Summer Vacation with My Cousin Ch. 01

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“Ding ding!” Goes my alarm clock in the most annoying way possible to mankind.

“Ugh.” I lightly grunt, just starting to wake up, as the persistent sound of the alarm clock drills itself into my head. When it gets loud to the point where I can no longer take it, I take my fist and slam it into the alarm clock with (seemingly) enough force to cause an earthquake to create a Tsunami big enough to wipe out Japan. That is exaggerated

However, I soon start to smile as I remember what happens today. Today is the day that my cousin, Michelle, comes over to my house. She will be staying at my house for the entire summer. By my house, I mean I live with my dad. He often goes on business trips, so I am home alone most of the time.

Michelle is the daughter of my mom’s brother; the daughter of my uncle. She is five and a half feet, has blonde hair that goes down to half of her back and is slightly curly, hazel eyes, and a slight butt chin. She has the perfect body. She has an ass to kill for and a great looking mid-section. Looking at her often turns me on, especially with the way she normally dresses. Usually when I see her, she is wearing low waist skinny jeans with a belt, and a tight shirt. Sometimes, her belly and back shows when she stretches, and that sign turns me on. I have had fantasies about her, and considering that she is staying with me the entire summer, I feel like I will be able to bond with her more and take my fantasies out on her. At least I hope that is how it is.

My cousin is 21 years old and will be going into school as a senior for liberal arts. I am a rising junior at 20 years of age and going into school as engineer. I am less than an inch shy of six feet tall. I have dark brown hair, black eyes, and an average body type. I look like I stay somewhat in shape, but I am not “in shape”.

I groggily get up and look at my phone. It is 9 a.m. and I already have text messages from Michelle. I open the messages and read them.

“Hey buddy. I will be there in several hours. I will see you soon. I love you 🙂 and cheer up for me. Please? :)” is the message she sends me. That makes me smile.

“I love you too.” I reply. Michelle is not only my cousin but she is my best friend. We do not live near each other, so we do not get to see each other often, but we try to talk on the phone every day if we can, for at least a few minutes. I have been depressed lately because I had met a girl online. I will start off by saying I have an uncle who married my non biological aunt (in other words, she is my aunt through marriage). She is one of the sweetest people in the world. Guess how they met? Online! There are some good people looking for relationships online, like me, but usually rapists use the internet to rape and murder women, which makes it very hard to find somebody. I finally thought I had found my match. Her name was Katherine. We talked for several months. We both loved each other, video chatting every day, even with my cousin when I visited her house several months ago. However, a month ago, just a couple hours after Katherine said she loved me, she blocked me on every single site we had contact on. I made new accounts to try to get her to tell me why she was doing this, and she told me she doesn’t love me, and promptly blocked my new accounts.

What Katherine did to me completely shattered my heart. I went into my own shell, into a great depression, and I am still depressed. However, Michelle has stuck by my side the entire time. I think part of the reason she planned to come down the entire summer is to be there for me. Michelle is my cousin and best friend, and I love her to death. I would honestly ask her to marry me if she were not my cousin. She has been depressed as well, due to her being abused by her now ex-boyfriend. We have basically been each other’s best friends.

I wipe a few tears as I dress up, still feeling sad. When I dress, I go into the spare bedroom that will be Michelle’s all summer. I go into the portable fridge just to make sure there are drinks and snacks in there. Once I confirm that, I walk to the bed and look at the outfit on there.

On the bed is a pair of underwear, a pair of skinny low rise (low waist) jeans, a belt, and a skinny silk shirt. When I bought the shirt, I intentionally bought one that would be too short for her. I want to surprise her with this outfit as a token of how grateful I am for her, and I am hoping she will wear this often because I have had fantasies. My fantasies consist of me hugging her from behind and feeling her bare belly, and rubbing her belly. I have always fantasized of rubbing her belly for hours at a time, even as she eats, feeling the softness of her flesh, as she smiles and lays her head on me. I have never had the courage to rub her stomach, though, but I plan to do so this summer. She told me a couple months ago, a month after we last saw each other, that she got a belly button piercing. I told her I wanted to see it when we saw each other next, so I may use that as an excuse to touch her tummy. I will probably güvenilir bahis start by poking around her belly button and then gently massaging it.

I walk downstairs and make myself a quick bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch cereal. I finish eating my bowl of cereal and go to the living room. I try my best to conceal the erection I am getting by my thoughts of playing with her tummy. I stroke myself gently as I watch TV, passing time by. I scroll through the channels and decide to watch the entire sixth movie of the Harry Potter series (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince). Right when this movie ends, I get a phone call. I reach into my pocket and smile when I see my cousin calling me. I immediately answer the phone.

“Hey. What’s taking you so long?” I tease her.

“Oh shut up.” she says and starts laughing. “I just want to let you know I will be there in a few minutes. See, I lied when I said it would take me three hours to get there.” she says and makes a fart noise with her mouth to tease me.

“I should have known, knowing you.” I reply and laugh with her. “Anyways, I have our room ready and a gift on the bed.” I say while grinning. When she puts the shirt on and realizes part of her belly is showing, I will act like I got that one by accident and hope she will still wear it.

“My room.” she corrects me.

“Y-yes. T-that’s what I meant.” I stutter, starting to feel depressed again.

“Awe are you okay?” she asks in a soft voice.

“Y-yeah.” I reply.

“I’ll see you in a few minutes and give you a hug.” she says.

“Please do.” I say and end the phone up. I hang my head down for the next few minutes it takes for her to arrive. When she pulls in the drive way, I walk out the front door and slightly grin. I run in front of the car and playfully dare her to hit me. She stops and cuts the car off, getting out of it and grinning at me.

“Gosh you are such an idiot. My favorite idiot in the world.” she says and walks up to me. She looks up at me as I look down at her, due to out difference in height. I look at her pants and shirt. She is wearing skinny jeans, as she usually does, but this time she is wearing a loose shirt. I can still see about an inch of her belly.

I start to feel slightly hard so I look back at her face, hoping to distract her from the result of my dirty thoughts. She puts her arms around my back and buries her head into my chest. I rest my chin on the top of her head and squeeze her middle back. I just hold her like that. Once I start to feel my erection press into her belly, she starts to giggle. She looks down and I break the hug. I walk into the house, completely embarrassed. I walk into my room and start to wipe tears, thinking I just ruined our relationship with each other. However, those thoughts are soon put to rest when she comes into my room without knocking.

I lay in my bed, blanket covering me, to conceal my erection. Michelle is the sexiest girl I know, and every time I see her, it turns me on. She walks up in front of me and then stretches up. Most of her belly shows, including an inch above her belly button. She stretches backwards and I can see her tummy turn into a concave shape, as well as her skinny jeans riding down enough to show me a few of her pussy hairs. I really want to hold her by each butt cheek and start kissing her lower belly right now. However, I am too scared to ruin our relationship.

“What are you doing? Looking at my tummy?” Michelle says and starts to giggle. I completely forgot she was my cousin. I just got caught staring at her tummy. I am now even more embarrassed. I hide my face in my hands and start shedding tears, thinking she will hate me now. “Awe.” she says and sits down in the bed. She takes the cover off of my body and giggles. “Am I sexy Hun?” she teases.

“I-I’m sorry. I c-can’t help I-it.” I stutter while crying. She uncovers my face, almost forcefully. She then starts wiping my tears away.

“I hate it when you cry.” she says with a sad voice as she comforts me. She hugs me tightly. After a few minutes, she lets go of me. “Lay back.” she orders.

“B-but…” I pout.

“Lay back.” she orders and I do so, keeping my crotch covered with my hands.

“Uncover it.” she orders. I don’t listen. She takes my hands off of my crotch and pins them down. “Oh what is that?” she grins. More tears start to fall down my eyes from pure embarrassment, as my erection is sticking out full force in front of my cousin and best friend. “Awe I’m not mad. Don’t be embarrassed.” she says as she kisses my cheeks. What she does next takes me completely by surprise. She kisses me on my lips. This is not a quick kiss either. She makes the kiss last for about twenty seconds. When she releases, she breathes heavy.

“W-wow.” is all I can say as I breathe heavy. My erection gets even harder. She stares at my erection as I stare at her face. That was my first kiss and it was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

“It got bigger.” she says and giggles. She then looks at me.

“It’s a guy türkçe bahis thing. I can’t help it. I’m sorry.” I say sadly.

“It’s not your fault I’m just so sexy.” she says and giggles. I have no response to that. “Seriously buddy, don’t be embarrassed. I’m not like most other people, okay? I kissed you because I love you. Yes, we are cousins but we have a special bond. I really love you. I love you more than anybody else. That’s why I came here all summer. You have been depressed and it is really making me sad. I just want to spend time with you. I want to have fun with you buddy. Don’t be embarrassed around me. Okay?” she says and I nod my head.

“Here. Lift your shirt up.” she says and I do so, heart pounding. She starts to gently poke me on my lower belly. She repeatedly pokes an uneven line across my lower belly, half of her pokes right on my tan line that is slightly visible. As she keeps doing this, my erection starts to get bigger and harder, imagining me doing this to her sexy tummy.

“Your belly is so soft.” she says as she starts to gently rub it.

“That feels really good.” I say and smile, my heart rate skyrocketing.

“Well good. It feels really good on my hand.” she says. This is my chance to tell her I want to feel her belly, as she is rubbing mine.

“You know I have always wanted to feel your belly.” I admit.

“Awe. I always wished my belly would be rubbed but nobody ever wants to.” she says and pouts.

“C-can I?” I ask.

“Yes please. Just let me rub yours first.” she says as she pats my tummy about ten times. I lost count after the fifth pat because I started to zone out. “You have an amazing tummy.” she says and plants a kiss on it. “Can we talk about fetishes and fantasies?” she asks shyly.

“Y-yeah.” I reply.

“Just remember this buddy. You can tell me anything. Okay? Can I tell you everything?” she asks me.

“Yes.” I reply. She starts to massage my belly with her thumbs. This feels so good.

“So do you have a belly fetish? I mean, you got hard twice today by looking at my belly, and I have noticed that over the years.” she says and teases me.

“Yes.” I reply shyly.

“I do too.” she says and giggles.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yeah.” she says and kisses my belly again. “It’s so soft.” she says as she starts to gently finger my navel.

“So what fantasies do you have?” I ask her. I am starting to bond even more with her. It feels so good to know I have somebody I can trust this much.

“I have always wanted to have my belly rubbed and kissed all day. Maybe more” she replies. My mom rubs my belly when I feel gassy or have cramps, because I always ask her to.” she adds and giggles in the cutest way ever. “What about you?” she asks me soon after. I look down at my belly and just stare at it being thumb massaged.

“Umm… I have always wanted to rub your belly and kiss it while…” I say and trail off, thinking she will think of me as a creep if I finish my thought.

“Come on. Tell me.” she pouts. “Remember you can tell me anything. We promised.” she pouts even more.

“Promise I can tell you?” I ask as my heart pounds.

“Yes buddy.” she says and kisses my belly for the third time. “You want to kiss my belly while doing what?” she asks and grins as she pokes my upper belly repeatedly.

“H-hold your bum.” I say shyly and hide my face.

“You mean my butt?” she asks and giggles.


“Awe. Has your belly ever been rubbed?” she asks.

“Yes. Only one time. My mom rubbed my belly two years ago when I was sick and had diarrhea.” I reply.

“Awe. That is so sweet. I’ll tell you what. You said you got me a gift? How about this. You show me the gift and then I can let you have fun with my belly. I’ll let you do whatever you want to it. Does that sound good?” she says and smiles. I lift my head up and smile, breathing hard now.

“Can I hold your butt while I kiss your belly?” I ask shyly.

“Yes.” she giggles. “Do you like my butt?” she asks.

“Maybe.” I say and grin.

“You do.” she says and laughs.

“Well you always wear skinny jeans and you do have a nice ass.” I reply and grin.

“Oh shut up.” she says and playfully punches my tummy. She repeatedly punches my tummy in a massaging manner for a full minute. After that, she stops and pulls my shirt down. “And seriously. It’s okay to have an erection. You’re a guy, after all.” she jokes and kisses my cheek. She gets up and stands in front of me, looking out the door and her ass turned to my face, as I sit up and drag myself out of my bed, no longer trying to conceal my erection. I pat her shoulder and squeeze it for a few seconds as I smile at her. She pats my belly several more times and walks out of the room. She walks into the room next door, the room I have reserved for her. I follow her into it.

“So???” she says and giggles.

“Look on the bed.” I say and grin.

“Is that an outfit?” she asks.

“Yes. I bought you an outfit. I thought maybe you would like it. An outfit güvenilir bahis siteleri for comfort. Want to try it on?” I ask.

“Yes sure. Thanks buddy. That’s so sweet.” she smiles and kisses my cheek. She grabs the outfit and goes into the bedroom bathroom. I stand there, staring at my throbbing penis, as I wait for her to come out with this new outfit on. Ten minutes later, she walks out, and what I see is the sexiest sight on Earth.

“I see why you got this shirt.” she says, laughing. All I can do is stare at her as she turns around for me and models for me. “So how does it look buddy?” she asks.

“You are so beautiful.” I say and just stare.

“I love this outfit so much. Thank you.” she says while walking to me. She gives me a warm hug. I hug her back and she steps away from me a few feet. I look at her more closely and I can see her tan line, because of how low the jeans are. The shape of her butt is accentuated by her belt. Her shirt is tightly hugging the part of her belly that it is covering. All of her lower belly up to half of her belly button is bare.

She notices me looking at her belly. “So… your turn?” she says and smiles.

“Yes.” I say. My heart rate is starting to pick up and my breath’s getting hard, as I am about to do what I have always wanted.

“You have to come get me.” she says and runs away.

“Are you kidding me?!?” I mutter and chase her. I catch her in the living room and she surrenders.

“You got me. Your turn.” she says as she rolls her belly to turn me on. “Get on your knees.” she says and I do so. My breathing is so heavy there is no way she can’t hear it. “You sound really turned on.” she notes and giggles. She walks closer to me, until her belly is less than an inch from my face.

“Can I ask a question before you do this?” she asks.

“Yeah sure.” I reply, staring at her belly. I can feel the heat coming off of her skin. That is how close to her tummy I am.

“You’re going to be holding my butt. You won’t get mad at me or hate me if I um… have to fart while you’re holding my butt, will you?” she says. I look up and she looks embarrassed. I playfully roll my eyes at her.

“Only you would ask that.” I reply and laugh.

“Oh shut up!” she says and smiles, looking down at me. I look away from her and directly at her tummy.

My breathing is getting very hard right now.

I slowly take both of my hands and rest them on each of her butt cheeks, as her tummy is in front of my face. Oh my gosh! Her butt is so warm and soft. I gently squeeze her butt and she giggles. Now it is time to feel her tummy.

I slowly bring her tummy towards my face. When her belly makes contact to my face, I moan softly into her belly. Her belly is so warm and so soft. I hold her butt tightly as I plant kiss after kiss after kiss on every inch of her belly that is showing. I start off with soft kisses. As I am softly kissing her soft belly all over, my breathing becomes more ragged and my erection becomes so intense it feels like me cum is going to explode all out at one time. My heart rate feels like it is beating at over 200 beats per minute.

“Oh buddy this feels so good.” she says softly in a happy tone. I pat her butt several times as she starts to rub the back of my head. I start to kiss her tummy more intensely now. Now, I am gently biting her belly and sucking on it, pulling my mouth away from her belly and letting her skin snap back on her belly. I do that to just about every inch of her lower belly, as I hold her butt tightly. After twenty minutes of this, I start to moan into her warm, soft, and now wet, belly because I just can’t take being this horny much longer.

“This feels so good.” she moans softly as I worship her belly with my mouth and her butt with my hands. “I have always wanted this. Thank you so much. Never stop this.” she says. I look up at her, keeping my chin buried in her belly, and smile as she gently massages my cheeks.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Your belly is so soft.” I say.

“Awe.” she replies.

“I love you.” she says.

“I love you too.” I reply back. “Can you roll your belly?” I ask.

“Actually yes.” she says and she starts to roll her belly while my chin is buried into it. I bury my face into her belly and let her soft belly massage my face as she rolls it. After five minutes of this, I take my tummy out her face and look up at her again.

“Can you do something sexy with your butt and hips?” I ask and she giggles.

“Um sure. I can try. Just for you.” she says and smiles as she pats my head. I bury my face in her belly again and start to suck it as she makes a circle with her hips. I feel her butt tighten up and go away from my hands when her belly presses even harder into my face, and I feel her belly go away from my face when her butt presses even harder against my hands. After a minute of this, she rocks her hips back and forth, basically mildly humping my neck as I suck and lick her belly with as much passion as I can. After about twenty minutes of this, I start to go down to her tan line. I spend a long time gently biting the soft belly skin right above her jeans and she starts to moan as loudly as I do. After ten minutes of this, I can no longer take it.

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