Stealing Imi’s Seat

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To set the scene: We’re sitting in the lounge watching a film. The lights are off and the glow of the screen is the only way by which to see. On the two-seater couch are my parents. In the deep armchair in the corner sits my younger sister Imogen. I myself am sitting on the floor between my parents, resting my back against the front of the couch. We don’t own enough furniture for everyone to sit at once, probably due to the fact that I’m rarely ever at home. College keeps me busy for the majority of the year. The floor is laminate, not great for comfort as you can imagine. I keep sliding away from the couch as I slump down. I try lying on my front with my chin resting on my hands but this isn’t any improvement. In the end I sit up, resigned to the prospect of a sore backside.

My discomfort however did not last long. Imogen stood up and walked past me to the kitchen, probably to get a drink or something. I wasn’t sitting on the floor for this purpose, but as she went I was afforded a tantalising view up her short baby pink skirt. A flash of light coloured lace, the colour was difficult to identify in the bluish light of the TV, and the smooth curve of the underneath of her ass. I blinked.

“Do you want us to pause it?” asked my dad.

“No, it’s alright.”

I was aware of myself sliding across the floor again and pushed myself up. Imogen had been gone for two minutes or so. Finally I decided enough was enough.

“You snooze you lose,” I said, crossing the space to the armchair and sprawling contentedly in it. My parents gave each other a look but didn’t say anything. By the time Imi came back I had manoeuvred myself round so that my legs hung over the arm on one side of the chair and my back rested against the other. She stood over me looking down with an expression of mock disapproval.

“Are you going to move or what?”

“Umm…” I pretended to think about it, “no.”

“Fine” she sighed and without hesitation sat right on top of me.

“Oomph!” I overdramatized, she really weighed next to nothing.

“Kids, shut up,” my dad said pleadingly. We did, grinning gleefully at each other before turning our eyes back to the screen. We sat like this for quite some time. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until one particular scene that changed everything.

It was a scene in which a man took Scarlett Johansson into his office, locked the door and proceeded with every intention of doing her right there on the desk. That was until they were interrupted by the arrival of his wife which caused Scarlett’s character to hide in the cupboard.

The intensity of their brief encounter spoke directly to my cock, which began to thicken as the man pulled her firmly into a kiss, holding her ass in his hands. By the time he had bent her over the desk and pulled down her dress to expose her red lingerie, I was rock hard. Hidden in the shadows of the armchair I was sure that my parents were unable to see. Imogen on the other hand, sitting on me, could not miss it if she had tried.

I should probably mention at this point that I was wearing pyjama bottoms with a button-up front. While my straining erection güvenilir bahis had not slipped out into the air, it had lifted the material into a substantial tent between my sister’s bare thighs. ‘This is awkward’ I thought to myself. Imi arched her eyebrow at me, her expression unreadable. I shrugged with a bashful expression. Her eyes went back to the TV.

In the film, the man’s wife was now demanding to have sex with him, in an attempt to rekindle the spark of their marriage. With Scarlett still in the cupboard he agrees. The thought of her watching on as he cuckolds her did nothing to help me calm down. My cock jumped of its own accord and bumped against Imi’s inner thigh. This continued to happen for several minutes until she got frustrated with being constantly tapped and squeezed her legs together, holding my cock firmly in the softness of her silky thighs. The feeling was electric. My cock grew even harder at her touch. ‘What is she doing?!’ I thought to myself. My sister was beautiful but I had never thought of her in a situation like this with me, or any sexual situation for that matter.

Imi’s right hand began to move, brushing the curve of her breast as she trailed it down the length of her torso, very slowly, so as to avoid the parents noticing. With a calm deliberate movement, she reached between her legs and unfastened the button on my pyjama bottoms. I realised I was holding my breath and stopped, feeling dizzy even as my sizable cock was freed and sprang into the open air. I was paralysed by the sheer weight of the moment as her small hand gently brushed my throbbing shaft, exploring the ridges and veins. She grasped me firmly and began a slow but determined pumping motion, the kind of motion that brings you to the edge through pure intensity. My breath caught audibly in my throat and she jerked her hand away, glancing up from my cock to check that the parents were still unaware of what was going on.

When it became apparent that mum and dad were fully engrossed in the film, Imi resumed her stroking. Without realising how, I found my hands resting on her ass as she slowly began grinding her hips back and forth, all the while pumping my cock firmly with her hand.

As she continued to rock, her short skirt began to ride up at the back. I could feel the heat of her skin against me as her hand began to move faster, bringing me closer and closer to coming all over her.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I mouthed at her.

She just grinned wickedly and pushed herself further down in the chair, towards my pulsing cock. I remained perfectly still, realised that I was not breathing again and exhaled loudly, before inwardly cringing and glancing fearfully at the parents.

“That was a deep sigh son,” said my dad without taking his eyes from the screen. Panicking I answered,

“Yeah I’m just tired no need to worry.”

Imogen had frozen at the noise but now continued with her advances. She hadn’t expected dad to keep talking.

“You really should go to bed earlier you know, it’s unhealthy to stay up until 4am every night.”

“I know dad, I don’t do it on purpose I…” Imi’s hand was back türkçe bahis on my cock, I had only a second’s warning, when she pulled aside the lace of her underwear, before the hot, slick tightness of her pussy slid over me. My hips involuntarily surged forwards, burying my cock balls deep in my sister’s beautiful bald pussy.

“Uhh fuck!” She moaned, I flinched at the noise, but my cock remained hard as ever, sheathed within her flesh.

“Excuse me!?” mum reprimanded.

“Sorry I just… uhh… can’t hea.. hear the film when they’re talking,” Imogen managed to say, convulsing in waves of pleasure atop my thick shaft. She must have been really fired up for me to have slid inside so easily, she was extraordinarily tight but even so, there had been barely any resistance whatsoever.

“That still doesn’t make it okay to swear Imogen!”

” S… sorry,” Imi whimpered.

We stayed in that position for quite some time, partly to let the parents focus entirely on the film again, and partly because I felt that if I moved even an inch then I would not be able to stop myself from filling my sister with cum.

Eventually she reached out and guided my right hand under the edge of her baby tee to cup her breast. It was firm, soft and hot, the kind of breast that you dream of. I was in ecstasy, and that was before she started to grind once more. Back and forth she rocked, caressing my dick with the silken walls of her pussy.

I was tingling in every inch of my body, parts of me that I didn’t even know could tingle; like the ends of my hair and backs of my knees. I was quivering from head to toe at the intensity of the feelings I was experiencing, physical and emotional. From the way Imi had her eyes clenched shut and was rapidly building pace, I could only assume that she shared this sensation too.

I reached forward with my other hand and found her clit, smearing it side to side, slick as it was with the wetness from her nether lips. I could tell that she was starting to come. My cock was suddenly squeezed even tighter as her muscles contracted and pulsed around it. Her whole body began to clench and unclench as if some inexorable force were crashing into her stomach again and again. Her eyes were now wide open and her mouth formed a silent ‘o’ as she battled the urge to cry out in ecstasy.

The sight of her bucking and trembling on my cock, coupled with sensations I can only describe as divine, from being thrust inside her, was too hot to deny. I felt myself rapidly approach and pass the point of no return, embedded deep within her. I tapped furiously on her thigh with my hand to try to warn her, to make her pull me out.

Instead she simply pressed her left hand over my mouth and with her right, reached down to cup my balls, just as I began to explode. My cock pulsed and throbbed, pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her pussy. It was the longest and best orgasm I have ever experienced. There was so much of it that I felt it fill her, before trickling in thick streams back out and down onto my balls, as I breathed heavily through my nose, eyes rolling in pleasure.

Imi continued to twitch for a güvenilir bahis siteleri good five minutes as we sat there in silence, and my cock began to soften within her.

The film was almost finished. I managed to pull a cushion from the side of the chair and passed it to Imi. She held it in her lap, so as to disguise the fact that we were connected at the pelvis from the parents, should they turn around. The titles began to roll and dad stretched while mum yawned.

“Well I think that’s bed time for us,” dad said turning to look at us, “how about you two?”

“Nah I think we’ll stay up and watch CSI,” I said, trying hard to sound casual.

“Yeah, I’m not tired yet,” Imi agreed, twitching weakly once more.

“Goodnight then kids,” Mum said as she and dad stood and left the room,” not too late mind.”

We sat and listened intently while the titles continued to roll, until we heard the door to our parent’s room shut.

“Okay, where did that come from?” I asked.

“I have no idea,” she mused, looking dazed.

“Oh my god,” I said simply.

“I know!” Imi grinned.

We said nothing for a while, enjoying the feeling of each other. I looked down to see cum all over my cock and balls as I slipped out of Imi’s pussy.

“Ah, this is quite a mess,” I said awkwardly,” could you get me a tissue or something?”

“Something…” She said, extricating herself from my lap and standing up. “Turn in the chair so you’re facing me.”

I did as she instructed and she proceeded to kneel in front of me.

“I’ll clean up after myself.” She whispered conspiratorially before leaning forward and starting to lap at my balls with her tongue. It was the singular most luxurious sensation I have ever been lucky enough to experience. Warming to her task, she took first one in her mouth, then the other, sucking my spilt load into her hungry mouth, moaning appreciatively all the while. She continued onto my shaft, which was predictably starting to swell again.

She took the tip between her lips and gazed up at me with her big dark eyes, before sliding her lips smoothly all the way down to the base, so that her dainty chin rested against my balls. She didn’t even blink let alone gag, her eye contact was deeply powerful and I felt my balls tighten as she engulfed my cock.

“Your cum tastes so good,” she purred, coming up for air,” I want more.” Her hand was now pumping the shaft while her tongue danced around the sensitive head. “Give it to me.”

After a few minutes I was only too happy to oblige. Holding her by her ponytail I guided her head up and down on my cock, savouring every second of it, until I could hold it no more, and sprayed my second load into her waiting mouth. She went crazy for it, moaning loudly and continuing to suck, long after I stopped pulsing. I sat back, stunned and ultimately satisfied.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“We can’t tell anyone.” I said seriously.

“Totally. No-one,” she agreed, buttoning my pyjamas back up and pulling her skirt back into place. “I am on the pill by the way; I wasn’t trying to get pregnant.”

“Well thank god for that.” I smiled,” do you think mum and dad noticed anything?”

“I don’t know… and I don’t care,” she smiled sweetly, “can we… do this again… sometime?” She asked, beautiful big eyes pleading with me.

“Oh hell yes!”

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