringing Marie’s mind from her wondering. She quickly made herself a cup. Her eyes went back to the window and wondered why she was so alone. Marie felt eyes on her and turned around. There was her youngest child Adam. “Morning mom. Are you all right?” he asked. “Good morning. I’m fine honey.” Marie said.

‘He’s such a nice boy. And quite a handsome stud.’ she thought. ‘No he’s your son.’ Marie quickly turned around before her eyes came any lower. Adam knew what his mother was going through. She devoted her life to raising him and his sister. No one helped her. It must be lonely as hell even though she was constantly surrounded by people.

Adam approached his mom wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. Marie felt warm. Her son’s touch felt good. “Are you sure your all right?” Adam asked squeezing her tighter. She melted in his arms when she felt him nuzzle her neck. She then felt something. Something she knew was wrong and shouldn’t happen. Her heart became faster she felt flushed.

Then her bum bumped into something. It was hard and firmly wedged between her ass. Her son was getting hard by touching her. She had to stop this. Adam’s hands moved up her body and squeezed her heavy mounds. “I know you want this mom. I know you’ve been wanting this for quite some time now. You need it badly.” Adam whispered into her ear. “These are filled with milk aren’t they. Soft and smooth. Would you like for me to suck them? Just like when I was a kid?”

‘NO!!’ she screamed in her mind. “Oh yes.” Marie moaned. She pushed back against him making his hardon press harder against her. Adam reached down and pulled her robe open. Her tits spilled out into the cool air. He slowly pulled it down and off her shoulders. Marie was completely naked now. A hand reached down and cupped her bahis firmaları steaming cunt. Marie was over the edge and running on auto pilot now. Her eyes shut so she could only feel him. But her body was alive and working Adam’s hand was immediately soaked.

“Remember this smell?” he asked holding up his hand. Marie sniffed the air. “Its my pussy.” she said without opening her eyes. “Come on. Were going to bed.” he said pulling her by the hand. Marie walked behind him. She had plenty of time to say stop or we shouldn’t be doing this, but choose not to. Her body needed a cock and it didn’t care if it was from her own son.

Adam opened her room door and headed over to the bed. He picked her up and laid her gently on the mattress. Adam wasn’t naked however. He still wore his gray sweat pants that he slept in. Adam stepped off the bed and went to remove his pants. Marie almost came when she saw what her son was packing.

“Sweet mother of Christ.” she exclaimed. Adam stepped out of his pants and joined his mother on the bed. His eyes were boring down on her breasts. She looked like a bride on her wedding night, who was about to be deflowered. Adam’s hand cupped on of her breasts. “Want me to suck them?” he asked. Marie could only whimper and nod. When his lips touched her breasts Marie arched her back to get more of him on her. Adam sucked one tit for long time. He knew his mother was lactating and wanted to taste her.

Adam cupped the other tit and pinched and pulled her nipple. Another hand moved down her body and found her soaking cunt. He had almost given up when her felt something warm flow into his mouth. Marie breathed a sigh of relief as her milk flowed. Adam wasn’t sucking as hard anymore. He gently nursed himself like he had done many years ago. She cried out as his fingers played with her clit moving back and forth.

When Adam was finished with one he went to the other. Sucking hard to get her going and then softening as she fed him. Marie was ecstatic. Nothing she had ever done with men felt like this. Adam seemed to know exactly what buttons to push. He finished nursing from her and held up his cock.

“Um…Adam. Your so big…and…its been a long time for me…so um please…be gentle.” Marie stammered. “I’m not going to be doing much.” Adam said getting off the bed. He grabbed one of her chairs and pulled it to the full mirror. “Come over here.” he called. Marie moved off the bed and slowly made her way over to him.

Adam sat down on the chair. “You want it, then you have to take it yourself.” he said. Marie moved to straddle him. “No turn around so you can see yourself in the mirror.” he instructed. Marie obeyed and moved back until she could feel his cock pressing against her ass.

She lifted herself and until she could feel his head. “Before you move, tell me you want it. Admit that you’ve been walking around the house in skimpy clothes because you were trying to get me to fuck you. You know its incest. And you still want to fuck me don’t you? Tell me you want me to kaçak iddaa fill you pussy walls. Tell me how you want me to fuck you mom!!” Adam ordered.

“Adam please don’t make me.” Marie begged. She tried to lower herself but Adam grabbed onto her hips keeping her from making contact. “Nothing happens until you say it.” he said. “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel my son’s incestuous cock stretching my pussy’s walls, filling me. I want to wrap my hot, incestuous cunt around your big prick and fuck you back with every ounce of energy I have. I want to fuck and fuck until I cum and cum. I want you to cum inside me, flooding my womb with your thick, incestuous seed.”

“Then you can have it.” Adam said. Marie lifted and shifted her hips, centering her son’s blood-engorged cock in the mouth of her pussy. As she sat down, Adam thrust up with his hips. His cock buried itself inside his mother’s open cunt. It felt like someone taking her virginity all over again. Adam bumped into her back wall. “Are you ready?” Adam asked. “Take me.” Marie sighed. Adam pulled his mother against him. Something broke and sent the rest of his cock plunging to it’s full depth in one motion. Both mother and son gasped as they came together. And then they began to fuck in earnest. “Oh, yyyyyeeeesssss, Adam. Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast. Ram your hot cock into mommy’s hungry pussy. Fuck me, you mother-fucker. Fuck me harder!”

Marie was driving her hips hard against her son. She would lift up and then slam down again. Her clit buzzed with the force of each thrust. Adam was responding to his mother’s wild movements. Again and again he pushed his pelvis up, forcing his cock deep inside his mother’s willing body. In no time their chair was bouncing with the force of their fucking.

Adam was slamming his cock up into his mother’s open pussy as hard as he could. Marie was bouncing on her son’s hard shaft for all she was worth. Their chair bounced and bounced, creaking and shaking from the force of their incestuous fucking.

It was Adam who was now giving the encouragement. “Ride my cock, honey! Fuck me! Your pussy is so hot. It feels like it is burning my cock. You are so hot! … so wet! … so tight! Take it! Take my son-cock deep up into your wild, incestuous twat. Your son is going to fuck you until you cum and cum. I’ll make you die from cumming. Ooooohhhhh, fuck!”

Crash!!! Adam’s and Marie’s chair suddenly gave way under the assault of their wild fucking. They were hurled to the floor in a pile of broken wood. Still they fucked on, totally caught up in their incestuous lovemaking. Marie landed on her back, her legs spread wide, her pussy wide open, with Adam on top of her. His cock never left his mother’s twat. As he came down on top of her, he drove his prick deep into her hungry cunt, as his pelvis ground against her engorged clit. Again and again he slammed his cock down into her. Both were building to a powerful orgasm and nothing was going to stop them from achieving their ultimate fulfillment.

“Do it, Adam. kaçak bahis Fuck me! Don’t stop! I’m almost there. Keep fucking me, you mother-fucker. Make your mother cum and cum! Ooooohhhh, yeeeessss! I’m there. Adam, I’m cumming! I’m ccccuuuummmmiiiinnng!” Adam felt his mother’s pussy walls collapse around his cock as she came! He felt the hot rush of her cream as it bathed his shaft. Her whole body trembled with the force of her orgasm. Adam’s mind and body went into overkill. He buried his cock one last time into the depths of his mother’s willing body, held it there, and came. His cock throbbed again and again, sending spurt after spurt of hot, incestuous cum into his mother’s womb.

“Mmmmooooommmm! I’m cumming! Take it, mom! Take it all! Ooooohhhh, shit! I’m filling you with my hot, sticky seed!” he moaned into her ear. “Yes! I feel it, Adam. Flood mommy’s pussy with your cum. Give me all of your hot, incestuous sperm! Oooooohhhhhhhh! I’m cumming again.” Marie responded. Marie’s arms and legs held Adam tight against her body as she came down from her orgasmic high. She could feel his cock jerk over and over inside her as he sent wave after wave of his thick seed into her overflowing cunt. Slowly they both relaxed.

She could feel her son’s cock, still hard and throbbing deep in her cunt. His hot sperm burned her pussy walls and was beginning to escape around his shaft to drip out of her vagina and onto his nut sack. Her clit throbbed, demanding more stimulation. Her pussy pulsed with pent-up lust. She loved the full feeling inside her that Adam’s cock caused as it stretched her cunt. Suddenly she realized she loved her son. She loved fucking. She loved fucking her son. She loved incest.

Adam pulled away from his mother. His cock came free of her sensitive hole. Marie groaned at the loss. Kneeling, Adam got his first real good look at his naked mother. It was a blur from the kitchen to her room he didn’t really get the time to look at what he was feeling. Her body was flushed from her orgasm. Her breasts were red and blotchy from where they had rubbed against his chest. Her pink nipples were still stiff and hard with sexual excitement.

Her legs were spread wide, revealing the cum-matted pubic hair that surrounded the puffy lips of her well-fucked pussy. Her cunt gaped open and He could see his white cum slowly leaking out to seep down her ass crack onto the floor. He thought she was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Slowly he leaned down and kissed his mother’s mouth, and then each nipple, and finally her cum-covered pussy. Marie groaned again at her son’s soft kisses.

“That was the best incest fucking I’ve ever seen, so far.” Alice called entering the room. Incest! The word penetrated Marie’s lust-filled brain. She was committing incest. She was having sex with her son. They were fucking! He had just cum inside her pussy! But instead of filling her with shame like she thought it would, the idea of incest excited her. Would she get knocked up. It might be fun to have his child.

Then another idea entered her mind. Alice had said the best so far. Did that mean she had seen more, or even worse taken part in some of the action? Was it with Adam or a cousin. She had several her age to choose from.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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