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When my dad remarried a few years ago, I not only gained a step-mother but also a step-sister. It was very weird having a girl in the house that was the same age as me. Before my father’s new union my only sibling was my brother and he lived with my mother, so I was not used to sharing the attention. Worse yet was that Lisa was one day older than me so I was not even the oldest anymore. Just when it was beginning to look like having a live-in sibling was going suck, I learned that having a sister could be a great thing.

She and I were both eighteen year old seniors as we both started kindergarten late. All of Lisa’s friends were eighteen and some were even a little older. During our senior year she and I became pretty close and I would regularly express my interest in a certain one of Lisa’s friends and low and behold that very girl would spend the night at our house and she and I would hook up with in the space of a couple of weeks of my mentioning my interest to Lisa. Now I was of course suspicious as to why my step-sister would let me sleep with her friends, but hey I wasn’t going to question it.

When our parents first got married Lisa was short and chunky, but in the space of three years she has lost the baby fat and grown a few inches in height. Lisa has grown into a nice looking young lady. Her long blonde hair and green eyes, along with an incredible ass and long athletic legs made her by far the prettiest girl in our school. Shortly after she and her mom moved in with my dad and I, Lisa made two new friends, one was my cousin Becky and the other was her boyfriend Andy. Andy was a year older than us and a complete geek and by the time Lisa hit 18 she was way too good looking to be with the likes of him, but they had been together so long that she did not care. She said she loved him and she would not leave him. Well shortly after our graduation, Andy dumped Lisa for a band nerd and Lisa was devastated.

That dickhead dumped her right after the graduation ceremony and being a good brother I skipped the post ceremony parties and stayed at home with Lisa. I bought some alcohol to help her dull her sorrows and mine since I was missing the after graduation parties. She cried for hours and drank a ton of alcohol. It wasn’t long before she was totally wasted and started asking what she had done that was so terrible and was she that disgusting and ugly and all the other things that teenage girls ask themselves and others after a breakup. I sat with her on the couch in the sitting room in the basement of our house and tried to comfort her as best I could. I could not believe that I had given up a night of parties and drunken sex and I started to seriously regret my decision to stay home with my sobbing sister. At some point I must have given away what I was thinking bahis firmaları because Lisa looked at me and told me how nice I was for staying with her and then she gave me the answer to the question that had been bugging me for most of the school year.

“You don’t have to do this to pay me back you know” Lisa said to me. I turned and looked at her for a minute and finally asked her what she meant. “I’m sure by now you noticed that all the girls you liked always seemed to spend the night here, well that was my idea.” I was not really sure what to say to her and all that came out was a lame “thanks!” Lisa smiled slightly and told me that she had selfish reasons for setting me up with her friends. I watched as her face turned red and she looked at the floor and my head reeled as she began to explain. “I used to watch you do it. I liked you but I thought you wouldn’t do it with me since I was your sister and I thought that watching you was about as close as I was going to get. So I started inviting girls over that I knew you liked so I could watch you do it and masturbate. I kept on doing it because I would always have the best orgasms while watching you with my friends.”

I was a little stunned. Not only had I just learned that my step sister used to finger herself while watching me screw her girlfriends and that she had her best orgasms while she was doing it, but also that she had set the whole thing up for her own pleasure. The implications of this whole thing were not lost on me despite the fact I was pretty drunk and I started to think that this night might not be a waste after all.

I put my hand on her knee and said “Lisa, I wish you would have said something a long time ago. It’s not like you are my real sister or anything.”

Lisa looked at me, leaned over and kissed me, tentatively at first but when I didn’t push her away she got more aggressive, putting her arms around my neck and climbing onto my lap. She began to grind herself against my steadily hardening dick as I reached behind her and unhooked her bra with much practiced efficiency. Then I lifted up her shirt and briefly breaking our lip lock I pulled her shirt and bra up over her head, exposing her firm breasts. As she leaned back in to reconnect our lips, I let my hands wander to Lisa’s breasts which weren’t big, a little bigger than a baseball, but they were definitely firm. I rubbed her breasts in a circle with my palms as I tweaked her nipples, causing her to sigh through our kiss. Lisa stopped our kiss and she pulled off my shirt and unbuttoned my pants. She then started on my zipper and as she pulled it down my cock got some partial relief from the confines of my pants leaving only my boxers barely containing it. Lisa leaned forward and started kissing me again as she drove her hand kaçak iddaa into my shorts and wrapped it around my dick.

“You have a great cock; I want to suck it so badly!” It felt like my cock was doing cartwheels in her hand and could not wait for her put her mouth on me. I prodded her a little by pulling my boxers down to join my pants at mid thigh and Lisa wasted no time in getting the hint. She pulled her mouth off of my mouth and ran her tongue down my chest and over my stomach. She dropped to her knees and pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles. Placing her palms on my thighs she bent her head down and took my prick into her mouth. She put her lips around the head and slowly slipped her mouth down the length of my dick. The sensation was great as she slowly slipped my cock into her and down into her throat.

I had never had a girl that could do that to me before and I blew almost immediately. I think it surprised Lisa a little because she pulled back slightly as my cum began to flow into her mouth. She did not, however; stop sucking nor did she allow any of my semen to escape her mouth, which was something else entirely new to me. Most girls I had messed with would not even give head, let alone swallow.

“Oh my God Lisa, that was great. Let’s get those pants off and allow me to return the favor!” For some reason I could not wait to taste her pussy. I had eaten out girls before but never with much gusto and usually not to orgasm but I was determined to do so for Lisa. She stood up off her knees and I immediately reached for the restraints keeping her jeans around her waist and undid the button and the zipper in quick fashion. I pulled down her jeans and took in the sight before me. Lisa was wearing white cotton panties and instead of pulling them off along with her jeans I grabbed Lisa by the hips and pulled her to me. I ran my tongue over the inside of her thighs and around the outline of her pussy lips which was prominent through her cotton panties. My hands massaged her buttocks as I tongued her pussy through her panties, the crotch of which is soaked with my saliva and her pussy juices. After a few seconds I slowly started to slip the panties down as I maneuvered Lisa to the couch.

Once I got her sat down on the couch I pulled her bottom the edge and knelt down between her legs. Placing my hand on her pubic mound I began to massage her clit with my thumb as I explored her shaven pussy with my tongue. I drove my tongue into her love canal and slurped up her fragrant juices. Pulling out my tongue I flicked it down to her puckered anus causing Lisa to moan and grab and a handful of my hair as she pulled her legs up off the floor and scooted her behind closer to the edge of the couch to give me better access to her anal bud. Using my free hand I began kaçak bahis to rub her asshole with one finger as I tongued the area between her pussy and her asshole. I decided to see how far I could take this anal play and slipped my finger into Lisa’s twat to get nice and lubed up and then lightly traced it down the path where my tongue had been seconds before. As I reached her anal opening I slowly began to insert my finger into her ass. This brought an immediate reaction from Lisa, and it was not the reaction I expected. She heaved a husky sigh and whispered “Yes, finger my ass. I love it!”

She shocked me even further by thrusting her ass at my finger and pushing my face into her twat as she began to climax. “I’m Cumming!!!!!” she shrieked as her body shook with the force of her orgasm.

She sat on the couch panting and I absently began stroking my resurrected cock. I was filled with the desire to fuck Lisa before this night was over and she made it clear that she felt the same. With lusty playfulness she pushed me over onto my back on the floor. Then she grabbed my peter in her hand and slowly lowered herself down on it. Slowly at first but picking up speed she began to ride my cock. Her pussy was warm and VERY tight and was getting wetter by the minute. As she neared her orgasm she clawed my chest, drawing blood and pounding herself on my hips hard and fast. She stopped riding my cock and bent forward putting her face into the crook of my neck and biting down hard and drawing even more blood as she reached her orgasm and her body shook violently.

After her orgasm passed she rolled off my dick and onto her belly on the floor with her ass slightly elevated. Seeing her ass in the air like that gave me an idea. I grabbed a pillow off the couch and placed it under her hips to prop her ass up in the air to give me better access. I took my thoroughly soaked cock and placed at the entrance of her asshole. Receiving no resistance I slowly began to slide my cock into her poop chute. I thought her pussy was tight but it was nothing compared to her ass. I stopped burying my cock in her ass as she reached another orgasm.

“Oh God, don’t stop! Fuck my ass please.” She pleaded with me and I complied by quickening my strokes and burying my cock to the hilt. Regardless of the fact that I had blown only twenty minutes before, I was quickly reaching my second climax. I felt the semen rising in my balls and I willed it stop or at least slow down so that I could enjoy my sister’s ass for a few minutes more but it was not to be. On my next thrust I unloaded what seemed like a gallon of semen deep into Lisa’s bowels and she screamed that was also Cumming.

At that point I didn’t see how that night could get any better, but as Lisa and I laid there covered in sweat and our sex juices, with the blood still oozing from my bite and scratch marks, she revealed another secret to me that would lead us to an even better sexual encounter. Of course that is another story entirely…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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