Summer of Freedom

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My first family experience happened in the early 70’s. I had just turned 18 and I considered myself a normal but somewhat different kid. I was not into school and was very glad to be out of high school. It was my first summer of freedom. I had absolutely no plans to continue school.

After graduation Ma sat me down and had a long talk with me. She said that once I began my first full time J.O.B. I would be working for the rest of my life. She told me I could take the summer off and enjoy myself one last time! Besides, she needed me to accompany her to my cousin’s wedding in a month, a road trip that I had hoped I would never have to take again. My cousin lived with my Aunt and Uncle in Pittsburgh. That was a good seven hours from our house. We made the trip every summer and I had hoped that the last time would be my last “mandatory” every-summer jaunt. But now the wedding day loomed. My Dad would have nothing to do with the wedding trip, as my cousin was marrying outside of her race. He was weird about that. Besides, his job driving truck required him to get up at 4:30 every morning so he needed to get to sleep by 8:00 PM.

Even though I had dread of the long trip there and back, I was glad that I could enjoy the summer. I should probably tell you a bit about myself. I was an extremely shy and equally horny teenager. I got started young and as a healthy 18-year-old I usually masturbated at least three times a day. Sometimes more! I just couldn’t get enough. Since I was always a very “sensual” person, I keep finding myself in the most unusual situations. I guess I put out some sort of vibe or something. This summer would prove to be no different!

Just about every erotic thing eventually crosses your mind when you play with yourself as often as I did back then. But prior to that summer I had never had more that a casual “fantasy” about my mom. Although we were very close for a mom and son, I don’t think I ever thought about it much other that my occasional “session.” She did get my attention from time to time though.

She was a petite woman and as such she always stayed very thin. Because of that she had the same figure at 40 as she had as a young woman. I suppose most people would probably find her sexy except that she had very small breasts. Her thin waist more than made up for that and even though I am her son I can tell you that she has just about the best legs that I have ever seen. Then, now, or since. I am an absolute leg-man and I think that she was (unconsciously) the reason.

She had always worked which was unusual for a woman back then. On hot summer days when I was feeling especially horny I would lie down on the floor to watch TV and wait for her to get home. She always was extremely “proper” and she always wore a skirt or some sort of business suit with a skirt to work. The best part was back then the women all wore stockings and garters. I don’t think pantyhose had been invented yet. So there I would wait, watching my favorite cartoon or afternoon program till she got home from work. She would get home and I would always get a treat as she went through her “routine.”

First, the shoes would get kicked off. Then she would grab the mail and sit on the couch to relax. I was conveniently positioned in front of the TV and across from her favorite seat on the couch. I had to be careful but by alternating glances between my TV show and my mom I got some of the best “leg shows” that I have ever had even to this point in my life. I can so remember how gorgeous her legs would look in those stockings. If I was patient enough I could usually get a glimpse or two up her skirt and I remember that I would always get such an erection as soon as I got a look güvenilir bahis at the creamy white of her thighs above the stocking top. I was addicted to legs forever!

I also remember that on wash day she would hang her stockings, garters and such, all around the bathroom to dry. I would usually spend an hour in there at least once a month touching all of the feminine things. Just the smell of those garments got me hard. I remember that I would come twice as hard as normal whenever I jerked off while touching her things. No wonder I was so horny all of the time!

Mom and I never did anything wrong, but the trip To Aunt Joanne’s was about to change my (and her) life forever. And change them for the best!

A week before the trip I found myself home alone and it was about an hour before mom was supposed to get home. I had already cum twice since I had gotten up that day but was already again feeling the need. I wanted a bit of extra stimulation so I headed down to the basement where mom now hung her things to dry after the wash. I had noticed them there the night before and as soon as the memory flashed through my mind I made a beeline for the washroom. As I was home alone and it was still fairly early it didn’t cross my mind that I was nude except for my T-shirt.

I was at full erection by the time I hit the laundry room. I considered myself well endowed. I had been told that by most of the girls and women (and men) who had seen it. (More on that later). In my mind I had a full 8” but in reality it was probably more like 7. It wasn’t too big around (2”) but at full mast it sure seemed huge to me. My stomach was perfectly flat and looking back now I am sure that made it seem much bigger. I had developed quite a masterbatory technique and was often able to make a single jerk off session last for hours. (Sometimes my hand would actually get cramped and tired before I would cum).

I found the washroom to be a stimulation wonderland. Lingerie hung from three separate clothes- lines that were strung from one end of the room to the other. As I entered the washroom I pulled off my T-shirt and dropped it to the floor. The added stimulation of being nude in a “public” area of the house added to my excitement and I was now as hard as a rock. I knew my Dad would kill me if he ever caught me doing this. When I was this hard my cock would stand straight out at attention even when I lie down on my back.

I had to duck under the three rows of mostly sexy clothes to get to the back of the room where the washer and dryer were located. To the left of the washer was a wooden chair and table where my mother would sometimes sit to “sneak” an occasional cigarette. To the right of the dryer were storage racks. As I ducked under the hanging clothes, the garments brushed against my body and sent shivers up my spine. My cock was throbbing and I hadn’t even touched it yet! I stopped after the first row to feel the sexy material of my mom’s stockings. Oh. I started to stroke my cock as I felt several of the stockings and other undergarments. The smell of them drove me crazy. There was something so sexual about them even though they were the everyday things that she wore.

I took down one of the stockings and began to rub it against my now very swollen cock. It was heaven. I went to the back of the room and leaned against the washer and placed the stocking over my cock and began to stroke. I always fantasized while I did this and alternated between closed eyes and looking at my cock while I stroked it through mom’s stocking. As I got closer and closer to cumming I realized that there was a blanket on the floor next to the dryer. It was from a picnic that we had gone on a few weeks before türkçe bahis and was down there to be washed. I lay down on the blanket, leaned against the racks and began to really work on my cock.

There I was totally naked except for mom’s nylon stocking that was now draped over my raging hard-on. I didn’t care that my pre-cum was now all over the inside of the freshly washed stocking. I’d figure that out later. I was mostly on my back and I was stroking my cock very gently from base to head with my left hand. At the same time I was using my right hand to very gently trace my fingers over my balls. The combination was almost as good as a blowjob. I was at it for about fifteen minutes when I heard it!

She cleared her throat and I froze. She was standing between the second and third row of hanging clothes and no more than three feet away from me. When I heard the sound my eyes flashed open and immediately locked onto hers. There was no doubt that she had been watching me. For how long I have absolutely no idea. I looked away in shame and just froze there with both of my hands trying to cover my hard-on. Unfortunately, tangled in my hands and draped across my chest was her stocking!!

I didn’t know what to do so I just froze. I thought of taking the blanket that I was lying on and trying to cover myself but I know that I would first have to fully expose myself to get it out from under me. I just froze. As soon as our eyes had met she ducked under the last clothesline and I saw that she had a clothesbasket in her hand. I squinted my eyes and watched her putting clothes into the washer. She seemed to not even know I was there. Here I was lying less that three feet from her, completely naked except for HER stocking and she was doing the laundry as if nothing else was going on. My cock began to shrink a bit due to my embarrassment and I just lay there like a statue waiting for her to finish what she was doing. It only took a minute or two but I thought I was going through my entire lifetime!! I thought that she was probably as embarrassed as I was and that she would leave as soon as she finished loading the washer. I was already praying that she would not tell Dad. He would probably get violent with me. Whether he did or not, that wasn’t stopping me from being terrified at the thought. I heard the washer door close and the water start running into it. I squinted another look and saw her doing something I could not believe.

She turned and sat down in her chair directly across from me, took out a cigarette, and look directly at me as she lit it up. I must have had three separate squadrons of butterfly’s barnstorming my stomach. I was embarrassed, scared, and amazed. I opened my eyes a bit more and noticed that she was still wearing her work clothes. She was also looking directly at my still ¾ full mast hard-on.

Her almost whisper seemed to dwarf out even the washing machine noise. “That looks like it must feel pretty good.” I couldn’t believe my ears. My mom was VERY conservative. She was a librarian for Christ’s sake. I couldn’t believe she just said that to me. I also couldn’t believe the effect her words had on me. My cock began to instantly become even harder than before and was now popping out from between my hands.

As she spoke I opened my eyes completely and looked directly at her. However, she was not looking into mine. Her eyes were focused directly on my stocking clad cock. As she smoked her cigarette they roamed freely up to my chest and down to my legs, but then right back to my cock. She had a strange sort of serious look on her
face that I had not seen before. Her face also looked casual, as though she was watching something on TV.

I took the opportunity güvenilir bahis siteleri to let my eyes roam as well. She was sitting there in a black pleated skirt and white blouse that she had worn to work that day. I glanced down and saw what had been the object of my fantasy not 15 minutes earlier. Her legs were crossed and looked awesome in the black stockings and 1” heels that she was wearing. As I looked up and down her fantastic legs my cock began to throb as if a string attached it to her ankle, as she wiggled it back and forth. Then she did something that I had never seen her do before. As she put out the cigarette she was smoking … she immediately lit another.

I was absolutely speechless. She crossed her legs the other way and her skirt raised up a bit. It was still a modest three inches above her knee, but hell, I could (and have) cum just from looking at her great legs from the mid-calf down! I looked into her eyes again and I could not figure out the expression on her face. She did not look mad. She looked almost detached. She was definitely staring at my cock.

As she started to bob her crossed leg up and down I began to get brave. I took my right hand away from my cock and placed it onto my stomach. Her eyes followed my hand and then went right back to my cock, which was now almost completely exposed except that I was holding onto it with my left hand.

My erotic desire made me very brave. I began to stroke my cock in plain view of my mother! She just sat there smoking her cigarette in silence and took in every movement. She seemed to be drinking in the scene. She never said another word. She did light a third cigarette!! (That has got to be a record). I took this as a sign and I began to stroke my cock with complete abandon.

The angle I was at allowed her a complete view of my naked body. I began to stroke my cock very slowly with my right hand and began to stroke from my stomach down to my thigh with my left, squeezing my thigh and balls briefly, and then back to my stomach. All the while she watched in silence as I looked her legs over and stroked myself with her stocking. I had never been so turned on in my life.

I decided to totally go for it and I bent my knees and parted my legs. In this position I could lift my bottom off the blanket and I allowed my right hand to go all the way down to my bottom and probe and caress my totally exposed hole, as I jerked off faster and faster while she sat there and watched. I felt as though I was in a frenzy. I was stroking harder and harder and caressing myself all over when she put out her third cigarette and stood up. I was praying she wouldn’t leave at least before I came, as having my mom watching me had me more excited than I have ever been before in my life.

She walked over in front of the washer so she was only about 10 inches away from me. She kicked off her shoes and lifted her skirt to mid thigh while I lay there looking at her and stroking my cock. She unhooked each of her garters and slowly pulled off each stocking and threw them into the sink. In all of the years that I had been sneaking peeks at mom’s legs I had never seen her put on or take off her stockings before. She bent down to pick up her shoes, turned slightly and patted me on the stomach (on top of her stocking that was still draped around my cock and across my stomach) and said “make sure you put that into the sink with the others when you are finished” With that she smiled, turned and left the basement.

It only took me about a minute to finish. I just wish she were still there to see it. I could have cum sooner but it was so totally erotic I wanted it to last as long as possible. When I came it actually shot over my head! With splatters across my chest.

Of course I immediately became embarrassed because of what just happened. (Little did I know that this was only the beginning. Something very hot was about to happen…)

More to come soon

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