Stepmom and Dad with Son

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This story is pure fantasy.

My name is Steven, and I had known my stepmother for pretty much all of my life. I was 18 when this happened. I was staying with my father, John, and his wife, my stepmom, Angela. I am her only stepson, but she has three other children. My mother and father divorced a few years ago, and I was staying with my father.

Only recently had I taken notice of my stepmom in a sexual way. I looked through her panty drawer once and I was hooked ever since. She had everything; she had lots of thongs of all colours and fabrics, some g-strings, some frilly panties and some lingerie. I used to wear her thongs and I stole some g-strings to wear once, I don’t know if she ever found out. Her and my dad kept their “adult goods” in a hidden draw of her bedside table. In that draw were a pink vibrator, some lubricant and three porn movies.

I had heard her and my dad having sex on numerous occasions, each of which I would sit downstairs and listen while jerking furiously. I felt the horniest I’ve ever felt every time I listened. I could hear their bed shaking and her moaning and yelling out in orgasmic glee. She was a bit of a slut, but she had never really made it obvious to me.

It was a Friday afternoon, and I had come home from work to find my stepmom cooking a roast in the kitchen. I went upstairs and talked to her a bit about work and my plans for the holidays, before I went downstairs to watch some television. My dad would be coming home at about 6:00pm and I had to entertain myself for the night.

I went upstairs to get some food. As I was preparing some snacks in the kitchen, I admired my stepmom. She had a beautiful and perky D-cup chest, with blonde hair and a fairly good-looking face. My favourite asset of hers however, was her ass. It was firm, but big, the perfect ass. I had seen her ass crack on many occasions as she wore loose fitting jeans fairly often, and it always looked fairly chunky. It often dwarfed the tiny g-strings that would ride up out of her jeans.

I loved when she bent over and she was wearing no panties. Her jeans would slide down her ass but her ass cheeks would come out the top. She had ass cheeks like I could not describe. Her ass crack looked amazing when it was squished in her jeans, and I fantasized about just shoving a finger down and fingering her asshole.

I had seen her naked before; güvenilir bahis on one occasion, she was getting in the shower and I could see red slap marks on her ass and this drove me nuts.

Today, she was wearing blue jeans that fitted loosely around her ass, and when she crouched down to attend the oven, my favourite purple g-string rode up, out of her pants. I got an instant hard on. I took my food downstairs and all I could think about was her MILF ass and the g-string she was wearing.

I didn’t feel guilty, checking out my stepmom and masturbating to the thought of her more times than I could count. I knew it was taboo in many people’s eyes, and that was part of the thrill I got.

The rest of the night went pretty quickly, with us eating dinner together, her, my dad and me. My dad is a big man, not fat, but tall and thick set. He had black hair and was fairly bigger than I was. My cock was about 7-8 inches long, but I’m sure my dad’s was a lot bigger than that.

After dinner, I helped to clean up and got a lot more glances at her ass and the awesome purple g-string she was wearing. I went downstairs and showered before watching some more TV. It was getting late and I had work in the morning, so I called out that I was going to bed, but I had other things in mind. I lay in bed with the door shut just so I could see the upstairs lights. I wanted to wait for them to turn out the lights and head into their room before listening out once again to see if my stepmom and my dad had sex.

I heard my stepmom go into the shower and my dad began to turn the lights out and walk into his room. I hopped up and sat on the couch, waiting. I heard the shower turn off and heard them walking towards the bed. The house was wooden, so any movements were distinguishable. They both were in the bed, but I didn’t know what was going to happen, so I turned the TV on and watched while I got my cock hard.

The bed would shake a bit every now and again for the next ten minutes, so I got my hopes up. Then, all of a sudden, it started moving in the motions I had heard so many times before. It was moving back and forth, and fast. This made me really horny and my heart started to beat really fast. I knew what has happening, my dad and stepmom were fucking like crazy just upstairs.

I went into the dirty clothes basket and found one of her thongs. It was green and türkçe bahis had the stains of a days use. I picked it up and put it on. It felt awesome. I kept listening and wanking; now I could hear her voice talking to my dad.

I had decided during the week that I would go upstairs next time I heard them fucking to get a better view, so I tip-toed up the stairs and crawled towards their room. I stopped at the door and stuck my head around the corner. I had dreamed of a sight like this. My stepmom still had her g-string on and was bouncing on my dad cowgirl style. I could see her g-string pulled to the side and her perfect ass was moving up and down.

She was moaning and groaning, my dad was really enjoying himself. So I hopped off the floor quietly and crept towards them. I could smell the sweet fragrance of her pussy, which my dads cock was deep inside.

I had no clothes on, and I decided that it was my time. I stuck my cock out and poked her asshole. They both stopped. She looked around at me in fright, then bent in to my dad and started whispering to him. My dad nodded at me and then she started bouncing on him again. I knew this was my cue to fuck her.

I licked my fingers and rubbed her asshole. It felt so good to know that this was the MILF’s asshole that I had fantasized about for so long. This was the MILF’s asshole that had been fucked so many times by my dad. And it was now my turn.

I approached her asshole and slid my cock between her butt cheeks. They were so warm and my cock rubbed along her asshole while she bounced on my dad. My penis then started pushing against her anus, before the whole head was in. It felt so warm on my virgin cock, and I wanted more. I pushed hard and my cock went all the way in, with my stepmom moaning for me to fuck her.

I slid my cock in and out of her asshole, fucking her to my hearts content. I could feel my dad’s cock in her pussy through the lining that separated her pussy and her ass. I kept fucking her and then my dad wanted a turn. So he took his cock out of her pussy and rested it under mine, signalling to me that it was his turn.

I started to stoke his cock as I pulled mine out of her ass, and then I began to tongue kiss my stepmother. I kept stroking my dads cock, it was thicker and longer than mine, and he was uncircumcised, just like me. I let go of his cock as he positioned himself doggy-style güvenilir bahis siteleri with her. I helped him slide his cock into her asshole then I moved to her face and stuck my cock into her mouth.

She blew me for some time while my dad pumped her from behind. I could fit my cock all the way into her mouth and she enjoyed every bit of it.

Once she was done with the blowjob, she sat on my dad reverse cowgirl and pushed my face towards her pussy. She made me lick the shaft of my dads cock and lick her MILF pussy. She wanted to cum, so I stuck two fingers in her and fingered her as fast as I could. In no time at all, she let out a large gasp and began to shake. My fingers were pushed out and she let out an almighty squirt. It was the horniest thing I’ve ever seen.

I licked her pussy some more and the last bits of her squirt went into my mouth, all of which I swallowed. My dad wanted to cum, and my stepmom wanted him to cum into my mouth and for me to cum inside her, one after the other. My dad asked me if I was fine with that, and I was happy to oblige.

I took the head of my dads cock into my mouth, caressing his wet knob with my tongue as my stepmom took mine into her mouth and deep throated it. My dad pushed his cock deeper and I did nothing to resist, as I took it all the way in.

He started saying that he was ready to cum, and I could feel his cock pulsing. This was the cock that had conceived me many years ago. My stepmom kept sucking my cock as my dad began to cum. He shot a big, warm load, deep into my mouth and I held his cock and all of cum inside my mouth as he felt an amazing orgasm go through him.

As he pulled his cock out, I slurped every bit of cum that was left on his cock into my mouth. I showed him his load before swallowing every last bit of it. He lay down beside my stepmom and started kissing her cheek as she continued to suck my cock.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and pushed it towards my dad. He looked at me to get the go ahead and I nodded. He began to suck my cock just like my stepmom had been doing only seconds before. This drove me crazy. I was ready to cum.

I pushed his head off my cock and I positioned my stepmom in front of me. I slid my cock into her ass and pumped for a few minutes before cumming deep in her ass. As I pulled my cock out, my dad put his mouth over her asshole and started to suck. He was sucking my cum out of his wife’s ass. He sucked it all out and showed it to me before swallowing it, returning the favour.

This was my first ever experience with my stepmom, and I hope there will be more to come.

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