Stress Relief

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Kelly was entering the bathroom to take a shower, when her dad came out of his bedroom.

“Oh Kelly,” he said, “I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Have you started shaving?”

“I shave my legs,” Kelly said.

“What about down there?” her dad pointed.

“No dad,” Kelly said and blushed.

“That’s what I thought,” her dad said, “Well, you’re nineteen, so it’s time to start. When you’re married, your husband will want you nice and smooth down there. Your mom’s gone for the summer or she’d teach you, but I can help. Come in my room and I’ll show you how to shave properly.”

Kelly followed her dad into the bedroom. He closed the door and spread a towel on the bed. Then he went in the adjoining bathroom and she heard water running in the sink.

“Take off your shorts and panties and lie on the towel,” he said.

He sounded so businesslike that Kelly simply obeyed. She slipped off her shorts and panties and lay on the towel.

Her dad entered the room with a soapy shaving brush and a razor.

Kelly closed her eyes. She wondered what it would feel like, being shaved by her dad.

He sat on the bed beside her and she felt the bristles of the soapy brush. She spread her thighs to help him.

Soon he was soaping her all over. She felt shivers of pleasure as his fingers smoothed the soap over her swelling lips.

“Okay Kelly, now I’m going to shave you.”

She opened her eyes and saw the razor uncover bare skin. He shaved her mound and then moved down to her labia. She felt the edge of the blade pass over her tender lips. He shaved her all over. Then he cleaned away the remaining soap, and dabbed her with a towel.

“That’s better,” he said, running his fingers over her smooth, plump lips. Her clit stood out and he ran his finger lightly over the tip.

“Does that feel nice?” he asked.

“Yes daddy,” she whispered. He slid one finger inside her slippery opening.

“Ok Kelly, relax and I’ll massage you. It’ll relieve your stress.” he said.

She heard the juicy sound of his fingers sliding in and out between her lips. With his other hand he rubbed her throbbing clit.

Kelly became very excited and she soon had a powerful climax.

“That’s good,” her dad said. “Aren’t you more relaxed? Would you like to do it again?”

“Yes daddy,” Kelly said

He withdrew his fingers, all coated in her juices, and began to rub her swollen clitoris. She sighed as he spread her juices on the tip of her clit.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, sliding his fingers back inside her. “Just let all your stress go.” Kelly closed her eyes and rode the waves of pleasure. She soon had another violent orgasm and soaked his fingers.

“Now that we’ve relieved your stress,” he said, “I want you to practice shaving on me. Your mom usually does this for me, but since she’s gone, you can help. It’ll teach you to be careful with the razor, and when you’re done you güvenilir bahis can relieve my stress.”

Kelly opened her eyes. Her dad slid his pants off and pulled down his jockeys. His big cock sprang out. It was already, expanding and stiffening.

“Ok,” he said, “rub the soap on.”

Kelly used the brush to spread soap around his thickening cock.

She shaved the surrounding skin. His cock stiffened and swelled as her soapy fingers worked on him. It was soon pointing right at her face.

“Ok,” he said, “now hold it steady and shave along it.”

She gripped his erection. She felt it pulsing in her hand. She squeezed it and drops of fluid ran down from the angry looking head. Then she shaved around his big cock. When he was all smooth, she wiped away the soap with the washcloth.

“Good job!” he said, “Now Kelly, please remove your bra and let me see your breasts.”

Kelly had enormous breasts, like her mother. As she undid the tight support bra, they popped out. The nipples were aroused from her orgasms. They were stiff and sticking out.

“Just as I thought” her dad said. “Your breasts are even bigger than your mom’s.”

“Yes dad,” Kelly said.

“You know, when I get very stressed at work mom gives me a stress reliever on her breasts. While she’s away, you might like to do this for your dad.”

“Yes daddy,” Kelly smiled.

“Good girl,” he said, “Just stroke it.”

Kelly gripped her dad’s cock and began to stroke it. She felt it swell as she squeezed it.

“Yes,” her dad said, breathing heavily “Do it faster Kelly, help relieve my stress!”

She did as he asked.

“Rub it on your nipples!” her dad said.

Kelly rubbed her dad’s dripping cock on her breasts and nipples. Seeing her spread his juices on her breasts brought her dad closer to orgasm.

“Oh yes!” he cried. “Here it comes!”

He ejaculated two streams of cum that ran down Kelly’s breasts and dripped off her nipples. Kelly milked his cock until the throbbing subsided.

“Thanks Kelly,” her dad said, “I feel much more relaxed. Take your shower now.”

“Ok dad,” Kelly said.

Part 2

That night in bed, Kelly thought of her dad in the other room. Was he thinking about her, all shaved and smooth, right down the hall? What if he came in her room for more stress relief? Kelly tossed and turned. Finally, she got up and put on her lamp. She looked at herself in her pink baby doll night dress. Her big breasts were almost bursting the thin gauze. She sighed. She wanted someone to stroke her like her dad did yesterday. She opened her door and tiptoed down the hall. She listened at her dad’s door. Hearing nothing, she turned the handle and entered the darkened room.

Her dad looked asleep. She approached his bed and touched his shoulder.

“Dad,” she said, “Can I get in bed with you? I had a scary dream.”

He mumbled something and Kelly drew back the covers and türkçe bahis slid in beside him. She moved across the bed and pressed against his warm, hard body. Kelly always felt safe with her dad, but now she was also aroused. She slid her hand down his stomach until she felt his erection through his jockeys. Kelly traced the outline and stroked him lightly through the cotton. She felt the cotton get wet as she stroked his head.

After a while she took her dad’s hand and drew it over to her. She guided his fingers down her panties and he soon began to pet her damp slit. His other hand went under her night dress and began caressing her breasts. Kelly pulled his big erect cock out of his pants and stroked him. The he rolled on top of her and she spread her thighs.

“Are you on the pill Kelly?” her dad asked.

“Yes dad!”

“Good,” he said. “I’m very stressed tonight. I’m going to need a lot of relief.”

“Yes dad!” she said.

He entered her and gripped her ass cheeks. Then he began to pump her hard. After a while he gasped and she felt him come in her. Then he fingered her and rubbed her clit to two giant orgasms. When they were both satisfied, he carried her back to her own bed and tucked her in.

“Next Saturday your brother will be home from Afghanistan,” he whispered as she drifted off to sleep. “He probably hasn’t seen a woman in a year. You could give him a nice surprise, Kelly.”


On Saturday, Paul couldn’t stop eyeing his young sister’s curvy body in her tight, white dress. He could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her big breasts were ready to burst the thin material. After the party, her dad told Kelly to undress. She took off her short dress and slid off her panties. Paul was a little tipsy, holding a beer. He was amazed to see his sister naked. Kelly covered her breasts with her hands, but it didn’t hide much. Paul felt his cock uncoiling and a bulge was soon tenting his combat pants.

“Your sister wants to welcome you home properly Paul,” their dad said.

“Wow Dad!” Paul said.

Paul unbuckled his belt and slid down his combat pants. The sight of his sister’s naked breasts and hard nipples, her pert ass and her smooth-shaven triangle had him fully erect. Kelly gripped his shaft and stroked him for a few seconds. All of a sudden, the excitement was too much for Paul. He went off like a geyser, shooting all over Kelly’s face and breasts.

“Very good Paul!” dad exclaimed.

Kelly milked his still-erect cock.

“I can relieve your stress whenever you want Paul,” she said. “Just tell me if you need it.”

Paul couldn’t help himself. The seductiveness of her tone, the things she was saying and the gentle touch of her hand along with the hot scent of her naked body drove him over the edge again. Kelly kept squeezing his shaft as he soaked her breasts. Her brother came more copiously than her father and she was soon coated in his cum.

“Good güvenilir bahis siteleri boy, Paul.” her dad said. “You’ll get a good night’s sleep after that, I’m sure.”

Kelly lay in bed the next night, unable to fall asleep. She kept touching her nipples and feeling her smooth shaved pussy. She wondered if Paul was awake. Was his stress building up again? She wanted to relieve it for him, and she knew so many ways that he might like to try. She thought about oiling her ass and spreading her cheeks for him. Would he like to slide it in and relive his stress that way?

Kelly tried to sleep, but just as she was dropping off, her door opened and her dad whispered in her ear,

“Kelly, are you awake?”

“Yes dad.”

“Kelly,” he said, “did you visit Paul tonight?”

“No dad!” she whispered.

“He’s still stressed,” her dad said, “He needs more relief. When you’ve helped him out, stop by my room.”

Kelly didn’t need to be told twice. She slipped down the hall and entered her brother’s darkened room. Paul was spread out naked on top of the comforter, stroking himself. He turned excitedly when he saw her. She slipped off her night dress and caressed her breasts and stiffening nipples. He watched her, jerking his big cock harder. Then she slid her panties down and touched her stiff clit, while he watched.

“Do you like to watch Paul?” she said, “Does this help relieve you stress?”

“Oh yes,” he whispered, watching her hands as he jerked off. “Come closer please.”

Kelly moved close up and stroked herself in front of her brother’s face. He pushed his face closer to smell his sister’s hot scent. Her excitement rose as he sniffed her, jerking his big cock like an excited dog. She felt her orgasm approaching in waves. Paul stood up and jerked off very fast until he squirted warm jets of cum all over her.

Kelly kneeled on the bed and spread his juice all over her ass. Then she pulled her cheeks apart for him. Her brother got hard again almost immediately. He spat on his cock head and pushed it slowly into her tight hole.

“I know it’s bad to fuck my sister, especially in the ass, but I need more stress relief so bad Kelly,” he said, “Are you ready?”

“Oh yes Paul,” she said, “I’ll give you all the relief you need.”

Paul gripped her ass and worked his big tool inside her. She rubbed her clit as he fucked her to help her open up and soon she had a huge orgasm.

Paul fell asleep almost as soon as he came. “Poor thing,” she thought, “he is so tired.”

She kissed Paul and went to her dad’s room. He was lying naked on top of the bed, with his hand gripping his hard cock. She slid it out of his hand and caressed it until it was fully erect Then she kneeled above him and slid the stiff head between her lips. She moved up and down on his stiff cock and soon he gripped her ass and thrust inside her until he had a big orgasm.

“That’s a good girl,” he said “you relieved your brother and your daddy’s stress.”

Kelly slid out of the bed and went back to her room. She took some tissues and wiped herself clean. Then she snuggled into bed and fell asleep, proud of a job well done.

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