Stone’s Birthday Bash Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Ch.01 Sweet Little Susie

The morning of my twentieth birthday started with a jolt, maybe more like a bomb, as my hot little sister Susie woke me in the wee hours by screaming, “Cowabunga!” Susie had snuck in the small exercise trampoline I had gotten her for her eighteenth birthday a few months ago. After placing it about a foot away from my bed, she had gotten a head of steam by charging down the hall to my bedroom. She leapt on the trampoline and, after yelling her war cry, flung her whole ninety-eight pound body through the air, landing with a body splash directly across my back. She even held her elbows forward, like a Ram’s horn finisher from the film The Wrestler, so they dug right into my kidneys.

I had been dead asleep so the blow came completely unexpected; despite her light weight it felt like someone dropped a cartoonish safe on me. I groaned and tried rolling onto my side but sweet little Susie wouldn’t allow that as she scrambled on top of me like an irate crab. She scuttled over, wrapping her skinny little legs around my head in a figure four head scissors so her tight calf muscle were pressed against my mouth; allowing me a little air so I didn’t completely asphyxiate too soon.

“Ugh, ‘morning ‘big brother,'” she said, in her usual mocking tone. Ever since I came of age to join our family’s wrestling league I hadn’t won a single match. It had not only earned me a lot of ridicule in the league but it started to roll over into the rest of my immediate family being teased since dad likewise had gone for decades without winning a match; even when he and mom would tag team, she ended up carrying the fight. It got so bad that they would argue night and day, my mom emasculating my father on every occasion until he eventually moved out and went to live in D.C.

Ever since then, things had turned back into relative normalcy until my loss streak brought up all the old jokes about being a family of jobbers. My sister had been dead set on breaking those rumors and so far she she’s 4-0 for being so relatively new. Susie and mom had been training for months before my little sister debuted; she’s already a yellow belt in taekwondo.

I was feeling the effects of her physicality as she pumped her leg muscles, asking how much I like my birthday present so far. I was half-on-half-off my bed, staring at the trampoline she had brought; assuming the brat had snuck it in, cleverly placing it by my bed while I slept. My legs were kicking on the bed, trying to push us both over, but being tangled up in the sheets slowed this process. By the time Susie realized what I was up to, as one hand was trying to pry her leg away from my mouth, while the other was trying to pull myself forward by grabbing onto the dark brown carpet on the floor of my room, she swiftly tugged my boxers down; looping them around my ankles almost like leg shackles.

“Oh what’s this,” she said in a sing-songy little güvenilir bahis voice.

“Does my ‘big brother’ have some morning wood?” Susie cooed as she reached over my hip to jerk my stiff erection. I grunted against her leg; my cock was the reason I lost all of my matches. Anytime my opponent started rubbing my dick through my speedos in the ring I would turn to putty in their hands; be it male or female, it was my Achilles heel so to speak.

“Does my ‘big brother’ want his little sister to give his nice, fat cock a birthday blowjob?” Susie continued to degrade me as she teased me with slow strokes; her tiny fist barely wrapping around my thick meat.

“Uh huh,” I moaned as I inhaled the intoxicating scent of her tender girl flesh, with her calf pressed up under my nose like I was testing the bouquet of a fine wine.

“Too bad; you’re never going to use this thing on me,” she said with a hiss and dug her little fingers into my nuts. I yelped like a scalded dog and, on instinct, bit down on her leg, causing her to screech. She released me, rolling away to rub her calf while I lay cradled on the floor in a fetal position; clutching my family jewels.

“You’ll pay for that,” she cried out in rage. My petite sister flew through the air like a gymnast doing the vault. Thankfully, due to my position on the floor, I was able to grab ahold of her toy sized trampoline and hold it over myself like a shield.

Her squawk of shock was almost worth the surprise attack as she bounced off and ricocheted into my closet, since I always left the door to it open. However I forgot about dirty clothes on the floor in there, so a two foot high pile of my shirts and jeans softened her impact. I had tossed the trampoline off with a sigh, thinking the evil little beast had been dealt with.

Surely all I need to do is catch my breath and lock her ass in there, I thought to myself but when I saw movement I knew I was still in trouble.

I was still lying on the floor still, trying to catch my breath, when I saw Susie’s form step out of the shadows; a pair of my used boxers-the one with the little hearts and Cupid’s positioned so it looked like the arrow in his bow would’ve been my erect cock poking through the fly that my girlfriend Kayla had gotten me for valentine’s day-were hanging off my sisters head; her face was as red as my underwear she was wearing for a hat.

She hollered a lions roar and charged out from the closet. I had just enough time to sit up but my back was to the bed, like I was resting against the edge of the box spring. When she came at me I managed to duck a roundhouse kick she had aimed for my temple-Susie had always been somewhat of a head hunter.

She was knocked off balance for a second; spinning with her back to me. I saw my chance and quickly grabbed my little sister around her waist, flipping back so I gave her a German suplex onto my bed. But because she was türkçe bahis so tiny and slippery with sweat, I lost my grip for a moment and grabbed the only other thing I could; her white bikini panties.

I didn’t know my own strength and she flew so hard she might’ve gone right out the window next my bed so I held onto her undies as hard as I could, which slowed her velocity some but in doing so yanked them down completely off one leg so they encircled her right ankle like a snare.

She was half hanging off the bed on the other side; maybe less than a foot away from the window which had a bench-like ledge, that lead to the roof. She probably smacked her head on that ledge I sometimes sit on to stare out the window because she didn’t move right away. I took my opportunity and dove on top of her, pinning Susie down with my 160 pounds.

Knowing my sister’s weakness, I dove my face down into her bare ass and buried my tongue between her cheeks.

“Ohh,” she moaned from below my bedspread as I ate out Susie’s butt; I knew how much she loved making her beaten opponent’s rim her out after she won a match and hoped it would be a quick way to win.

“Ahh, yes, deeper,” she whined and I was practically trying to tongue-fuck her poop chute when her little legs snapped shut around my ears. She straightened them out, locking her ankles together, as Susie grabbed ahold of my ankles-which were hanging over the bed, past her shoulders-and used her incredible strength to flip me, her older brother, over so now she was on top; my little sister was pretty buff. She sat up, grinding my face into her ass more as she used a handful of my hair to tug me deeper, while her other hand reached behind her back to grasp my nuts.

“Ahhhhhh!” I was yelling yet it came out like a groan of pleasure due to being muffled by her butt as my little sister moaned, gyrating her hips to wiggle her shitter around my protracted tongue.

“You like being my ass licking bitch?” Susie asked rhetorically as she pumped my nads in her fist like a stress ball while I emitted little squeals. I tried reaching up to pry her tiny hand away but whenever I did she gave my nutsack a vicious twist until it felt like I was going to black out from the pain.

“I didn’t say you could touch them, bitch, did I?” she roared and I mumbled “No mistress,” but through the filter of her butt cheeks.

“You like being my bitch, don’t’cha, ‘big brother?'” my little sister taunted me as I was forced to lay my hands at my side or else be neutered.

“Yesh mis’twess,” I tried to say as loudly as I could despite having my tongue lodged up her asshole.

“Good, now do you submit and promise to be my bitch the rest of your birthday?” she sounded a little happier and released the pressure on my balls somewhat. I sighed a little and told her, “Yes Mis’twess.” Susie finally got up and I swear I almost had an orgasm from the relief of not güvenilir bahis siteleri having my testicles crushed.

My respite was brief as my petite little sister soon grabbed me by the balls again, telling me to follow her or else she would rip off my nuts. I was lead by my jewels, as she took me down the hall to her room. Since she was a girl, mom had given my little sister the bedroom with an adjoining bathroom, leaving me to use the guest shower downstairs. My sister lead me into her shower, since we had both lost our bottoms in the match-she never really needed a bra since Susie has the tiniest of A cups that make her resemble a fourteen year old rather than a high school graduate-we were already in our birthday suits as she turned the water on.

I yelped a little at the initial blast of cold water; being on the second floor it takes a while for the hot water heater to really kick in.

“Aww, don’t worry, bitch, you’ll get back to your job soon enough; you don’t have to cry about it.” When I opened my mouth to correct her, my little sister twisted my nutsack so violently the blinding pain sent me to my knees but unable to utter a syllable. Susie got in, not bothering to close the curtain, and backed her cute little butt up into my face.

“Get busy, bitch,” my little sister commanded, after grabbing my hair and pulling my face back into the gentle bosom of her cheeks. Her moans echoed in the bathroom as I was forced to lick her asshole once again; Susie bent at the waist, sandwiching my head against the back linoleum wall of the shower, basically using my face like a throne, the water spraying down on us, as she controlled me by alternating a two handed grip on my cock, to hold her balance, and squeezing my balls when I would get too close to cumming.

“Mmm, my bitch isn’t allowed to get off, you hear me ‘big brother.’ For the rest of the day you’re not allowed to touch your cock, is that understood?”

I was not able to answer because Susie gave one final tug of my hair and pulled my face deep into her ass as her entire body shook with an intense orgasm. Due to being oxygen deprived and her iron-like grip on my balls, I must’ve passed out because I awoke about an hour later, lying strewn in the tub; shivering. Susie had left but, after finally crawling out of her room and back down to mine, I saw she had left me a text message.

“Hey Bitch,” it said. “Don’t 4get, u can’t touch ur dik all day lol.” Even though she had teased my cock remorselessly in the shower, my balls still ached from her constant squeezing, so the thought of playing with myself didn’t factor in at all. I was so worn out I flopped down on my bed, intent on passing out again, when my phone buzzed. It was a text from my mom, wishing me a happy birthday but also saying Susie had told her about our match and how disappointed she was I had lost to my little sister.

“After you get cleaned up, come see me at the office honey,” her text read. “I think it’s time I took care of your training personally.” I gulped nervously than let my head hit the pillow; my second ass whipping of the day will have to wait until at least noon, I thought.

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