Surviving in the Old West Ch. 04

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Before reading this story it is important that you read ‘Surviving in the Old West’ parts 1 and 2 to fully understand the characters. For the more observant amongst you, you will notice a small name change between the stories. I always meant for the character to be called Clara a name more in keeping with the times in which the story is set. I have no idea how the name became Carla in story 2 maybe a spell checker changed it somehow. There are a couple of other inconsistencies between the two stories, but hey it’s only fiction when all said and done. Sorry for the lack of continuity.

As always comments are welcomed so I know how my stories are being received.


Mat and Martha Payton (as she now called herself) had settled in the new town with Clara and Ethan Bartlett. The older couple ran the hotel and had converted a few ground floor rooms into a store. In the thriving and growing town there had been a desperate need for a store, which by now was doing a booming trade and the Bartlett’s had come to rely on the Payton’s for their help.

The new arrangement had come to pass due to Ethan being shot one day.

As the town grew so did its prosperity, which unfortunately in times such as these, meant that the crime rate also rose. One day whilst he was working in the store, a gunman entered and attempted to rob Ethan. His pride not allowing him to simply cave in to this man’s demands, Ethan had refused to hand over the money and had been shot in his side as a consequence. This shot happened just as Mat came downstairs and he reacted the only way that he knew how.

He drew on the thief and sent him to hell.

Ethan’s injuries were not life-threatening but they did mean that he would be laid up for a considerable time. After long discussions at his bedside with the beautiful Clara, it was decided to offer Mat and Martha a place with them. Clara and Martha could look after the two sides to the business and Mat could be the hired hand, the security and the muscle (not to mention the gun) of the business.

This arrangement suited the Payton’s as it gave them a secure place, the now free accommodation, the income (which would preserve their ‘nest egg’ taken from the outlaws on the journey here) and it would also provide the ideal opportunity to give Martha what she wanted more than anything else.

She could become pregnant.

At first, as she was too impatient for a baby, Martha’s ignorance of such matters caused her worries as they tried to conceive. Her lack of even the most rudimentary education in such matters, caused her to worry that something was wrong with her. That preoccupation was caused by her misunderstanding when Mat’s semen ran from between her legs. Martha believed that as his fluid ran from her, then so did the intended baby. Through her ignorance, borne of having no sex education or guidance whatsoever, Martha believed that the semen that Mat deposited inside her was what formed into a baby and grew inside her. Consequently as Mat’s semen ran from her, she thought that there was something wrong with her that prevented her from retaining his fluid.

One day after waking early and making love, Mat went to work leaving Martha in bed. She lay with her knees up, desperately trying to keep his semen inside her for as long as possible. She heard Clara running her morning bath and decided to confide her hopes and fears to her.

She knocked lightly on the bathroom door and entered when invited in by Clara.

“Can I talk to you please Clara?” begged Martha, obviously a little upset.

“Of course my dear come in. Now sit there and tell me what is wrong,” said a kindly Clara.

Martha explained all her ‘theory’ and confided in her new ‘mother figure’ all her fears. Clara, not entirely sure of the exact details herself, (the knowledge of biology and anatomy not exactly common in these times) explained about a thing (cervix) at the top of her ‘thing’ which trapped some ‘stuff’ and what came back out was only the excess.

It was a pathetic explanation of the conception process but it was enough in the circumstances to allay all Martha’s fears.

When Clara had explained things to Martha, she couldn’t help but laugh (kindly) at the embarrassed girl, who slowly recovered her poise and began to laugh at herself and her ignorance too. In a genuine and artless manner, Martha, the very opposite of self-consciousness, said that she felt silly for her ignorance, then in a nonchalant and innocent way, said that she felt dirty and indicated that there was a ‘bit of a mess’ between her legs.

Clara suddenly realised that Martha was actually stood before her running with semen and told her to get in the bath.

“You need it more than me you silly girl, lets get you cleaned up and then we can put an end to this nonsense you have in your head child.”

Martha climbed into the bath and simply took off her robe. Standing proud, with her stunning body, her hard, high and pointed breasts, slim figure and the pure blonde covering of her young vagina, Martha güvenilir bahis was stunning.

Clara Bartlett had felt strange around Martha for some time and was unsure why she felt so uneasy with the young girl. She knew that there was definitely an unusual feeling present when she was around Martha.

Martha’s nudity in such close proximity, made everything suddenly become clear to her.

The absolute shock and horror that she felt, when these feelings suddenly emerged into her conscious as a concrete fact and not some abstract feeling, stunned her. In this age a man lay on a woman and took his pleasure and procreated. That was how it was and people like Clara had never even heard of, or even considered the concept, of what she was thinking.

“How could a woman want another? Clara thought. It was sick, twisted and perverted and an abomination against the Lord.”

That shocking knowledge excited Clara intensely. If anyone had ever used the word lesbian in Clara’s presence she wouldn’t have had a clue what they were referring to. Yet now, as the feelings materialised into a tangible idea, it was the very wickedness of the idea (again believing that that she must be the first person in history to feel this) that initially shocked her, then produced the most lustful surge between her legs.

Clara bathed Martha like a mother would a child. Martha thought nothing of it, her mummy had bathed her like this as a child, her adoptive mother had bathed her as a growing girl, so now she saw nothing wrong with her new ‘mother figure’ helping her to bathe now.

Clara sponged Martha’s stunning body with the warm soapy water. The fact that Martha was so obviously at ease with this ‘natural act’ gave Clara free reign to linger on the girl’s body. She soaped her breasts and wonderfully flat stomach, nervously and excitedly approaching the junction of her legs and her sex.

With trembling hands Clara pushed the sponge through Martha’s legs, who instinctively and unconsciously opened her legs and stood with them apart to allow her access.

When Martha stood with her legs apart, Clara was stunned. As she wiped away the cum from Martha’s thighs, she was shaking like a leaf.

“This is not right, what I am feeling is wrong, it is unnatural and goes against God.”

Yet as she gazed at Martha’s pubic bush, which was now a darker single line of fine pubic hair, heavy with water, Clara lost herself. A bead of cum slowly appeared between the gorgeous pale pink lips, then grew bigger, as more semen gathered and as gravity worked it’s magic. When it looked about ready to fall from Martha’s beautiful vagina, Clara committed an act of pure insanity.

With extreme caution not to touch her and blow the whole situation apart, Clara looked at Martha. She was running fingers through her hair and had her eyes screwed up against the soapy water on her face. The young girl was completely unsighted which convinced Clara to act, never again in life would this opportunity arise. With heart beating and her whole body trembling, she leant forward, extended her tongue just in time and felt the huge blob of semen fall from the girl’s pussy onto her tongue.

“Oh my God, what the devil am I doing?” thought a shocked Clara.

Holding and tasting the cocktail in her mouth made Clara feel as dirty, yet excited, as she had ever been. It was not just the physical taste of the wonderfully hot sticky and salty mixture in her mouth which excited Clara, it was just as much (if not more so) the mental thought of what it was that she held in her mouth that thrilled her.

These two beautiful young people had made love and the product of that union, namely Martha’s young vaginal juices and the adorable Mat’s semen, now actually sat in her mouth!!

She lusted after and was attracted very much, to the hard bodied and incredibly good looking Mat. Clara, also realising the immoral and unnatural feelings that she had for Martha, tasted and savoured the illicit cocktail in her mouth. The knowledge that neither of the two young lovers knew, that the hot, salty, sticky load, which was the intimate result of their love making was now actually in Clara’s mouth, sent Clara over the edge with shame and lust.

Clara held on to the heady cocktail until such a time as she could avoid speaking no longer and with the utmost regret she swallowed the load.

This was insane.

Martha stepped from the bath tub into the waiting towel held by Clara. She helped to dry Martha, again having difficulty controlling her emotions as she caressed the young girl’s body with the towel. When Martha was dry Clara pulled the towel around Martha’s shoulders and pulled her towards herself.

It was intended as a ‘big smacker’ of a kiss, the exaggerated type a mother would give to a daughter, however as Martha accidentally stumbled slightly, making her lean back a little, it left Clara searching for her lips. The result of the movement was that Martha and Clara’s lips only slightly touched, they searched for each other and the outcome was türkçe bahis a very tender light brushing of lips, in a hesitant, gentle and strangely erotic peck, the impact of which neither woman missed.

When bath time was over Clara rushed back to her own room, she touched her throbbing, wildly sensitive clitoris and came, whispering Martha’s name.

As the four of them grew closer, Clara thought that they were becoming more like family every day. Before the shooting, Ethan and she had continued to watch the Payton’s making love from time to time, an action that they began to be troubled by and now viewed as a gross invasion of their new ‘family’s’ privacy. Before the shooting, Ethan had taken out the mirror but had not had time to fix the holes which remained. With Ethan now confined to bed, Clara determined to cover up the holes and seal off the vantage point, through which they had observed the young couple and through which they had learned such a lesson in love making, that it had transformed their lives.

Leaving Martha working in the kitchen, Clara made her excuses and left. Using a mixture of paper, water and flour she began to fill the holes when she was shocked to see Mat walk into the room. He had been painting outside and had spilled a can of paint over himself and had now come to change. Unable to stop herself, Clara watched with growing excitement as the handsome, young boy became naked.

As Clara gazed upon Mat’s naked body, her eyes transfixed on his long, thick and menacing cock as it swung heavily, she could not contain herself. With Ethan being incapacitated, Clara’s new found sexual appetite was not being satisfied. She had only ever spied on the young couple with Ethan, so was never embarrassed at spying on them but now alone on one side of the wall and a naked Mat on the other, it all suddenly felt dirty. It felt tawdry and cheap, yet when she lifted her skirts, pulled down her panties and felt between her legs, the excitement was so much more powerful than the guilt.

With eyes riveted on Mat’s cock, she quickly ran her fingers down across her totally smooth and hairless vagina. There was no time to waste, Mat would not take forever to dress and Clara knew that she wanted to orgasm whilst his wonderful cock was still in view. Rubbing herself furiously, she knew this was not to be a sensual orgasm, it was to be a rapid forced climax.

When Clara came, she had to prop herself against the wall with one hand, the other a blur between her legs. How she remained silent she didn’t know but as the sexual release washed over her, she somehow kept her presence secret.


Martha moved away quietly, shocked by what she had witnessed. Clara had not closed the door carefully enough and her shameful actions were witnessed by Martha, who had been passing the door and had seen Clara’s shocking behaviour, as she peered through the crack in the door.

Clara was quietly undressing in order to avoid waking Ethan. She had just put on her nightgown when there was a faint knock on the door. As Clara hesitated and was about to answer, the door slowly opened. Martha moved quietly into the room and approached Clara. Dumbstruck by Martha’s sudden appearance in her bedroom, Clara just looked at the beautiful young girl.

Martha took Clara by the hand and led her to the door. Closing the door quietly behind them, Martha led Clara down the hallway. Hand in hand they arrived at the Payton’s bedroom door and entered.

As Martha led her by the hand to the bed, Clara suddenly became aware of Mats presence. He was on the far edge of the bed, laid on his side, propped on his elbow.

And he was naked.

His heavy young penis lay menacingly on his thigh.

Like a frightened rabbit, Clara simply stood frozen to the spot, awaiting whatever was about to happen with fear and trepidation.

The gorgeous young blonde that was Martha, stood before Clara and bending down, crossing her arms over and gripping the hem of her nightgown, she pulled the garment up and over her head.

Her naked body was stunning in the moonlight that illuminated the silent room.

After witnessing Clara spying on Mat, Martha had recounted the episode to him. The Paytons had been aware of the atmosphere between the three of them after this incident and recognised exactly what the reason was. They had discussed the situation and understood Ethan and Clara’s difficulties with him being incapacitated. The naive young couple believed in their own innocent way, that they were simply acting with goodwill and kindness.

“This is our gift to you.” whispered Martha.

Driven by instinct and lust, rather than by any sense or reason and without a second’s hesitation, (the wickedness and scandalous nature of which, shamed and excited Clara in equal measure) Clara copied Martha’s actions and revealed her mature body to the young couple. Shaking uncontrollably Clara bared herself, not just to Martha but also to a man other than her husband for the first time in her life. She was naked before Mat güvenilir bahis siteleri Payton.

For once in this whole affair it was now Mat and Martha’s turn to be stunned.

Clara stood before them, her body sensational. Her larger, fuller and rounder breasts hung heavy, her areola and nipples bigger than Martha’s. Clara had an hourglass figure hitherto hidden by her skirts. The swell of her breasts, then the narrowing of her waist, then the swell of her hips made Clara look the perfect picture of mature womanhood.

But between her legs…

Mat and Martha were shocked. Never had they heard of, let alone seen, a woman shaved totally smooth and hairless as Clara now was (due to the botched attempt Ethan had made of trimming her.) The slightly larger, fuller and rounded outer lips of Clara’s vagina looked incredibly sensual and the cleft they produced made her look totally at odds with Martha’s youthful and tight closed slit.

Martha moved to Clara and locked her eyes with hers. For a few fleeting moments, which lasted forever, they gazed into each others eyes. Martha was the one to move this time, and this time the kiss was not to be denied.

As Martha’s lips drew ever closer Clara thought,

“This is insane – I am about to kiss another woman, God forgive me.”

This time both women kissed purposefully, it was still a shy, nervous, tentative probing of each other but it was also a sensual, erotic and sensational moment for the two. Hands caressed faces, eyes met and melted into each other, lips hesitantly searched for each other and as lips and mouths lovingly met, the tongue tips of two shy but highly aroused females gently met. Mat looked on, he thought the kiss between Martha and Clara to be a scared, frightened, unconfident and tentative one, which he realised made it all the more erotic and beautiful, a fact his cock would attest to.

The three lovers all knelt on the bed facing each other, Clara having no idea how to act. Mat and Martha both reached out a hand to her and each gently caressed a breast. As her nipples hardened and lengthened in their young hands, Clara got her first shock. In unison the youngsters both bent towards her and simultaneously drew her nipples into their mouths. As Mat and Martha sucked on her swelling buds, flicked her with their tongues, then both suddenly bit, gently but firmly, on her engorged nipples. Clara’s eyes closed, her head was thrown back and she was totally immersed in the sensual attention her breasts were receiving.

In time Clara looked down and watched the two beautiful youngsters drawing out her nipples with gentle teeth and engulfing her whole areola in their mouths, as they quite forcefully kneaded her breasts in unison.

Martha took Clara and pushed her back onto the bed. Clara lay looking up as Martha’s face appeared over hers. The tentative and almost non-existent kiss they had shared initially, was repeated now as Martha bent and gently grazed Clara’s lips with her own.

The two women kissed tenderly, gently and lovingly, Clara simply melting into Martha’s embrace, all semblance of improper thought or doubts over the morality or decency of what was happening, was banished completely.

Martha was free of all the normal rules and conventions of love making. Her immature, naive and uneducated knowledge of what was acceptable to decent people left her very innocent. But by the same token, by being unconstrained by convention and being unaware of what was considered decent, Martha made love to her man in a free and liberated and unconscious manner. There were no rules for what they could do and enjoy, there were no books, magazines or manuals to teach young wives. Martha having received no such education, made love in the most instinctive and natural manner with her husband and now she put those same instincts into making love to Clara.

As they kissed and just melted into each other and Martha caressed Clara’s now heaving breasts, Clara felt the movement on the bed. The sudden and shocking feel of Mat’s hardened more callused hands on the insides of her thighs, hit Clara like a thunderbolt.

In her excitement and dream-like state she had forgotten Mat. As Martha became her entire focus and her mind had become so clouded by Martha, the real situation had been lost on her. Now the whole picture became clear to Clara. Another man, was opening her legs, another man was gazing upon her excited sex, her intimate and private vagina. That man was the adorable Mat and Clara thought of the young boy’s penis, she thought of it entering her and taking her and she almost came there and then.

She knew what he was about to do and his hands did not need to insist. Clara Bartlett opened her legs, to wantonly and willingly show herself to this boy and to expose herself to only the second man ever.

Mat stared at the stunning pussy that spread and opened itself before him. The pure excitement of experiencing a mature woman and one as beautiful as Clara was incredibly exciting, yet the unprecedented pleasure of enjoying that woman’s smooth and hairless pussy was captivating. As he slowly bent, touched Clara’s most intimate place with his tongue and tasted the dripping juices from the mature woman’s pussy for the first time, both he and Clara groaned.

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