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Big Tits

Jackie had tried just about everything. Romantic dinners, new lingerie, late night massage. Bob, her husband, just was not interested. Twenty years of marriage and things had definitely gotten too routine.

For her though, this was it. At forty-one, she was where she wanted more. She had as much as told him, and nothing changed. Worse, it was like he wasn’t even trying anymore. Once more, she figured, she’d try to do something about it. She was going to satisfy herself that she’d done all that she could, at least.

She came up with an idea that she really was proud of. It was a little mysterious and it took them out of their element. It would seem like an affair when it wasn’t. Hopefully, it would entice him. Excite him.

The envelope just had a “B” on it. It was small like an invitation, and the card inside did invite. When it was opened, a scent of unique perfume would release. The message would be brief and direct.

“Come to the pool house. Let yourself in. Come upstairs.”

She thought about how on Thursdays he came by the house early like clock work at three before going back out to a dinner meeting. She left the card in the foyer for him, and walked out to the pool house in the back. Her thin robe was blowing about in the breeze as she walked to the small house behind the pool. She held it close to herself and felt the satin on her bare skin as she walked.

Inside, she didn’t turn on the light, leaving the downstairs dark except for the light that barely came in from the curtained windows. She paused at the stairs leading up to the one loft bedroom. Slowly, she let the robe slide from her shoulders onto the stairs, and she spread it out so that it laid open up the first few stairs. Once she had it just as she wanted so that it appeared she took it off as she was climbing the stairs, she did go upstairs.

Climbing each step carefully, she already was feeling excited. This was the poolhouse that people used often when they came over for a swim or a party, and here she was nude going upstairs. She wondered why she hadn’t thought of this before.

In the room upstairs, she yanked back the covers of the bed, letting them go over to the corner of the room and leaving just the clean white sheet and couple of pillows. She pulled the lone curtain so that only a slight ray of light appeared.

“Yes,” she thought ataşehir escort to herself. “This could be anywhere. Far from here and totally alone.”

She eased herself down to the bed and laid there for a couple of moments. She’d given herself a little bit of time to just relax, and she thought of just how quiet and calm it was there. Her breathing slowed and she felt very relaxed.

She let her fingers lightly dance on her breasts, and her nipples soon hardened. She felt that warmth come to her. Her fingers started down her stomach when she paused. Another idea came to her. She sat up in the bed and looked around. She couldn’t find anything that would work for what she had in mind.

Then, the answer hit her. She got up and hurried downstairs, and there it was next to the robe. The satin sash of her robe which had served to help keep her robe to her was now going to be just what she wanted. A little blindfold she’d apply as soon as she had gotten back in bed and teased herself to get herself ready for him.

As she waited and prepared, Bobby stood in the foyer of his parents’ home, perplexed at what the card must’ve meant. Sure, he was early. He wasn’t expected home from college until that evening. But he’d told his father on his way home, and his father had told Bobby he’d be sure and tell his mom when he called her, since he had to call her to tell her about his own change of plans anyway.

Bobby was exhausted from having pulled almost an all-nighter for school and then making the trip home, so he really didn’t try hard to sort it out. Besides, he was curious what the surprise was. He went on through the house and out the back door.

Bobby walked around the pool and thought about how much fun he’d always had back here. The times late at night getting high with his friends. There was the time with a girlfriend skinny-dipping. He felt himself thicken at the memory of having taken her right there in the pool that summer.

Jackie froze when she heard the door open downstairs. Her fingers had been playing at her slick lips and starting and stopping to where she was damp. She took a deep breath as she heard him start up the stairs. She thought to herself what he would see when he came in and stood over her there.

Laying back completely exposed on the bed, her eyes were blindfolded with the red kadıköy escort satin sash. Her large nipples were hard and protruding now. She thought of how she had gotten aroused earlier when she had trimmed herself down there to just a little blondish brown strip for him.

She reminded herself what she had thought of doing when she knew he was over her. She heard him at the door to the room, and the way it suddenly went silent, she figured he’d stopped in his tracks. She strained to listen to when he moved again and it seemed like it was forever, as she laid there breathing heavily. It was almost like she was panting, she realized. She loved how exposed and raw she felt by this. Besides being the first time she’d ever done anything quite like this, there was the playing with herself that had taken her to where she was practically in heat.

She tilted her head to the left when she heard him there. She smiled up to where he must’ve been looking down to her, as she heard the clear sound of trousers being undone and clothes coming off. She took it as her cue and she moved for him. Her legs which had just been still and together slowly moved apart. They moved to where she had them spread about as far as they would go.

She could hear him breathing now in the quiet afternoon. She took her hands to her waist and she pressed them to her thighs, making sure she first had his attention there. Then, she did what she’d had to convince herself earlier to do. She brought her fingers to her lips there. Her arms mashed her breasts together to reach there and she thought about how decadent she must have looked.

“Here honey,” she thought to herself, “let me be graphic for you.” The fingers splayed her lips open there and held her moist sex open in a second invitation.

She heard him sigh heavily.

He was getting on the bed with her, and the excitement of it encouraged her to be even dirtier with him. She heard herself speak in a low voice she almost didn’t recognize.

“I need… you to… fuck me. Make me take it, okay?”

She felt him quickly lift her legs up and forward. He held her with his hands with a firmness she had never felt before but that felt hot to her. He was holding her and controlling her as he wanted, she told herself. Yes, this was what she needed. Him acting like he had to have her, that he couldn’t bostancı escort bayan wait to fuck her.

She felt him prop her legs up his chest, and she almost came, as she knew he’d never done anything like that. She loved this aggressiveness he was showing. Her ass tilted up and off the bed as her crotch was open to him.

He moved forward and she felt her legs rise higher up his chest. No, he’d never been like this. His hands held her ass as she felt him poking at her lips now. He was very hard.

He pushed and she felt herself stretching around him, causing her to scream out. Even wet, she was having trouble taking him easily, something that had never happened before. Her lips there clung to him and he only paused a second.

He grunted and then he forced deeper, and again she wailed. She came hard with her orgasms washing over her as he rocked back and forth inside her. She was dizzy with the sensations of him filling her. She listened to herself crying out ‘yes.’

He started to pump at her, and she started grunting from her throat in time with his thrusts in her. She felt him move his body back and forth and plow into her with a fierceness he’d never shown.

“Yeah, fuck me.” She loved it. “Fuck me damnit.”

He started groaning as he got close, and she felt panic. He was sroking her very wet pussy in long hard strokes as he was about to come, when he said ‘yeah’ himself. Then, it hit her that this couldn’t be Bob, that was not what he sounded like.

She went to yank at the blindfold, and she pulled at it as he started coming. Her hands pulled the satin up off her eyes as he pushed all the way inside her. She felt tingling, too.

Her eyes focused on her son’s eyes clenched shut and his open mouth as he jerked deep inside her, spraying himself in release. She immediately felt faint and her body reacted with an intense roll of another orgasm, making her quiver with the sensations of him completely in her.

She laid there looking up at him, as he held himself up over her. Her legs slid down to where they could rest to the sides of him. He was catching his breath, as he was coming off his own orgasm. Their eyes were locked together and nothing was said. They both were just breathing hard and not really moving.

As they still looked at each other, she became very aware of how he was still buried deep inside her. Her hands had been holding onto his upper arms. She felt him move, and it startled her. He actually was grinding at her.

She let her hand go from his arm to the back of his neck, and she softly rubbed there as he flexed inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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