Sue Gets Her Hair Done

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This is my first post here. I usually write for private consumption. There are always kernels of fact in my stories.


It was time for Sue get her hair done at her favorite hair salon. .

Sue had made an appt. w. her favorite stylist. Robert was usually booked way in advance, but always made sure he was available for her on short notice. When she made the appt. earlier in the day, he had told her he was fully booked but could see her right after the official closing time of 8:30. That would work as she could then hit a 9:55 showing of a movie she was waiting to see at the same mall.

“Come a little early in case I finish up sooner than expected w. old Mrs. Levy,” Robert had told her. Sue arrived about 8:15 and Robert was just cleaning up. Most of the other chairs were empty, a few were in the finishing stages of hair care being completed.

Robert gave her his usual greeting hug as she walked in. “Have a seat while I create a special color I thought might be great on you. It is almost the same as usual – but just enough diff. where I think you might like it better.” As usual, Sue thought she felt Robert’s cock as he hugged her, but then again, maybe she was letting her penis fetish let her mind’s imagination run wild.

Sue was wearing her short jeans skirt, a sleeveless blouse, and had brought a sweater to wear in the overly air conditioned theater.

“While you’re getting ready for me, I’ll make use of your ladies room.” While there she had the wicked idea to remove her panties and as she slipped them in her purse thought they felt a little dampish. Because her shingles was acting up, she had taken off her bra earlier in the day at the office. She had been wearing a sleeved shirt, so being bra less there was quite discreet.

“Let’s get started,” she smiled. As she lay back in the chair she could feel her skirt ride up slightly. As Robert worked on her hair, Sue instead of closing her eyes, as usual, watched each time Robert moved bostancı escort bayan near her from the side towards where her head was slightly turned. Sue couldn’t help but notice that his pants, inches from her face, definitely had a bulge.

By this time everyone else was gone. At a opportune moment, Sue moved her hand as though to scratch her ear and “accidentally” bumped her hand over the bulge. “Whoops, sorry. Hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Robert laughed and said “well it looks like you’ve hurt it and made it become swollen. Maybe you can rub the soreness out or kiss it to make it better when we are done.” Sue just smiled.

“Since everyone is gone, if you want your toes done you are stuck with me.” Sue always liked the way Robert handled her feet and said, “we have time, let’s do it.” By this time Sue’s skirt had almost ridden up to her thigh, barely covering her pussy. She could easily have shifted slightly to pull it down a little, but decided to tease him a little more.

“I’m just going to relax and stay in this semi-reclined position while you work on my feet.” As Robert sat at the foot of the chair to begin, he almost gasped. Although most of the lights had been turned off, he had no trouble looking straight at her barely covered pussy. Sue couldn’t see that his penis had really become large, but could hear his voice had become husky and his breathing rhythm had changed to shorter breaths.

“I’ll just do the pedicure part, but will skip the toe nail painting since some of the lights are off and we might run out of time.” Sue could feel the built up tension through Robert’s fingers as he worked on her. She made a point of shifting her hips a couple times, knowing it would fire him up even more.

By the time Robert was done, he was breathing hard – and not just from the physical labor. Sue grinned and said “I see you have a massage table over there. Go and lie on your back and I’ll rub out the soreness where I hurt you ümraniye escort earlier. It really looks like it has become more swollen.”

Robert did as told. Sue started rubbing him where it “hurt.” Since he was wearing thin slacks and, apparently, thin boxer shorts, she thought she could feel the veins in his rigid rod. She moved both her hands on him, alternating between up and down and circular movements, applying varying degrees of pressure. Robert’s eyes were half closed as he began to utter animalistic guttural sounds. Tension had been building so long that it only took a few minutes for Sue to finish with her cure. Robert’s lower torso suddenly jerked and Sue could feel his penis as it pumped semen out through its engorged head. So copious was the quantity, it didn’t take long for it to soak through and make a big circular wet spot on the front of his pants.

Sue, slowly stopped with her rubbing and could feel his penis as it shrunk to the point to where she could barely feel it.

“Stand up and lower your pants,” Sue commanded. “I’ll get a towel so you can clean yourself off.” With that, Robert stood up and dropped his drawers. His deflated cock was still oozing droplets of sticky cum. A lot of cum was on his pubic hair and in his boxers. “These young guys sure seem to have an unlimited reservoir of cum,” she thought to herself. “Take off your boxers. We’ll clean up your pants and dry them off w. a hair dryer. Here’s a towel. It wouldn’t be proper for a lady to touch your penis, so use it on yourself.” It took unimaginable will power for her not to take the warm damp towel herself and gently clean him. She was imagining holding his limp cock and licking it clean with her tongue while she cupped his perfectly shaped balls with her hand.

“I have to admit that “curing” you did have side effects for both of us. The side effect of your cure was the mess you made. What you need to do is shoot that wonderful hot cum into a swollen pussy. You escort kartal don’t know how many women would die just to feel the powerful streams of your cum shooting hard into their cunts and almost pass out from pleasure as it begins to pour out of them.

“My side effect (not all side effects are bad) was that I had an orgasm as I felt the jerking of your penis and I now have pussy juices all over my thighs. In fact, you can probably see my swollen pussy lips protruding.”

With that, Sue lifted her skirt. Robert could see the ambient light glistening on her thighs and droplets of pussy juice on her still protruding lips. Sue, brazenly took another towel and dried herself. Robert’s penis began to show some new signs of life, but Sue shut that down by saying:

“Showtime! Here’s your pay but I’m not giving you a tip.” After a slight pause, continued, “Hurry up and pull your pants up. We have just enough time to go to my favorite bar and get a snack before the movie starts. My treat.”

The front door had been locked. They took the back way out and as they walked around towards the front saw a large crowd looking into the shop. Simultaneously, they asked, “What’s going on? What’s everyone looking at?”

A couple young women responded “A little while ago it looked like two people were in there really “enjoying” themselves. Although we couldn’t see them directly, all the mirrors on the wall showed them perfectly, although we couldn’t see their faces well. Even with all the noise, we could definitely hear the woman let out a shriek of pleasure. Some thought they heard the man howl. What is odd, is, they didn’t appear to be having “sex” per se, but the activity that took place was maybe even more erotic than plain intercourse.”

One of the girls giggled and said, “there was more than one man out here who obviously was hardened by the experience, and I have to admit at least some of us women were aroused as well. That woman in there was obviously an exhibitionist as well as a voyeur and may have not been shy even if she knew there was an appreciative audience.”

As they walked away, Sue became wet yet again, reveling in the fact she was not only an exhibitionist, but had played before an appreciative audience.

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