Summer Camp Pt. 03

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The two young lovers on the porch were quietly engaged in their own romantic entwinings.

Bryan watched his Dad carry his mom into their bedroom. He knew very well what his parents were going to be doing. The thought brought about a stiffening in his pants. Not that Keionna’s hand running up and down his thigh wasn’t having its own growing results.

Keionna leaned into Bryan’s shoulder with a sigh. “They love each other very much, don’t they?” she asked as she looked warmly into Bryan’s brown eyes. He could see the burning desire smoldering in Keionna’s green orbs.

Responding, he leaned into her and pressed his lips to hers. Flicking the tip of his tongue over her full lips, he muttered, “Yes, they do. As I am beginning to love you, a Ghrá Gael.” He cupped a full breast in his hand, gently palming the fullness of her, as she moaned with pleasure in his mouth.

Swaying slowly on the swing, the young couple felt the mounting heat between them rising. With no intention of rushing him, Keionna pressed her bosom into Bryan’s hand, relishing in the feel of his gentle hands caressing her. She reached one arm behind his neck and kept him close to her, moaning her encouragement to his physical attentions.

Bryan alternated between kissing her lips, sucking on an earlobe, and nuzzling her lovely neck. Meanwhile he kept up his assault on her breast. He reached around her back and unsnapped her bra through the thin fabric of her tank top.

“Oh, my!” exclaimed Keionna breathlessly as his hands found the hem of her top and stroked her tummy. Slowly, Bryan worked his hands up towards her breasts. Slipping underneath her loosened bra, Bryan gently tickled the undersides of her heaving bosom. Then fully covering her breasts, he began to gently knead her flesh in his palms. Keionna was in a very highly agitated state. Bryan’s mouth and hands had heated her blood, her desire for him was enflaming her core, yet she didn’t want to push him too far. It had been several days since their last abortive sexual encounter. Keionna kept looking at Bryan questioningly, trying to assure herself that he was okay.

Bryan notice the concerned look on her face. “It’s okay, let me lead for a while, eh?” Bryan slid to his knees between Keionna’s thighs; he lifted her tank top exposing her breasts. He gently suckled first the left nipple into his mouth, then the right. He held his hands over her chest as he then kissed her long, slow, and passionately.

Keionna ran her fingers through his hair as she pulled Bryan against her tits. His tongue was flicking over her nipples. He would stop and suck her entire breast into his mouth, flicking his tongue over her nipples all the while. Then Bryan would pull back, draw lazy circles around the other globe until he zeroed in on her nipple, and then repeat the process of sucking and mouthing the entire breast.

Keionna felt her pleasure swelling, her pelvis was pressing against Bryan’s stomach, by arching her back she could press her mound against him and increase the pleasure she was feeling. Sensing her need, Bryan drew his hands down her sides and unclasped the waist of her shorts. He gripped the tops of the shorts and as Keionna breathlessly raised her hips, pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles.

Panting at this unexpected development, Keionna gasped, “What about your parents?”

“They’re too busy making love to come bother us.” Bryan winked up at her as he massaged the tops of her thighs. Tenderly spreading her legs, he took a good look at her sex. Keionna had closely trimmed pelvic hair. Bryan guessed she must shave some due to the style of bikini she wore. Her pussy lips were engorged and slightly wet from her arousal. As he lowered his face towards her quivering belly, Bryan caught the musky odor of her excitement. He blew gently towards her nether lips, watching the pubic hair swirl in the gust of his breath.

Bryan made gentle first contact with Keionna’s pussy. He had his lips pressed into a moue as he slowly ran them over the entrance to her vagina. Letting the tip of his tongue poke through, he leisurely traced the folds of her labia. Little by little, he picked up the pace of his oral attentions to her slippery folds. His left hand gently massaging Keionna’s breast, Bryan brought his right hand between her legs. Probing with a thumb at the top of her cleft, he exposed Keionna’s tender clitoris. Gasping for breath, she grabbed hold of his hair in both hands. Nodding her permission, Keionna looked directly into Bryan’s eyes as his pouty lips encircled her engorged clitoris and lapped it.

Explosions erupted in her head. Waves of intense pleasure rocketed out from her clit. Bryan suckled her clit, and then would lick the length of her pussy, only to return to clit. Then he slipped a single finger into her pussy. He would wiggle the penetrating finger around as he pulled his mouth from her. When she would grab a quick breath, Bryan would cease moving the finger to again attack güvenilir bahis her clit with his persistent lips. Setting up a rhythm, Bryan soon had Keionna bucking up and down on the swing.

Raising himself up, Bryan slid a second finger in alongside the first. Curving the fingers, he ran the tips along the front of her vagina as he pulled them out, thrusting them back in to repeat the cycle. He leaned forward as Keionna pulled his mouth to hers. She didn’t care that it was wet with her own juices; she wanted that mouth on hers. She thrust her tongue into his mouth as he thrust his fingers into her pussy.

She felt the orgasmic pulses starting. Bryan’s fingers were a blur as they plunged in and out of her. Grasping Bryan’s biceps, Keionna breathed, “I cum.” She did. In a rush, a heated flood roared through her body. She grabbed the hand invading her cunt and held it still, deep within her. Bryan watched as she flushed from the neck down. He was holding his breath right with Keionna as she experienced her orgasm. He felt her pussy walls clenching his fingers buried in her vagina.

“Oh, my dear, what you have done to me!” Keionna kissed Bryan deeply. She pulled his hand from her cunt and licked his fingers clean. “You may do that anytime you want, my love.” She pulled him closer as some aftershocks of her orgasm shook her torso. Bryan grinned widely as she moaned some more.

“We need to make you more comfortable.” Keionna whispered as she pulled his shirt over his head. She kissed him deeply, patting the seat next to her she indicated he should sit on the swing. She reached for her shorts, pulling them up. Bryan was looking closely at her bottom, admiring her pert behind. “You can see more of that later, man.”

She pushed him down on the swing, and took his place on the ground, kneeling before him. “May I?” She asked as she ran her hands along his thighs. Bryan granted his consent. “Are you sure my love? I so much want to do this, but …” In response Bryan unbuckled his belt, unzipped his shorts and took her hands in his as he slid his shorts and briefs down.

Bryan’s semi-erect penis popped out from the constricting fabric. He couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure as he was released from the confines of his shorts. Keionna smiled up at him, and then focused her full attention on his member. Bryan’s penis was getting harder as she looked at it. She traced her fingers along his thighs and lightly ran the tips through his pubic hair. She traced down and delicately scratched at his scrotum, heavy with his testicles. As she did, Bryan’s penis gave an involuntary twitch and visibly lengthened and thickened. Yummm, she thought to herself as she grasped the now hard member in front of her. Cupping the balls in one hand, Keionna used the other to start pumping his cock.

She went slowly at first. Concerned about Bryan having another memory attack, she glanced up to his eyes to find them closed with pleasure. Smiling to herself, Keionna leaned in and kiss the tip of his penis. She increased her pace as she stuck out her tongue and licked the head of the gorgeous cock in front of her. She used one hand to gently massage Bryan’s testicles, as she pumped her other fist up and down. When she had him fully erect, she made a tight ring with thumb and forefinger and clamped down tight by the root of the cock. She made a circle with her mouth and pressed her lips around the head. Gradually sucking more of the shaft into her mouth, Keionna ran her tongue around the glans.

Her technique was exquisite. She would fist his shaft several times, and then engulf his cock into her mouth. She kept her tongue lapping along the head and around the ridge as she set a steady rhythm to her cocksucking. With her other hand, Keionna would bounce one ball in the palm of her hand, then the other, occasionally pulling the entire sack away from his body until he tightened up. She would then release and begin the whole process over again.

Bryan was fascinated. Here was a wonderfully delightful, intelligent, and beautiful creature, sucking his cock. He was in another place. Keionna kept up her ministrations of his penis, looking up at him as she pushed his cock into her cheek. The obscene view of his penis bulging out the side of her face drove Bryan crazy. In his excitement, his engorged member twitched on its own. Keionna only seemed to become more ardent the more aroused he became.

Sliding her tongue over the tip of his penis, Keionna tasted the slight saltiness of his pre-cum lubrication. Encouraged by this effect she increased the pace of her strokes on his cock. Fully determined to give him an orgasm as intense as her own, Keionna slid a finger of her free hand into her mouth, covering it with spit. She then reached under Bryan’s pelvis and massaged his prostrate. Spreading his legs in ecstasy, Bryan closed his eyes and laid his head back, finally surrendering to Keionna.

When he felt her finger begin probing his anus, Bryan looked türkçe bahis up in alarm. “Trust me,” the angel sucking his cock mouthed before she swallowed his entire length into her mouth. Relaxing, he watched closely as she stroked his cock ever faster. When her finger slipped past his sphincter and the first knuckle hit home, Bryan erupted. It was like no ejaculation he had ever had. Keionna kept her finger in his ass still, but her fist and mouth were working furiously. After the first convulsion of his balls, Bryan looked down and to his amazement; he saw that his penis was still in her mouth! She was taking his cum in her mouth! He erupted again. On the third ejaculation, Keionna opened her mouth just a bit so that Bryan could see his semen spurt onto her tongue. That did it. Bryan thought his balls were going to burst as the last to spurts filled Keionna’s lovely mouth. She stopped squeezing his penis and testicles. She held his sensitive cock against her lips as she very consciously swallowed Bryan’s cum. Withdrawing her finger from his ass, she smiled demurely as she wiped a stray spray of cum from her chin.

“Thank you, my bairn.” She uttered huskily as she slid her arms around his neck.

“Thank you? What, You’re the one who…”

“I know, but you took care of me first, and well, that was just lovely.” The Irish lass kissed her American lover on the lips. The taste of their comingled juices seemed a fitting spice to the kiss.

Holding Keionna closely, Bryan noticed the lights were out in the cabin. “Hey, let’s go for walk. Eh?” He said indicating the house. Shyly the two rearranged their clothing, and slipped off the porch heading for the beach.

Hand in hand, the young couple strolled the path through the woods to the dock. Their hands couldn’t stop groping each other. Fondling an ass cheek or a breast, cupping a groin, it was surprising they didn’t trip and fall on the tree roots.

When they got to the dock, with unspoken agreement they undressed in front of each other. There was a partial moon out giving a pale luminescence to their exposed skin. They each drank in the vision of their naked bodies. Shaking her hair loose, Keionna grabbed Bryan’s hand and strode out into the water. With no splashing, they quickly were in the lake up to their necks. The water was warm and inviting. They swam around the dock playfully tugging and ducking water at each other. After a while, they swam together. Bryan stood on the bottom and Keionna wrapped her lovely legs around his waist and her ivory arms around his neck and nuzzled close to him. In this position with just their heads above water, they swayed back and forth to a quiet tune only the young lovers could hear.

Up at the cabin, Joe and Alicia roused from their stupor.

“Wonder what the kids are doing?” Alicia ran her fingers through her hair. Pulling on a robe, she poked her head out of the bedroom. With a towel around his waist, Joe followed her. They saw the swing on the porch was empty.

“Guess they headed home.” Joe yawned.

“I need a shower.” Alicia commented as she wiped a strand of sticky cum from her inner thigh.

“I have a better idea. If Bryan took Keionna home, we have time to go skinny dipping.” He said with a gleam of lust in his eye.

“Uh, okay.” Alicia dropped her robe on the floor and walked boldly out the door in just her birthday suit. Knowing her lusty husband couldn’t resist the sway of her bare bottom, she ran lightly down the path to the lake. Joe was not far behind her. Dashing out on the pier, they did not see the pile of clothes to the side. Nor as they jumped off the end of the pier hand in hand in their complete naked glory did they notice the young couple huddled under the end of the pier.

Skinny-dipping had been one of Joe and Alicia’s favorite pastimes at the cabin until Bryan had gotten into his pre-teens. The older couple got into a splashing contest in shallower water. Bryan and Keionna slipped quietly under the shadows of the dock, making for shore. Yet the sight of his mother’s breasts bouncing in the moonlight captivated Bryan. For her part, Keionna was quite embarrassed at first by the sight of Mr. Andrews’s manhood. She ducked her head into Bryan’s shoulder. “Now what do we do?” She whispered panicked.

As they were halfway to the shore, Bryan’s parents walked out of the water leaving nothing to hide. They younger couple were entranced by the sight of their mature bodies in the moonlight. Joe slapped Alicia on the ass and then ran to the pier. The younger couple ducked under the surface. Joe ran the length of the pier, shouted “COWABUNGA!” and cannonballed into the water. With just their eyes above the surface, Bryan and Keionna watched as Alicia seductively strode out to the end of the pier and dove cleanly into the water. She came up next to Joe and pulled him in for a warm, wet kiss, only to dunk him under the water as she tried to swim for shore.

Joe came up sputtering and chased after his wife. güvenilir bahis siteleri Catching her in the shallower water, he flung her down, splashing water everywhere. The two wrestled around playfully grabbing at any exposed anatomy. Unaware of their audience, the wrestling grew more amorous then playful. Bryan knew he should get Keionna out of there, yet she was as transfixed by the ardent couple before them as he was.

Joe’s erection was quite visible. Independently Bryan and Keionna compared Joe’s organ to Bryan’s. The older couple crawled carefully up the beach. Joe had brought his towel with him and they lay down on it in a heated embrace.

Pulling her legs up, Alicia spread her thighs to accept Joe’s cock into her cunt. He slipped the length of his penis into her warm pussy in one stroke. This time their passion had them grunting and thrusting in an animal passion. With their earlier sex, both partners were aroused and ready. Alicia’s breasts were bouncing violently in time with Joe’s thrusts. The younger couple could hear the slap of Joe’s balls against Alicia’s ass as he pounded his penis into his wife.

To his embarrassment, Bryan could feel his penis growing. Trying to turn away from the sight of his parent’s lovemaking, he brushed his engorged cock against Keionna’s belly. A feral look came into her eyes as she looked him in the face. Keionna grabbed his cock and started stroking it in time to Joe’s thrusts. She grabbed Bryan’s hand and pushed his fingers into her warm pussy. He gave himself into the lust of the moment and so as they watched his parents sexual union, he and Keionna masturbated each other under the shadows of the dock.

All four people came within seconds of each other. Joe and Alicia in a loud chorus of moans and grunts, Keionna and Bryan in stifled whimpers of release.

Joe collapsed sprawled next to Alicia, unaware of their wanton exposure to the younger couple.

For their part, having watched the erotic display before them, Bryan and Keionna were quite overcome, but still afraid of getting caught. They quietly tried to catch their breath as they slunk up the opposite side of the pier from his parents, in search clothes and safety. They might have made it, if not for Alicia’s need to pee after sex.

The two younger people were at the edge of the water, crouched down set to dash to their abandoned clothes, when Alicia stood up and walked their direction in search of a bush. As she squatted down facing the young people and released her stream, she came eye to eye with Bryan.

The first thing she noticed after Bryan’s look of shock was his penis dangling between his legs. The second thing she noticed was a pair of swaying tits. Tits that were attached to a naked girl! Looking up into Keionna’s eyes, she saw pure terror and panic written there.

“Oh my goodness!” Alicia exclaimed as she sat back with a grunt. She continued to stare at the young couple before her as they stood pole axed and completely naked. Unaware of their stares at her bare pussy, she ran her eyes over every inch of their exposed bodies.

Unnecessarily, she uttered again, “Oh my goodness.”

Keionna flushed bright red and tried to cover her breasts with one arm and her cunt with the other. Bryan for his part just stood dumbfounded as he gazed fixed on the racing stripe above his mother’s splayed legs.

“What’s the matter?” called Joe from the beach.

Keionna gave out a tiny squeak as she turned and saw Joe approaching. Stumbling backward over Bryan’s feet she feel on her backside and squeaked again. Joe stumbled to a stop. He took in the sight of his naked wife splayed on the ground, his equally naked son gaping at him, and the young Irish girl covering her pussy with both hands, unknowingly thrusting her full bosom out towards him. Her nipples very obviously aroused.

The four stayed like that for a nervous taut second. Simultaneously, they burst out in a multitude of sounds. Keionna cried, Bryan stammered out an apology, Alicia repeated “Oh my goodness” over and over, and Joe just laughed.

Shocked by Joe’s laughter, the other three stopped mute, just staring at him.

“Well, we weren’t the only ones with a desire to go swimming now were we dear?” He continued chuckling at the stupefied expression on his wife’s face. “Come now; let’s let Bryan get the lovely Keionna home.” Unabashed he helped his wife to her feet, helped her dust of dirt and leaves from her fanny. Unconcerned about his or anyone’s nudity, he took Alicia by the hand and picked up their towel and left the beach.

Thunderstruck, the two young people just looked at each other and stared at the naked backsides of his departing parents. They silently pulled their clothes on, walked up to the yard and got into the truck. Bryan delivered Keionna back to the lodge with a minimum of fuss and vowed they would talk in the morning. When he got back to the cabin there was a note on his bedroom door.

Dear Bryan,

We need to talk.

Ask Keionna to join us for lunch tomorrow.

We love you.

Mom and Dad.

“We need to talk! That’s an understatement.” A very confused Bryan slipped into his room and took a long time to fall asleep.

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