Summer of 91 Ch. 3

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I hadn’t seen Sue for about two weeks after our last rendezvous, and I had spent most of the two weeks just chilling out and helping out around home.

I kept on wanting to just turn up and see Sue, but was worried that her husband would be around, so had always stopped myself. But, this made everything so much worse; I was thinking about her constantly, wanting to be with her, inside her, and feeling just like she had made me feel in the past.

One morning, I think it was a Wednesday, my parents had both gone off to work and I had a lazy morning lying in bed thinking of Sue. I just revelled in turning myself on, watching my cock grow rigid, but never letting myself cum. I’d been doing this for about 20 minutes, when the door bell startled me.

I remember cursing under my breath as I pulled on a pair of jeans quickly and legged it down to open the door. However, my mood changed quickly when I saw Sue standing there with a big smile on her face.

I invited her in, closed the door behind me, and turned around to see Sue standing there, her coat open and dropped over her shoulders. She wore nothing underneath except a pair of hold up stockings, and a black pair of stilettos.

“I heard that you were on your own today, so I thought I’d come over and look after you..” she said sexily.

She turned around and walked through towards the stairs, dropping her coat behind her. I picked up her coat and hung it up, whilst watching her walk slowly up the stairs, beckoning me with a delicate finger.

I followed her, enjoying watching her taught, naked ass walk sexily up the stairs in front of me. She walked straight into my room, and right up to the window where she waited, just looking out over the fields that could be seen from my room.

Slowly she turned around and leant back against the window ledge, and she began to run her hands slowly all over her body.

I stood there, just relishing the view in my room, and was acutely aware that my cock was so pumped up that it was almost bursting from illegal bahis my jeans.

Sue simply smiled.

“Are you going to just stand there, or are you going to get that tool out and let me use it?!” she whispered.

I didn’t need a second prompting; I quickly slid my jeans off, and stood facing her with my solid cock pointing at her.

She smiled again, and I watched as she began to finger herself, slipping a couple of fingers straight inside herself.

Slowly she wanked herself, sliding her fingers effortlessly in and out of her pussy, which was glistening with moisture, just letting me ogle the view.

After a minute or so, Sue stopped and walked over to my bed.

She slipped off her shoes, and lay back on the bed. Slowly she spread her legs again, and once more slid her fingers inside herself. Sue closed her eyes and groaned, before turning her head and looking at me.

“Come here” she whispered.

I walked slowly towards her, and she raised one of her hands to my solid shaft. I felt her cool hands close around the rigid shaft, and she slowly started to wank me too.

She quickly got into it, and her hand speeded up on me, quickly moving my foreskin back and forth over my bulbous glans. I had to hold onto the bed for support before my knees gave way, and it was not long at all before I could feel a welling in my groin.

“S-Sue” I gasped “I’m going to cum”

“I know!” she replied gleefully. She stopped for a second and sat upright in front of me, and then carried on. She pointed my cock at her gorgeous cleavage, and looked up at me… “cover me” she whispered.

In moments I shuddered as I climaxed, and when I jolted, my seed spurted all over her cleavage and across her breasts. She stopped wanking me, and I relaxed, groaning softly. As I sat down next to her, I watched as she rubbed my cum all over her chest and stomach.

Heavens only knows how, but my cock was still upright and solid, and it quickly brought a smile to Sue’s face. She quickly stood up, faced me, and illegal bahis siteleri straddled my legs.

She squatted down over my knob, and quickly sat down onto it, forcing it inside her soaking pussy.

Sue groaned as my solid organ entered her tight cavity, and she then relaxed. She looked me straight in the eye. “I’m sorry – I couldn’t wait any longer!” she sighed.

She pushed me backwards onto the bed and just as I lay flat she started to ride me.

I relaxed as Sue screwed me quickly, and I watched as her breasts bounced each time she sat back down on me. Sue moaned and groaned sexily as the sensations between our legs grew stronger. I could feel her pussy tightening around me, and suddenly Sue let out a long, deep, sexy groan whilst her body tensed wildly, and she let the orgasm flood through her veins.

She relaxed, breathing deeply, and then slowly lifted her head and looked at me, grinning from ear to ear. “God I needed that” she sighed “fingers just don’t have the same effect!!”

We both started giggling, for no apparent reason, and Sue slipped off my cock, and lay down next to me on the bed.

After relaxing for a bit, she looked around my room, taking in everything.

We chatted about my room for a while until Sue turned to me with a wicked glint in her eye.

“How do you fancy something a little kinky?!” she asked with a wink.

Before I had a chance to answer, Sue got up and walked to the end of my bed. As she held onto the post at the corner of my bed, she began to squat up and down over it. The bed end was a rather phallic pine rod, which was around 2 inches in diameter.

Each time she squatted down, her dripping labia touched the tip of the rod, and she winked at me. I moved to the end of the bed nearest her, and edged my head up to where her pussy was touching the bed end. Every time her pussy came within reach, I licked her hard clitoris.

Sue then paused at the top of it, and very, very slowly squatted, edging the tip past her labia. I watched canlı bahis siteleri closely as her pussy stretched to accommodate the hard piece of wood, and Sue moaned softly.

I licked her clitoris gently as she edged further and further down the bed end, the solid mass stretching filling her. She closed her eyes, and as my licking became more focussed on her clitoris, Sue started to quiver.

“God I feel so full” she gasped

“You’re enjoying that, aren’t you?!” I joked

“I’d prefer to feel fuller…” she said, blowing me a kiss.

I stood up, and walked around behind her. Sue looked over her shoulder at me, and as my cock touched her back she sighed sexily.

Sue reached down and with a hand on each of her firm buttocks, she spread her backside. I squatted, and guided the bulbous head of my cock to her tight arse.

Sue squirmed as the tip of my cock started to enter her. She was still soaking wet from our activities, and as her arse relaxed, my cock slid slowly inside her.

“Oh God” she groaned softly “I feel as if I’m going to split in two!”

“Is it okay?” I asked, concerned, when I felt her quiver slightly.

“You have no idea how ‘okay’ it is!!” Sue replied

Slowly I started sliding in and out of her, and she moaned as I penetrated her each time.

I reached around her as I slowly screwed her from behind, and my fingers quickly found her hard clitoris. I started to rub it rhythmically in time with my movements in and out of her. Sue reached behind her, and put her hands on my hips, her fingernails digging into my skin as she quickly neared another climax.

Suddenly she gasped aloud, and shuddered. I felt her arse tense and squeeze my cock as the wave of pleasure spread through her body, and it pushed me over the edge too.

Moments later I felt the tingle below and I jolted, my thick cum being injected up Sue’s tight backside. Together we quivered for some time as our bodies reeled from the climax.

I slowly slipped from inside her, and she stood up, letting the bed end slide out of her pussy. We both lay back down on the bed exhausted and stayed silent for sometime as we caught our breaths.

It wasn’t long until Sue had to go, but I had a feeling that we would be together again very soon.

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