Stepmom’s Punishment Ch. 2

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Marlene had hoped that her stepson, David, would grow tired of her after getting everything he wanted. In the four months since he had video taped her cheating on her husband Marlene had done everything she could to satisfy his every desire. She talked David’s dad into buying him a car. Allowed him to come and go whenever he pleased. Provided extra money for him. And of course, been his sexual partner during each of his dad’s business trips.

The 24-year old beauty had thought she had struck the jackpot when she married David’s father: Her senior by ten years. But she had erred twice. First in badly mistreating her stepson who was only seven years younger than she. And second by allowing herself to be caught having an affair by David. Her stepson had caught the whole thing on tape the used it to blackmail her into a degrading rape of all of her orifices while secretly taping that as well.

Now she was at his beck and call whenever he desired her. Or else face the probability of a divorce and the possibility of criminal charges.

During her husbands week long monthly trips David would make her his sex slave. And as much as Marlene hated to admit it-and she never would tell David-She had almost become excited at the ordeal. The forbidden nature of their tryst had served to bring her to many fond orgasms. Had it not been for the way David treated her during all these she supposed she would be openly willing to accept him by now. But that just made it worse in her mind. She was grateful that she was on the pill for the last thing she needed was to become pregnant by her husband’s son. Marlene took hope in the knowledge that David would be going off to college this summer and her ordeal would finally be over.

She had tried finding the videotapes on several occasions, but had no luck. When David realized that she had been snooping he changed their relationship. Now it was not only when his dad was out of town. David would sometimes take Marlene in the afternoon following school before his dad came home. And on a few occasions had secretly forced her to perform oral sex on him while his father was in the house.

When Marlene learned that her husband would be leaving the day after Christmas for a short trip she couldn’t face the prospect of David forcing her to have sex throughout the holidays. So Marlene got an idea. She called her sister, Jennifer, to come and visit during that week.

When David learned that Jennifer was coming he was incensed. He hated his ‘Aunt Jennifer’ as she tried to get him to call her. Jennifer was thirty years old and divorced. And was a real bitch. But what David hated the most was that Jennifer had worked with his mom and was the reason that his dad had met Marlene.

When Jennifer arrived on Christmas Eve David figured that this would make banging Marlene more difficult. But he was not about to give up, especially after seeing the smug look on his stepmother’s face. He would just have to try to figure something out.

They day after Christmas when his father left Marlene and Jennifer sat up late drinking. Jennifer was surprised when Marlene let David join them. Little did she know that her younger sister had no other choice in the matter. As the three sat around drinking David took notice of Jennifer’s body. While she had an average face Jennifer was built better than his stepmother. Her tits were easily double-D cups and she was rather shapely. David wondered güvenilir bahis if her strawberry blond hair was colored or not. While watching her David realized that his cock had grown hard.

Marlene watched David as they drank. She had hoped to get him too drunk to think about sex. But it was Jennifer who was growing more and more wasted with every drink. As David watched his aunt bobbing on the couch he began getting ideas. So he paced his drinking and bided his time for the inevitable.

Around 1:00 AM Jennifer drifted off to sleep on the couch. That’s when David ordered Marlene to strip.

“Can’t we at least go to the bedroom.” Marlene pleaded.

“I want to fuck you right here in front of your sister.” David ordered. Marlene reluctantly took off her clothes while David set up the camcorder in the living room. Afterwards David took a pair of handcuffs that he had bought for some games with Marlene and cuffed Jennifer’s hands behind her. He then unbuttoned her shirt and unfastened her bra allowing her huge melons to fall free.

“Don’t touch her!” Marlene ordered.

“You got the bitch into this, mom. It’s up to you to make sure she stays safe.

After turning on the camera David ordered Marlene on her knees over her sister’s lap on the couch. Then David removed his pants and mounted her from behind and began fucking his stepmother while playing with his aunt’s tits.In the midst of fucking Jennifer began to stir. When she awoke her eyes grew wide with shock at the sight of her sister lying in her lap getting fucked by David. Then she saw his hand on her bare tit and tried to jump. But her sister’s weight, and her hands being secured behind her, prevented her from rising.

“What the fuck are you doing?” She cried out.

“What,” David replied. “Marlene never told you that we’ve been fucking for months now. And we’ve decided to let you join us.” Marlene was horrified at the lie. She was about to tell her sister the truth when Jennifer began shouting.

“What the fuck is wrong with you two! This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of. Let me go or I’ll call the cops on both of you!” While Marlene was in the midst of panic David knew that he had to shut his aunt up. Lacking any better ideas, David pulled out from his mother and stood over his aunt forcing his hard cock into her face. When Jennifer pulled away he grabbed her head with both hands and ordered her to suck his cock. “Tell her to do it, mom!” He commanded Marlene.

Marlene didn’t know what else to do. Everything was falling apart around her and she was desperate so she said, “Suck him off, Jennifer. Please just do it.”

Jennifer was in shock. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen and heard. She continued to try to resist but David succeeded in ramming his cock into her mouth. She began using her lips and tongue to stroke his cock only to keep him from jamming it into the back of her throat. Like her sister, Jennifer didn’t enjoy sucking dick. She had done so on occasion, but never found it enjoyable.

And it was something she hadn’t done for several years. Now here she was sucking on her nephew’s cock with her sister lying naked in her lap. Jennifer could feel David thrusting his hips, succeeding to force his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Then she heard him groan with delight and buck his hips forward just as his cock began erupting in her mouth and down her throat. Jennifer tried türkçe bahis to pull her head away but David held it tight as he unleashed every drop of his cum into her mouth forcing her to swallow it.

When David pulled out Jennifer demanded to be let free. But David only laughed at her. “You’re going to party with me and mom.” He informed her. Jennifer looked pleadingly at Marlene, unable to comprehend what was happening between her sister and nephew.

Then David began undoing her pants. When Jennifer started to get up David shoved her back and began pulling her jeans and panties off at the same time. David was pleasantly surprised to see that his aunt must not dye her hair after all. Only look at her pussy and David was growing aroused again. “Please don’t fuck me, David.” Jennifer pleaded. “Oh I’m going to fuck you alright. But not yet. I have other plans first.

“Lick her!” David ordered Marlene.

“Fuck you!” Marlene cried.

“Do it or else.” David never had an idea of exactly what he would say if Marlene ever came back with “or else what?” Apparently she had her own fear of what he meant and it always worked. So he just let her imagination do the threatening for him. Marlene had tears in her eyes as she got down between Jennifer’s knees.

“Oh fuck, no!” Jennifer cried out. “Don’t do that, Marlene!”

David quickly grabbed the tripod and camera and brought it over to get a good shot of his stepmother licking her sister’s pussy. Jennifer lost it when she saw the camera but David set it down and ran over to hold her still while Marlene began licking her pussy lips.

“Get her clit.” David ordered. Jennifer spasmed when she felt Marlene’s tongue rub across her clit. She could feel it swelling as her sister licked it again and again. Jennifer enjoyed being licked by men. But never had she fantasized about a woman doing her this way. Let alone her sister. When her body began enjoying it she flushed from head to toe in shame. David couldn’t take the excitement any longer. He moved around behind Marlene and began fucking her doggie style while watching her lick her sister’s sopping pussy.

Marlene’s pussy welcomed David’s cock into her. And as much as she hated what she was doing the harder he pumped the harder and faster she licked. She could feel Jennifer’s juices spilling out onto her cheeks. Despite her sister’s moans she could still hear Jennifer begging her to stop between breaths. But Marlene knew that she dared not stop. Marlene was horrified when she felt Jennifer tremble and begin moaning loudly. She realized that she was about to force her sister to have an orgasm. As Jennifer moaned David began pumping harder. He wanted to make sure and cum at the same time. Marlene felt her sister’s pussy explode on her face just as David began shooting his hot load into her pussy. She fought back tears as she looked up to see Jennifer staring down at her in disgust.

“That was enjoyable, wasn’t it.” David said as he pulled his limp cock out of Marlene’s pussy. He grabbed his aunt and pulled her to the floor. “Your turn.” Both ladies thought he meant that it was Jennifer’s turn to get fucked. But that is not what David had in mind.

“Sit on her face.” David instructed Marlene. “I want her to suck the cum out of your pussy.” Jennifer tried to get up but David used his foot to hold her down. “Now!” He ordered and Marlene quickly complied. Jennifer’s protests were muffled out by Marlene’s güvenilir bahis siteleri soaking, cum-filled, pussy as it pressed down on her face.

“Lick her!” David ordered. Marlene didn’t know when she had started but she suddenly realized that she was grinding her pussy on her sister’s lips. No matter how hard she tried to stop she couldn’t stop herself from grinding against Jennifer’s tongue. No matter how disgusted she was about forcing herself on her sister she couldn’t deny that her body was beginning to enjoy this. David took the camera and moved around the two women capturing the scene on video. Soon he could see Marlene captured in the moment of ecstasy as she began cumming on her sister’s face. When she had finished she collapsed on the floor trembling.

David hadn’t noticed how hard he had gotten watching his stepmother and her sister together. The humiliation that the two of them were feeling was enough to get him fully aroused. He fixed the camera in place and climbed atop of aunt. Jennifer tried half-heartedly to kick at him to prevent him from getting between her legs but had lost most of her will to fight. She gasped when he shoved his hardened cock into her pussy and began fucking her without mercy. Marlene watched as her stepson was raping her sister. She felt a mixture of emotions: Shame for the revelation to Jennifer of what has been going on. Pity for her sister’s ordeal. And oddly enough, jealousy at seeing David fucking someone else. The latter emotion took her by surprise.

Jennifer wanted to fight what was happening to her. But she could feel David’s masterful strokes as he fucked her better than she had been fucked in years. She thought that her sister must have trained him well in the art of lovemaking. She couldn’t believe that her sister had been a part of this rape and incest. The very thought of what was going on here sickened her to the core. But the response her body was having to David’s thick cock was overwhelming her senses. She was enjoying this! And as hard as she would like to fight against it she couldn’t do so.

It had been far too long since someone had filled her so. She gave in to the passion and began fucking back with every ounce of her strength. Had her hands not been cuffed behind her she would have wrapped her arms around David and squeezed him in effort to never let him get up. She willfully and greedily accepted every thrust of his cock, meeting them with her own hips. David couldn’t believe the response he was getting. The fact that he was making his bitchy aunt enjoy this so much got him even harder-if that were possible. He continued to ravage her pussy feeling his balls tighten up. Then he heard Jennifer cry out as her body convulsed with the passion of her climax and it was all he could take. He unleashed his seed deep into her belly. Jennifer felt him cumming inside her. She tried to cry out for him to pull out of her but she was so caught up in the throws of her orgasm that all she could do was scream with delight as she felt the warmth of his semen splatter inside her.

Marlene couldn’t take it any longer. She grabbed David and pulled him off and straddled his cock. She needed him badly and now it was her turn.

For the rest of the week both sisters competed to see who could outdo the other as they took David every way possible. The willingly accepted his commands to do each other as well as him. And neither objected to the video taping. It was a week of passion that David would never forget. By week’s end David had completely exhausted himself. And he was very reluctant to see his Aunt Jennifer leave. He was sure that he would welcome her visits in the future.

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