Sueños Blancos [White Dreams]

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Lost within his own thoughts, he stirs, cringes and rolls over the ideas bouncing around in his sub conscious. Soon a hand comes across his blank stare and taps his right cheek. He looks up to see his little sister Blanca.

“Hellooooooo, did you hear me?”

“Yeah, I’m jus thinkin at the same time.” He replies.

“So you weren’t listening to me?”

“Whoa, calm down, I was, and I think you should cut that dude loose.”


“Because, I see it, he doesn’t love you. Not like I do.” He strokes his hand over her cheek. She closes her eyes enjoying his touch, then pulls away.

“Corey, that was an accident, and you can’t tell anyone about that.” She referred to the night before. Corey was lying on top of his bed watching a world cup match before class. Then his sister comes walking in.

“Why are you still in your underwear? We have class in an hour!”

“Relax, I’m sore from practice. And I jus gotta pull on some clothes.” Corey sat up and Blanca looked at his frame. He was 5’8″, about an inch, probably two, taller than her. She could see that the work that his return to football had done to his body. His chest and arms were more muscular now. His legs, which had always been big, were now showing the bulging and powerful thigh and calf muscles that lay below. She did wish he worked a more on his abs on his own, even though he was not fat, the outline of the outside of his abs were quite visible.

Then she noticed the little “condition” that effected every 19 year old boy around the globe at seven in the morning. A raging hard on was staring back at her through his boxers. Instead of looking away like most sisters güvenilir bahis she lingered until he turned to speak to her.

“Hey! You gunna leave so I can get changed lil b?” his pet name for her.

“No. I wanna make sure you actually get dressed this time c bear.”

“Fine, have it your way…” and with that he stood up and snatched off his boxers. Allowing his cock to spring forward in all its seven and a half inch brown glory. She liked how it was as mocha brown as the rest of him, instead of black dark like her boyfriend’s when she would wack him off. Also the carpet was no where near as long as the drapes. His shoulder length wavy hair that he finally started to grow out two years ago as her requested birthday present, was in stark contrast to the nearly bald pubic area. Soon the show was over and he pulled on some new boxers and socks.

“You like dick huh?” he laughed


“I saw you lookin, its alright, I don’t mind at all, probably not the first time you’ve seen him.”


“Oh, well, since we are sharing and all now, you gotta show me.”



“My, pussy?”

“Or your tits, your choice.”

“Fine, if it will hurry you up, we can’t keep being late.” She decided since she was only wearing her black spandex shorts and not jeans to show her pussy. That and there was no reason to show her big brother her front clasp bra. She pulled the sides down and there it was, a trimmed little thing. Puffy lips around a little pink slit that looked like it could never fit a dick inside. She then closed her eyes, embarrassed that she was feeling herself get wet for türkçe bahis her brother. Then she felt her jacket come off, soon the shirt and her sexy little bra. Now she stood nude in front of big brother. She kept her eyes closed as she imagined his cock get hard again. Which it was. And his grabbing her and shoving his manhood deep inside and pounding her until he filled her with his cum. Jus as that thought came, she felt something at her sex.

“What are you doin?”

“You want me to hurry right? You didn’t say what.” He chuckled. She didn’t stop him, she had no intention, hoping he would give her the cock she has wanted for years.

Corey couldn’t believe it. His little sister, the object of all his fantasies since he learned how to jack off. Now was nude before him. 5’6″, cream skinned with an athletic form for her size. Her perky full B cups looked more like Cs on her body. Round curves of hips, which she got from their Costa Rican half of the family complemented the full butt their black side was going to show off. He loved the orange dyed hair she had on her head, that went to her shoulders, about as long as his, but straight and fluttery. Even her eyebrows were dyed, which he was glad she listened to cause it made her all the more cuter. Topped off with pink full lips and brown eyes, he longed to kiss them again like they did when they were younger. He couldn’t believe they were full blood siblings from the contrast of their apperences and wrote it off to the genes, but now he had to touch.

“What are you…” she trailed off

“Just relax little sister, big brother won’t hurt you. He’s goin to make sure your happy today and güvenilir bahis siteleri protect you as always.” With that he rocked back and forth, allowing his dick to rub at her clit. She couldn’t admit it, but she was so happy that he was touching her. In the most intimated of places. In the most private of areas that only a select few will ever see, let alone touch or even have their cock rubbing against. And yet here she was, standing their, in her brothers strong loving arms as he pushed her closer and closer to her edge. Bringing her nearly there and backing off for a minute or two to torcher her a little. But mostly to increase the soon to come orgasm. And he knew that. Soon she gave in totally to her pussy and wrapped her arms around her brother and let loose. As she did so, he took his dick and put it between her legs, jus below her pussy and thrust forward. He bucked and soon took his cock and put the head at her entrance and jus as she thought he would put it in her and cum inside her body, he left it jus between the lips and exploded in huge globs.

They panted hard as they came down from the orgasmic high. They looked into each other’s eyes and soon attacked the other’s mouth. Swallowing their tongue and running along the inside of the others mouth and they broke with Blanca lightly biting his bottom lip as they pulled apart. Her young cunt glazed over with the seed of big brother.

“Oh Jesus…. that… was amazing… I never would have guessed that it would feel this good with it not even inside you.”

“How long til class?”

“Fuck class, I want more of your lessons.” She tried to push down and have him enter her but, he pulled his dick down to keep only the head inside.

” Uh uh uh lil b, you cant have everything your way. But you can have this.” And he rubbed his dick’s sensitive head against her inflamed clit again ready for a round 2

[End Chapter 1]

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