Surviving the Barbas Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I hesitated but still obeyed without argument. I knew that I couldn’t resist. I wanted it so bad, overwhelmed by both lust and curiosity. I reached up and opened my tongue, gently licking the veiny base of Sylvie’s cock. I smelt a little bit of crotch odour, but the hot water seemed to be washing it away. It wasn’t until I tasted her foreskin that the salty sweat entered my mouth. It was strong on my tongue, but I didn’t mind it. I paused for a second and stared again, before planting my lips on her thick shaft.

I tilted my head sideways and started sucking the base of her cock, slowly working my way up the shaft.

“Woooahhh. That feels good…shit.” Sylvie looked down at me over the slope of her furry musclegut. Slowly she planted one hand on the back of my head and the other on my shoulder. She just cradled me gently as I worked my lips and tongue up her cock. “Good boy.”

I looked up at her as she said that, seeing her big confident smile. I felt so utterly owned by her like that, it was unreal. It just made me wetter and want to suck harder.

After a few minutes of tasting her cock, I reached the top of the big shaft and pulled my lips off. I quickly looked up at her, wiped my mouth, and then opened wide and goggled the fat head of her cock. I started to bob my head up and down like some slut from a Pornhub, imitating what I thought was good blowjob technique. The fat head of her cock filled my mouth, just pushing past my teeth.

“Ooh…my dick is too big for your jaw. Jeez.”

I heard her critique and immediately wanted to fix the problem. I was so caught up in the act that I didn’t want to disappoint her. I stretched my jaw open wider to remove any friction and went deeper on her cock.

“Ohh shit, Felix…you’re enjoying this huh? Wow…you’re not bad. Fuck…”

Her words of praise spurned me on, making me want her deeper in my throat. I plunged deeper and felt her cock press against my uvula. Her grip then tightened on the back of my head and the blowjob suddenly became more intense. It scared me a bit, but I continued.

“Breathe through your nose. Try not to swallow. You won’t gag if you don’t let it bother you.”

Sylvie offered some more advice and I took more of her length into my throat. She was right, it wasn’t that bad if you didn’t let the pressure bother you. And I was pretty damn determined in that moment.

“Fuck Felix, I think…I’m gonna come.”

Sylvie’s grip tightened again, pulling my head fully down to her bulky pubis. She started pumping her hips and her big testicles were slapping into my throat. Her big fat cock was fully deepthroating me, the swollen head stretching my throat to accommodate its girth. Both Sylvie’s big palms planted over my ears and her fingers clutched the back of my head. My skull was locked in place against her crotch and I could tell by her strength that it was not moving into my stomach was filled with her load.

“Felix…fuck…I’m coming! Swallow it!”

Her grip became nearly crushing as a spurt of warm semen hit the back of my throat. Then another. Then another. Three big spurts of spunk splashed so deep in my throat that I didn’t even have the choice of swallowing; it was just injected into me.

Finally, Sylvie moaned and released my skull from her hands. My head pulled back and I felt her lengthy cock slide out of me. Her hands then cradled my face gently.

“Woah, Felix…you did so good. You’re really…a good girl, aren’t you?” She said it with a laugh.

I wiped my mouth and swallowed a few times, not quite able to speak yet. “I can’t believe you took my whole cock like that. That’s not normal. That’s some crazy blowjob skill.”

I couldn’t even talk. I felt like I’d lost my voice. I just looked up at her, not knowing if I should smile or not. I was still recovering from so much pressure in my throat…and the feeling of being absolutely dominated.

Sylvie gave me a little pat on the head with a smile and began soaping up her body. It took me a while to rise to my feet and join her. I didn’t speak or look kartal escort her in the eyes.

“Cat got your tongue? Heh. I understand. Just rest your throat for a bit. And was amazing, Felix. Thanks for the killer blowjob.”

I smirked up at her briefly but looked away again. We finished the shower in silence.

After toweling off, I found myself still feeling off. I hadn’t regretted what had happened in the shower but it had definitely changed me. First it was waking up to a completely new body. Then the sudden feeling of being dwarfed by my girlfriend who’d become a hulking hairy man. Then the awakening of such overwhelming masculine sexuality. And finally the lure of Sylvie’s naked cock in the shower, and the demand to submit to it. It was all so much and happened in only an hour or so. Just a few days earlier we were opening presents on Christmas morning and I was kissing her on the cheek in front of her family. At present moment I had lost my voice from throat swabbing and I had a stomach full of her spunk…and banana.

Sylvie put her had on my shoulder and looked down on me.

“Now how about we do you? Get rid of that tension, hm?”

I looked up at her. Her new face had kind of a big nose and a square jaw. Thick black stubble covered her face and she had just a bit of a double chin. Even looking at her smile down at me, I still felt a slight sense of intimidation.

“Do me? Jeez, Sylvie. I’m not sure. I think…you’re too big.” Sylvie laughed.

“Hey…I’m not gonna doggy style you on day one. I just thought I’d return the favour. I’ll eat your pussy and give you a couple orgasms. Take the edge off.” I considered and hesitated, still feeling the tickle in between my legs from the shower. “Here…” Sylvie squatted down suddenly. “I’ll make it easy for you.”

In an instant she scooped me up in her big brawny arms. She picked me up like a sack of potatoes and cradled me like a baby. Once again, I was suddenly brought up so close to her that panic set in. I stared, open mouthed and wide eyed at her, face to face. Sylvie gave me a big bearded smile, before leaning in and kissing me on the lips.

My body instantly tensed up at the heat and the pressure of her furry kiss. Those big arms squeezed my little body and slowly I started to melt into them. I pressed one hand against her big, thick chest and curled my fingers into the coarse hair there. I felt like I was sinking into those big lips.

Sylvie released me from that powerful kiss and gave me another confident smirk. It was just like what she’d said in the shower. She knew what I was thinking before I did. I didn’t even consider arguing.

“Y-yeah, okay…do it.”

Sylvie wasted no time, stomping into the bedroom with me cradled in her arms. She set me down on the bed and knelt at my side. Her big hands ran over my body as I stared up at the ceiling.

“Now relax. Just let me return the favour.”

She caressed me gently and my panicked breathing started to slow. I shut my eyes closed while she began to stroke between my thighs.

“Wow. You’re so smooth. Such soft skin. You really lucked out with this cute little body, Felix.”

It was so weird hearing her call me Felix just as her fingertips between stroking my labia. I felt like I was already quite wet, and Sylvie did too, since she slipped up inside of me quickly.

I pushed out a hard breath, in awe of the sudden waves of pleasure that were rippling through me. It just hit me so fast, my body almost trembled.

Her hands then gripped my thighs a bit more aggressively and separated my legs. Sylvie laid down and lunged down, planting her mouth on my pussy. I felt her bearded face on the delicate skin between my thighs and her hungry tongue plunge into me.

“Ohh god!” Sylvie started licking my deeply, and suddenly the feeling of dominance swept over me. Her strong hands clenched my thighs and I felt like I was being devoured. It was only a few minutes before I felt what I guess you could call a mini orgasm. The feeling rippled through my body and ran down maltepe escort bayan my legs. Sylvie soon switched back to her fingers and started rubbing my clit rapidly.

“Oh shit! Sylvie! Oh god!”

“Hmm…you like that.” Just the bassy tone of her new voice was stimulating to me.

I experienced another orgasm, this time stronger and longer. I was panting and gripping the bed sheets around me. This continued on for about five more minutes before I felt her slow and stop.

I just ran my hands down my body for a minute or so, recovering from those waves of pleasure that had taken me over. I opened my eyes to look up at Sylvie, kneeling over top of me and stroking her big, erect cock.

“You were so wet it was enough to lube me right up.” I looked her hand and her cock, and saw that were both glistening from my juices. “Now just relax. You’re gonna love this.”

She leaned forward and planted her hands down on the bed on either side of my head. She was suddenly on all fours over top of me, her big three hundred and fifty pound body looming over me like a horny animal. The sight terrified me.

“Oh shit, Sylvie, please.”

“Calm down, it’ll be fine.”

“Sylvie, Sylvie, wait. I don’t think I’m ready.”

“Sshhh…” She guided her big cock in between my thighs and I felt the big round head press against my labia. “Just relax.”

“But…S-Sylvie, you’re too big.”

“Hey. Listen. I was right about the blowjob. I was right about the oral. I’m right about this. It’ll just be uncomfortable at first, but you’re gonna love it.”

I was scared, scared of that big cock and scared of what her big powerful body could do to me. I realized in that moment of what the change was between that morning and the night before. When I was a small man submitting to a big woman, there was the challenge of wanting to meet her standard and the hope that my obedient sex would satisfy that. As a little woman being controlled by a big man, that standard and expectation were gone, and it only felt like I was being used for pleasure. I felt like I was her possession. It was scary and exhilarating.

My labia spread and in came that big cock.

“Oh god!”

Sylvie started gently pumping, only pushing the fat head of her penis about an inch or so inside of me. Slowly but surely, that depth increased, minute by minute adding inch after inch. With each new inch my whimpers would increase. The sound of my new little voice even made me feel smaller and more powerless.

I looked up and saw Sylvie staring down at me with a stern face, her dark eyes drilling into me. I felt so helpless, as if I could just be crushed underneath this beast at any moment. Still, the feeling that I was awakening to and the waves of pleasure that controlled me were unreal. I loved it.

Deeper still her big dick pushed into me, until it began to hurt. I whimpered, but she didn’t stop. At one point, I pushed up against her broad, hulking chest in a feeble attempt to push her away. Of course it made no difference, and my tiny wrist was powerless against her size and weight. She just kept drilling me harder and harder.

“Oh fuck, Felix. Your pussy’s so fucking tight.”

“Sylvie! Oh god, please…you’re so big!”

The bed began squeaking and soon Sylvie was pounding me into our mattress. My pussy hurt, and it felt as if she were ramming my cervix with that big blunt weapon of hers. I didn’t know if I was jealous that she was so quick to own her masculinity or if I loved that she understood it better than I did. I was scared, aroused, and confused, simultaneously.

Sylvie kept pounding away.

“Fuck, I’m coming!”

Sylvie burst another hot load, this time deep inside my pussy. She thrust a few deep hard jabs, spurting out more cum with each lunge of her hips. As her big heavy body rammed into me, I felt the pain of blunt trauma within me but also an explosion of pleasure. I wanted to stop but didn’t want it to end.

Finally her powerful body slowed. She loomed over me, now sweating, and panted out escort pendik hot breaths into my face. Her thick, wet penis pulled out and spilled some semen on my stomach. She rose up to a kneeling position, sighed heavily, and then looked down at me.

Now free from her grip and her weight, I squeezed my thighs shut and moaned from the pleasure and the pain. Looking up at the hulking brute that Sylvie had become, I didn’t know if I felt overjoyed or terrified. All I could think was that the sweat trickling down her thick, hairy chest looked delicious.

“You okay?” I wasn’t sure.


“Good. That was amazing. We didn’t get to lose our virginity together the first time…so this time…it was perfect.”

Sylvie slumped down beside me on the bed, her heavy body shaking the bed frame. She wrapped a brawny, sweaty arm around me and cradled me against her warm body. My pussy still throbbed but her touch made me feel better. I rested my cheek on her chubby pec and we stayed like that for a few minutes.

Sylvie’s phone rang in the other room, which reminded us that the rest of the world existed.

“Shit.” Both our voices sounded together.

“We need to go. See Dahlia.”

“Yeah. But first…” Sylvie looked down at me. “How about…you clean me up down there? Huh?”

I stared at her blankly for a moment before I realized what she was asking. Once it occurred to me, I didn’t even think to argue. I just crawled down between her bulky thighs and started sucking her cock.

This time I tasted my own pussy while I filled my mouth with her meat. Sylvie’s big hand rested on my head and gently kept me working.

“Mmmmm, yeah. My balls too. Lick em.”

I obeyed without hesitation. Her furry testicles tasted like sweat and semen but I enjoyed the new experience. Slurping on her heavy foreskin really seemed to make Sylvie happy. I licked the sweat off her testicles obediently for a few minutes before her phone rang again, forcing us up and out of bed.

We hesitantly looked at our phones to see the number of texts and messages that reemed us out for missing work. We quickly put clothes on and headed out the door.

As we stood in the elevator on our way down, I wore my old sweater and pants, although they were way too long for me. Sylvie wore some jeans and a coat over top, but both were baggy and hopelessly short. We looked awkward and felt disheveled. At least Sylvie seemed to be enjoying her new big body. I still felt uneasy and a little scared.

On our way out of the lobby, we saw the same couple that we’d seen in the elevator on our way in. They gave us a curious look, given that we were brand new faces in the building. Sylvie, now standing as tall as the boyfriend, stood eye to eye with him. I felt Sylvie’s big hand give me a firm smack on the butt, causing me to jump.

“Let’s go honey.” I gave an embarrassed glance over to the couple, but continued on without protest. “You looking at something buddy?” Sylvie stared the guy down as we walked past.

“I…no man.” The boyfriend balked at Sylvie’s size and straight forward attitude. Sylvie just smirked and wrapped an arm around me. Once outside, I scoffed at her.

“What was that? Trying to be macho?” She chuckled.

“Hell yeah. I don’t know how long I’ll get to be in this body, so I gotta make it count.”

“Yeah…right…that’s why you popped my cherry so quickly?”

“Heh heh. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. Feeling my big dick in you. Fuck, it felt great on my end. Feels like…”

“Like it was meant to be this way?”

For once I was reading her mind. I said the words that I was trying not to dwell on.

“Well…yeah. I guess I’ve always been a tomboy. Always felt kinda awkward in my fat girl body. Being like this…it feels really good.” I didn’t respond as we walked to the car. “And? What about you?”

“I uh…I’m confused. Kinda…scared still.”

We got in the car. I felt almost too short to drive so Sylvie sat in the driver’s seat. We drove through the light snow on the ground and made our way towards Dahlia’s condo.

“I’m sure I can convince her that I’m me. I have so many memories of when I was young with her. All the things she told me in private. I’m just not sure she’ll be able to do anything.”

“Yeah…it’s a long shot. But we have to try.”

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