Surprise Visit

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This is an original story written by me. It has been revised and almost totally rewritten from the first version titled “Sarah’s Revenge”. I hope you enjoy it as much if not more than the previous version.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank my new editor “LarryinSeattle”. Without his input and insight this story never would have been re-written in its present form.


Dan lay in his bed wondering what had woken him up. The room was dark and the clock said it was only shortly after 3:00 AM and though he didn’t hear anything, he sensed that he was not alone. As he was slowly rolling over to turn on the light, a soft voice came from the chair across the room.

“Please don’t turn that on.”

Startled, Dan sat up and looked in the direction of the voice realizing at the same time that he recognized it. “Molly?”


Molly and Dan had been married for 7 years before getting a divorce due to the long hours both were putting into establishing their careers. Since then, both had remarried and except for things that involved their children, they seldom even talked. “May I ask how you got in and why you’re here?”

Silence seemed to fill the room as he awaited an answer. “I took the set of keys you gave Nick and had a copy made a long time ago. I wasn’t sure why I did it. I told myself it was in case the kids needed me while they were here with you, though it sounds kind of stupid when you think about it. As for being here, I heard that you and Donna had separated so I knew you’d be alone and Newell is gone again for a golf tournament so I just thought … oh shit … I’m not really sure what I thought. I woke up and the next thing I knew I was in my car driving over here.”

“Well, I’m really flattered but … do you realize it’s 3 o’clock in the morning?”

“I know. It sounds really crazy but I get lonely and once in awhile I think about how it was between us before we split.”

“But what about the kids? Aren’t they at your house?”

“They’re at my mom’s … besides … it’s adult companionship that I miss or more specifically a man’s company.”

Dan closed his eyes and remembered some of their times together. They had met in college and quickly became an “item” spending every moment together. It only seemed natural that they soon became lovers and after graduation, got married. Smiling to himself, he remembered some of the more intimate times together; making love while overlooking the beach in Hawaii or while at his parent’s cottage, or “breaking in” every room in their new house. Slowly, his body reacted to the memories and his cock began to harden, raising a tent in the sheets covering him. He was so involved with the memories that he didn’t even notice when Molly got up from the chair and came towards him until he felt her crawl onto the bed and lightly stroke his face.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Laughing he replied. “You wouldn’t even need a penny to know what they are.”

Gently reaching under the covers, Molly slid her hand down across his stomach until she felt his hardened shaft. “You’re right I wouldn’t. I was kind of hoping that you’d remember and that this might happen.”

“Molly, if you keep doing that something is going to happen that hasn’t happened in a long time.”

Leaning closer she whispered, “I hope so.”

Dan turned his head to look at her and instantly felt her lips against his, her tongue pushing between his. Instinctively, he returned the kiss which became more and more passionate. His mind was in a fog. Here was his ex-wife, in his bed, slowly stroking his cock while they were making out like a couple of high-school kids. Gently pushing her away, he asked, “You realize what you’re starting here?”

Without hesitation Molly replied, “Yes,” as she stood up and removed her coat, revealing that all she wore was a pair of black high-heels. “I have to admit I wasn’t quite honest with you when I told you that I hadn’t thought about this. With Newell gone all the time trying to become a golf pro, I’ve found myself just sitting around the house and I’m sick and tired of it. I came here hoping you’d make love to me. I need someone that will make me feel like a desirable woman and make love to me instead of using some damn toy. You were always a great lover. That was never our problem. If anything, it was that we never saw each other enough to enjoy what we had, but right now I want you to do all the things we used to do. I want you to start by licking my pussy until I’m nice and wet. Then I’m going to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth, which is something I never let you do when we were married. After that, I’m going to have you shove your cock deep inside me and fuck me. I not only want you to make love to me, I want you to fuck me hard and deep. I want you to use me like some wanton slut, because that’s exactly what I’m being right now by coming to you like this. I want you to fill my pussy with illegal bahis your cum until it leaks out and runs down my legs! Think you can do that? Think you can fuck your ex-wife like some damn slut?”

Dan sat for a moment looking at Molly. “Let’s see what you’re offering before I make up my mind,” he replied as he turned on the bed-side light. Even at 38, she was in fantastic shape. Her hair was shoulder-length brown and her blue-green eyes seemed to twinkle as she gave him a challenging stare. Her skin was tanned with just the barest hint of tan-lines so he knew she had taken up sunbathing. Even after three kids, her breasts rode high on her chest with barely any sag and her nipples were hardening and getting darker as he looked her over. He knew that before the night was over he’d be sucking on those nipples and he remembered how hard they got just as she was about to orgasm. Continuing, he noticed that her stomach only had the slightest hint of a “baby pouch” from when she was pregnant and that her legs were hard and toned. Then his eyes returned to the cleft between her legs and he was surprised to see that Molly was shaved totally bare. There wasn’t a single hair on or around her pussy to block his view of how swollen her outer lips were becoming as her arousal increased. Only then did he smell the faint aroma of her excitement beginning to fill the room. “Since when did you start shaving?”

Smiling, Molly purred, “Well, to be honest, this is the first time in a long time. Usually I just trim myself but when I decided I was going to come over here and have you fuck me, I remembered how much you loved it when I shaved. I had shivers running up and down my back when I thought about how you loved to nibble on my pussy lips while you were licking me, so I figured what the hell. The only problem was that I got so turned on doing it, I ended up using one of my toys and came three times pretending it was your cock instead of a piece of plastic.”

“Well, I’m definitely not a piece of plastic so why don’t you get over here so I can see just how good a job you did shaving and if you did a really good job, I’ll lick that pussy of yours until you scream.”

Molly quickly climbed on the bed and lay on her back with her legs spread open. “That’s exactly what I was hoping for.”

Dan slid from under the covers and headed directly between her legs, but instead of beginning to devour her pussy as she’d hoped, he began to caress her legs and thighs causing ‘goose bumps’ to form on them.

“I had forgotten just how good that felt. It’s almost like an electrical charge is running from my legs right to my pussy. I can already feel how wet I’m getting.”

Looking down, he saw that her pussy lips were full and engorged with her arousal and that her juices were beginning to coat the outer lips as he continued to tease her.

“Do you like the way your ex-wife’s pussy looks? Do you like the way it gets all warm and wet just from you touching her? Just imagine how good it’s going to feel when you slide that hard cock of yours inside it and fuck her.”

Dan smiled at the transition that was taking place. He had been told a long time ago that a “Perfect Woman” was one that could be a perfect lady out of bed and a perfect slut in bed and Molly definitely fit that description. Outside the bedroom, she never would have thought of behaving the way she was but now she had only one thing on her mind and he knew what it was as he slowly slid his hands down the inside of her legs until they met at the junction.

“That’s it, lover. It’s all yours. Lick my clit, suck on my pussy lips, pump your fingers in it. You can do anything you want just as long as you finish by sticking your cock in me and fucking me.”

Dan didn’t need the encouragement as he lowered his head towards her pussy; closer and closer until he stopped just before touching her lips and lightly blew on them. The contrast between her heated arousal and his cool breath resulted in Molly’s instant reaction.

“Ahhhhhhh. Where did you learn to do that? Ohhh fuck! It feels like … like … shit, I can’t explain it but please don’t stop. Please!!!”

Dan seemed to stop as he listened to Molly’s pleas. He knew that now was the time when he had to make a choice … a choice that could affect both of them for the rest of their lives. The choice was almost too simple. Did he want to simply fuck her and fulfill their mutual desires for the moment or did he want to make love to her and possibly rekindle something that could grow into something more long-term? The decision made him slowly descend on her pussy lips and gently kiss them, light, feather-like kisses that started on one lip and then moved to the other side as he moved upwards until he reached the very top and then began to kiss downward again. He sensed more than saw her reaction as she clawed at the bedcover when he began to move away from her clit.

“Shit … oh god … oh … oh no … don’t … please don’t … ahhhhh … so illegal bahis siteleri close … please, don’t tease me like that … I’m so fucking close to cumming. Please, Dan, please lick me … finger my pussy … aahhhhhh god … ahhhh,” Molly whimpered.

Dan’s smile was unseen by Molly, just as his look of surprise was when she suddenly wrapped her legs around his head and shoulders pulling him closer to her dripping womanhood. “Got you now. Lick my pussy, baby. Lick it and make me cum!”

They had played this game many times before while they were married and he knew what needed to be done without even thinking about it. Quickly moving his arms under her legs and along her thighs, he slid his hands upward along her ribs to the swell of her breasts and then to her distended nipples. Grabbing them between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, he squeezed.

Molly’s reaction was immediate as her hips began to buck and roll as her orgasm soared through her. “FUCK … AAAGGHHHHH … YEESSSSSS … PULL THEM … PULL ON MY TITS … SQUEEZE MY NIPPLES … CUMMIINNGGGG!!”

Dan had no choice but to do as she pleaded because she grabbed his hands with hers and held them against her tits as she spiraled into orgasmic bliss, pushing her hips downward against his face. And yet he held off until he felt her legs begin to loosen from around his head. NOW was the time … as he pressed his lips against her pussy and slid his tongue into her while he playfully tortured her tits and nipples.

“Oh god … oh god … please … please … too soon … too soon … oh my god,” she mumbled as her body reacted sending her into another orgasmic ecstasy one again. Though not as intense as the first, this one was by far the more enjoyable as her body seemed to melt under his touch and her juices flowed from her slit to cover her thighs and his face.

Afterwards, Molly gently pushed Dan away. “Roll over, stud. It’s your turn now.”

Moving to the top of the bed, he rolled over next to her, the scent of her perfume stimulating his senses as she leaned over and kissed him passionately while her hand moved lower and wrapped around his hard shaft.

Breaking the kiss, she whispered, “Either this thing has gotten bigger than I remembered or someone is VERY happy to see me.”

“Well, why don’t you take a look and see what you think,” he replied.

Smiling, Molly slowly slid down Dan’s body, kissing across his chest and stomach until she reached his cock. There in front of her was the object of her visit tonight. His cock was swollen and hard. Although just slightly longer than her present husband’s, it was almost twice the diameter and the head seemed to be pulsating as she slid her hand up and down the shaft. Sensuously, she stuck her tongue out and licked a large drop of pre-cum from the tip before kissing the head. A feeling of warmth and desire instantly spread over her as she kissed the tip and shaft again and again until she could no longer hold back. Then, lifting her head and opening her mouth, she descended on the tip, engulfing it between her lips. The subtle saltiness of his pre-cum thrilled her as she felt more and more seeping out of the tip as her tongue gently probed the slit. The warmth inside her loins quickly became a raging fire while saliva leaked from the corner of her lips, covering his cock and lubricating it as her hand continued to slide up and down the shaft.

Dan had asked her to do this many times but she had always resisted because of his size but tonight … tonight SHE WANTED it. SHE WANTED to feel his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. SHE WANTED to feel the power a woman can have over a man as she takes his cock deep inside her mouth and brings him to the verge of climax over and over again. Almost as if in a dream, she began to take his cock deeper in her mouth as her hand descended with each stroke and then pulled back as her hand moved up. Mischievously, she slid her hand beneath his cock and gently cupped his balls, gently rolling them like a pair of dice.

Dan’s response was immediate and everything that Molly had hoped for. “Ohhhhh, fuck. Oh my god, baby. Oh shit! That feels so fucking good. Lick my cock. Suck it. Yesss. Play with my balls. That’s it, suck my cock. Show me what a great cocksucker you are.”

And she was only too happy to comply as she took his cock deeper and deeper until it hit the back of her throat. Gagging slightly, she pulled away before moving back down again. She had read all she could find and knew what she needed to do as she relaxed the muscles of her throat and slid further down until she felt the hair on his groin tickle her nose. A new excitement overwhelmed her as she realized that she was actually “deep-throating” him and that she loved the feel of it. Moving up and then down, her tempo increased as she felt her own desires beginning to overtake her.

Unable to withstand her sensual attack, he reached up and slid his hands into her hair and began to thrust upwards canlı bahis siteleri to meet her downward movements. “Fuck … fuck … fuck …,” he repeated with each thrust until he felt his cum beginning to boil in his balls. “Soon, Molly. Gonna cum soon. Gonna fill your mouth with my cum,” he grunted.

Molly felt his balls begin to pull tighter and his cock harden in her hands and knew that she needed to act quickly as she pulled her head away, releasing his cock head with a ‘pop’. “Not yet, lover. You can cum in my mouth next time, I promise. Right now I need that hard cock of yours inside me. I need to feel it stretching me and filling me. I need to feel your cock deep inside me, fucking me like the slut I’m acting like right now,” she whispered as she straddled him.

Not waiting for him to reply, she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips as she settled on his lap, wrapping the lips around his cock to hold it in place at she ground her hips down on him. “Mmmmm, that feels so fucking good. I can feel your cock pressing against my clit and it’s getting me so turned on,” she continued as she took his hands and brought them to her tits. “Play with my tits, baby, squeeze them and pull on the nipples. Suck on them, lover.”

Dan had always be a “tit man” and marveled at the sight of Molly’s tits as they stood out from her body. No longer the 36B that they had been when they were first married, they now felt larger and fuller than he remembered.

“You like what you see? Remember how they grew when I had the kids? Well, after we split up I heard about a herbal treatment along with some exercises to increase the size of a woman’s tits as well as strengthen the chest muscles and pull them back into place a bit. Now they’re 36C and sometimes D depending on the time of the month.”

He didn’t say a word as he sat up taking a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it.

“Yeeessss; take my nipples between your teeth and nibble on them. Hmmmmmm, suck them hard. Don’t worry about leaving any marks. I … I want you to mark me. Claim me as yours and only yours because from the way you’re making me feel right now, I think I’m going to be coming back here quite a bit for some more of this,” she purred as she slid her hips back and forth across his hard cock.

Time seemed to stand still as they continued to tease and arouse each other until she reached between her legs and grabbed his cock. Pushing him onto his back, she lifted her hips and easily moved his cock until the head pressed against the thick, aroused lips of her pussy before she let herself slowly drop onto it until the head was inside her.

“Mol, either I’m a lot bigger than I have been in a long time or you’re …,” Dan said as he marveled at the feel of her pussy as it surrounded him.

“Shhhhh,” she said as the pleasure/pain of his entry swept through her. “I know. The truth is that Newell and I haven’t been doing ANYTHING for almost a year and we definitely won’t ever be doing anything again. I’ve suspected that he was involved with somebody while he was on-tour for awhile now. Then this last week I found out for sure that he has a ‘friend’ that he meets when he’s off golfing who takes care of ‘his needs.’ I’ve already contacted a Lawyer to draw up the divorce papers which is probably part of the reason I came here tonight. I needed to see if anyone would want me,” Molly whispered.

Pulling her down, he placed a gentle kiss on her lips as he replied, “I’ll always want you,” as he pushed upwards to meet her.

Even gravity seemed to have slowed as she felt every inch of his cock stretch her until she felt his pubic hair against her bald pussy and a hissing sound escaped her lips. Molly felt herself being stretched and she pulled him closer as she returned his kiss. The combination of pleasure and pain triggering desires deep within her as she spread her legs wider to take him as deep as she could. “Mmmmmm, this feels so good. I didn’t remember how good it was to have your cock in me. I can feel every inch of it. Yesssss, that’s it … push against my clit. Oh god I needed this.”

“Me too,” he replied as he slowly withdrew from her. “I know it will sound crazy but I love you. Actually, I mean I’m IN love with you. I’m not sure that means we’d ever be able to be together full-time but I need you in my life and would love to see if we could work it out.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him up against her as she whispered, “I feel the same way. Especially the part about being IN my life,” she giggled, “in and out, in and out.”

Watching Molly moving her hips in circles as she slid up and down, Dan reached up to squeeze her tits as she bent forward, allowing him to suck a nipple into his mouth. She wanted to feel his mouth on her tit forever. Looking down, she could barely see any of it as his mouth covered the tip while his hand engulfed the remainder. The truly amazing thing though was that despite all of it, neither of them had cum. The sensations just kept building and building for both of them as they fucked long, deep and hard and he continued to suck her while his hands began to roam over her body, focusing mostly on her ass, squeezing and spanking as she rode up and down his shaft.

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