Stormy Night Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: If you haven’t read the first chapter yet, I suggest you start there. To those of you who left comments on chapter 1… Thank you.

I present to you, Chapter 2, with more installments to come.


I lay awake that morning, my eyes still closed, reveling in the memory of the previous night. I remember how childish I felt, hoping to myself that the night before had not been just a dream, that I really had made love to my sister.

It sounds a strange wish I’m sure, and any time before that night I would have said it was a sick wish as well. Something had changed in me though; something I didn’t even realize had been there was gone.

As kids, my sister and I were like any other siblings; we had our good days and our bad days. We had never been very close, and I know that I felt there was always something of a wall between us. We didn’t fight, or dislike each other, or anything like that, we simply couldn’t find words to say.

It was as I lay awake that morning that it occurred to me that the reason I couldn’t talk to my sister in the past was the same as any girl I had ever had feelings for. I know you know what I mean by this, it’s that loss of words you feel around a person you are smitten with, and I suppose I just couldn’t see it because I loved her as a sister already. I’m not sure I can explain it really, but I hope you get the idea.

At some point in the night, we had shed out clothing and I could feel Jessica’s soft skin against my own, the warmth of her body against mine as we lay together in a spoon position. I could smell the scent of her hair, the soft curls brushed lightly against my face as she turned towards me.

As I opened my eyes, I was greeted with the deepest, most beautiful blue eyes I had ever laid eyes on. “Good morning.” Jessica said with an uneasy smile. “Good morning.” I replied, still lost in those beautiful blues.

People often talk of love at first sight, and in that moment I believed; it was the first time I saw Jessica as the truly beautiful young woman she was, rather than just my sister. And I knew I had fallen for her.

“Jason, I don’t know how you feel about last night but I…” She began in an uncertain tone, but was cut off as I kissed her. I had never kissed anyone as passionately as I did that morning, and I felt the tension in her body melt away. I ran my hand along the soft skin of her side, feeling her tremble slightly at my touch.

“I love you Jessica.” I said, looking deeply into her eyes. Tears came to her eyes as she kissed me, our tongues playing back and forth. My hand rounded her shoulder, and I slid it slowly down to the small of her back and then to her tight little ass. I cupped her ass firmly, pulling her body closer to mine.

My morning wood stood out proudly before me, and it pressed into her belly. She smiled knowingly at me when she broke our kiss. I felt her fingers travel slowly down my body, and she wrapped her small hand around my shaft. I groaned loudly as she began to slowly jack me off. She began to kiss my neck, then my chest, stomach and finally right on the tip of my cock. I nearly exploded right then.

She licked the head tentatively and with a “Mmmm.”, began to suck me into her mouth. The warmth and wetness of her mouth sent feelings of pleasure through my body that I had never before felt. She licked and sucked at my cock hungrily, often licking güvenilir bahis just the tip of it, and driving me totally crazy.

Her nice little ass was up near my chest as she worked on my cock, and I pulled her towards me. She clearly understood what I was getting at, and moved her legs to straddle my. Her pubic hair was jet black, but neatly trimmed into a landing strip, like you see on porn stars sometimes. As she lowered her wet pussy towards my face, I could smell her intoxicating aroma; I hadn’t even tasted her, and I was already hooked.

I stuck my tongue straight into her opening, and she let out a deep low moan, vibrating the base of my cock in her throat. She tasted sweet, and silky. I was so close to coming, but I held off as much as I could. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and flicked it with my tongue before sinking my tongue back into her sweet hole. She let out an even deeper moan, pushing her sex back into my face, she moaned again and I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Unghhhh….” I moaned into her pussy, jamming my tongue inside her as my cock exploded in her mouth. She was pushed over the edge at the same moment, and half screamed, half moaned around my exploding cock. I shot load after load of cum into her mouth as she rocked her pussy back and forth across my tongue, her entire body shaking wildly. She did her best to swallow all of my seed, but a small amount had leaked out and onto her chin. This she wiped off with her finger and sucked into her mouth when she let my softening cock slip from her mouth.

We lay together in our dream-like euphoria, holding each other close and slowly drifted off to sleep once again.

It wasn’t until nearly ten in the morning that I woke up again, this time alone. I felt a bit sad as I stretched and went about gathering my things to take a shower; I knew Jessica would be at work already. She worked part time as a store manager for one of those teen girl clothing stores at the mall.

As I left my bedroom for the bathroom across the hall, Jessica came running from the living room, still completely naked. Her firm breasts bounced lightly as she jogged the short distance, a look of pure joy upon her beautiful face, and a distinct sparkle in her deep blue eyes.

“Not waiting for me?” She teased playfully, in mock sadness. “I thought you’d be at work.” I said, looking up and down her beautiful body. “I called in sick.” She replied, a playful smile on her face. “I think I’m terribly ill.” She added, coughing lightly, and twirling a lock of her blond hair around her finger. “Perfect.” I said as my eyes returned to hers once again. “Care to join me?” I added. “Just let me get my things.” She said as she ran into our room.

Our family’s small two-bedroom home had only one bathroom, which everyone shared. It was large and spacious inside, with both a large corner shower and a 6′ Jacuzzi bathtub. I made a mental note that the Jacuzzi seemed to be made perfectly for two people.

I started the water running in the shower as Jessica was getting her things. I had the water running, and adjusted to just the right temperature when Jessica entered the bathroom. She carried a small pile of clothing, and her toiletries with her. She had never liked leaving her personal items in the bathroom like the rest of the family; I guess she just liked to keep them personal.

I stepped into the large shower and felt the warm water flow over me. My erection türkçe bahis stood straight out from my body. A moment later, Jessica joined me, and it seemed like I got even harder. As soon as she had entered the shower, she kissed me, deeply. Leaning close to me, she wrapped an arm around me for support.

My hands roamed down along her back, and rested on her ass, oh how I felt I could hold that ass forever. “Take me now.” She commanded me. I didn’t need to be told twice.

I cupped both cheeks of her ass and lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around me, and I rested her against the shower wall, the water still pouring down on the both of us. She reached down between us, and guided my rock hard manhood toward her entrance.

Feeling the head of my cock against her pussy, I slowly pushed into her. She moaned loudly as I entered her, and I was greeted once again by the tight warmth and wetness of my sister’s pussy. When I was all the way inside, I waited a moment for her to adjust before beginning a slow, deep rhythmic pumping.

We kissed passionately as we made love in the shower. I held her up with one hand as the other fondled and massaged her beautiful breasts. “Ungh, fuck me Jason… Fuck your sister.” She moaned into my mouth between thrusts. “Uhh, shit Jess, I’m gonna cum soon.” I announced. “No, not yet.” She pleaded, as she reached for the shower knob, turning the cold water up some. The cooler water seemed to calm my impending orgasm, and I was able to continue fucking my sister with deep firm thrusts.

I picked up the pace a bit, and began to thrust into her with a bit more force, eliciting grunts and curses from her. She began pushing her hips out to meet my thrusts, and it wasn’t much longer before she announced she was close to orgasm.

“Ungh, fuck me Jason… Ungh, fill me up… Ungh, cum inside my pussy.” She breathed, the urgency of her oncoming orgasm forcing her voice into a guttural moan. I could feel my own orgasm coming again too, and I knew it was going to be huge. I pounded harder into my sister’s cunt, moaning and grunting like an animal.

As Jessica’s orgasm hit, she screamed out “Fuuuccckkkk….” The scream echoed across the tiled bathroom walls. The walls of her pussy clenched down on my cock, and I drove deep into her one final time, my cock exploding and sending jets of hot seed deep into her womb. Jessica’s body convulsed uncontrollably, and she bucked toward me, hoping to push my exploding cock deeper into her. I yelled out, clenched my teeth and squeezed my sister’s firm ass in both hands, as wave after wave of pleasure, and raw emotion coursed through my entire body.

As we recovered from our orgasms, I continued to hold Jessica to me, and she continued to tightly clench her legs around me. We were both completely spent, and it took every bit of my energy to keep from falling over. I don’t know what it is about orgasms in the shower, but they just seem to transport your mind to a whole other level of pleasure.

I felt Jessica’s legs relax a bit, and I helped her down to the floor, where we both sat for a long time. The world seemed to stop for us, and I’m not sure how long we were in there, but by the time we had recovered, washed off and exited the shower, we were both rather wrinkled.

“That was glorious.” Jessica announced as she toweled off. “You are glorious.” I responded through my towel. “Me? You’re the amazing one.” She replied, güvenilir bahis siteleri dropping the towel to the floor; I smiled and half-heartedly bowed to her. “It’s going to take a long time to recover from that one.” She added. “Yeah, and I’m starved.” I added.

“Me too. Let’s make something to eat.” Jessica replied as she began brushing her hair. I grabbed the stool that always sits by the door in the bathroom, and offered it to her, taking the brush from her. We both remained naked as I slowly brushed Jessica’s hair; I admired her body in the mirror’s reflection while she sat with her eyes closed.

When we had finished getting dressed we headed to the kitchen to decide what to eat. We eventually settled on steak, and I went about getting the steaks ready while Jessica prepared some salads and drinks.

I stood at the barbeque watching the steaks and some vegetables grill, glad that I had inherited my father’s skill with the grill. As I flipped the steak, I began to think about what future Jessica and I had. I considered the possibility of us moving to some place where no one knew who we were; we didn’t look anything alike, especially for twins. And then it hit me, we would have to tell dad and mom at some point. My heart sank.

Jessica must have sensed something, because she stuck her head out the window “Are you okay Jay?” She asked a worried tone in her voice. “How’d you know something was wrong?” I asked without looking back at her. “I always know.” She replied simply. “I could always feel it when you were sad. Ever since we were kids.” She added, putting to rest any doubts I’d had about our bond as twins.

“It’s just… well we’re going to have to tell mom and dad at some point.” I told her, sighing. “I know, but we don’t have to think about that yet, they won’t be home for a week.” She told me reassuringly. And, she was right; we didn’t have to worry about it for a while yet.

“Better flip those.”

“Hmm?… Oh, thanks.” I replied, returning to the grill.

We set the dishes out on the patio table, and ate outside in the warm summer sun. We talked as we ate; both eager to find out more about the other. We were both ashamed to discover just how little we knew about the other, though Jessica proved to know a fair bit more about me than I her.

When we had finished our late lunch, and gotten all the dishes into the dishwasher, we returned to the patio with our drinks. Sitting in the afternoon sun, I commented “I had no idea you shaved down there.” My topic seemed to amuse her a bit, as she began to giggle. “Normally I don’t.” She replied, smiling broadly. “But I think I will from now on, I kind of like it.” She added casually. “I did that last night, for you.” She finished; her expression turning very sincere.

“So you planned it?” I asked, surprised by the new development. “Mostly, but the storm helped with the details.” She added; the smile returning.

“I had no idea.”

“I know; that’s why I knew I had to act first.”

“So you’ve been planning this for a while?”

“Just about forever.”

“Wow.” That was all I could think of to say, her casualness surprised me. After all, we hadn’t been all that close, and I’d never even had any idea she felt the way she obviously did.

Neither of us looked forward to having to explain our new relationship to our parents and we agreed not to think about it until we really had to. We spent the next few days rediscovering each other and falling even more madly in love along the way.


Stay tuned for the return of the parents next.

As always, I look forward to your feedback.


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