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Uni life wasn’t at all what Vanessa Love had imagined. The images of all night parties, and reckless abandonment had dissolved from her mind after the first few weeks of classes. Uni work was hard. The lectures were often far too long and boring, and where were these parties she had heard so much about. It all seemed so difficult and pointless, all work and no play.

Returning home from another long Tuesday, filled with lectures and tutes, Vanessa swings open the front door of her impressive townhouse, exhaling with relief. Stepping through the doorway, her short skirt wraps tightly around her silky thighs, as she leans over, discarding her bag to the hallway for another day. Pulling the tie out of her hair as she straightens her toned figure, long auburn hair cascades down her bare shoulders, flowing over her bust, held firmly by a violet singlet. Walking around the partition of the hallway, sliding out of her heels, her stocking covered feet feeling the cool of the tiles, Vanessa smells a rich, strong perfume of ingredients, spilling from deeper within.

Soft music surrounds her as she ventures further, the aroma stronger with each step, acoustic guitar wafting through the lounge room and dining room. The flickering of candles the only light source, Vanessa eases herself through the music and soft light. A shadow further on entices Vanessa to search deeper. Lush carpet massaging the soles of her feet, she rounds the corner of the kitchen. Standing at the stove, wooden spoon stirring in slow rhythmic motions in the saucepan, her boyfriend turns to greet her. In the flickering light she sees the strong lines of his chest as he rotates towards her. Candlelight bouncing from his muscles he faces her, “I wanted to surprise you.”

With this he smiles broadly, looking deep into her eyes, walking towards her, jeans hugging his hips and his bare chest just barely brushing her breasts as he leans down and kisses her softly. There lips barely pushing together before pulling back and slowly coming together again, wider, his tongue gently sliding up against hers, brushing past her bottom lip as they part once more. His hands holding her lower back and shoulders, pushing her up against him. Bowing his head forward, his lips close up to her ear, he whispers “I’ve missed you.” With this he tilts his chin to the side and gently bites at her earlobe, gently nibbling, teeth barely closing around the soft skin.

Turning back to the stove, Vanessa admires the curved lines around his bum and legs through the taught denim. Slinking up behind him she runs her hands up his bare back, dinging her fingers into the strong muscles of his shoulders. She holds him around the waist arms squeezing against his stomach as he stirs and pours the rich tomato and herb sauce over fresh tortellini.

Sitting opposite one another at the dinning table, a pair of candles stand erect between them at its center, casting soft flickering light over there faces, shadows dancing on the walls behind them. The music remains a constant tempo of emotion, under riding the intense stares and glances across the table as they sip at maroon Merlot. Finishing the last of the pasta, her man slides off his chair, circling around the table, holding Vanessa’s gaze. Eyes locked to hers, he leans sidewards – blowing the candle out in a sharp breath. Continuing around the table his hand rises slowly up from his side. Moving forward his fingertips brush escort ataşehir across the side of her face sliding her hair back and behind her ear. Candles surrounding still flittering light over them, he cups Vanessa’s head in his hand and kisses her deeply, passionately embracing her and sliding his tongue into her mouth, massaging her tongue with his own.

Vanessa’s hands grip at his chest as they kiss, feeling his muscles and craving more. With a strong sweep of his arm, her man, Steve, clears the dining table, sending empty bowls and glasses to the floor. Sweeping Vanessa up in his arm he lays her down on the table, the warm wood against her back, hair flowing around her head, spreading over the oak. Kissing down her neck, and nibbling just so lightly at her ear lobes, Steve slides his hands up her sides. Circling over on top of her stomach and up..up in-between her breasts, sliding all the way up her bare skin, the soft texture of his palms running against her. Kissing her deeply and lovingly Steve takes Vanessa’s arms in his hands, sliding up to her hands. Lifting them up from her sides, Vanessa feels them lifting high up behind her head. She feels her knuckles rest down atop her hair layering the table, her wrists crossing above her head.

Sitting straight between Vanessa’s tanned thighs, Steve slides a silk ribbon from his pocket and holds it up for her to see. Slowly he leans forward staring intently into her eyes, he ties her wrists together and fastens her arms up above her head, tying her to the end of the table. Kissing softly at her forehead he moves down, kissing her cheek, soft moist lips against her skin, down her chin and neck, the singlet sliding up her body, his hands guiding it upward, exposing her firm breasts to the flickering light. He starts to kiss down, in between them, down over her stomach, lips spreading and closing around the skin, slightly sucking before releasing and repeating further down. At her hips he traces the curve of the bone in a wide arc with his fingertips, following close behind with soft nibbling kisses.

Sitting up again, Steve reaches into his jeans pocket once again. Vanessa lies there staring upward into his green eyes, his hair messed atop his head from rolling kisses down her body. As he leans forward again Vanessa sees that he has retrieved another silk tie from his pocket. He dangles the tie delicately from one end and lowers it to Vanessa’s naked top half. He starts to slide it over her body, over her chest, around her stomach and sides, the silk trailing across her skin, sliding up up toward her breasts and brushing over the nipples. Breathing deeply with the sensation her breasts rise high into the air before falling again. Gently Steve lowers the tie down over her eyes and softly ties it behind her head, blindfolding her from the pleasures she is sure to experience.

Lowering himself down he feels Vanessa’s breasts push up against his strong chest, the nipples hard against his muscle as he kisses her, there tongues intertwining. Lying on her back her arms above her head Vanessa feels the sensation of her breasts being rubbed up and down as they kiss passionately. Slipping his body slightly to one side he starts to run his hand up from Vanessa’s hip to her side and up higher, cupping her breast in his hand, the nipple hard against his soft palm.

He kisses passionately at her neck as his hand squeezes and releases her breast, kadıköy escort bayan pushing it up and down as he nibbles at her neck, teeth running over the surface of her glowing skin, her body pushed firmly up against him. Steve’s hand begins to travel down from her incredible breast, across the soft skin of her stomach and across the skin of her thigh. Vanessa lies back as she feels his hand trace back up her thigh, lifting the skirt higher and higher. Nibbling at her ear lobe with wet bites, Steve starts to rub the outside of her g-string, pushing slightly with his fingertips as he passes over her clit, hearing her moan as she feels the stimulation through the silky material. Slowly he slides his hand higher up, his fingertips dipping under the elastic, and journeying downward, kissing at her neck, tongue licking at the surface in strong kisses. His middle finger slips further and further down sliding up inside her pussy, feeling her moistness, and hearing as Vanessa moans into his ear, breasts hard up against his chest.

Sliding deeper and deeper inside her he retracts his finger back and up, sliding up under the hood and resting lightly on the clit. Vanessa, lying against the warm oak feels her breasts push into Steve’s chest and the incredible stimulation of his finger on her clit. She starts to feel the sensation as he begins tiny vibrating movements on the spot, his finger moist and slippery against her, shuddering with the feeling, she moans deeply into his ear, nibbling at his earlobe as she feels it brush past her lips.

Gaining speed, he starts to flick at the clit, small tickling motions, as she writhes beneath him. Faster and faster he stimulates her, the moans deeper and louder with every breath. Slowly he slides back down her body, kissing at her sides as his finger slips down from her clit and up deep within her. Feeling the soft kiss of his lips against her clit Vanessa moans as he lifts her skirt up out of the way and slides the g string down, and off her feet, kissing down her thighs as he slides it off. Vanessa feels Steve’s hands underneath both of her thighs as he slides them up and under her rear, grabbing and squeezing. She feels the soft sensation as his nose touches against the lips, and gently pushes in.

His tongue dips inside her, making slow circular movements before tracing up with his nose barely brushing over her clit, sending a sharp shudder up her body. Vanessa feels the orgasmic touch of Steve’s tongue as it touches softly up against her clit. She gently moans and starts to move against his mouth desperate for more stimulation. Slowly he starts to move his tongue, keeping it hard and pointed he aims it at her clit and starts small circles over its surface. Gradually changing movements to a flicking up and down, the top tip of his tongue flicking up against it as it goes up and the underside softly brushing it as it traces back down. Holding her rear in his hands and lifting her fully into his face Steve keeps up the rapid flicking of his tongue against her clit, gaining momentum, faster and faster, Vanessa starting to shudder and tremble with each moan, drawing deeper and deeper breaths and exhaling loudly.

Two fingers of Steve’s right hand slide up and inside her, pushing deep within her, adding to the sensation. Vanessa starts to writhe on the table gasping and shuddering as she feels the fingers inside her pull out again and push back escort bostancı in, faster and faster, plunging deep within, matching the speed of his tongue on her clit. The pressure builds as he pushes his tongue harder in, Vanessa moaning loudly as she feels she is close to coming. Gasping for more and more air, Steve knows she is close and speeds as fast as he can with his tongue, flicking feverishly at her clit, his fingers penetrating in and out, rotating inside her, screwing deep, stimulating every part of her. Vanessa takes that final deep inhalation. Sucks in more air. And again, then exhales loudly, moaning and trembling, her thighs squeezing hard around his head as his tongue continues to stimulate through the orgasm, fingers still moving within her, causing a second wave of the orgasm to wash across her.

Rising up from her, Steve reaches behind Vanessa’s head and removes the blindfold, looking lovingly into her eyes. With his jeans now removed, Vanessa can feel the pressure of his hard member rubbing against her clit as he kisses at the base of her neck, small circles of his tongue stimulating the flesh. The pressure of him up against her becomes more and more stimulating, and Vanessa begins to moan craving for him to enter her, Struggling against the tie she rubs her body against him, wrapping her legs around his back and pulling him in hard toward her.

Very hard now Steve removes his boxers, allowing Vanessa to see his cock hard and erect, lusting to be inside her, warm and wet. Steve lowers his chest back down on top of her breasts, again pushing into the nipples before kissing down to them. Cupping them in his hands and kissing deeply over each nipple, his lips surrounding them while his tongue licks in circles all over the nipple. Gently he allows his teeth to close around them, nibbling at them, hard and pink, Vanessa moaning and moving against him. Rising back up he lays his forearms up against hers, above her head. His chest up against her breasts rubbing them up and down, there sweat glistening off there bodies in the flickering light as she feels the head of his hard cock enter her. Slowly he penetrates deeper, plunging in slowly while kissing and biting her ears, hearing her moaning in his ear, holding her arms up above her head. Pulling back out again, almost completely, leaving just the head in and sliding back deep within her, hearing her gasp as he starts to thrust faster.

Vanessa wraps her legs hard around him, matching rhythm, pulling him hard into her as he plunges forward, entering her deeply. She starts to moan louder feeling him speed up stretching against the silk tie holding her arms, pulling him forward in sharp movements as he thrusts forward. She hears him start to moan, deep loud groans, breathing heavier as she knows he is about to come. Finally he draws all the way out to the head, deeply looking into her eyes, on the brink of climax, he thrusts forward in a sharp plunge, Vanessa simultaneously pulling him hard into her with her strong legs. With that Steve explodes inside her, Vanessa’s pelvic muscles squeezing tightly around his throbbing cock, gripping hard onto Vanessa’s back and moaning deeply into her ear, he shudders and pulsates within her. This sends her over the edge, she bucks against his hips, moaning and trembling as her orgasm builds to an explosive climax.

As they lay in bed afterward, the music off, the candles leaving streams of smoke swirling in the air Vanessa wraps herself over Steve as he lies on his back. Her head in the hollow of his shoulder, arm draped over his chest and feeling their naked bodies pressed against each other, Vanessa thinks that maybe Uni life isn’t so bad after all…

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