States of Grace

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Big Tits

Grace Kwon was the HR director for a national retail store where I was working while attending college. At 28, she was a few years older than me but I couldn’t help notice her when she walked through the store. Long, straight, coal black hair, almond Asian eyes and a tight little butt made me want to get to know her in spite of what she represented in the store’s social hierarchy.

As cute as she was, Grace was also purported to be an icicle. She did little of the hiring for the store but all of the firing. And the rumor was she didn’t even do it in person – she’d just post a pink slip with your timecard.

The first time I was actually introduced to Grace was my last day at the store, though I didn’t know it at the time. My manager and I were going over a plan-o-gram – which is just retail talk for a display layout. Grace walked up and my manager stood up straight like he was at attention. He was obviously scared to death of her. But he was a career man. I was a part-timer with no ambition of making retail my life.

He introduced her to me as “Miss Kwon” and I offered my hand. She ignored it. She dressed me down with those cold, dark Asian eyes and finally said, “I think you’d look better if you got your hair cut.” She started to walk away.

“And you should smile more,” I said to the back of her head.

Grace stopped, turned slowly and looked me in the eye. “What did you say to me?”

I pointed at the corners of my mouth with my index fingers. “You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” I said.

Grace glared at me. Then she glared at my manager, who looked like he was about to pass out.

As word spread throughout the store, I became the person to avoid at all costs. The plague carrier. The truth teller. When it came time to clock out, I found a pink post-it on my timecard.

I was too young and stupid to be very upset. I had a full ride scholarship and I really took the part time gig for pocket money. The great thing about low-paying part time jobs is they are always plentiful.

I decided to go out that night, partly to drown my sorrows and partly to celebrate. The 901 Club downtown was featuring a band I was really getting into, so I threw on a nice shirt and a clean pair of jeans and headed out to the club.

I paid my cover and got up to the bar to check out the female population and who should catch my eye but Grace Kwon. She was at the end of the bar, sitting with all her friends – which is really just a smart ass way to say she was sitting all alone.

Grace was wearing a tight white party dress that showed a lot of her smoking hot legs. She was drinking one of those girly drinks güvenilir bahis in the fancy glass with a big straw. I asked the bartender to send her another one.

When she looked up to see who had sent her the drink, she held it in a mock toast and smiled. Then she recognized me and the smile disappeared. I grabbed my bottle and walked to where she sat.

“I was right,” I said.

“About?” She was as cold as she could be.

I gestured to her face with the neck of the bottle. “Your smile. It’s positively breathtaking.”

She tried to look unfazed by the flattery but I could tell she liked it. “One would think, as you are unemployed, that you wouldn’t be spending your money on women in clubs.”

“But we’re old friends,” I said. “Look, I’m not pissed at you. Lighten up, ok?”

She picked up her drink and slid from the barstool. Her dress rode up and I got a glimpse of her ivory thong. She tugged down her dress and clinked her glass against my beer bottle. “Thanks for the drink,” she said and started toward the dance floor. Either she didn’t handle heels well or she’d had a few drinks before I got there. Her steps were not too precise.

She stopped near the bandstand and started moving stiffly to the music. Obviously, she was not too great at relaxing, either. God bless her for trying. I watched and waited and then the moment came that I knew would. She turned and looked back at me. When she saw me watching her, she quickly turned back to the band.

I slipped up behind her and put my arm under hers, my hand on her tight belly, and pulled her back against me.

“I beg your pardon,” she said, stepping quickly away and turning to face me.

“Look Grace,” I said, “in all the time you’ve been working at that lousy store, no one has ever stood up to you. I think you liked it. I think you want someone to take charge of you and put you in your place.”

“And where exactly do you think that is?”

“At the moment, with me. Listening to this awesome band. Maybe later…”

I didn’t finish my thought. Grace put her arm around my neck and pulled my mouth to hers. Her sweet-tasting tongue probed my mouth and her legs straddled mine as she rubbed herself against my thigh. I was totally wrong about her. She wasn’t looking for someone to take control. This bitch was in heat.

It might have looked like we were dancing, except for being joined at the lips. Grace broke the kiss, breathing heavily. I took her drink from her hand and put it on the edge of the bandstand with my beer bottle. Then I grabbed her wrist and pulled her along with me.

The men’s room was out of the question. Besides türkçe bahis being crowded, it smelled way too bad. I pulled her out the fire exit and we found ourselves alone in an access alley between the club and another building. I pressed her back against the brick wall, kissing her mouth and running my hands up her smooth thighs under her dress to her tight ass. She moaned and pressed harder against me, feeling my cock through my jeans, swollen and straining against my button fly.

Because of the cut of the dress, there was no way I was going to be able to liberate her pert tits. I really wanted to see them. With Asian chicks it can go either way: smooth pinks ones with dime-sized aureole or larger brown ones with nubs like pencil erasers. I wasn’t going to find out now.

I turned her around and she placed both hands against the brick building as I pulled her thong down her legs and buried my face in that tight Asian ass.

I licked her from asshole to pussy, pulling her hips back slightly so she could bend over and give me more access.

Her pussy was already drenched by the time I got my tongue on it. I flicked and diddled her clit, then sucked it between my lips. Grace was watching me over her shoulder,

moaning and thrusting her butt at me. I took her hips in my hands and pulled and pushed as I tongue-fucked her super-tight hole.

I quickly unbuttoned the fly on my jeans, pulling my cock into the damp night air. I slapped the head against her clit and she jumped, trying to push back against me to get it inside her. But I was in a teasing mood. I dipped the purple head between her juicy lips and painted my initials in pussy juice on her ass cheeks. Then I spanked her ass with the head, letting Grace feel how hard and hot my cock was before ramming it deep in her pussy.

“Oh God yessss,” she slurred, pushing against the wall and fucking back against me.

I put my hand in her silky black hair and clenched it right at the scalp line, pulling her head back and making her cry in pain and pleasure.

Her cunt muscles were squeezing my cock and I was trying to keep from spraying her insides. I reached around and felt her small firm tits through the dress. I could feel the nipples straining against the fabric.

“Oh fuck,” Grace cried out. Her body twitched as her orgasm flashed through it.

At that point, I don’t think either of us would have cared if we were being watched. My jeans were bunched around my ankles and Grace’s dress was pulled up over her taut ass. I could see her ass muscles flex as my cock slid in and out of that tight wet pussy. The neon light in the street made my cock a shiny güvenilir bahis siteleri red, then blue as it plunged in and out of Grace’s beautifully trimmed cunt.

She turned swiftly, popping me loose as she leaned back against the wall. Her legs went up and I put my arms under them as she braced herself against the bricks and lifted her hips to mine. I held her ass in my hands as she impaled herself on my cock.

She slapped my face – hard – and started grinding her twat into me, forcing my cock deep. She looked so fucking sexy with her legs wrapped around me and her dress pulled up to her waist like the slut she wanted to be.

She pulled my mouth to hers, sucking my tongue and moaning. Then she pulled away and slapped me again. My hands were full of tight Asian ass so I couldn’t stop her. The burning on my cheeks made me hotter than I’d ever been. I started thrusting deeper, trying to hurt her with my cock. I’m only about seven inches but she was so petite that I could feel the head ramming the back wall of her cunt. Her mouth made a silent O and her eyes reflected the red and blue lights. The silky black hair bounced with each thrust of my cock inside her.

Grace squeezed her eyes shut and squealed with another orgasm. I felt her pussy contract on my cock. I was getting too close to last much longer. I tipped my head back and groaned and Grace untangled her legs like a gymnast and slid down my body.

Settling to her knees in front of me, she took my cock in both of her hands and sucked the shiny head into her mouth. Those beautiful almond eyes looked up at me as her head bobbed up and down on my pussy-slick dick. She turned her hands around the base, pumping and sucking and tonguing.

I thrust my hips forward in an involuntary spasm and gagged her on the head of my cock as I started shooting hot cum down her throat. Grace choked, pulled me out and spilled hot cum on her lower lip and chin.

But I still wasn’t done and she pumped my dick until I shot three more bursts of hot cum on her dark hair and down the front of her dress.

Grace looked down at the dress, scooping my cum onto her finger. “You bastard,” she said, then licked my spunk from her finger. “This is dry clean only.”

“Send me the bill,” I told her, as I pulled my underwear and jeans up over my deflating cock.

“How will you pay it?” Grace asked. “You don’t have a job.”

“Yeah. What about that? Why did you fire me anyway?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Grace said as she shimmied her dress back down around her hips and leaned in to kiss me. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue. “I can’t fuck the people who work for me,” she finally whispered.

I took her home and peeled her out of that tight, stained, sexy dress. By the glow of the candles, I finally found out what kind of nipples topped her small but sexy breasts.

Wouldn’t you like to know?

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