Suddenly Eager, Impatient

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I was leaning over the table when he entered the cafe, rummaging through my bag for a file. I glanced up as he walked in, and noticed that he had paused just inside the doorway. The sunlight reflected off his purposely mussed grey hair, and his stubble gave him an intentionally rugged look. And then I noticed that the neck of my shirt was gaping open as I leaned low to reach in my bag; his eyes were trained on my pale breasts encased in black lace, exposed to his view.

I looked at him over the top of my glasses. He was standing still, his lips ever so slightly parted as he blatantly stared at my breasts. It occurred to me that I should be offended by his stare, but instead I was instantly aroused. Finally coming to my senses, I stood up straight and he snapped out of his stupor.

A blush rose under his dark skin as his eyes moved to mine. His smile caught me off guard; I had expected him to be embarrassed about getting caught checking out a stranger in a coffee shop.

I returned the smile without thinking. He looked to be nearly 20 years my senior, but he was handsome and something about him was downright sexy. His attention, and obvious appreciation, was flattering.

He walked to the counter to place his order, and I sat down to continue working. I thought it would end there, an insignificant encounter. My attention returned to the work spread out on the cafe table, until he sat down at the table next to me, facing my way. He placed his laptop on the table, but his eyes were on me.

Feeling his gaze, I looked over. He commented how the weather was finally warming up after a long winter. Just like that, the ice was broken. Work and laptops were neglected as we sipped coffee and chatted like we’d known each other for years.

I couldn’t help but notice the way his gaze wandered to my cleavage. He seemed nice, respectful despite his hungry gaze. I guess that’s why I smiled and flirted, casually leaning forward to let him see further down my shirt.

It grew dark outside, and he mentioned that perhaps it was time to go. I agreed that I had been there long enough. We stood and packed our bags, my skirt riding high on my thighs as I leaned to put away my files. He waited as I shrugged into my suit jacket, the black pinstripes framing my breasts against the light blue shirt. We walked towards the exit and he opened the door for me, placing his hand on the small of my back as I walked past him. It was our first physical contact and the possessive nature of it made me flush.

Our cars were both parked in the same corner of the lot, and we walked together, neither of us commenting on how odd it was that two strangers might be so friendly.

Unlocking my car, I tossed my bag onto the passenger seat. I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. It had been ages since I felt such a strong attraction to someone, and never to someone I had just met. Would he ask for my number? If he did, should I give it to him, a total stranger?

He was standing close to my car, close to me, when I turned back towards him. He wasn’t a particularly big man, but his presence was commanding. I estimated him to be about 5’9″, wearing dark jeans and a black sweater that showed off a lean physique. I couldn’t quite place his age. I would guess perhaps he was in his late 40s, his face youthful but lined around his eyes. His grey hair stood in stark contrast to his brown skin.

He asked me if I had to hurry home to a boyfriend. Smiling, I said, “No. Is your girlfriend or wife waiting for you?”

He raised his left hand, showing me the lack of a ring on his finger. “No, no girlfriend and no wife.”

I gazed up at him. He was still about 6″ taller than me despite my 3″ heels. He took a step closer to me and I resisted the urge to back away. The look in his eyes was predatory. I was suddenly reminded of a big cat, stalking its prey.

I saw his eyes glance downward and I realized that, once again, he had a view down my shirt. I took güvenilir bahis a deep breath, and his eyes widened as my breasts heaved. The sexual tension was palpable. It was exciting, scary, the intensity foreign. My mind told me to run, that this man was trouble. But the rest of me, the part so tired of maintaining a professional facade, ached to see what would happen next.

He leaned even closer as the wind blew around us. I shivered and he reached out to me, tucking my long blonde hair behind my ear. His eyes flicked between my eyes and my mouth. I instinctively licked my lips. He hesitated. I froze, with my blue eyes looking up at him, barely breathing.

“How old are you?”

His question caught me by surprise. Smiling, I responded, “A lady does not tell her age.”

He laughed. “I’m 48. Tell me I’m not a dirty old man for standing here talking to you. Tell me I’m not old enough to be your father.”

48… 16 years older than me. “I can’t tell you that, but you’d have been a young dad.”

He smiled, shaking his head, looking away. I could feel his indecision. Faced with the thought that he might not pursue me, I realized how very badly I wanted this older man. Emboldened, I reached for him, my hand clutching the black cashmere as I pulled his attention back to me. He felt warm and I leaned closer as he turned to me. His hand went to the back of my head, guiding me closer, before his lips met mine.

Afterwards, I would realize that this is what people mean by chemistry. At the time, my mind was blank. My lips parted to his tongue, my heart pounding. The cold of my car against my back barely registered as his warmth pressed against me. My eyes opened as I felt him harden against my hip.

His warm brown eyes were staring into mine. Before I could think, he had maneuvered me away from the car door, opening it. I looked down into the backseat, my mind still fuzzy.

“Get in.” It wasn’t a request. I realized I should object at being ordered about, but instead I silently slid inside.

He sat next to me, the two of us suddenly cocooned in the relative privacy of my car, darkness surrounding us in the rear corner of the parking lot. I felt like a teenager again, but then those boys were nowhere near as exciting as this man.

We reached for each other and were instantly intertwined. His breath was hot on my face. His hands roamed over me, pushing back my jacket. I slid out of it, tossing it aside as one of his hands slid under the neckline of my shirt, the other hand sliding up under the hem. His touch on my bare skin made me gasp.

He was devouring my mouth and I surrendered willingly to him. Then he turned to trail kisses over my jaw, my ear, my neck, my chest. As he reached my cleavage, I arched my back, one hand in his hair, the other on his shoulder, my nails digging into the soft sweater.

I lifted one leg over his hip, my skirt riding up over my black tights. His hand slid up my thigh, under my skirt to cup my ass. Pulling me to him, he buried his face in my cleavage, his stubble rubbing against my pale skin, causing goosebumps to form. His hands cupped my breasts, squeezing and pushing them together. His thumbs gently slid over the hard bumps of my nipples poking through my shirt.

He continued to kiss and lick the tops of my breasts, pulling my shirt lower to run kisses along the edge of my bra. I whimpered and pressed my breasts closer to his face, but he ignored my plea for more.

A voice in my head reminded me that I did not know this man. But his touch made me eager, impatient. I moved my hand from his hair, gripping the neckline of my shirt, pulling the stretchy material lower. He looked up at me as I pulled the fabric down over my breast, revealing the black lace of my bra covering a hard nipple. His eyes never left mine as his tongue flicked the hard, pink, laced-covered nub, my gasp encouraging him to suck it into his mouth. His teeth made my eyes drift shut. I threw my türkçe bahis head back and pulled him to me, my panties feeling distinctly wet.

I had always known my breasts were sensitive, and in the past had enjoyed when a man took his time with foreplay, teasing my breasts before moving on. However, I had not considered breast play to be more than a cursory stop along the way to the main event. That changed when this sexy stranger unhooked my bra and took my bare nipple firmly between his teeth.

He nibbled and sucked even as he lifted me onto his lap, my breasts in his face as I straddled him. Pushing my breasts together, his mouth lingered on one nipple and then the next. His lips, tongue, and teeth dangerously teased a nipple while his fingers firmly pinched and pulled the other. My dampness, evident through my panties and tights, ground against the bulge in his jeans as he suckled me desperately. I laced my fingers through his hair and fought to keep my eyes open, wanting to remember the sight of this man so skillfully maneuvering me towards orgasm. He looked up at me, his brown eyes burning into mine as he pushed me towards my peak, making me wail as my world shattered.

I collapsed against him. My head was on his shoulder, the soft scent of his cologne slowly filtering through the haze. His hands were still on my nipples, gently pinching and pulling them as I squirmed on his lap.

“Fuck, you are so damn sexy.” His voice was rough in my ear.

I turned to look at him and laughed. I giggled uncontrollably, the adrenaline and the situation getting to me. Finally, I gasped, “Me? I’m not the sexy one here.”

It was his turn to laugh, “Yeah you are.” His hands roamed over me, his eyes intense. One hand gently pulled at the end of a lock of blonde hair. I shifted on his lap, the hardness of his cock pressing against my damp heat. He gathered my hair in his hands, wrapping it around one fist. I waited, my lips parted, my breasts still heaving, my fair skin flushed.

He pulled me gently by the hair, drawing me in for a deep kiss. His tongue was insistent, his hand was on my ass, under my skirt. His touch was possessive and I melted into it.

I suppose I expected him to pull down my tights, unzip his jeans, and fuck me in the back seat. Instead, he half whispered, half growled in my ear, “Suck my cock.”

I couldn’t hide my surprise. My eyes widened as his fist tightened in my hair. He lifted his hips to rub against me, making me moan. He guided one of my hands to the hard outline of his cock, his jeans feeling hot and damp. “Suck my cock.”

It was a command, but it felt like a test. Would I suck his cock in the back seat of my car in a dark parking lot? His hand left mine on his cock and caressed my face, one finger trailing over my lips.

I kissed his finger and gently squeezed his hard cock through his jeans. His moan answered my own. He quickly, gently pushed me from his lap, guiding me by my hair. My mouth hovered over the bulge and he relaxed his grip, waiting for me to do as I was told.

My lips pressed against the denim, letting my warm breath cover his cock. Then I was unbuckling and unzipping him, freeing him so that I could grasp him as I licked the head.

I was sucking a stranger’s cock in the backseat of my car. I barely knew this older man. Anyone could walk by and see us. I could barely believe I was doing this, never mind that I liked it. I looked up at him as he threaded both hands in my hair, and the look on his face made me moan as I sucked him deep into my mouth.

He gently guided my face on his cock as I sucked and licked. The incongruity of the situation lit a fire in me. I was desperate to make him cum. I wanted to please this man who had so easily made me cum on his lap. Swallowing, I lowered my head until his cock was buried in my throat, my nose pressed against him.

He growled a warning before he came. I slid him out of my throat, sucking him harder in my mouth. güvenilir bahis siteleri He held my hair back as I looked up at him, eyes watering. He came with a loud groan, his hands never leaving me, holding me to his spent cock.

As he caught his breath, he pulled me up, cuddling me to him on his lap. I kissed his neck and pressed my breasts against him.

“Good god, you are good.”

I glowed at the praise. “Thank you.”

His hand slid up my inner thigh, finding the wet patch between my legs as he stared into my eyes, making me moan.

“You’re so wet.”

I could only nod in response. As I looked down, I saw his cock already hardening again. I thought for certain he would finally fuck me, and I knew I would let him.

“Did you like sucking my cock?”

I blushed, but couldn’t deny the truth. “Yes.”

He pressed his fingers harder against my pussy, finding my sensitive clit through the fabric. “It made you wet?”

I gasped and nodded again. “Yes.”

His other hand cupped my breasts, pinching one naked nipple. “You have amazing breasts.”

I didn’t know what to say. My body was on fire. I didn’t want to just let him fuck me, I wanted to beg him to do it, and soon.

“I’d love to suck on your nipples as you ride me.”

I’m sure I blushed more, if that was possible. I just nodded once again. The feel of his soft lips on my nipples was fresh in my memory and I could only imagine how good it would feel with his hard cock buried inside me. I didn’t know this man, but I knew he would make me feel better than any prior lover. Hell, he already had.

“Let me take you to dinner on Friday.”

I barely understood what he was saying. “What?”

“Are you free on Friday? Let me take you to dinner.” His hands were still on me, touching and teasing me.

“Friday?” I was pretty certain today was Tuesday, although in the sexual haze I could not be certain. Why were we talking about Friday?

“Yeah, Friday. Dinner. Let me take you out.” He pinched my nipple harder, making me gasp yet again.

“Ok. Dinner on Friday.” I was fairly certain I would agree to whatever he wanted, so long as he made me cum.

“Great.” His hand left my pussy and dug into the pocket of his jeans, pulling out his cell phone. His other hand left my breast so he could type. “What’s your number?”

I just stared at him, feeling lost without his hands on me. I gave him my number and watched him enter it into his phone. I heard a beep from my own a second later.

“That’s a text from me. I’ll call you later to work out the details for dinner.”

I was still on his lap, my hair mussed, my bare breasts hanging out of my shirt, and my skirt bunched around my waist. My nipples were still hard and my pussy was still drenched. I could barely fathom what had just happened. “Dinner.”

“Yeah, dinner.” He smiled and kissed me, smoothing out my hair. “We’ll have a good time.” His hand caressed my breast. “And if you’re really good, I’ll even fuck you.”

His audacity was shocking and rendered me speechless. I wanted to deny that I wanted him to fuck me, but how could I? I had just sucked his cock, and my heaving breasts and hard nipples gave away my continued arousal.

He kissed me again, more tender than demanding this time, then pulled my shirt back up to cover my breasts. He tucked himself back into his jeans, buckling his belt as I adjusted my bra and finger-combed my hair. Then he reached for the door handle, opening the door to the cool night as he took my hand, pulling me out of the car. My back against the car once again, he kissed me, his hips pressed intimately against me, his hands cupping my face.

Unable to help myself, I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close as I kissed him back, letting him know just how frustrated he made me.

Finally, he pulled away. He planted one last chaste kiss on my lips. “Drive safe. I’ll call you about dinner.”

And then he walked away. I stood motionless as I watched him climb into his car. The roar of the engine roused me from my stupor and I slid numbly into my driver’s seat. He drove away even as I sat still behind the wheel, wondering what the hell had just happened.

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