Sultry Massage

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I warm my hands in the heated coconut oil. You lay face down on the bed naked waiting to feel me. When I place my hands on the sides of your neck you feel the heat and moan. With both hands on your upper back I slide them down along your spine to the small of your lower back and pull all the way back up along your ribs and shoulder blades. I repeat the same stroke allowing my breasts to touch you. I work your back thoroughly, applying pressure to the right places.

Moving down to your glutes and legs, I knead the outer hips following the curve of your pelvic bone. You always enjoy this part because occasionally as I add warm oil, I’ll drip some onto the underside of your cock, that’s peeking out from between your legs. Tracing the round of your ass, I move down little by little, gliding my hands along your legs. I push your legs apart and kneel between them on the bed. With a generous amount of oil I wrap my hands tightly around each ankle and move up your calves. You feel my hands change direction and go into your inner thighs, so slowly I gently touch your hard cock. Both of my oiled hands find your shaft and I begin to stroke you.

My tongue finds your thigh and I lick the round curve of your ass cheek, trailing right down to your cock. You spread your legs for me and push your hips up in anticipation. My hands release your member and find that same rhythm as before. Across your hips, around your glutes, down your thighs to your calves. My warm lips wrap the head of your cock. I tease with my tongue for a few seconds and let go with a suck.

It’s time to turn you over. I stand next to you naked, you see me looking at your erect and oiled cock. That grin, it turns my mood from sexy to sultry. Once again my lips wrap your d hard dick and I take bostancı escort bayan you as deep as I can. Your hands hold my head in place one second too long, I gag. My pussy clenches, you know that turns me on so much. I turn to grab my newly warmed bottle of oil and feel your hand find its way up my leg, I bend over giving you more access. Those fingers stop when they hit the edge of my wet pussy.

Your moan sends lightning through my body. I grab my oil and slowly climb up onto the bed so that I’m straddling you, just below your hips. I stretch my neck to the right and pour the oil heavily onto my collarbone. Your eyes watch the oil roll down to my breast over, around, under them making its own path to my belly button. The oil keeps flowing down, I thrust my hips so my pussy meets your hard cock.

You throw your head back when you feel my soaked lips mold around your shaft. I grind up and down the length of you, soaking you with the oil and my juices. Teasing both of us, I keep your dick pointed down under me, as I grind on it slower, faster, slower. I know you want me to ride you. My hands have been running up and down your thighs. I move my hands to your chest and lean in onto you.

My clit hits your shaft, I moan loudly into your neck, and nip at your ear lobe. I close my eyes and push my hips in and out, over you from base to tip. Whimpers, heavy breathing and the wet noise of our bodies covered in oil. It’s enough to make me sit up and guide the tip of your dick to my opening. I pause to place my hands behind me on your thighs. I want to watch you enter me.

Big warm hands grip tightly to my hips, your touch feels so good. You pull me onto you slow, I see your cock disappear into me. White liquid pools at the edges ümraniye escort of our connection. After I’ve taken every last bit of you inside me, you grab my ankle and pull my leg over your waist. With both legs now together off the side of the bed, you stay deep inside me.

I bounce my ass off your hips, pulling my tight clinging pussy up around your tip and hard down to the base. You feel my ass slap down on your hips. Your hand starts to cup my ass cheek. A loud crack fills my ears and a sharp sting bites me. Another loud crack, I bounce quicker, crack, crack. My ass burns like embers being stoked. When I’m out of breath and throbbing from my ass to pussy you stop me.

Rubbing circles into my red skin, you whisper for me to place my pussy over your lips. We both feel the pop of disconnection and I stagger back onto my feet. Your eyes are closed as I lower myself down over top of your waiting mouth. My skin touches yours and I feel your mouth cover me completely, and when you open your lips they also open my lips. Your tongue starts at my opening and trails up to the pointy edge of my clit. A warm wet swirl around my clit causes me to buckle and my mouth finds your hard pussy soaked dick.

The taste of my own pussy hits a string inside me like a guitar. I moan into your balls, sucking you as deep into my throat as I can. Your tongue pushes inside me over and over, but every few thrusts, you flatten, widened it, and slide up to my clit. Two fingers dip into the soft spot of my ass. Suddenly I feel warm oil trickle down my ass crack to that soft spot.

I shimmy down your body a bit so you have a better view of my ass. Now I can take both of your balls into my mouth. Sucking lightly and rolling them against my tongue, I stroke your escort kartal length firmly. Those two fingers are wet and together they screw into me softly. I relax onto you keeping my ass up high for you to play with. When you’ve gotten them inside past your second knuckles, you hook them and pull me back to your mouth.

So much climax is building as I ride your tongue and fingers. I need to feel my pussy stretched wide by your cock. I whine for it with you still deep in my mouth. A hard spank to the ass, and I’m pushed forward with my face in the bed between your knees. Another hard spank, you pull my ponytail to lift my head back off the bed. Crack, crack, my ass is at your hips now.

I grab your knees, sit up and roll my hips over your dick. One slow twerk and your inside me. I place my feet on your thighs and ride back and forth, up and down. Up and back down deep as I roll my hips again. Your hands grip my hip bones and aid my rhythm. I feel shocks coarse from my pussy through my entire body, my knees give out and your hands pick me up.

You hold me up as you thrust deep into me over and over. I feel heat flow down my thighs, wetness spreads across my ass when I touch down onto your skin. Inside my pussy squeezes hard, you grab tight and hold me still. You roll your hips to hit every tiny inside area of me as my pussy grips harder and harder. You use my climax to milk you dry.

After a minute you sit up with me still locked in your lap, spin me around slowly laying me down on my back. You guide my legs up, and just as you draw out your shrinking cock, your fingers spread my pussy lips open wide. Your lips meet my opening and I feel you suck deep, scooping out all our mixed juices into your mouth. When you take your mouth off me, I’m breathlessly panting again. You separate my lips with yours, pushing a flow of cum into my mouth for me to swallow. You hover dripping every drop onto my tongue. When I finish licking my lips clean, I close my eyes and lay sated listening to the drum of our unison heartbeat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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