Surprise Awakening

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You awaken. The bed shifts. You smell him. He’s come early. You’ll be glad when he’s off the night shift. You close your eyes and smile to yourself. You can feel the light sheet as it is pulled from your body, the cool air rushing to replace it. The bed shifts more, he moves up. You feel warm moist air on your neck. His face is there, small kisses rain down upon you. His lips pull the flesh of your neck into his mouth and he gently sucks, so as not to leave a mark. Your flesh tingles and your nipples harden. The wiry hair of his beard and moustache tickle your neck. You chuckle. He places something over your face…a blindfold, secured by elastic behind the ears. Not that it’s necessary in this darkened room.

“No peeking” he whispers. You smile your agreement. The straps of your satin night are slid from your shoulders. Sweet kisses attend them, making you shudder. The straps are pulled lower on your arms, eventually forcing you to pull your arms from them. Your breasts are now exposed, the cool night air raising goose bumps on you.

You reach up to touch them, to pleasure kartal escort yourself. His hands stop you, holding them against your firm stomach. His lips kiss your soft breasts, tickling, circling the nipples. They want attention, and are aching to be pinched and sucked. His warm breath circles them, leaving trails of kisses, teasing you. Finally, he pulls your nipple into his mouth. He sucks, nursing at your breast like a baby, trying to pull milk from you. There is none to give, you aren’t lactating. It feels good, shooting tendrils of pleasure throughout your body. His teeth sink into your nipple. You cry out. You love that. Just enough. He begins kissing his way down, starting between your breasts. He teases. Those spots that elicit moans and gasps from you, he lingers on, but just for a second, before he moves to the next spot.

His hands touch the outside of your knees and slide under your thighs, such a loving sensuous touch! You raise yourself up for him and he pulls your lacy thong down and off each dainty foot. Slowly, almost reverently, he lifts the maltepe escort bayan hem of your nighty and lays it on your stomach, exposing your shaved kitty. He bends and licks your smooth mound. God! That’s such a tease! He breaths on and lightly licks the slight curvature where your thighs meet your pelvic bone, just to either side of your mound. You arch your back, it is almost unbearable…he slowly slides down licking at you maddeningly and attends to the soft skin to either side of your wet pussy. You know he’s doing it on purpose, teasing you to the brink of orgasm.

He grabs you under your knees and pushes them back and drops even lower. His tongue circles your asshole, leaving it moist. Aahhh, that feels good. He’s never done that before, but who cares? it’s fucking good. His firm hands squeeze your ass cheeks as he does this and his thumbs pry open your cheeks exposing the wrinkled ring of flesh to even more attention…his tongue actually begins trying to work it’s way in…it doesn’t get far, you really aren’t interested, but the surface stimulation escort pendik is driving you insane.

He leaves your ass, and returns to your pussy. His tongue extends and penetrates you like a small penis. As with your ass, his hands pull you open. Your juices are flowing freely and you cen feel the wetness in his facial hair grazing your skin as his mouth works you.

Suddenly, your clit is in his mouth. He’s biting, gently. It’s too much, pleasure becomes pain, you cry out. He stops, the biting becomes sucking as he again nurses at you…this time he seems to be trying to pull milk from your clit. He sucks. Harder and harder. you can feel his hard-on bumping your leg. You can’t wait to feel it…just. as. soon. as. you.


Your back leaves the bed as the orgasm explodes through you. You gasp for air, barely able to make a noise…your juices flow out of you and trickle down your ass to soak into the bed. Gradually, your breathing and heartbeat slow. You smile and reach out.

“Wait here” he whispers.

You lie there, blindfold on, nighty bunched around your waist. Somewhere in the house, you hear a door close. What’s he doing? Footsteps approach…

“Sweetheart, I’m home!” You pull the blindfold off. There he stands, fully dressed, a look of shock upon his face. You look past him to the open window…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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