Stranger Sex

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It’s a breezy summer night. I went to drop in on some friends at the beach. They weren’t home so I’m taking a walk on the boardwalk. The beach is pretty much deserted except a few people at the fire pits & on the pier. But I’m walking away from the pier, toward the Wedge. The further from the pier I get, the less people.

I’m totally alone now, enjoying my peaceful walk. I’m surprised that I’m not a bit chilly in my shorts and sleeveless shirt. It’s almost windy, a very warm heavy breeze. I did get the chills when suddenly you walk onto the boardwalk ahead of me.

You just stand there smiling as though you are waiting for me. Our eyes meet and my breath is taken away. I don’t know what it is! It’s almost as though we knew each other in a past life. The feeling that we know each other intimately is overwhelming! I am so drawn to you and your smile. I can’t help myself from walking right up to you. Your smile fades as you look deep into my eyes. Taking my face in your hands, you kiss me. Gently at first, but soon we are kissing with such passion!!!

Not a word has been said between us. You break our kiss and take my hand. We walk onto the beach towards the ocean. The closer we get to the water the more anxious I feel. Something BIG ataşehir escort bayan is about to happen. I can feel it! The anticipation is unbelievable!

We stop where the soft sand ends and the wet sand slopes to the crashing waves. We kiss again passionately until we are both gasping for air. I am SO hot for you as I know you are for me by the rock hard bulge in your shorts. I want you to take me NOW!

I start to unbutton your shirt and you mine. We kiss again but slowly, gently now. Taking our time so we enjoy each intoxicating minute. The feel of your skin against mine is electric. I want more!!! I WANT YOU!

I undo your shorts and your beautiful cock springs to life. I lovingly take you in my mouth. I hear you sigh then moan in agreement to my hot, wet mouth on your most prized possession. I feel like I could suck on you forever. So hard, so beautiful, so yummy.

My pussy is so HOT and WET now. It’s unbearable. While I continue to slurp on your cock, I take my shorts off. Left with only a g-string, I HAVE to play with my pussy!! MY GOD I’m wet!!!!

Watching me suck your cock and play with my wet pussy is too much for you to handle. You pull your cock away from my mouth and rip my panties off my escort kadıköy body in one swift move. You kiss and lick your way down my body to my HOT love box. You tease me now, kissing and licking my inner thigh, my stomach. Then slowly you begin to spread my legs until I’m completely open to you.

I am quivering in anticipation. You just look at my shaven pussy, smiling and licking your lips. Then… you dive in!!!!!!! I gasp in pleasure with the first touch of your tongue!!! So soft and gentle like you want to lick me forever. I can not explain the feelings that are going through my body at this moment. It’s complete heaven. I don’t want this to end. But it must if I’m going to have you deep inside me…

…to be continued

He continues…

…I am now licking and probing your pussy with a passionate frenzy! You are quivering, shaking, and yelling with ecstasy!! Your hands are on my head pulling my face deeper into your HOT, WET, PULSATING pussy and telling me how well I lick it!!

You then pull my head up to yours and we kiss passionately!!! You look me in the eye and say “I want you to fuck me good, right now!” I spread your luscious legs and put the head of my cock right on your clit. I ever so slowly dip bostancı escort just the head of my cock into your hot pussy. It is so incredibly difficult not to just push deep inside.

I am driving you crazy as I then ever so slowly inch my cock further and further into your pussy!! You are moaning and have to resist just grabbing me by the ass and pulling me all the way in!!!

Finally, my cock is buried in your hot shaven pussy up to my balls. You now grab my ass and just hold me there. I can feel your pussy just pulsating and you can feel my HARD, HARD COCK just throbbing deep inside!

We look each other deep in the eye as I VERY slowly pump my cock all the way in and pull it all the way out!! It is mind blowing!!!

We are now getting crazy as the pace quickens!! I feel your entire body shaking as you have several mind blowing orgasms!!! I love the way your pussy just grabs my cock as you cum!!

You settle back and then pull me out and say “I need to ride that cock!” We turn over and you get on top of me and ride with abandon!! The sweat and juices from our bodies keep us lubed and rolling!! I am ready to explode!!!

You tell me you NEED me to cum in your mouth!! You jump off and start slurping and stroking me until I explode deep in your mouth. You moan and suck up every drop, rubbing my cock on your little tits and all over your chest and nipples. We collapse in exhaustion, smiling!

I ask if you want to come to my hotel for a little more?? You reply with a big smile!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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