Stud and Sister

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Big Tits

All characters are at least 18 years old.



I sat on the bench outside my apartment and waited for Adam to show up. It was the last week in August and we were driving up to the family cabin in the mountains in Washington, where our parents would meet us the next day. Adam was one year older than me. We hadn’t seen each other in over eight months, as he went to college in another state. I was starting first year of college in the beginning of September, and Adam second year. I couldn’t wait to see him again; eight months was the longest we’d ever gone without seeing each other. Suddenly a car pulled up in front of me.

Adam stepped out of the car and grinned. I dropped my bags and ran into his arms, hugging him tight into me. “Hey sis”, he laughed. I squeezed him tighter and he laughed again. As I was hugging him I noticed how much bulkier and broader he had gotten since I saw him last. He clearly hadn’t stopped working out. I could feel his muscular body pressed into mine. I noticed Adam giving me a funny look and I pulled away quickly.

“How are you?” I gushed. He looked like he had gotten taller as well. He stood at well over six foot, broad and ripped. His sandy hair fell into his tan face, just above sky blue eyes.

“Oh I’m great. All the better for seeing you again.” His eyes crinkled. He reached down and lifted my bags. “Come on, we better go if we want to get there before dark.” I nodded and followed him to the car…


I could hardly keep me eyes off Sarah as I drove. She had really filled out since I had seen her last, and the tiny denim shorts and tank top she wore highlighted this. Her cleavage strained against the white material, and I looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra. ‘Eyes on the road, Adam’, I told myself. We chatted and caught up during the seven hour car journey. When we arrived at the holiday home it was pitch dark outside. We were glad to be finally out of the car and I stretched to relieve my aching muscles. I saw Sarah surreptitiously glance where my top rode up over my taut stomach.

I unlocked the door and Sarah plopped immediately bahis firmaları down on the couch and switched the TV on. “I guess I’ll just bring the bags in my myself then”, I muttered sarcastically. Sarah grinned. I brought the bags in and left them in our respective rooms. I set a fire for the next day, but didn’t light it as it was so late. After all that I was hot and sweaty. “I’m going to take a shower before bed”, I told Sarah. She nodded, still flicking around on the TV. Her legs were spread out in a lazy pose. I couldn’t help but think about what was in between them.

I went in and had my shower. There was no hot water, but that was fine. I jerked off to relieve some of the tension. Before I could finish the shower turned off and the lights flickered out. From the sitting room Sarah screamed. “Aw shit”, I mumbled. Ever since we were kids Sarah had a terrible fear of the darkness. I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist without drying off and felt my way out into the during room, following the screams. “Shh, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m hear.” I immediately went to the fireplace and fumbled around for the matches. When I found them I quickly lit the fire that I had set earlier, and some of the candles around the mantelpiece. Sarah, illuminated on the couch, was still sobbing. I shuffled over to her.


Adam pulled me into his arms and pressed my head into his warm chest. He was still dripping wet from the shower. He combed his fingers through my hair and rubbed a soothing hand up and down my back. He rested his chin on my head and whispered soothing words to me. Although I was still shivering from fright, I was quite enjoying his hard, wet body pressed up against me, even though I knew how wrong it was. He pulled back a bit to look at me. Light from the fire danced in his eyes and I was struck by his masculine beauty he was. Before I could stop myself I leaned forward and pressed my lips into his. “Sarah”, he exclaimed, surprised.

“Please”, I said simply, putting all the longing I had into that single word. This time he didn’t pull back when I kissed him, even though he didn’t respond. My lips kaçak iddaa explored his tentatively, unsure of themselves. Finally Adam responded, moving his lips against mine, spreading them so his tongue could enter my mouth. I gasped when he lifted me by the hips into his lap. I could feel him under me, rock hard. My hands moved over his ripped body. Eventually I slid out of his lap onto the floor before him and my hands moved to the towel that hung low on his waist. “Sis”, he warned, his voice low. I pulled the towel off him, undeterred, and his huge, stiff cock sprang out to greet me.

Seeing him, I hesitated, but only for a second. I tentatively took the base of his shaft into one hand and I kissed the tip of his head. He shuddered. I began to lick around the head, coating it with saliva. I hoped that what I was doing was right; I had never given a blowjob before. I opened my mouth and took Adam’s cock head in. My jaw stretched as wide as possible just to accommodate it. Adam groaned then, and placed his hands through my hair on either side of my head. I began to bob my head up and down on the top part of my brother’s cock. Just thinking about what was happening was making me wetter and wetter.

I tried to push my head down more on his cock but I kept gagging. Less than half of Adam’s cock was in my mouth but I couldn’t take any more in. Adam stood up and suddenly my top was coming off. He sat back down and I was in his lap again. I gasped and his mouth was on my breasts, exploring, biting and sucking. Then we were on the floor, my back on the thick fur rug. My shorts were off then, and Adam was spreading my legs. “Oh God Sarah, I know this is so wrong…” Adam pulled my panties off, and what he saw made his eyes go wide. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

His words made me shiver, but not as much as when he moved his mouth into my crotch. His lips parted mine and his tongue prodded into my wet slit. I gasped again and ran my fingers through his soft hair. Adam’s mouth moved everywhere, taking me to highs I’d never experienced before. His tongue flicked against my clit as he fed two fingers into me. I didn’t last kaçak bahis long. A few seconds later I was crying out as a wave of passion overtook me.


Sarah came in my face. I pulled back to look at her. Her beautiful shaved pussy was glistening wet. She was so tight, so hot. She looked into my eyes and spread her legs. “Are you sure?” I asked, my voice rough. She nodded, her face filled with anticipation. I knelt in front of her and lined and lined up before thinking of something. “Are you still a virgin?” She hesitated before nodding sheepishly. I took a second to think about this before taking a deep breath and pushing into her with one thrust. She cried out and I scolded myself; I’d have to be more gentle with her. I gave her a minute to get used to my cock in get before I leaned down, resting my weight on my arms on either side of her head. I kissed her tenderly. And then, on the fur rug in front of a roaring fire in our family cabin, I took my little sister’s virginity.

I rested my forehead against hers as I moved my hips against her. Her face was scrunched up and I knew that she was in pain. I stilled. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?”

“No”, she cried. “Don’t stop.” I moved in her again and kissed away the pain on her face. I knew how wrong this was but I didn’t give a shit. She was so tight. Her walls were hugging my cock as I pounded into her. She was panting underneath me, her hands gripping my biceps. I kept pumping my cock as I moved my mouth down along her throat. My balls were slapping against her ass and I began to speed up. Sarah’s gasping continued. She cried out my name and shuddered as she orgasmed again. Her pussy convulsed and contracted around my cock. I didn’t stop pumping into her, however. I sped up again, knowing that I was close. I pulled out of her a second before I came. I shot squirt after squirt of hot cum onto her. Some landed on her fits but most pooled around her stomach, filling her belly button.

We stayed like this for a minute. Suddenly the lights came back on and the TV clicked on. The electricity was back. I could her the shower running again in the bathroom. I stood up, pulled Sarah up to her feet and kissed her again. “You should probably come and finish my shower with me”, I mumbled in her ear. She nodded and I took her hand, leading her into the bathroom.

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