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All characters in this story are at least eighteen years old

Chapter 1

“It’s a boy!”

After 18 hours of waiting, the doctor delivered the incredible news. John Blankenship was a father. He and his wife, Anne, were parents. It took 10 years, countless tests, hormone treatments, etc., etc., but at 30 years old they were finally parents.

“How is my wife?”

“Mother and baby are doing fine!”

“When can I see my daughter?”

For John the only fly in the ointment of an otherwise idyllic married life was his bitch of a mother in law. At 54, she was an overbearing overweight obnoxious widow. He took a sidelong glance at her. The best way he could describe her was dumpy. She stood 5″ 4″ and looked to be around 180 pounds. Her breasts were overly large for her frame. John was not an expert but he guessed 38DD. They sagged to meet her belly pooch. Her legs were like fat little sausages, dropping from beneath her always knee length dresses.

She did dress well. A seamstress somewhere earned her money configuring yards of cloth to complement her rotund shape.

From the day he first met Anne when she was 18 and he 20, Janet Carter had found fault. At first, she intimated he was too old and too poor for her baby. When they defied her and announced their engagement, she insisted that her baby would have a wedding that befit her station in life, despite the shortcomings of her fiancé.

Despite Janet Carter’s backbiting and carping, the marriage had succeeded. John worked hard and grew his small IT shop into multimillion dollar behemoth. He and Anne loved each other unconditionally. Their sex life was incredible. They managed to keep it new and exciting by being adventurous and open to new sexual experiences. They even dabbled in swapping with certain close friends.

They wanted and planned for a houseful of babies. They laughingly planned to have a basketball team by year five and a baseball team by year 10. It was not to be.

Janet Carter was relentless in subtly belittling his manhood for not producing grandbabies for her. When testing determined that Anne had fertility issues, her mom rationalized that John caused them. As one might expect, the relationship between John and his mother in law was tense to say the least. The only reason they did not break out into open hostilities was their mutual love for Anne.

“You can see her now. However, I suggest you just take a few minutes. She is tired after 18 hours of labor.”

The doctor turned to walk back in to the Delivery Room. “By the way, another reason to keep your visit short is there’s a blizzard moving in. You might want to get home before it starts!”

Anne was tired but radiant. The little bundle of joy slept peacefully cradled in her arm.

“He is beautiful, like his mother, John crowed”

“Actually he looks more like my brother, Adam, Janet interjected!”

John felt his anger rise. On this the most important day in he and Anne’s life this carping old slut was trying to ruin it. Before he could vent his anger, Anne, ever the peacemaker, jumped in.

“He has all of the best points from both sides of the family!”

The nurse poked her head into the room. “The hospital is going into emergency mode in anticipation of the storm. You are welcome to stay, but because of the Christmas holidays, visitor services will be limited!”

“Well, Anne mused, it’s December 20. They say they will release me Christmas Eve!”

“Obviously my house will be better for the holidays. Anne, you plan on staying with me!”

John bristled, preparing a cutting retort. It was only a pleading shake of Anne’s head that prevented him from unleashing his fusillade. He smiled sadly and nodded.

“Well, I guess I had better go! But I’ll be back first thing in the morning!”

“I’ll have the desk call me a cab, Janet said”

“Ma’am it’s already snowing. Getting a cab will be very difficult!”

“Fuck, Janet cursed, what am I supposed to do?”

John was taking inordinate pleasure in his mother in-law’s predicament. She lived alone on a semi secluded 5 acre estate her late husband left her. The old bitch might think she could manipulate everything. However, the weather had bested her. He realized Anne had said something to him.

“What baby?”

“Would you drop mom off?” she paused and added the one phrase that sealed the deal. “For me?”

John swallowed hard. “Mother, do you want me to drop you off?”

Janet Carter sniffed, raising her head slightly. “If you must!”

Chapter 2

John’s SUV crunched loudly through the heavily falling snow. The wipers moved furiously across the windshield but they were barely keeping up. He silently thanked himself for opting for AWD on this monster. It was only thing keeping them going. He felt the rear end slip as he turned onto the long country road leading to Janet Carter’s isolated estate.

“Watch out!” Janet screamed as a deer darted across the snow packed road. Instinctively John swerved to avoid the bahis firmaları deer. The SUV lurched then slid sideways into the ditch alongside of the road.

The impact stunned them. As John recovered his senses, the first thing he saw was his mother in law’s fat thighs and pink boy shorts clad pussy. Her beige thigh highs hung in tatters. Her skirt and winter coat had flown up and partially covered her upper body and face.

The seat belts, which prevented serious injury, now trapped them. The truck lay on its left side, canted at a 45-degree angle. John was pinned against the driver’s side door. Above him, Janet hung by her seat belt. Her head dangled just above John’s head.

“Are you ok?”

“No, I’m not ok, Janet snapped, I’m hanging upside down in a ditch in a snowstorm because of your lousy fucking driving! No goddammit! I am not ok!”

“Look, I am sick of your bitching. Moreover, frankly, I’m sick of you. But we need to work together to survive this.”

John tried to release his seatbelt but could not. He knew he would have to cut them off. Above him Janet’s legs kicked uselessly as she tried to pull her skirt down and release the seatbelt.

“It’s no use, Janet, the inertial locking system on the belts won’t let them release. They’ll have to be cut off!”

For the first time, Janet’s voice held an edge of fear. “You mean we are trapped?”

“Yes, but we need to work together to free ourselves, ok?”

There was a tremor in Janet’s voice, “What do we need to do?”

John thought for a moment. “I believe there is a pocket knife in the center console” He reached up and opened the console. He felt around and found the knife. He sawed hard on the tough seat belt material and finally sawed through it. Even in the rapidly cooling interior, he was sweating heavily as he slumped against the door.

“OK, I’m free. Now I’ll cut your belt.”

John twisted himself around until he was squatting on the driver’s side window. That put his face even with his mother in-laws inverted face. She was wild eyed and hyperventilating. “I’m so scared, John!”

“Don’t worry; we’ll get out of this!”

To get to the Janet’s belt, John had to lay across her. When he did, his crotch was even with her face. His cheek was laying on her soft full thigh. Despite the situation and the danger, John found himself becoming aroused. As he sawed on the belt, his cheek rubbed up and down Janet’s thigh. Once the knife slipped and he found himself laying between her thighs. He could not help but noticed her neatly shaved pussy through her sheer panties.

Janet drew a sharp sibilant breath. Her son in law’s body heat was a testament to his closeness. Inches from her face, she could see the bulge in his loose fitting suit pants. Each time his cheek slid along her thigh, it was like an electric shock coursing through her body. Despite the precarious situation, she hungrily licked her lips. It had be so long since she had a cock in her mouth. So long since she heard a man grunt and groan before he exploded in her mouth, filling her mouth and belly with his incredible essence.

Janet and her deceased husband had an active sex life. In fact, he had died of a heart attack twelve years previous as they attempted some of the more exotic positions of the Kama Sutra. Her lack of a sex life caused part of her contentious attitude. That and the fact she was disgustedly overweight. Eating became a substitute for her unsated libido. She hated herself for eating so much. God, I wish I had a good hard fuck, she thought as she eyed her son in law’s bulge inches from her mouth!

Suddenly Janet fell toward the driver’s side as he John successfully cut the belt. They fell in heap against the dashboard with john’s face between his mother in law’s legs and his leg around her head.

For a too brief moment, she felt his cock rub across her cheek. Her pussy moistened. “Get off me, dammit!”

John scooted around until he was kneeling on the console hunched over. Below him, Janet lay on her back, frantically trying to get her coat and skirt down. She felt exposed. Despite himself, John stared at the wet gusset of her boy shorts.

“I’m going to try to open this door!”

He reached back, grabbed the latch and pushed hard. The door swung open and snow cascaded into the compartment, covering them. Frantically John managed to pull it close. They were now soaking wet and chilled from the snow.

“Are you completely incompetent?” Janet screamed. Rapidly melting snow now filled the front seats of the SUV.

“You fat old bitch! If you have a better idea, I’m ready to hear it!”

“Bitch! Don’t you dare call me names, John Blankenship! You opened the fucking door and now we are covered in snow and cold water!”

John face turned red with rage. He was preparing his retort when the reality of their situation hit him. They were in this together.

“Ok, Janet, Ok!” He swallowed hard. They had to work together to survive. He leaned down and pressed the button to start kaçak iddaa the engine. It started. Soon they would have heat.

They both shivered in the freezing car.

“We need to get out of this snow filled front compartment and into the cargo area. In addition, we must get out of these wet clothes. There’s an old blanket back there we can cover ourselves with.”

Janet was outraged. “You pervert! If you think I’m going to take my clothes off, you got another think coming!”

“Fine you worrisome old bitch! Stay up here and freeze to death.”

Defiantly, John struggled out of his clothes. He felt through the pockets and found the key fob. He shivered uncontrollably as he crawled naked over the seat into the cargo area. He wrapped himself in the blanket and lay down. The car had a full tank of gas and the emergency blinkers were flashing. Rescue would come.

Janet’s wet clothes clung to her body. Her teeth chattered uncontrollably. Mentally she knew John was right. She stripped off her clothes and crawled back.

Initially she lay stiffly next to him, the blanket covering them. She could hear his teeth chattering. “I suppose we need to lie closer together so we share our body heat.”

Unable to get the words out through his chattering teeth, John nodded.

Janet turned stiffly on her side. She felt her son in law slide closer. He wrapped his arms around her, pulled the blanket around them and scooted close sharing his body heat. In the rapidly warming SUV, his cock settled in between the cheeks of his mother in law’s ass. He wrapped his arms around her just below her tits.

Overcome by fatigue, they both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 3

Janet started awoke. At first, she was confused about where she was. Then reality crept in. She was stranded with her son in law in his wrecked SUV.

She was surprisingly warm, given the situation. The truck seemed to be functioning smoothly despite its canted position in the snow-covered ditch. She wiggled a little then another realization hit her. She was naked wrapped in her son in law’s arms. She became aware of his hands cupping her breasts. As he slept, his hands would flex, squeezing her tits. It was a comforting feeling to be snuggled and warm.

What was disturbing was the hard pressing of something against her plump butt. Horrified she realized her son in law’s cock was pressing against her ass. She tried to scoot forward away from it. She felt it slide down and press against her pussy. She took a sharp breath. Oh dear god, she thought, the head of his thing is touching my pussy. John snorted and shifted position. She felt the head slide between her outer lips.

One hard thrust, she thought, just one hard push back would bury him in my pussy! The shiver that went through her body was not necessarily from the cold. Quickly she threw off the blanket and rolled over. She slid to the low side of the truck and braced her back against the window, her feet extended in front of her.

John snapped awake as Janet moved away from him. He glanced around and saw her seating naked, her back against the canted window of the truck. Her legs were bent at the knee to prevent her from sliding down the floor. The awkward position put her pussy at his eye level. He noticed her labia appeared swollen and slightly moist. He glanced down and saw the wet gleam of the head of his semi hard cock.

He surveyed her surreptiously. She had all the curves in the right place. Naked he could see that she once was a curvy sexy woman. He imagined her twenty or so pounds lighter with a slimmer waist with her pink thighs spread, inviting his cock.

He noticed her nipples were pink and hard. He imagined pinching them as his cock slid between her twin mounds. He could see her mouth open, eagerly awaiting his come. He shook himself. Lord, I must be rattled if that harridan is looking attractive.

His eyes scanned the terrain outside the wrecked truck. The blizzard had stopped. It was still and quiet. The moon was out casting an ethereal glow over fields. The snow lay like a white glistening blanket. Here and there, stumps of cornstalks poked out. He turned sideways and looked out the rear side and front of the truck. The snow was unbroken as far as he could see in any direction. He knew that unless these country roads were a school bus route, they were the last plowed. Depending on the severity of the storm, that could be a couple of days.

While John scanned the fields, Janet noticed the blanket pulled back revealing his manhood. It stood semi rigid, even in this dangerous situation. She unconsciously licked her lips.

“Good morning, Janet”

Janet, aware that her legs were spread as she braced herself against the floor, tried to cover her nether regions with her hands. She saw John smile.

“Good morning! What do we do now?” She could not stop her eyes from straying to John’s thick cock, laying like a large tan sausage against his thigh.

“Well, the good news is we have a blanket and the truck kaçak bahis runs. I have a full tank of gas so that means we have some time. I believe there might be some peanuts and some chocolates in the console. We can survive for a while.”

“And the bad news?”

“We will probably be here a couple of days before they plow this road. Even if someone misses us and reports it, it will take a few days before they can find us!”

“Well, I have some news!”

“What’s that, John asked?”

“I have to pee!”

“Me too, John laughed! We will have use the front right side door, crawl out on the snow and answer nature’s call. Let’s do that now. Then when we come back in, we can warm up before I turn off the engine to conserve gas!”

Janet turned and crawled over the seats into the front compartment. She was aware that John could see her ass and her clamshell pussy. She found that oddly exciting. The memory of her husband burying his face between her thighs from behind, licking her anus and pussy flicked through her mind. She felt herself getting wet.

John watched Janet’s round plump rump scrabble over the seats. He noticed that her pussy looked like her daughter’s pussy. He also noticed it seemed to be moist. I wonder if she has that same wonderful taste, he thought.

Janet scooted around and pressed against the dashboard. She found that in order to make room for John to come over she needed to put a leg on either side of the steering wheel and face the back. When John scrabbled over the front seat, they were tit to belly. Because he was much taller than she was, he had to bend at the knee. She could feel his pubic hairs scratching her belly. As he braced and pushed open the door, his cock brushed her pussy. The interior of the truck whirled in front of her as her pussy reacted to the first touch of a cock in years.

John braced himself against the driver’s side door. He pulled the latch on the passenger side door and pushed. The accumulated snow fell into the truck coating them both. John pulled himself up on top off the van. As far as he could see, it was an unbroken blanket of snow. There was a slight depression in the snow where the road was. Shivering, he turned and reached back into the cabin for Janet and pulled her out. For a brief moment, her feet dangled in the open door with John’s arms around her waist. He noticed her nipples stood out hard from the cold. Jesus, he thought, there as big as the first joint on my thumb!

Janet felt the roughness of John’s chest hair on her face as he struggled to pull her up. Despite the cold, they were both getting a little ripe from exertion. Janet inhaled deeply. It was the natural body odor of a man, the aroma of sweat and hormones. Her pussy twitched in response.

Janet looked down as she placed her feet on the doorframe. Even as the cold started shrinking his manhood, she could see he was huge. Easily eight inches and about half that around. How did her baby handle all of that cock? How would it feel?

“We don’t have time for false modesty. You pee toward the front of the truck and I’ll pee to the side. And hurry! We are naked and losing body heat!”

Janet stepped toward the front of the truck and balanced herself against the open door as she squatted and peed. Next to her, she heard the splash and sizzle of John’s piss. She looked up and saw his strong naked ass clench slightly as he pissed. Between his legs, she saw the thick yellow stream arc through the air and splash hissing into the snow.

John shook off the last drops and realized that Janet was still peeing. He stole a quick glance and saw a long yellow stream issuing from her pussy and streaming steaming over the snow where the hood would be. As he turned to jump back in the truck, he saw her shiver as she cleaned herself with a handful of snow. He positioned himself against the dashboard and reached up to help her in.

Janet draped her legs over the door opening and extended her arms down. His hands brushed her breasts as he reached up. A tremor went through her body as her pussy slid by his face. She started as she thought she felt him push his face into her crotch. She slid into the welcoming arms of her son in law. They briefly clung to each other, shivering. Her large breasts pressed hard into his chest. Then, uncomfortable with this intimacy, they pulled away from each other.

“Let me close the door. Then we will lay in back and warm up. After that we will only run the engine for fifteen minutes each hour to conserve gas.” John spoke clipped and hurriedly. The words tumbling out of his mouth. Jesus H Fucking Christ he thought! I tried to kiss her pussy! I don’t even like this old bitch and I almost kissed her pussy.

Shivering, Janet nodded and scrambled over the seats into the cargo area. As her large ass moved over the seats, John, impulsively, smacked it! He immediately regretted surrendering to the impulse but it was too late.

Janet yelped and tumbled ass over tit into the cargo area. Outrage welled in her as she regained her knees and turned to raise hell with her son in law. Instead, she smiled. “Ok, she laughed, I’ll give you that one! We are in a bad situation and at least that breaks some of the tension between us!”

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