Student Confessions Pt. 02

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“I’ll sleep on the floor” I told her, “You can have the bed, there’s no point you trying to walk back tonight; it’s freezing out there.”

“Don’t be daft.” she replied, “We’ve been friends for years, I think we can share a bed.”

“What about Amanda and Mark?”

“They’ll never hear of it anyway” she pointed out as she climbed under the covers.

I laughed and shrugged. “Fair enough. I should point out though, I can’t sleep in jeans so if I’m in the bed with you I’ll only be in my boxers.”

“Don’t worry” she smiled as she pulled her jeans and socks out from under the covers and dropped them on the floor, “neither can I.”

I laughed again, stumbling as I pulled off my jeans and folding them over the back of my chair.

“Ha! Drunkard” she said between muffled giggles.

I barked a laugh. “Bit rich coming from miss ‘falls up the stairs three times on the way up here’!”

“Hush” she laughed, “now are you getting in or not?”

“Yeah, yeah alright I’m coming” I said and she pulled back the covers to reveal her pale legs and red French knickers only half covered by her t-shirt.

“Oh, would you mind sleeping next to the wall?” she asked, so I shrugged and climbed over her before collapsing onto my back. “You forgot the light too,” she sighed, climbing out from under the covers and heading to the light switch. I watched her cross the room, taking in the way her hips moved as she walked, arse framed by those red panties.

She turned the light off, so I moved away from the wall reaching for the lamp, asking if she wanted the lamplight to navigate by. “I can tell where you are from you talking, and I can see just about enough anyway, I’ll be with you in a sec.”

Seconds later I felt the pressure on the bed as her leg pressed down on the mattress. Unable to see in the dark, her second leg came down over mine. She giggled and pulled away, lying on her side to my left.

“This isn’t very comfy” she muttered, and a second later she sat up, grabbed my hand and moved it around her back. Snuggling close to me she reached her arm over to rest her hand on my shoulder and pressed up against me.

I could hear her breathing by my ear now as her head rested by my shoulder. I curled my arm round her back and rested it on her side, slowly stroking. Her breathing deepened and her leg escort ataşehir slowly moved back on top of mine, her soft skin sliding silently over my thigh.

I felt my own breathing quicken slightly now, my heart beat faster, and I could feel the blood flow begin to divert towards my slowly growing cock.

She let out a breathy sigh as she pressed into my side, wrapping her other arm around the back of my neck now. As she slid her leg higher it passed over my semi-erect length and she let out a small chuckle before moving her leg back down over it, and then left her thigh pressed over it as it grew stronger and harder.

My cock was throbbing, the pressure of her thigh and the sound of her quick, heavy breathing by my ear had me fully erect inside my boxers in seconds. She kissed my shoulder through my shirt.

“You have a boyfriend,” I whispered

“And you have a girlfriend. You still seem to be as horny as I am.” As if to prove her point she reached under my boxers and wrapped her hand round my cock. She slowly started to run her hand up and down and I couldn’t stifle a small groan. She let go and pushed her hand under my shirt, pulling it upwards as her hand moved back up to my shoulder.

I reached my left arm under the back of her t-shirt, trailing my fingers up her back to the reward of a small moan, before unclasping her bra and then brushing the strap off her shoulder.

Abruptly she swung on top of me, straddling my waist. In the dark, my eyes were adjusting and I could see her sit up to remove the t-shirt, and then slip both bra straps off her shoulders revealing her small but pert breasts. I smiled appreciatively as I stared up at her sat atop me wearing only her red French knickers. I sat up and kissed between her breasts; put my hands on her thighs and stroked up and around, over her arse, until I held both shoulders and pulled her into a kiss.

She tugged at my t-shirt, so I held my arms in the air while she pulled it over my head. We kissed again, and I kissed her collar bone as she shuffled back off my stomach to sit with her cunt pressed against my rock hard cock. I trailed kisses down her chest as she leant back, before brushing my lips against her hard nipples.

She gasped in anticipation and I kissed her nipple, then began to circle it with my tongue kadıköy escort bayan as I softly rubbed a thumb over the other.

She moaned softly, and began to move her pelvis forwards and backwards, grinding against my erection.

I lay back, drawing her with me, and she kissed me once on the lips, then on the chin, before giving me a sultry grin. Trailing kisses down my chest, then my stomach, she reached my cock and kissed it through my boxers. She slowly removed the obstruction and let out a small gasp as my 8 inch cock stood up, finally unleashed from confinement beneath my boxers.

“You’re bigger than I thought,” she giggled, “much bigger than Mark.”

Before I could reply she took me in her mouth. She expertly licked around the head and then up and down the shaft before returning to the top and slowly rubbing up and down my cock while she sucked and licked. I stroked her hair for a few seconds and then told her to swivel round.

She looked at me questioningly for a second before realising what I meant, then gave me a grin and turned her body so her legs were either side of my head. I reached underneath her and rubbed both her nipples, then sat up slightly, kissed her thigh either side of her cunt, and then wrapped my tongue underneath her knickers and slowly pulled them away from her body with my mouth.

I reached up and pulled them away completely as she shifted one leg before the other to allow me to remove them. Putting one hand on each cheek, I drew her down and inserted my tongue fully extended into her glistening cunt. I licked up and down before focussing on the clit, drawing gasps as I licked and sucked on it, inserting first one finger, then two inside her as I flicked her clit with my tongue.

I thrust my fingers into her hard and she responded, increasing the speed of her hand on my cock as she sucked on the head in between gasps and moans of pleasure.

“God I’m gonna cuuuuuum!” she moaned loudly, then squealed as her cunt contracted in orgasm and fresh juices ran over my tongue. The feel of her orgasm was too much for me and with a grunt I spurted my cum up onto her chin and neck as her pussy lips ground against my mouth. She immediately dipped her head and took my head back into her mouth, licking around the tip and sucking the rest of my spunk into her escort bostancı mouth.

I kept licking her clit for a few seconds, slowly now while she moaned and writhed against my tongue. As she shuddered with the last of the orgasm, I moved my mouth away and quickly vibrated my fingers against her clit, a skill I’d picked up with the girlfriend I was in the middle of cheating on. The combination of the ending of the first climax and the sudden vibration made her gasp loudly and then let out an ecstatic moan as she came again and I used my tongue to lap at her moistness.

She ground her sopping cunt against my mouth one last time, then lifted a leg and turned to give me a dirty grin, dribbling cum from her lips and chin. She quickly swivelled to lie on top of me, the inside of her thigh resting against my cock.

“Fuck me.” she said simply.

I grinned and kissed her salty lips, reaching down and sliding my fingers back between her legs, feeling the wetness I’d already produced as I pressed against her clit. She shifted her weight to centre herself over me, and slowly eased her tight cunt back onto my waiting cock.

Moaning loudly now, she slid her cunt right along my length and kissed my neck as I filled her. I slowly moved my hips forward, pulled out about halfway, and then began to thrust into her rhythmically as she moaned and rubbed her hard nipples against me as her tongue darted against my lips.

Speeding up, I thrust hard and deep into her, then rolled her over so I was on top, fucking her hard and fast while she squealed and moaned as I pounded her tight pussy.

She wrapped her legs around me and dug her fingers into my arse cheeks as she raised her hips slightly to let me in deeper. Holding myself up above her as I slammed my cock hard and deep into her, I watched her eyes roll up into her head as she gasped and swore. “Oh my God. Fuck me, God yes, fuck yes, fuck fuck Fuuuuuuuck!”

I pressed my lips to hers and she screamed against my mouth as her back arched and her cunt contracted around my cock. Feeling myself on the brink of following her orgasm, I leaned back and pulled out, spurting warm cum all over her stomach and tits as she shuddered with the last of her climax.

Collapsing next to her I slid my fingers between her legs and coaxed out the last shivers of ecstasy, slowly rubbing her clit as she tried to catch her breath.

“Fucking hell” she muttered after a minute. She snuggled up to me again and gave me a lingering kiss on the lips. “Maybe we shouldn’t mention this to anyone.”

I laughed. “Probably not…”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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